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Warning: These stories will contain hints of slash m/m pairing between Sonic x Dr Robotnik. Don't like it don't read it


Eggman was tense after that last battle with Sonic and the freedom fighters. As the sun was setting he sent his robots out to either clean his fortress or gather more supplies while he hurried to his bedroom.

Entering he saw a figure in his bed breathing a little shallow and small spots of red on the golden sheets. Alarmed he quickly went to his bathroom to gather the first aid kit and wet rag then went back to his room placing the medical supplies on the bedside table and kneeling down on the floor.

"I'm so sorry. Had I known.." He whispered, taking the warm cloth to clean the blood off.

A small chuckle made him look up into forgiving green eyes.

"Not your fault, in fact I wouldn't have even gotten hurt had she just moved in time. I don't blame you I never do." A white gloved hand reached up and rested on a pale cheek that was slowly gaining red.

Knowing he was blushing Eggman went back to cleaning all the blood off and applying pressure to three slash marks on a tan stomach to slow the bleeding down. Once a few minutes had passed Eggman grabbed the antiseptic and gauze.

"This is going to hurt," he said, getting a nod in return he applied the antiseptic hearing the hiss of pain but not stopping until the entire area was covered. He quickly wrapped bandages around the torso and cleaned up the supplies placing them back in the bathroom.

Eggman hesitated as he really wanted to hold his love but also didn't want to hurt him.

"Come here you rotten egg. Just cause I'm injured doesn't mean we can't cuddle." Arms open wide, Sonic gave his lover a warm smile.

Relief swept through him and Eggman climbed into the bed and gently placed his arms around his beloved blue hedgehog. Both fell asleep with small smiles on their faces knowing they were with the one they loved.