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"So why don't you like your middle name?"

Emmitt frowned at Kyle's question.

"Who told you I didn't like it?"

"Mark and Miles."

"It was him!" The twins replied in unison, pointing accusing fingers at each other.

Emmett shook his head and smiled at their antics. He had been friends with the hyperactive duo for as long as he could remember. They could make even the most depressed person smile within a matter of minutes.

"So why don't you like it?" Kyle asked again.

Kyle had moved to town the past summer into the house across the street from Emmett's. Being the only ones their age in the neighborhood, they had immediately become friends. He was the studious type that enjoyed a good book. He was quiet half the time and only spoke up to point out something obvious the others hadn't noticed.

Emmett stopped suddenly on the sidewalk, his companions pausing as well. They had been walking home from school in the cold December air before this topic had been brought up. He took a moment to examine his friends before answering.

Mark and Miles were identical in every way. Same spiky red hair, same freckles, same average height, and same skinny build. They even shared the fact that their eyes were two different colors; one green and one blue. However, Mark's blue eye was on the right while Miles' was on the left, making it easy to tell which twin was which. They liked to joke that their eyes were another sign to being soulless besides being ginger.

Kyle was a few inches taller than the rest of them and could only be described as lanky. His medium-length brown hair was messy and hung slightly over his blue eyes. He also wore glasses, which surprisingly didn't make him appear nerdy, which he was thankful for.

Emmett was around the same height as the twins. He had short dirty-blonde hair and dazzling green eyes. His body was toned and well-muscled thanks to his years of boxing, but he wasn't bulky. What he lacked in size he made up for in speed.

"Hello? Earth to Emmett!" Mark waved his hand in front of the seventeen-year-olds face, snapping him out of his little observation. Emmett sighed.

"He was going to find out eventually." Miles said with an apologetic smile.

"Find out what?" Kyle asked with a puzzled look.

"It's complicated." Emmett began as he started to walk again at a much slower pace. "It's the same middle name as my father's."

"Wait, isn't your dad's middle name James? Yours starts with an 'A'."

"Michael's middle name is James. Mine is the same as my biological father's."

"Wait, what?!" Kyle looked as if he had swallowed a marble.

"Before my mom met Michael, she fell in love with this other guy. They had a one night stand that resulted in me. She claims that they called it off before they knew about me and she couldn't find him after that, but she's not the best at lying." Emmett's eyes became hard as he continued. "He was probably some deadbeat worried for his own skin and ditched my mom when he found out she was pregnant. Not that I care. Michael has been a great father to me. He's my real father. That lowlife could be rotting in a jail cell for all I-"

"Emmett, chill." Mark said in a very serious tone. Kyle looked shocked. He had just seen sides to his friends he had never seen before. He had never heard Emmett speak ill of anyone and Mark had just been serious about something. Emmett took several deep breaths before calming down.

"So you don't like your middle name because it's from the man who ran out on your mom?" Kyle summarized nervously.

"That's pretty much it." Emmett confirmed.

"Sorry I asked." The bookworm mumbled apologetically.

"Nah, it's cool. Like Miles said, you were bound to find out eventually."

"Now that that depressing topic is over with," Mark started.

"How about we go see if we can find Jack." Miles finished.

"Yeah! Let's go meet this mysterious Jack you all keep talking about." Kyle agreed enthusiastically, trying to make up for bringing up the uncomfortable discussion.

"You guys go on without me." Emmett excused himself. "My Uncle and his family are coming over later so my mom wants me home."

"Come on man!" Miles complained. "Don't you, like, see them every other week?"


"Fine." Mark groaned. "We'll see you tomorrow then."

They went their separate ways; Emmett to his house and the others to search the town for Jack.

"I'm home!" He called out when he walked through the front door.

"Hi honey! How was school?" Mrs. Cameron called from the kitchen.

"Ok. Mrs. Moore told me to thank you for that brownie recipe." Emmett said as he strolled into the kitchen and began looking for a snack.

His mother was sitting at the table, reading a book. She was an attractive woman, with long blonde hair and bright green eyes. She was tall and thin and had that business woman look to her.

"I'll have to call her later." She noted to herself. "I just bought some carrots today. They should be on the bottom shelf in the fridge."

"You rock mom!" The teen exclaimed as he grabbed his favorite food of all time.

"So why aren't you out with your friends?"

"I wanted to be here when Uncle Jamie arrived." Emmett answered as he peeled the orange vegetable over the sink. "Plus I'm sure you need help with cleaning the house."

"I'd appreciate that." Mrs. Cameron said. "Why don't you chillax for a half-hour and then we can start before your sister gets home."

"Alright." The teen agreed, taking his prized snack upstairs to his room. After kicking off his shoes, he flopped down onto his bed, letting his mind wander as he munched on the carrot.

His thoughts returned to the conversation he had earlier with Kyle, sighing mentally at how he had lost his temper. He was normally a relaxed sort of person; getting along with everyone and never getting angry. That usually changed whenever he thought about his father. Luckily for him, the twins knew how to snap him out of such dangerous moods whenever they occasionally occurred.

Emmett however did truly mean everything he said. He thought his father was a horrible jerk and hated the fact that he shared a name with him. What had his mother been thinking?

There were of course the typical teenage feelings of disliking the name because he thought it sounded stupid. It didn't seem as an important reason to him, but it was still a factor. He sighed as he finished his carrot.

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