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She liked the United Kingdom.

Or London more specifically as she hadn't been to any other British cities or the other three countries that made up the UK as a whole.

It was a simple vacation to clear her mind from the depression she had been feeling; the yearning for the Sengoku Era of Japan and her dear companions had put their toll on her and her high school grades were starting to suffer.

Mama Higurashi hadn't been amused and off she went for a paid month's vacation courtesy of an anonymous donor that her mother had been in contact with.

She found that Great Britain was doing wonders for her low mood and positively loved the European atmosphere of the famous city.

The only two things she didn't like was British slang because it was certainly hard for her to keep up with and the food, which she considered a bit bland for her tastes.

But the people were polite and friendly and the history was quite fascinating to her, so she was having a very nice time and spent every lunch hour at a little café outside on their deck.

And that choice would make the next week quite interesting...