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"Just do it dude! Just walk right into the castle, Find PB, give her a big ol' kiss on the lips, and then carry her off into the distance! It's that simple dude!"

"Ew! No dude! Kissing princesses and carrying them away is something that the Ice King would do! That sounds so… so… pervy!"

"No it isn't dude! Just do it! Princesses like that stuff and junk!"

It was a warm and sunny day in the land of Ooo; so warm in fact that Finn wondered how the candy kingdom hadn't melted into one big, sticky clump of candy. 'It was made to last' is what the princess of the candy kingdom had told him a long time ago. At first he was doubtful, but the way it just sat in the sun like it did without even melting made him actually think that what she said had some truth behind it.

Jake, who was sitting at Finn's feet, looked up at him with his large black eyes, watching Finn Admire the candy castle, knowing just exactly what Finn was thinking.

"Dude, just do it!" He said again, trying to convince Finn to get over his fear of rejection and to follow through with his plans.

"I've been rejected too many times already, dude. It's like, making me punch my self-esteem in the gut over and over!"

It was true; Finn had been rejected so many times by princess Bubblegum, that it was taking a toll on his self-esteem immensely, but Finn was determined and always found himself running back to the kingdom, only to be rejected by the princess a second time; then a third time; then a fourth time, until he was so tired of rejection that he stopped visiting her all together.

"But remember what Marcy said; She said that you have to be persistent and not just give up!"

"I am pretty sure Marceline said that to me because I gave up trying to open that darn jar of strawberry jam for her. Which! I must confess, was hard!"

Jake pondered the thought for a minute before finally remember. He turned to his pal and nodded.

"Yeah dude, but that can apply now as well! Don't give up!"

Finn gave a loud sigh of defeat before hanging his head, and made his way slowly over to the door of the candy kingdom castle where Peppermint Butler waited to escort him into the castle.

"You can do it!" Shouted Jake before Finn reached the castle doors, trying to give him a little confidence boost, which seemed to work since Finn's head shot up and a determined expression crossed his face.

"Your right dude! I can do this!"

And with that, Finn marched up the steps and swung the palace doors open, causing the door swing back and hit peppermint butler, who rolled down the steps and into the streets below.

Jake watched as Peppermint Butler rolled out of sight.

"That's some pretty cool rolling! I wanna do some of that!" Jake exclaimed and made himself into a ball, intending on rolling into oblivion with the circular candy, but the sound of the castle door being thrown open caught his attention and he immediately shape-shifted back into his regular form.

Finn stood at the top of the stairs, his eyes fixated on his black shoes as if they had suddenly become very interesting. A cloud had passed over Finn's face and the once determined expression was long gone like peppermint butler.

Finn stood in silence for a few minutes, fixated on his shoes, then slowly made his way down the stairs to Jake, who was waiting patiently for him at the bottom.

"It's over man… She said no… and I think it's time to move on…."

Jake didn't say anything, just merely put his arm on his best friends back and lead him off so that he was far away from the candy kingdom

Marceline sat in her house in the nightosphere, strumming multiple chord progressions on her axe bass guitar, trying to come up with a new song.

"Stars, why are you always starring down on me? Do you pity me? Or do you just wanna…. Ugh…."

She suddenly stopped playing and threw her head back in defeat. She had been trying to work on a new song for weeks now, but she couldn't seem to get the lyrics right at all.

Marceline looked up when she heard the knock on her door and instantly stood up and floated towards the front door.

When she opened the door, she was surprised to see Jake and Finn standing in her door way. They hadn't visited her in a while, so it was a big shock to see them just show up out of the blue. Her eyes landed on Finn who looked gloomy.

Marceline made a face, knowing exactly why they were there, but instead of sending them off, she opened the door wider for them to walk in.

Before they sat down, Marceline stopped Finn, looking at him with a very sympathetic expression. She usually felt no remorse for anyone, but the human boy was different. There was something about him that made Marceline want to almost care.

"Finn… There are more important things in life then dating princesses…" She started, but she knew her words of wisdom would fall onto deaf ears.

Finn kept shaking her words off like it was sand attached to his body, and never heeded her warnings; In the end, he just wound up getting more hurt in the process.

"I know Marceline… I know…. And I am done with princesses…. I give up looking for love… No one wants a failed hero…."

Something in Finn's voice made Marceline that he was being honest this time, and it felt like her heart completely dropped in her chest. She didn't want Finn to never fall in love again; she just wished he would fall for someone who was meant from him and not keep chasing after nothing.

"Finn… you're still young. You don't know what the future looks like. You just need to wait and see what happens."

Fin smiled warmly up at Marceline, finally ready to accept her words of wisdom. Although it would take him some time to get over Princess Bubblegum but he knew he would be able to do it at his own pace with a little help from Marceline.