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Pairing; Bella and Jasper.

Warning! Rated M for language, adult themes and situations - 18 and above ONLY please!

Be mine.

Jasper's P.O.V

As we passed each other on the staircase I felt the emotions coming off of her in waves, curiosity, admiration and yes – lust. As I stared into her wide brown eyes for a moment, I knew I couldn't ignore this anymore. I couldn't ignore her anymore.

It had been happening for months now and I had been ignoring her because I was better than this, or so I told myself. But I wasn't – not really. I acted like one of the Cullens, but I wasn't one. I was Jasper Whitlock. I was a soldier, a fighter - a killer. I was my own man. Alice did her best to convince me that I wasn't that man anymore. But I knew differently. I am that man. I had hunted humans; I had killed them and enjoyed it, their terror – fear so intense it had fed my own feelings of elation as their warm blood soothed the jagged thirst that was my constant companion. I had tried to be a Cullen, but I was unfulfilled. I thought about cheating often, Edward knew this and he had tried to help me. I hid my thoughts from him as much as I could. I didn't want to be helped. I tried only because I wanted to please Alice. She had saved me and she deserved something in return.

Being an empath fucking sucked at times, because I knew that Alice didn't love me the way she should. I was a project to her, an achievement. And I knew without a doubt that I didn't love her the way a vampire should love his mate. She was special to me – as special as a sister would be. As special as Rosalie is to me. Yes we were physically together – okay we fucked each other often – but it was a "friends with benefits" type of arrangement. But only we knew this, the rest of the Cullens thought we were so in love. How blind they actually were!

But since Edward had brought Bella into our lives, I had been hiding more than ever. Ever since the first time I had laid eyes on her I had wanted her, her blood and her body calling to me equally. But the strange part was that I had no desire to end her life. I just wanted to fuck her senseless. I wanted to taste her blood on my lips while I buried myself inside her. Her scent was so delicious; she drove me insane with longing. So much so, that when Edward asked me to keep my distance from her, due to my fairly recent 'vegetarianism', I agreed wholeheartedly. I was confused about my emotions concerning this little human girl. Plus, I had to hide my thoughts from Edward every time she was near me, so it was easier to comply. Although being complaisant in any way was definitely not in my nature. I preferred giving orders not receiving them. He would have wanted to kill me if he knew how much I craved his human pet and all the things I longed to do to her fuckable little body. If it came to fight I knew that I would end up killing him. He was a child in comparison to me, his fighting skills immature compared with mine. He didn't stand a chance. I was trained to kill, first humans and the newborn vampires. So I hid the fact that all I wanted to do was grab her sinfully sexy body and drive it up against the wall, I wanted to thrust my painfully hard cock into her tight warmth and pound into her while I bit into the tender sweet smelling skin of her neck. I shudder as I felt my body respond to my thoughts.

The worst part was that I knew she was attracted to me, even if she didn't know it – yet. Every time I was close to her I could feel her curiosity warring with her lust for me. She didn't understand me, but she wanted to, I realized. Ever since I had nearly attacked her on the eighteenth birthday, she had been kept away from me. I would not have killed her that night, a fact no one seemed to realize. I had been overcome by my burning desire to have her – at any cost. I had let them believe that I had been overcome by the blood lust, when in fact it was good old-fashioned lust that had moved me. I had become frighteningly good at hiding my thoughts and feelings in this family.

Now as I smelled her scent so close to me, I knew that I had to have her. And I didn't care at what cost. She was tired of Edwards's constant fear for her safety. His controlling attitude was driving her insane. She was tired of being protected. I felt her dissatisfaction whenever she was around Edward. She was bored. I knew more than a few ways to help her with her boredom issues; the thought brought an evil smirk to my lips. If she wanted to be so submissive, I knew a far better way to play with that tendency.

Her eyes widened and flew to mine. I stared into her eyes a little longer than necessary, knowing my eyes had darkened to onyx at the highly erotic thoughts in my mind. I felt her confusion and more lust.

Wonderful. My less noble side thought triumphantly.

I brushed past her far closer than I had to and felt a spike in her desire. I let my one hand accidentally brush her hip as I passed. My smirk was firmly in place as I walked into my study and closed the door. I wanted to think. I wanted to get the delightful Bella alone so I could to sample her reactions to me. Yes, it was finally time to have her, I decided. Edward didn't deserve her. He wouldn't change her and he wouldn't fuck her (What was wrong with him?) it was time that he realized there was another vampire in the house, who would only be too happy to do both those things. I had never fully understood how he could deny her anything. I wouldn't deny her, I thought – I would give her anything she wanted- as long as she begged nicely. I chuckled at the thought.

Bella's P.O.V

I was hyper aware that Jasper's attitude toward me had changed, although I couldn't have answered if someone had asked me how it had changed. I just felt it. I had always been aware of him on the sidelines, never actually a part of the Cullen family.

Edward had told me it was also partly due to him not wanting Jasper close to me, ever since my disastrous eighteenth birthday party. Although I had never blamed Jasper, I think he blamed himself.

He was the handsome, dangerous, mostly silent man standing in the corner, at least that's how I had always seen him. His long, lean, well muscled body and honey blond hair gave him a laid back air that I suspected was completely false. Something stopped anyone who saw him, myself included, from thinking he was harmless. Something about the way he moved and spoke screamed dangerous. He was older than Edward and far more experienced. I had been told a short, condensed and I'm sure edited version of the life he had used to live. It had fascinated me. I felt a great curiosity about him and the life he had used to lead before he had become a Cullen. But Jasper had never really seemed to me to be a Cullen. I wanted to speak to him and find out all the deep dark secrets his soul hid. He was fascinating to me.

But I knew that my control freak of a boyfriend would never have allowed that. Edward even policed what and when I ate… he would never have allowed me to become close to Jasper. Although I let Edward control most aspects of my life, it didn't mean I didn't want to get to know his brother - better - for want of a better word.

Now as Jasper brushed passed me on the stairs, far closer than normal. I felt my need to know him better flood me. I wanted more than anything to satisfy my curiosity.

That was all it was, I told myself firmly.

But I did feel an unexplained tingle as his hand casually brushed my hip. What was that? I could have sworn I saw a smirk touch his lips, as his onyx eyes met mine, before he walked into his study and shut the door. My heart spluttered hyperactively and I drew in a shuddering breath. I stood for a moment staring at the closed door. Wishing I had the courage to knock on it.

I decided against it and left quickly, going down stairs to meet Edward.

Jasper's P.O.V

I sat in the chair observing the closed door, a grin on my face. I heard her hesitate outside and felt the wave of longing she projected towards me, then confusion and desire – plenty of desire. I felt my cock getting even harder in response to her emotions. Fuck, I wanted her so badly! I wanted to take her away from Edwards influence and have my wicked way with her.

Maybe that wasn't such a bad idea, I thought, my smile widening.

I would kidnap her and take her far away. Although I doubted there would be much need to actually force her to come with me. I squashed any feelings of remorse for my brother's feelings. Besides the fact that he wasnt really my brother anyway, he was acting like a fucking pussy and he deserved to lose her. I begin to make plans immediately.