All my Fault


Ava Brett


Disclaimer – None of the characters mentioned in the below work of fiction belong to me in any shape or form. I am merely using them as my own entertainment purposes.

Author note – Don't ask where this has come from because I don't know. It would appear that a good night sleep has reawakened my creative juices and I suddenly felt in the mood to write on the train this morning. This is short due to it being the prologue but the other chapters will be longer. I don't think this one will end up being as long as the other stories will be but I've kind of learnt to say never say never. Every time I think its going to be a short chapter story it ends up not being.

Overall Summary – Dean was injured, possibly dying and it was Sam's fault. The same way that it was Sam's fault that they were trapped in a warehouse surrounded by enemies with no way of contacting the outside world for help. Sam will do whatever it takes to keep Dean alive, no matter what the cost might be but with Dean fading so fast will it be enough?

Chapter Summary – Sam realises what a mess they are in

Romance – Not in this story but there will be plenty and I mean plenty of brotherly moments.

They were completely and utterly screwed. There was no other way of looking at the scene without realising with a sinking feeling of dread that perhaps they had bitten off more then they could chew this time round.

This time they actually might not make it out alive.

Sam swallowed, crouching down low keeping his body hidden in the shadows, one hand gripping his gun tightly, the other resting against his brother's bloodied chest.

A chest that barely seemed to be moving beneath his fingertips.

It was his fault. He wished to god it wasn't and that Dean's injury was down to something Dean had done but not this time. This time it has been Sam who had been reckless, Sam who had been taken over by his emotions and it had been Dean, his stupidly loyal big brother who had paid the price for his mistake.

"Hold on Dean, hold on" he murmured softly, his voice barely above a whisper. He waited for anything to indicate his brother was still with him. A sarcastic comment, a disbelieving snort that would have been accompanied by a raised eyebrow, hell even a snigger would have been preferable but there was nothing. All that broke the heavy silence was the sound of Dean's laboured breathing.

Sam had to get them out of there but what if they were still out there. It had been difficult enough to fight towards the exit when it had been two of them. It would be almost impossible with just one. Especially when that one who would be burdened with the dead weight of his brother. It was easy to forget that Dean was actually a tall man compared to most other men and he was bulky with muscles meaning he was quite heavy. How could Sam carry that and shoot like there was no tomorrow all the while sprinting towards the exit.

He closed his eyes briefly and nodded, setting his shoulders as he looked down at Dean one more time.

One way or another he was getting them out of there.

After all it was all his fault.

Author Note – Answers and longer chapters will be coming up soon