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Bella's P.O.V

I was so happy, if a little confused and plenty turned on, as the four of us ran back towards the castle we now called home, I wondered at the complexities of my mate. He was amazing, sexy, gorgeous, handsome, and strong…okay so maybe I was smitten, just a tiny bit. But he was mine and I could not remember ever having felt this excess of emotion in my life.

I felt like I was high on life.

I did miss Charlie and my mom, but that was it. Forks and the boys from the rez were a distant memory. I wanted nothing but to be with Jasper. My attachment to him was growing by the minute. This amazing new body, my awesome gifts and my joy in this new life were nothing without him.

Jasper was everything to me.

And I knew that he knew it. Being an empath, he knew how much I loved him. I was glad that he would never be in doubt about that fact. I still had so much to learn about him and that knowledge excited me no end. I couldn't wait to understand him fully. I wasn't really sure about what he had just told me about sharing ourselves with others – if we wanted to. But I had been plenty turned on by Charlotte's kiss; the blood play had added a surprisingly sexy edge to an otherwise now normal activity. But watching Jasper's face while I was kissing Char had been mind blowing. Seeing him that aroused had driven my desire to an all-new high. Peter's intense red eyes fixed on us had only served to add to the excitement I had felt. Which was strange, because until tonight, I couldn't have imagined being attracted to anyone except Jasper. It seemed as if Jasper wouldn't mind us all being together, that thought made my lust spike. I couldn't imagine the dynamics of it; I only knew what jasper had taught me so far. But the thought was definitely a turn on.

I pushed it to the back of my mind then.

Right now I had to learn to fight. My mate would teach me all I would need to know.

He was a legendary warrior, a fighter with no equal and he was about to begin teaching me. I was a bit scared but more excited than anything else. After all I was now indestructible, what harm could it do? My offensive power of being a physical and a mental shield was awesome and I was dying to see what I could do with it when I was under duress. I could sense Jasper's excitement about my newly discovered capabilities.

We reached the castle and flew through the brightly lit, mostly silent corridors until we came to an unfamiliar room. It was much the same as the throne room, vast, cavernous and built out of huge stone blocks, except it was completely empty. The walls were covered in all manner of weapons, though. I shuddered at some of the sinister looking, sharp pointed objects. They looked like instruments of torture - they probably were. I had been unaware that vampires used weapons at all. But I guess, even with all manner of physical and mental powers it was still sometimes necessary to carry a weapon. Peter closed the door behind us and drew the huge bolt. It made a heavy scraping sound as it slid shut. Jasper turned to me then and grinned my favorite smirk. I could see he was in his element now. This was the environment he was most at home in. I grinned back at him and then I saw Peter smile at me over Jasper's shoulder.

"Ready to play, Bella?" He snickered, but in a friendly way.

"Definitely, Peter. Give me your best shot!" I said with false bravado, while shrugging off my black cloak. Jasper chuckled at my nervous emotions and brave words.

"Don't worry, Bella. I will be with you every step of the way." He said, shedding his cloak too. His black t-shirt put every centimeter of his hard muscled chest on display, His shoulder length honey blond hair fell into his red eyes and he pushed it back almost impatiently. He wore a large belt with a silver buckle, which was slung low on his slim hips, his black jeans emphasizing his taut ass and muscular thighs. I stared at him like an idiot. I felt desire curl my stomach and suddenly all I could think about was my mate. He was gorgeous and I wanted him, again. Jasper's eyes swung to mine as he read my emotions. There was a naughty smile playing around his sensuous lips.

"Focus, Bella Darlin'." He laughed softly, his deep voice plucking on invisible strings in my body and making my stomach flutter uncontrollably.

"I think you should first try to fight me, Bella baby. You and the Major might end up doing more than fighting…and that is definitely for later!" Peter said a very mischievous grin stretching across his handsome face. His blond hair was cut very short, in military style; it emphasized his aquiline features in almost indecent clarity. I just couldn't help liking Peter, he was simply so likeable. Jasper nodded in agreement with that smirk firmly in place.

I crouched down and waited, arching one eyebrow at Peter.

"Ready when you are Captain." I said bravely.

"Now you are talking my language, baby!" He said and lunged for me. I didn't see the actual attack - it was too fast. One moment he was there and the next I had been knocked across the room into the opposite wall. It would have killed me as a human. A snarl broke from my lips involuntarily. The sound startled me and brought me up short.

"Its okay, Bella. It's a natural reaction to being attacked. Go with it. Captain, take it easy on her!" Jasper snarled at his second in command.

"She wont learn if I take it easy on her, Major. Trust me!" Peter said as he crouched in front of me again.

"Don't over think it, Bella. Just react on instinct. Trust me." Jasper told me. I nodded but didn't answer. My gaze was locked onto Peter and I found that every muscle in my body was tensed and ready this time. It was as if my body had memorized the attack and was now prepared. I grinned and as Peter lunged for me again I leaped out of the way and landed on a ledge above his head, perfectly balanced even though the ledge was very narrow. I laughed out loud in pleasure.

"Well done, Bella. Round two!" Peter said just as he reached out and grabbed my ankle, pulling me off the ledge. I did a summersault and landed on my feet in front of him.

"Lets do it!" I said.

Several hours later, Peter and I had covered all the basics for attack and defense. I had memorized it all, my vampire brain having no trouble learning everything after only being shown once. Jasper was pleased with my progress, I could tell. He walked up to me then and pulled me up against his hard body for a mind-blowing kiss, I kissed him back passionately. I heard Char chuckle from her vantage point above our heads on the same ledge I had occupied earlier. I hadn't used my shield once. I guessed Jasper would want to start using it now. But I was wrong.

"Char?" Jasper said quietly. "Care to test Bella a bit?" he smiled at me as he said it. I grinned back.

"Can I use my shield now?" I asked him. He laughed at my eagerness. "I think its best if you use it on me for starters darlin'."

I nodded understanding at once that he wanted to be the first to fight with me using all my abilities.

Char dropped down from her perch and sauntered towards me, examining her nails nonchalantly. I smiled at her evilly. She grinned back and flipped her long blond hair over her shoulder. "Shall we, Bella?" She asked me.

"Lets." I agreed.

I saw her sink into a crouch and then as she sprang at me I saw her coming this time, my vampire eyes seeing every minute revolution of her body and limbs. Her red eyes were locked with mine and we smiled at each other before we collided in mid air. The sound was deafening. A lot like the sound of two boulders hitting each other at full speed. We rolled onto the ground, each trying to pin the other, neither of us succeeding. We seemed to be fairly evenly matched. I lifted her suddenly, my newborn strength giving me the advantage and as I was about to throw her into the wall, she wrenched her self out of my not so tight grasp and was on her feet in a second. Then my feet were no longer beneath me as Char dodged my punch and dropped to the ground, her leg knocking mine from under me. I ended up flat on my back on the cold floor. I would have been completely winded if I were still human. I jumped to my feet and in an instant I felt Char's arms around me and I was flat on the ground again, she was sitting on top of me laughing delightedly. I heard Jasper and Peter join in. I scowled up at her, my pride having taken a huge dent.

"Don't worry, Bella. Between the three of us you will be an excellent fighter." Char said teasingly. "But being a newborn you have a lot to learn. Lucky for you, we will teach you everything we know!" I laughed with her suddenly at the naughty expression on her lovely face. I felt my stomach do a summersault as the attraction I felt for her turned my insides to molten liquid. I saw Jasper study me intently and I knew he sensed my arousal. I smiled somewhat guiltily. Although I knew I didn't have to feel guilty. Char smiled into my eyes and leaped off me in one fluid motion. I stood in a split second and faced Jasper.

"Our turn now?" I asked.

Jasper nodded as he gazed at me intently, but he didn't answer me, his dark red eyes regarding me as he would a target instead of his mate. I felt a shiver run down my spine at his terrifying stare. I swallowed hard and then I circled him bravely, causing him to smirk at me in a somewhat condescending way. I knew I didn't have a chance but I would try. A deep growl vibrated through his chest and I felt an answering snarl rip it way up my throat. I was glad that he was treating me as an adversary instead of simply humoring his mate. I knew that Edward would have found it impossible to train me like this, he would have found it painful to see me as a target. Jasper felt no such pain, he studied me and I knew he was looking for holes in my defense - there must have been plenty. I sunk into a crouch and looked up at him, waiting. One moment Jasper was standing there, looking so fucking sexy it was incredible and then next he was gone.

I looked around startled.

Where had he gone? How had my vampire eyes missed that?

Suddenly I felt his presence behind me and I froze. I felt his hand grasp my arm and then I was being flung through the air. I saw everything in perfect clarity, like it was all in slow motion. I spun away from the wall I would have hit and landed unharmed behind Jasper. Suddenly he swung around and we were trying to best each other in hand to hand combat, I knew Jasper held back a lot for me to even have a chance, but it was still awesome to see how fast he could move. His reflexes were lightning fast and deadly. I found myself becoming strangely aroused while we fought. It was as sexy as hell seeing my mate fight. He was absolutely lethal and the expression in his hard red eyes made my stomach do several flips.

"Bella, use your shield!" Jasper said as he attacked me again, far more viciously than before. Without thinking I did as he asked, as he came at me again, I held up my hand and suddenly Jasper flew through the air and slammed into the wall behind where he had stood. He jumped up in less than an instant grinning happily. "Good." He said, obviously well pleased. I was startled but very pleased. My shield was like an extension of my arm, just more deadly.

"I want to try something Major." Peter said then. And Jasper nodded. It was as if they had discussed this previously. I looked between the two confused.

Jasper smirked at me. "Don't worry, Bella. We are just going to spar with each other a bit. Watch – you will learn a lot."

I did watch as Jasper and Peter circled each other, both grinning in anticipation. Suddenly they were going head to head, but every time Peter went to grab Jasper, he would disappear and Peter would grab at thin air. Jasper moved so fast that he seemed ghost like, without substance. He moved so fast we could just barely make out his figure as it danced in a complicated and highly effective rhythm. Peter suddenly dodged one way and then went in the opposite direction, seemingly surprising Jasper. He caught hold of Jasper's foot and hauled him to the ground. I felt a snarl rip its way up my throat as I saw my mate thrown to the ground. In that moment instinct took over and I ceased to think. All I knew was that my mate needed my help. I felt my eyeballs burn, like the terrible fire was once again consuming me and then in a flash Peter's hands were on fire. Flames shooting across his skin. He yelled in shock and tried to run, only adding to the flames velocity. Jasper reacted quicker and he tore off his shirt and threw it onto Peter, right where the flames were. I was stunned into a panic, totally immobile, as still as we normally were when scared. Jasper came to me and touched my face, pulling it up to his. His eyes were astounded and comfortingly forgiving. I drew in a shuddering breath.

"I am so sorry Peter! I have no idea what just happened! Oh my god, are you okay?" I said at vampire speed. My thought process still in shock at what I had nearly done. I had nearly burnt Peter! Oh shit, oh fuck! But how had I done it? I just remembered being angry and then – fire.

"You seem to also be a firestarter, Bella." Jasper said softly as he smoothed my hair back from my face.

"A what?" I said.

"A firestarter." Jasper said. Looking at Peter. Peter just stared at him. "Well what other explanation is there?" he asked his second in command.

"Its something I have heard of, but I have never in all my existence seen one, Major. Wow…Just wow." Peter said, shock tingeing his voice

I looked at them both in shock and I saw that charlotte's expression mirrored mine.

"So you mean I can start a fire just by looking at something?" I asked feeling fear coursing through me at the thought – fire was deadly to us. What if I set Jasper on fire? Oh fuck…

"Bell, my mate, calm down. It has a trigger, just like your shield. We just have to find out what it is." Jasper said as he sensed my fear. He pressed his hard lips to my temple and I was immediately calm. He was sending me his emotions, I realized gratefully.

Char seemed incapable of speech as she stared at me in wonder. I felt the familiar dislike of having the spotlight on me spread over me. I obviously hadn't lost that when I became immortal. "It's still me, Char. Stop looking at me like I just grew another head." I muttered.

"No, Bella honey, please don't feel like I'm gawking. I am just so impressed! I mean – wow!" She said reaching out to stroke my hair in much the same way Jasper was doing.

I felt contentment flood me as I realized my mate and friends were simply impressed with me.

"What did you feel just before you set Peter on fire?" Jasper asked me matter of factly. I cringed at his words.

"Um, well I was angry when I saw Peter push you down and then my eyes began to burn, it was painful and then Peter started burning. That's it." I answered.

'So it was the anger!" Jasper exclaimed. He sounded happy. I knew he was thinking of the benefits that this ability of mine would have for the Volturi. I knew Aro would be very pleased indeed.

"So you see Major, I was right. Anger is the best emotion to bring out a newbie's skills. Great idea don't you think?" Peter chuckled as he looked at me and rolled his eyes. "Stop stressing Bella baby, I'm fine! Trust me I have had worse." He said teasingly. I arched a brow at him, mildly irritated with his devil may care attitude.

"Peter, I nearly torched you!" I said narrowing my eyes on him.

He laughed even harder. "No harm no foul! Come, lets go another round! I will try not to piss you off!" He challenged me. I sniffed and turned my head away from him in a snub.

Jasper chuckled too, at my expression.

"Enough for now Captain. Let us go and attend the Cullens execution. It is dawn I believe." Jasper reminded us. I felt a momentary twinge of pity as I thought of Carlisle and Esme. I pushed the emotion to the side impatiently, this was my family now, the only family I wanted or needed.

"Lets go." I agreed taking Jaspers hand.

We all left the room, shrugging on our cloaks as we went.

I felt invincible.

Never before in my life had I felt like this – powerful. It was an amazing feeling. I decided that I liked it very much. I couldn't wait until Jasper told me that I was ready to face Alice. I smiled at the thought.