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Jasper's P.O.V.

Bella turned to me looking confused. "How will we hunt in broad daylight?" she asked.

I grinned at her. "It is possible not to be seen, we still keep to the shadows, that's all."

Peter walked up to my mate and for the first time took her arm in his hand. "Come on newbie, let me show you the ropes!" He joked as he dragged Bella down a dark alley to our left. It was the first time I had allowed him to touch her. The communication between my second in command and I was perfect, it had taken many decades to accomplish. He knew my every expression just as I knew his. He had asked permission to take Bella hunting and to be able to touch her, I had agreed.

As she left, Bella glanced at my face to read my reaction. I smirked and winked at her to reassure her. I saw Charlotte eye me meaningfully and I felt a wave of her longing to be able to touch me. I didn't normally allow much physical contact between my coven and I, except under certain circumstances. I smiled at Char now to tell her it was okay, she walked over to me and linked her arm with mine. We disappeared into the alley, following our mates closely.

Peter led Bella towards a man, alone and obviously up to no good. He smelled of cocaine and alcohol. His blood filled with the noxious fragrance of his habits. Peter shared my warped sense of justice, killing the evil was in a sense redemption. Not that we actually cared about true justice, human rules and ideals were of no interest to us. But it did please me when we killed the lawless and evil fuckers that no one would miss. I saw Peter nod to Bella and then he almost pushed her towards the stranger. I felt as well as saw Bella's thirst rise as she inhaled the scent of the human so close. I saw her walk towards him, her hips swinging easily, her glowing ruby eyes focused and hungry. Her long mahogany hair fell in enticing waves and ringlets around her flawless face and her mouth a delicious pout. I felt my desire for her flood my being, my cock hard and venom pooling in my mouth. When was I ever going to get sick of her?

Never. My monster stated hungrily.

Fuck I wanted her! She was just so fucking gorgeous and amazingly sensual.

I felt Peter's lust as if it was my own. I knew he wanted to fuck my mate and I knew he still wanted me. I couldn't allow either without Bella's consent. Right now I didn't care about his needs.

All I wanted was my Bella.

I saw her stop just as she reached the stranger, he didn't hear a sound but he must have sensed the danger because he froze as if for no apparent reason. As he turned his head slowly around, I saw him tense as if expecting an attack. As his eyes took in Bella, his stance relaxed suddenly as if he was pleasantly surprised. I grinned in anticipation. To my surprise, Bella grinned at him as he took in her beauty with wide eyes. Her grin was slightly menacing, her shining venom coated teeth gleaming in the bright sunlight and the man took an involuntary step backwards. Bella advanced step for step with him as he tried to leave without a confrontation. She cocked her head slightly to one side in a gesture that was not wholly human. Judging by his erratic heartbeat and turmoil of emotions he was torn between lust and fear. I looked at Char and found her emotions were just as lustful.

It seemed my mate was enough to tempt anyone.

The monster within me growled deeply as he fought the jealousy he felt. I was torn between wanting to share Bella with my coven and keeping her for myself.

The stranger turned to run then and Bella lifted him easily with one hand, clean off the ground. His legs waved furiously as his feet tried to find purchase. When he realized that he was several feet in the air, his eyes widened in shock and fear. I saw Bella's nostrils flare delicately and then she pulled him closer, slowly, until her sharp teeth found his throat. As if it were a lover's kiss, her teeth caressed his neck and then his strangled sob could be heard as her teeth sank into his plaint flesh, blood gushing past her teeth as she slowly sealed her lips against his warm flesh. I felt myself harden still further as I saw Peter walk out into the bright sunlight, behind where Bella stood, feeding. The human's eyes were still aware as he looked in shock at the sparkling creature behind the demon angel that devoured him. Peter smirked and stood directly behind Bella then, his hard body grazing every inch of hers. He glanced at me and I nodded ever so slightly. He reached forwards then and gripped my mate's hips and pulled her flush against his very prominent arousal. I saw and felt Bella's shock - she stopped feeding momentarily and looked for me. I gazed into her lovely ruby eyes and smiled my assent. I then felt the lust spread through her, as she knew that I was allowing and controlling what was happening. Peter slid his arms around her, his fingers splaying over her flat stomach and upwards over her taut breasts until they reached her neck. Once there his fingers stroked across her cheeks as he guided her mouth back to the humans flesh. I felt an almost painful stab of desire rock through her as he did this. Peter had always loved mixing blood play and sex, Bella obviously found it just as arousing as the rest of us. Bella continued to drink now while Peter's fingers stroked her cheeks and lips, blood splattering onto his fingertips. The human finally died as he was drained completely. Bell dropped him and slowly turned until she was facing Peter, their eyes locked onto each other. He continued to smear the red stain into her cheeks and then with a groan he kissed her. I felt an over powering lust – my own as I heard Bella's whimper as Peter thrust his tongue into the depths of her mouth. I walked forwards then until I was standing next to them and as soon as Peter released Bella's lips I claimed them in another searing kiss. I could taste her emotions – they were excited and almost giddy from desire.

I pulled Bella against my very aroused body and felt her grind her hips against my hard cock. I growled the sound vibrating through my chest. We parted then and Bella gazed into my eyes almost worriedly, but all she found was desire so she relaxed visibly. I decided that that was quite enough for one occasion and pulled Bella with me towards Char who hovered in the shadows.

"Its time for a little sparring my mate…we have to practice with your fire starting ability and with your shield." I said as I wrapped my arm around her hips.

Char grinned at Bella and hugged her, obviously in reassurance. As they parted Charlotte pecked her on the lips. I felt Bella's emotions, they were pleased and very much aroused, still. I smiled to myself. With my guidance she would experience as much as our world had to offer. I couldn't wait for the rest of our eternity; with my Bella besides me I was complete. To my mind, love didn't enter into it; Bella was simply part of me.

I grinned an evil smile at Peter as I felt him struggling to reign in his rampant lust.

"Ready to go to work, Captain?" I teased. I wouldn't rush my mate on this and Peter knew it.

Peter scowled at me and walked past us at human pace. Always seemingly nonchalant, Peter was deceptively calm. I knew better. He was really fighting down his desire this time. I sensed his disappointment and his eager need to have Bella. I saw her glance at Peter and as their eyes met, Peter smirked and winked at her causing her to giggle.

I leaned in and pressed a kiss to Bella's temple, as I did so I inhaled her scent deeply. It calmed me like nothing else could.

We moved at vampire speed to the training room. Once inside I erected a target for Bella to set on fire and then we began to train her. Peter and I were equally using all our knowledge to help her.

"Focus on the target Bella. Imagine it is Alice …okay on three…one – two – three!" Peter said.

I walked up and down besides them watching her intense concentration. As Peter said three I saw her ruby eyes begin to glow and suddenly they changed from red to orange and then there was a distinct field of melting heat that shot from her eyes and then the target was a small blaze. Bella danced and then jumped up and down happily, as pleased as a small child with her handiwork. I couldn't help laughing at my mate. Char also chuckled. She once again sat up on the ledge, simply watching us at work.

I decided to surprise Bella and see how effective her physical shield was at protecting her. I silently lifted one of the large knives from the wall, it was nasty looking, more a cleaver than a knife. It wouldn't harm her even if it did hit her; these weapons were kept mainly for the humans we fought from time to time.

I turned and threw it at Bella, aimed directly at her head, in a split second she heard it coming and then I saw her hold up her hand, just as she had with that human before and then the knife hit the opposite wall with a loud clank where it fell to the floor.

I grinned at her expression. It was a mixture of pleasure and surprise. I sensed she was proud of herself.

"Bella, I think Char can help you practice with your mental shield, you need to learn to project it, so you can shield something or someone else besides yourself." I said.

At my words, Char dropped down from her perch elegantly, landing on her feet with no sound at all. She and Bella put their arms around each other almost automatically as they walked to the other side of the room together. Peter glanced at me and smiled, I sensed his pleasure at the closeness that had developed between our mates. It pleased me too.

We had been training for hours now and darkness had fallen outside. In a few short hours Bella would face Alice, a vampire who was decades older than her and far more skilled at fighting. I couldn't help a twinge of worry, but I knew it was groundless. My judgment told me that Bella was ready, she was indeed a natural fighter and of course vampires were designed to fight, so all of what we had taught Bella was quickly absorbed into her fertile mind. We never needed to be shown something twice. Our minds more than capable of learning any move or skill without the tiresome repetition humans needed in order to learn.

I watched as Char explained to Bella about 'stretching' the elastic that held her shield in her mind alone. It was like flexing a muscle, the more you practiced the easier it became, Char explained. Just as everything physical is easy for vampires - our gifts that protect us - such as a mental shield - are extraordinarily hard to learn to project. It is as if protecting ourselves was by far more important – which of course it was!

I volunteered to be part of the training; I would try and 'read' Charlotte's emotions while Bella 'shielded' her. Peter took up his favorite position against the far wall. His eyes fixed on Bella. I would have been offended by his expression if I couldn't sense that his emotions were respectful, if somewhat lustful. He still hadn't recovered from his earlier desire for my mate. I laughed at his expression and saw the expression on his face change from lustful observation to an invitation to me. He quirked his brow at me and I let my smile widen.

"Now." Bella said, looking at me. I tried to read Charlotte's emotional 'signature'. I could. I shook my head and saw Bella sigh with irritation.

"Bella, think about it, imagine it – 'see' it in your mind…" Char said, trying to encourage my mate.

I saw Bella concentrate and then she went perfectly still as if she had finally gotten hold of it. She didn't need to tell me this time; I looked for Char and couldn't find her.

"You did it!" I exclaimed with pleasure.

As Bella looked at me her focus slipped and I could suddenly 'feel' Char again. Like a radio station being turned back up. Amazing! The beast inside me was well pleased and he nearly purred in satisfaction as we stared at my mate. Bella was beautiful and useful – what a perfect combination! I was well pleased with my Bella.

I could sense her elation as the hours passed. She was obviously looking forward to the fight with Alice. I couldn't wait to see my Bella in action.

The Fight;

Slowly they circled each other, bright ruby red eyes staring into dark hungry ones. Alice's small figure was deceptively still as she faced her opponent. Bella seemed to be unafraid and focused. I was proud of my mate. She was so lovely and lethal; she literally made me catch my breath each time I looked at her, my body wanting her irrespective of time or place. Uncharacteristically for Bella, she was dressed to kill. Her slim but curvy body encased from head to toe in black leather, it was a cat suit of sorts, although not as tight as one. Its bodice its tightest part, pushing her lovely breasts upwards just the right amount to be enticing without being vulgar. Low on her hips rode a wide studded belt, its buckle slightly to one side. The suit displayed every inch of her spectacular figure. It was positively lust inducing. I was certainly filled with lust, as was every vampire that laid eyes on her. A murmur of appreciation had spread through the crowd at her entrance. She walked into the throne room flanked on either side by Char and Jane, the two blond vampires making a perfect foil for Bella's dark, mysterious beauty.

The entire vampire population of Volterra and probably beyond was congregated in the throne room. The throne-like chairs were occupied with the royal trio and their intent expressions were for once anything but bored. Dawn had just broken over the horizon as the two women faced each other squarely. Former best friends, they now were anything but. I sensed their emotions and they were fierce, angry and determined – in Bella's case.

I saw Bella's eyes flicker towards Aro and then at his nod she attacked.

The fight was too fast for human eyes to see. Bella made an effort not to use her newborn strength to over power Alice immediately; I could feel her holding herself in. She wanted this to be a fair fight I realized in amazement. She really was the most just creature.

Alice was fast, very fast indeed.

She dodged all Bella's attempts at hand-to-hand combat and eluded her completely for a few seconds. She actually seemed to be afraid of fighting Bella at all. Bella was becoming angry and she was making a valiant effort not to let her self set Alice on fire – yet. I could sense a plan forming in her mind – something to do with the fire. I stood besides the royal trio, watching with rapt attention as my mate finally grabbed Alice by her foot as she attempted to jump over Bella's head. Alice found herself flung onto the floor with a force that would have killed a human and splattered them into a puddle of blood. The floor cracked slightly at the force and Alice's face actually shattered slightly. She lay there for a second and then as her face healed, she was on her feet again.

As Alice tried to run yet again – Bella lost her patience, grabbed her arm and pulled with all her strength. There was a loud cracking sound and Bella was left with Alice's arm in her hand. Alice's scream was of pain and rage. A sadistic smile crept across my mates face as she eyed the limb she held. She then held it up as one would a torch and stared at it, I saw her iris's light up until they burned orange and then Alice's lost arm burst into flames. The venom in it making a spluttering and hissing sound that echoed through the huge room. And then Bella dropped it casually onto the floor where it quickly became a pile of ash. I felt the shock vibrate through the room, no one had known about her fire starting ability except a select few. Aro laughed delightedly, clapping his hands together in a childlike abandon. I saw Caius roll his eyes in exasperation. Marcus raised his eyebrows in surprise. They hadn't seen my mate do that until now.

She really was amazing to watch, even in our world - where the extraordinary was commonplace – my Bella was unique.

I saw Jane look longingly at Alice and sensed her eagerness to help my mate. I saw her plead with Aro silently and I saw him shake his head in the negative. I grinned at the small blond vampire in appreciation and gratitude. Her answering smirk was barely a smile and was essentially her way of responding to my gratitude. She would have been amusing if she weren't so deadly. All vampires feared her, with the exception of my mate, because of the awful pain she could inflict with just a word. Bella was in fact the only vampire she couldn't harm, which had given rise to an odd sort of friendship between them.

Bella and Alice circled each other slowly.

"How could you do that, you bitch! My arm!" Alice hissed at my mate.

Her careful façade was cracking and she looked nothing like the carefully groomed, well fed vampire she usually was. Minus one arm she looked bizarre, a caricature of her former self. Her hate for Bella showed plainly on her face now. She made no attempt to hide it.

"Easily, Alice. Face me like a vampire and stop running away from me! I want to fight you not slaughter you! But if you give me no choice I will tear you limb from limb and burn the pieces as I go! The choice is now yours…" Bella said as she sunk into a hunting crouch, waiting.

"You bitch, I should have killed you when you first came into our lives, but I was so sure I could alter the future and make you fall in love with Edward. I almost got it right too, if it wasn't for you and your goddamn inquisitive nature I would have succeeded – Jasper belongs with me, Bella. I love him! I knew who he was and I also knew that I was the only mate worthy of him. I knew that one day he would return to the Volturi and I wanted to be the one by his side when he did. But you ruined it all! If only Edward had been too weak to resist your blood, like I had hoped, then it would all have been over for you." Alice sneered. The venom from the gaping wound in her shoulder was running down her body now.

I saw and felt Bella's anger skyrocket as Alice spoke, admitting to knowing who I had been and still was. I actually felt sorry for Alice – almost. I saw fire ignite in Bella's eyes again and then she leaped at the smaller vampire and sat on top of her as she sadistically removed Alice's other arm and set fire to it while she still sat astride the prone vampire. Alice screamed and writhed beneath Bella, but to no avail. Bella was now using all her newborn strength and it was deadly in its sheer power.

Bella got off Alice only to pick her up and throw her fifty feet across the room where she fell in a heap at the royal trio's feet. With out her arms to stop her decent she fell onto her face at their feet, in an undignified heap.

No one made a move to help her.

Bella advanced on her all reason gone from her face and from her emotions. Pure rage was her only emotion. Bella's face was so beautiful in its anger that I could only stare in wonder at my mate. She was glorious. Her red eyes, their orange iris's glowing were focused and cold. Her body primed for attack, her pale pink lips a perfectly parted pout. I was dying to sample her rage. The monster within me growled his approval and I could only agree. I had never wanted to fuck Bella more than I did in this moment. Without realizing it I was projecting my lust, I suddenly did realize it when Peter looked at me and smirked, his eyes burning into mine with a passion that was scorching in its intensity. I smiled a slow knowing smirk in his direction.

Bella moved in for the kill then. It was better that she ended this now. I saw the royal trio eye Alice with no remorse at all, their faces completely expressionless. Alice climbed to her feet awkwardly and stood there seemingly subdued.

"He doesn't love you, Bella. He never has and he never will. You are nothing but a trophy to him." Alice said in monotone, while she stared almost innocently at my mate. A nasty smile spreading across her face.

I knew what she meant and I felt rage burn through me at her words, my monster howled and scratched the ground in impotent anger. This wasn't our fight. I couldn't simply kill Alice.

Bella seemed confused for a moment and she paused as she took in what Alice had said. "What?" She asked.

"Jasper." Alice spit out. "He will never love you. I have seen it. You are delusional if you think you are good enough for him."

I saw and felt the pain that ripped through my mate at Alice's cruel words. The worst part was that to a certain extent she was right.

I didn't believe in love.

I had never found actual proof that it existed. I knew that Bella's feelings for me were deep and pure, but love? I wasn't sure of the correct definition for love. Did it even exist? I would kill a thousand or even a million who dared to take her away from me or harm one hair on her head – but was it love? I couldn't answer that question even in my own head. I am a warrior, not a lover or a poet. I saw Bella's eyes swing towards me, pain written in their depths. Then I saw and felt her resolve, which had been faltering, strengthen. I tasted her emotions and was surprised to find that she didn't care – she knew that I wanted her and that I was her mate - she simply decided she didn't care if I felt romantic love for her or not. I felt an overwhelming emotion surge through me then. It was unnamed and undefined. My mate constantly surprised me.

"Oh Alice…. will you stop at nothing to get a man who doesn't even want you?" Bella sneered evilly. "Jasper wants me by his side – forever – do you think it matters to me if he feels puny romantic love for me? What we have transcends space, time and other people. You could not possibly begin to fathom what we have together. It is a bond- that is unbreakable. I don't want a milksop, mewling, sonnet-writing vampire to love me! I want a man to want me…" Bella arched her eyebrows at Alice and then she leaped through the air and landed on the other side of Alice in a crouch.

I saw that in her hand she held Alice's head. Alice's body stood by its self for a second and then toppled to the floor where it lay twitching. Bella rose and while she still held the head she set fire to the body in front of her. I saw Alice's eyes glaze over in pain and despondency and she knew that the fight was indeed over. Bella walked over and in an almost gentle manner laid Alice's head on top of her burning body. We all watched as the flames rose higher and higher. The hissing and crackling sound of the burning venom could be heard throughout the throne room.

It was done.

Bella turned her back on what was left of Alice and with a smirk at the room at large she walked up to me, where I stood besides the royal trio and reached up to kiss me. It was a claiming kiss designed to show all who watched that we were mates - that I was hers.

I welcomed the kiss and returned it with a deep passion and I sent all the lust I felt to her. I felt her emotions go into overdrive and I grinned a contented smile as I pulled back to contemplate my mate.

"Well done, Granddaughter!" Aro purred happily. He rose out of his throne and came towards us. He pulled her into a hug and kissed her cheeks lovingly.

To my surprise I saw Caius and Marcus rise out of their chairs too and advance on Bella. Caius never bothered with such things normally, his venomous nature well known by all. Marcus rarely moved at all, except when he ate.

But then Caius pulled Bella into an admittedly formal embrace and pressed a small kiss onto one cheek.

"Welcome to the Volturi. You will be a most spectacular addition to our ranks." Caius said before returning to his seat.

I realized then, that besides being Bella's chance at revenge, this had also been a test of sorts, to find out if she was indeed worthy to be called the Granddaughter of Aro himself.

"Welcome." Marcus said as he embraced her too.

I felt Bella's happiness soar as she saw all the vampires coming forward to congratulate her.

Jane was next. She smiled, if you could call it that and hugged Bella tightly. Next was Alec. Who said into her ear; "Welcome sister." It will be wonderful to fight besides you." He smiled widely at the thought as he released her. Everyone else filed past adding their hugs and congratulations. Lastly char and Peter both claimed Bella for a hug together. Wrapping their arms around her tightly. Char pressed a kiss onto her lips and Peter kissed her forehead.

"And now." Aro said as he settled himself back onto his throne along with his brothers. "There is a far lighter matter for us to arrange!"

Everyone looked at him in curiosity.

"The matter of the mating ceremony for my Granddaughter to be joined to my finest warrior!"

I saw Bella's face break into a blinding smile at those words and I pulled her close to me. Her slim arms wrapped themselves around my waist and I felt truly complete as I felt her body settle against mine.

Bella was my home.

I couldn't wait to claim her as mine before our entire world.