This review was posted on my story recently and I really have to reply due to my values and beliefs;

`How dare you call us prudes and bigots! What gives you the right to call us names just because our, MY opinion is different than yours. I didn't call you any names, I just said that same sex relationships is sick. It is my opinion. I gave my opinion to let you know that what you are writing it offensive to some people and that I would no longer be reading your story. It takes a very tiny mind to call others people names just because of their opinion. Its sad to see that people no longer have the right to share their thoughts, without being labeled. You need to read the Bible.`

Hello "Guest"!

I am really going to enjoy answering your review! Firstly – why is someone who said they were no longer going to read my story, still reading it? How else would you know that I called YOU (There is no US) a prude and a bigot? Please do tell…? Secondly, It IS a free world (Last time I checked) and I can say what I like just as you can (posting nasty reviews being one way of speaking ones mind…) SO…here we have a conundrum…we are both entitled to our opinions AND we can think and say what we like So it can go on and on….

You think same sex relationships (Ie; gay relationships) are SICK well I say each to their own… I am happily married to a man with two kids, but I have friends that are gay and in serious committed relationships and others who choose not to be although they are still gay. I am bi-sexual and have in the past dated both men and women. It is a personal choice and not to be sneered at by bigoted people. If you don't like something you are reading – DON'T READ IT! Simple! And since you brought it up – a person who supposedly reads her Bible should NOT be reading Fan Fiction about VAMPIRES (SOULESS UNDEAD creatures that DRINK BLOOD) anyway! You should take your own advice and read your Bible more….You are one of TWO people who have disliked my story… obviously not the majority… sorry! It is very small minded to carry on reading a Fic you hate (after I blocked you) logging in as a "Guest" in order to post shitty reviews…OMG – GET A LIFE!

This is the last time I will reply to you or anyone else who chooses to throw flames at my story. Although I did enjoy replying to this SO very much…

To my loyal readers and the new ones who keep following and favoriting my story each day – THANK YOU! I might be deleted off FFN soon as my stories have been followed by those who read stories and report them to FFN if they break any rules, so I am not holding my breath… I am reposting my stories on other sites too..Will keep you posted but if I vanish just check out my profile page and follow the links.

Keep reading! Next chapter up this week…