All my fault


Ava Brett


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Author Note

Please be aware that updates will be coming every two-three weeks unless I manage to have a really successful writing day in which case I shall hopefully be able to update sooner then that.

With so many stories up and running it's now physically impossible to keep to my writing schedule which I had going on

I know this chapter is short but all the interludes to the present will be. Like a flash of things to come while the other chapters of course explain how they ended up in the warehouse and how Dean has ended up in the state he is in.

Overall Summary

Dean was injured, possibly dying and it was Sam's fault, the same way that it was Sam's fault that they were trapped in a warehouse surrounded by enemies with no way on contacting the outside world for help. Sam will do whatever it takes to keep Dean alive, no matter what the cost might be but with Dean fading so fast will it be enough?

Chapter Summary

If only Sam had listened…

Interlude one

If only Sam had listened

The Present

Sam breathed out silently, his grip tightening on the ragged material of Dean's bloodied shirt. He needed to think and he needed to think fast if they were going to get out of that warehouse alive.

He wasn't going to be any good to his brother if he sat there and started having a panic attack. Dean needed him to be strong for him and that was exactly what he was going to be. Setting his shoulders Sam risked a glance down at his brother, swallowing deeply when he noticed the pool of blood beginning to gather beneath Dean's still form. If it hadn't have been for the fact that he would feel his brother's chest lightly moving under his hand then Sam would have thought that Dean had died. His brother needed medical attention, he needed a hospital and he needed them now before it was too late to save him.

Sam swallowed slowly releasing his grip on Dean and reaching up to curl his hand around the locket hung around his neck, his thumb absently stroking the cool metal.

If only he had actually listened to Dean from the start then it was likely none of this would have happened.

He should have known that if Dean was getting one of his gut feelings that something was wrong with this case it was because there was something wrong with the case, his brother's gut feelings were rarely wrong. Why Sam had thought even for a moment that he knew better then the Angel who had agreed with Dean seemed like madness now and yet at the time he had been certain that he had known best.

He had been sure that they had both been overreacting, seeing things which weren't there to be seen. He had brushed off Dean's worry and concern as though it was nothing.

Sam let go of the locket, tucking it beneath his t-shirt before he silently shifted on his feet, ignoring the pain the movement caused. They were going to have to make a move.

He glanced once more at Dean, a wave of nausea crashing over him.

If only he had listened.

Author Note

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