His words weigh me down enough that I cannot move, even if I tried. It all sounds wonderful... perfect... in theory. "Please, get dressed Finn and then-"

"Then what? You'll send me away again?" He takes my face and buries his eyes into mine. "I'll find my way back. You know I will."

I take the last bit of strength I have and decide to beg as my last resort. "Please, just... stop."

The only effect that has on Finn is his lips finding mine. "You stop being so stubborn and let me have my future." He kisses me again and again, overpowering me with every touch until I lose the battle... I was never going to win. I've fought my feelings for him for so long I can see now, it's much easier to surrender and admit that I have same desires as him.

We're soon wrapped up in each other in the same position that I've longed for. His bare chest pressing into mine. My hands tangle in his thick hair. He's everywhere I want him to be. I have to accept it. Finn Odair will always be too much for me. His words... body... scent.

The moment where Finn backs me up far enough to lay me on the bed is when I see my chance to confront him on the one flaw he has. I tug his hair back so his lips will release mine. "You have to stop wearing that cologne. I feel dizzy every time I breathe it in."

He rubs his lips against mine. "I'm not wearing any cologne, Violet." His lips make firm contact again when my mouth is left agape at how intoxicating Finn's natural body is to me. Expressing clearly to me that he is never letting go of me. Ever.

My hand snaps to his as it begins an attempt to unbutton my pants. "That thing I said about anyone hearing us is still in effect." We'll have time for more later. Years to do whatever we please, whenever we please if Finn gets his way. Right now we should really be concentrated on getting him clothed.

"Just a taste," he says softly into my mouth. "You have no idea how badly I want to taste you again. It's so much more than want or need. Please."

Am I ever going to deny him anything ever again? I watch as he undoes the single button on my pants and his fingers trickle downward. We both gasp at the same time when he reaches my underwear. "What is this?" Did I say my underwear? I meant his. "So this is where they disappeared to," he says as he runs his fingers along his black underwear that I may have snatched as a souvenir, something to remember the passion I thought we would never share again.

"You seriously have me considering barricading the door and not letting you out of this room until I'm satisfied," Finn growls at me with eyes growing darker by the second.

"You picked me, Finn. Get used to being disappointed," I say teasing him.

A finger finds the spot he's been craving and I bite my lip. "Maybe I should build an underground district so you can finally scream all you like."

Maybe he should. Then I can also find the relief of being with him then he's currently building up inside of me on purpose. Just a taste. Liar.

"We need to get dressed."

Finn lazily opens one eye at me. A smile playing on his lips. "I'm not exactly done with you yet."

I rise from his arms, taking the blanket with me. "You're not the only man in my life." Therron is going to be home shortly and my rule of no one hearing or seeing anything that would indicate what we did last night still stands.

Finn stretches out on the bed as if he has no cares in the world. I'll give him five minutes to relax until I'm done in the washroom and then he'll start caring.

His grumbles follow me through the door. "Well, I'm the only one in your bed right now. For a change."

Nice, Finn. Ruin the end to the only private time we've had in the last six months. Apparently someone isn't trying very hard to convince me we need more alone time. "Do I need to remind you he was your idea?" I shout from the bathroom.

Bare feet make their way to join me in the shower. I turn my back on him even though I am pleased I won't have to drag him out of bed to pretty himself up. "I'm sorry. Last night was just... I didn't realize how much I miss those nights." A pinch of guilt sprouts up as he lightly kisses my shoulder. I've missed them as well. I'm just better at hiding it.

I continue my regime of washing in less than five minutes while he tries to lay more kisses on my shoulder and neck. "I know but we have responsibilities now, Finn." His hands slow me down when he places them on my waist. "We don't have time, my parents are probably on their way." We live on the opposite side of Twelve from my parents for half the year in a comfortable house Finn bought nearly two years ago. Just the right size for our small family. The other half we live in Four so we can divide our time between Annie and my family.

I can't help but lean him into him as his lips touch on that spot he's been aiming for under my ear. "What if I told you I made a deal with them? So we have the entire morning to ourselves..."

I shouldn't be surprised. For one my parents would do anything for Finn. Sure, he had to rebuild some bridges with my mother. But since he's proven to be deeply in love with me day in and day out she's come around again. Who wouldn't want that kind of man for their daughter? Secondly, they would do anything for their first grandchild. Not only has Finn had to take a back seat with me, the entire world is more in love with that child than they ever were with him. Or so he likes to boast every time he takes him out.

Six months ago we became parents. Six months of realizing how fortunate we are. Six months of Therron sleeping between us in our bed. After weeks of Finn hinting at my parents watching him for one night I agreed. And now just as I'm feeling a little lost without my son he informs me he's arranged for us to be apart even longer.

I don't bother to grab a towel before I stomp out of the bathroom. "Violet. Violet Odair, don't even think about picking up that phone," he says sternly.

I whip around to face the selfish man trying to keep me from my son. "I agreed to one night. One night, Finn. You got what you want now I'm getting what I want." I reach for the phone with a dripping wet hand.

"They're not home. Took the little man out for some much needed fresh air."

I don't know if I'm angrier that I can demand for my parents to bring Therron home immediately or that he's implying I don't take my son outside enough. I may be a little overprotective and haven't let a single rain drop to fall on his head or let the cold wind blow a strand of his copper hair out of place but that's what mothers do. "Where are they? The meadow? The woods? The lake? Never mind, I'll find them myself." Just like I have to do everything else myself. Finn doesn't pay for our needs anymore, I do. With a suggestion from Effie I've been well compensated for my latest drawings. Sure, they are all of Finn but they've all come to life from my hand. It's a win-win. The people still get a piece of Finn and I get to make use of my talents.

"He's coming back at noon. And your parents aren't going to be happy with me if they don't get what they want."

I throw a pair of his underwear at him. "What did you promise them?" It's going to be years now before I let them watch Therron. What else could they possible want?

He flashes a crooked smile and dips his head down like he has a delicious secret to tell me. He conjures up the courage to come face to face with my snarling face and kisses me on the forehead. "It's a promise that takes two people to fulfill. And being the overachiever that I am, I think we're going to need to work on it together just a few more times this morning."

He drags me back to the bed before his not so subtle clues lead me to guess. "Since when did I let start letting you and my parents decide my life for me?"

"We all agreed we've never seen you happier then when you were pregnant with Therron. So how about we give it another go? See if your husband can make you glow again.." He places all his weight on me as he envelopes my neck in kisses, hitting every spot that made me weakly agree to having Therron in the first place.

"You're going to have to get a real job. I won't have time for drawing and looking after two kids." I've always been skilled at putting a damper on his high expectations of me.

He nibbles gently on my ear and whispers softly, "Quit being such a grown up and let me do my real job." He pulls one of my legs up and I take over, wrapping both my legs around him, desire coursing through both our bodies.

"I'm still not happy."

"Give me a few minutes to change that."