Notes At the time I write this, it is the month of March, past Christmas. However it was during that time I was doing most of my brainstorming. I hope you can look past the seasonal theme and enjoy this for its story, Thank You RWdog

Punisher: To all a Good Night

Punisher War Journal entry: 12/29/12- Newark, NJ

-It's New years eve. While people flood the liquor stores for booze to over indulge themselves past the legal drinking limit. I bought a ticket for tomorrow's final showing of " Scroogess". It is a gender swapping tale of A Christmas Carol.

I'm not one for off Broadway shows. But never before have I seen a production assembled by so many low life's in one place. It's been awhile since I returned to this part of Jersey, much punishment to be done-

A tall man with a five o clock shadow pushes the door open of a Newark diner. The door had a bell that jingles when a person walks through it. Not a Christmas jingle, more like a cow bell. The tall man is in all black. Black hair, Black jean pants, Black boots, Black Trench coat and a Black T-Shirt with a faded insignia of a skull.

The man's name is Frank, but he is better known as the Punisher. A tiny waiter with dirty blond hair, glasses approaches Frank. "Table for one, hun?"

Frank Nods and the waiter escort him to his table. As Punisher passes other booths, people give him a curious and intimidated stare. A little girl, about 5, tells her father "Daddy that guy looks scary". The remark barley phases Punisher, he knows what he's become. The dad picks up his daughters fork "that's not a nice thing to say, now eat your pancakes".

The waiter sits Punisher down at the booth. She takes out a pen and order book. "What can I get you hun?"

The Punisher looks her in the eyes. She looks back at him. Frank can see some mileage on her face. She looks to be a rough 30. She has the looks of a single mom of one, possibly two kids. She wears a fake smile to work, but there is pain in the smile. Perhaps a she suffered a bad breakup, possibly a pill popper.

"Just coffee, black, no sugar" Punisher says as he pulls out the playbill for " Scroogess"

" Ok hun , I'll get that for you"

The playbill works like a hit list for Punisher. For each and every cast member Punisher has dirt on. In a way it works very much like Santa Claus's naughty list. Only the naughty don't get coal, they get lead, or on some occasions, a cold stainless steel military issued combat/ survival knife. Listed first in the cast is the star, or starlet. Though you wouldn't call her a starlet if you saw the kind of trouble she was mixed in when Punisher first came in contact with her four years ago in a rundown crack house/brothel.

Next Up : Becky Van Dutch as Scroogess