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Bella's P.O.V.

I watched with almost sadistic satisfaction as Leah flew through the air and landed in a bush at least fifty feet away. My shield was becoming more and more powerful, it was now as if it were a part of my arm's and mind, I could throw it or simply use it as an extension – to knock someone away from me – for instance. I smirked as I saw her naked ass disappear into the shrubbery. Leah had never liked me and I had been afraid of her as a human, now I felt nothing for her. She was simply an annoyance.

I heard Jasper give the order to Peter and watched as he sped away at vampire speed to dispose of Garrett's body – or what was left of it. I shuddered as I imagined the horrible pain that they had put him through. I wondered why he had not simply joined with us, instead of faking a joining with Edward's band of misfits. There had to be more to it I decided. I didn't know Garrett but I had heard of him. A revolutionary, they had called him. Maybe he had had grand ideas of turning Edward in to the Vampire royalty? I shook my head, it didn't fit either.

Jasper walked up to me and I smiled as I saw the now familiar expression on his face, he was the God of war again, fierce and focused. His face was, as always, beautiful. His beauty was of the kind that numbed my mind. His eyes still had the power to render me speechless and leave me a puddle of shivering desire on the floor. Even as a vampire his effect on me had not grown less, if anything it had only increased. The very fact that he was so very dangerous and lethal, his every movement screaming the fact that he was deadly, it all acted like an aphrodisiac, driving my need for him to new heights. His golden honey toned hair hung around his sculptured face in tousled waves, begging me to run my finger through the blond strands. His mouth, firm and sensuous made my mouth fill with venom just looking at its curved and slightly pouting perfection.

"Bella, I need you to go with Jane and scout the area for any stragglers or Intel, anything that can be of use to us. Keep your shield around the camp for now; find me when you are done. You have an hour before the battle." Jasper said seriously, his eyes were as always completely intense. I nodded and without another word I sprinted away with Jane on my heels.

We circled the enemy camp and eventually found a position from which to spy as much as we could without being detected. Jane and I didn't speak at all communicating with looks and hand signals alone.

I almost gasped with surprise when I saw Jacob, he was not the boy I remembered and had loved. His face was older and stretched into angry lines and he was absolutely huge. Hatred had made its mark on him I realized. I knew that Leah's disappearance would have already made their camp uneasy. I knew Jasper would hold her as a hostage until we met on the battle field.

Jacob was speaking with another wolf I didn't recognize, he was very young, probably having turned only recently. I looked past them and saw that all the wolves I could see were strangers to me. Jasper must have killed almost the entire pack when he had rescued me. Somehow Jacob and Leah must have escaped.

If they had been there at all.

Sam was no where in sight. I saw Jane's eyes narrow ominously as she viewed the wolves. I sensed her desire to make them all writhe on the ground in abject pain. I grinned at her and shook my head. She smirked and looked at me with mock pleading eyes. We shared a smile of friendship and continued our spying. We raced up a very tall tree and sat at the very top. The enemy camp was stretched out below us. Our vampire eyes could see every detail. I eventually saw Edward talking to Carlisle. They were discussing the upcoming battle.

"Son, I know you are angry. But rushing into battle while angry is not the way to go. Leah can handle herself. We cannot rush into a war with Jasper and the entire Volturi army without a plan at the very least!" Carlisle said earnestly, clasping Edward on the shoulder. "Patience, my son. The Denali coven will be here soon; with them at least our numbers are slightly better."

I stiffened as I saw Edwards face clearly for the first time. I felt nothing for him, I discovered, except a slight fear, which was a residual fear left over from my human time as his captive. I now believed that he and Alice had planned together to keep me from my mate. His refusal to change me into a vampire must have stemmed from his addiction to my blood. Maybe he had kept me as a human would a cow, as sustenance or for future snacks. I shuddered and felt an overwhelming gratitude that I was now a vampire and more than capable of fighting him and anyone else too. His face was still beautiful, but it held no attraction for me. Besides Jasper he was a child, a boy and laughable in comparison to the man Jasper was.

"I know!" Edward replied, his voice tortured and angry. "But I saw them Carlisle – they were together..." His face was an almost comical expression of disgust and jealousy. I couldn't help grinning widely as I relived what he must have seen. Now I could appreciate Jasper's enjoyment of Edwards anguish.

It was delicious.

"The wolves are unpredictable, volatile even; we must keep an eye on them. They are our priority. Jacob hates us still, even more now that we are human drinkers too. The only reason he agreed to join with us was because we told him that we would make Jasper pay for what he has done – taking Bella, changing her and killing nearly his entire tribe. If we don't fight Jasper soon I am afraid that Jacob might turn on us and then go and find Jasper alone." Carlisle said gripping Edwards face and forcing him to look into his eyes. "Your jealousy over Bella is not something you should dwell on. She is gone, son. She is Jasper's mate now. She should be dead to you."

I saw Edward squeeze his eyes shut tightly and he nodded; I could see he was lying. I'm sure that Carlisle could too.

"I am going to fucking kill that bastard!" Edward said fiercely.

I knew that Jasper shared that sentiment and he was more than capable of delivering on his threat. I wasn't so sure about Edward.

Jane gestured to me for us to leave now. I nodded and we leapt from the tree, landing lightly among the fallen leaves. We raced each other back to camp, my new born strength giving me a slight advantage, as soon as we were clear of the enemy camp we were giggling like schoolgirls. I was glad that Jane and I had become friends. I had never wanted to be her enemy. I had a deep admiration for the small blond vampire who was as deadly as an asp.

We entered the camp and went straight to find Jasper. He was with Peter discussing battlefield strategy. Apparently both men found the subject only mildly interesting because both their faces brightened considerably at my appearance. I grinned and reached up to kiss Jasper on the lips in greeting. Peter stood behind me and to my surprise he reached out and stroked my hair in greeting. I felt a surge of desire as I suddenly thought about Jasper, intense, magnetic, gorgeous and deadly in front of me and Peter, tall and silently lethal behind me. I shook myself mentally, I had to concentrate on the task in hand and not be fantasizing about my coven. Jane smirked at me and nudged me slightly, as if trying to snap me out of my lustful imagination.

"Jasper, we discovered that Carlisle is urging Edward to do battle with us now, it appears that the wolves are only with them in order to avenge their packs death at your hands, they bear the Cullen's no loyalty at all. They fear that the pack will turn on them if they take too long to fight you." I said. I saw Jaspers eyes darken with bloodlust at the thought of battle, as a slow smirk spread across his face.

I continued. "Edward was telling his father about seeing us together; it bothered him a great deal. he said the wants to kill you."

"I would like to see him try." Jasper said, smiling in an almost friendly way as he glanced over my shoulder at Peter.

"So would I." Peter said as he pushed himself away from the table he was leaning against. "We can't deny the boy all his fun Major, when should I send an emissary?"

'Now." My mate replied nonchalantly.

"Jasper, they also said that the Denali coven will be joining with them shortly." I informed him.

Jasper turned to me and a soft smile touched his handsome face as he gazed at me. "It doesn't matter, Bella. If they take the Cullen's side then they will all die here today."

We sent Felix and Alec to inform the opposition that we would meet them in the clearing within the hour. The response was immediate and fierce. They would be there; Felix told us was the growled response. Nothing seemed to move or faze the giant vampire it seemed. He was built much like Emmett and was just as powerful. I couldn't help smiling at his enjoyment of their reaction.

We assembled in perfect symmetry, each of us only a part of the flowing whole. It must have taken centuries to perfect this absolute perfection. I fell into my place besides my grandfather and Jasper as easily as if I had been born into this life. I felt no fear and it was a heady feeling. Human frailty was a thing of my past. The unleashed power and savagery just below the surface threatened to overwhelm me. I felt my eyes burn with the heat within them, but I wasn't afraid.

I had control of my powers now.

I would only use it when there was need. Jane and Char joked about the Volturi not needing their flamboyant and ornate lighters anymore, after having acquired a full life-size version that was far more reliable. I smirked at them in a joking way and they both giggled. I saw Aro's mouth twitch even though he upheld his serious demeanor.

I reached out and slid my hand into Jaspers strong one. As his fingers closed over mine a strange calm enveloped me, dimming the bloodlust I had been feeling - slightly.

He made me feel complete and whole.

In seconds we were in the clearing and we stood unmoving as we waited for our adversaries to face us.

Jasper and Peter were besides me. We led the field with Jane, Alec and Demetri. The royal trio was at our heart, at the very center with the silent wraiths. To be protected but never to fight.

Suddenly they arrived. I could smell them before I saw them. I heard the large hearts steadily pumping blood through the giant sized wolves as they appeared through the trees. I heard several hisses as our army caught sight of the size of the werewolves. A lot of them had not seen the Quileute shape shifters before now.

The opposition lined up facing us. Their numbers seemed few against our great offensive. Then a figure walked out into the position of leader and I drew in a breath which left me as a hiss.


He looked completely unlike the Edward I had thought myself in love with. His red eyes were fierce and his whole stance was confident and apparently lethal. Something had changed.

And then I knew.

Bitterness had caused this stranger to be born. Losing Alice, Emmett, Rosalie and me had done this. Hatred had given birth to this Edward. In a way it was a welcome change, before he had seemed more than slightly puny besides Jasper's awesome muscular strength. Now he was at least an adversary worthy of fighting.

Jasper moved with vampire speed to face him. They stood looking at each other evenly, about fifty feet apart. Growls erupted from the watching wolves. The noise simply caused Jasper to smile. A breeze blew and made his cloak float around his body as if caressing his powerful figure. I felt a surge of lust as I watched my mate, he was amazing and even completely motionless he was terrifying.

"You wished to find us?" Jasper asked, breaking the silence suddenly.

"I wish to avenge the loss of my family and my mate. The wolves have their own score to settle apparently." Edward said boldly.

"I am more than ready and happy to oblige." Jasper said with a mocking bow.

I searched through the opposition and saw many faces I recognized. Tanya, Kate and Irina were among them. Carmen and Eleazar were no where to be found. I frowned at this knowledge. Why had they not joined with Edward since their sisters had?

I watched as Felix made his way to the front, holding a struggling Leah by the scruff of her neck. She was at least dressed, having been forced to wear some clothes that could be found. She had at first refused due to the 'vampire stink' as she put it. But Aro had finally forced her to get dressed, threatening to let any interested vampire's have their way with her. That soon put a stop to her protests. I heard the vicious snarls erupt as Leah was brought out into plain sight. Leah had been warmed not to try and phase, because if she tried Aro had told Felix to snap her neck and ask no questions.

I saw the huge russet werewolf I knew to be Jacob start forward, snapping and snarling. Jasper neither moved nor flinched. His grin did grow though.

"Our hostage, as you can see, is in perfect health – for now." Jasper said sadistically. "Bella?"

I moved at vampire speed and was at once by his side. "Yes, my mate?" I asked staring at Jaspers face with single minded devotion, deliberately showing the opposition where my loyalty now lay.

"If Leah should decide to escape or if anyone tries to set her free – torch her." Jasper said. The growling grew so loud that humans would have found it difficult to concentrate.

"Yes, Jasper." I answered. I saw out of the corner of my vision that the opposition was confused. They didn't know about my gift. They found it odd that Jasper should ask this of me.

I turned my head and saw Jane grinning at me. Char winked and blew a small kiss my way. I smiled at them knowing that they were laughing about me being the new Volturi fire starter. I was grateful for them; they brought a bit of laughter to an otherwise somber occasion.

"You have taken so much from me, Jasper. Now you will fucking die!" Edward suddenly bellowed and in the blink of an eye he leaped the space between our armies and landed on top of Jasper. I stifled a scream as I realized that it was unbecoming of a Whitlock and a daughter of the Volturi to act like a scared schoolgirl.

My mate would have it under control, I knew.

Within a second a battle was raging around me. I concentrated then and tried to cloak as many of our army as I could. It was hard keeping my shield around the right vampires. I felt Char take my hand as she prepared to defend me while I was protecting our army. I squeezed her hand and relaxed somewhat. I wanted to fight too, but for now it was more important to protect our army.

The heavy clouds overhead suddenly opened and it began to rain, I looked upwards and smirked, it would rain in Forks. At least now I wouldn't be cold as I always had felt when I had been human. Now the rain trickling down over my skin felt like caressing fingers, sensual and very pleasurable. I raked my long hair off my face, tossing it over my shoulders.

I watched as Jasper and Edward battled it out, moving at vampire speed they tried to best each other. Each trying to get a death hold on the other. Edward had improved dramatically but he was still no match for Jasper's expertise. Round and round they went until finally Jasper grabbed Edward by his throat and slammed him down onto the ground at his feet. He landed right in a puddle of mud; droplets splattered Jasper's face as he snarled down at Edward. Edward growled and tried in vain to throw off my mate's hold on him. Jasper was about to pull Edwards head off when suddenly he was attacked from behind by a wolf. It took his arm in its teeth and dragged him backwards forcing him to release Edward temporarily.

The wolf was Jacob.

I stifled another scream as I saw my mate fighting the gigantic wolf. I had never seen Jasper fighting in a battle. But it was obvious even to my eyes that he was quite capable of defending himself. My fear was simply the fear any mate would feel in such circumstances.

Jasper reached with his other arm as far around as he could and grabbed the wolf's upper jaw with his steel fingers. Jacob yelped at Jasper applied pressure upwards causing Jacob to release his hold on Jasper's arm before he could sever the limb completely. I did see that Jasper was wounded though, venom leaked from a huge gash in his shoulder. His cloak hung in tatters from one shoulder now and he reached around and ripped it off impatiently. He ignored the wound and advanced on the wolf. Jacob crouched and then attacked again, snapping and snarling wildly in Jaspers face. Jasper dodged the attack and sprang into the air at least fifty feet high and landed on Jacobs back. He whined and tried to roll over to rid himself of his uninvited rider. But Jasper had already jumped off his back and landed behind him. He took hold of Jacob's tail with his unharmed arm and flung him into a nearby tree. The wolf yelped and fell into a heap on the forest floor. It seemed he was knocked out for the time being.

In that moment I noticed the rest of the battle, I had been so centered on my mate I had been ignoring the rest of the fighting. Char still held my hand as she fought off a vampire I didn't recognize on my left. I moved automatically to accommodate her fight. My shield was still around all the right vampires. It felt as though I could feel them, my family – my coven. They were like bright points of light; they drew my shield to them unconsciously. I saw them as bright spots with a red glow. Jasper was brightest, a deep blood red. I saw that Jane was having fun with Alec. He was blinding vampires and wolves and she had them writhing on the ground in abject misery. Her evil little face was as beautiful as an angel, contrasting oddly with her actions which were demonic. I shook my head slightly to dispel the frisson of fear I instinctively felt when seeing Jane in action. Alec was just as deadly, his gift working slower, taking your sight and making you totally blind and helpless. Normally they would have had to wait until the field was clear of our warriors, but with my shield protecting our army, they were free to use their gifts while in among the fighting frenzy.

I was making us far more effective than before.

I grinned in pleasure at the thought. The Volturi would be undefeatable with my gifts to complete our already impressive arsenal. I had made a difference. After a lifetime of mediocrity I was finally worth something. I glowed with the knowledge.

I watched as Emmett and Rosalie cornered two wolves and then tore them apart. The pieces were thrown onto the ground carelessly as the dangerous pair advanced on a vampire who I recognized as Irina.

"How could you?" She hissed at them in disgust. "You have betrayed your own family, your coven!"

Rosalie smiled a nasty smile at her. "We have betrayed no one, Irina. We are on the right side – the side of justice. The Volturi are our law enforcers – are they not? The Cullen's stole Jaspers mate and held her captive. Jasper simply took back what was his."

Irina snorted. "Tell your self what you wish, but you have betrayed us all. The Cullen's and our coven too. One day you will pay."

"You are mistaken, Irina. It's you who will pay here today. You are a law breaker- just like your mother was." Emmett said, Irina snarled at him and lunged at Rosalie, clawing at her face with her long steel nails. Rose screamed as they tore her face from temple to cheek.

"I have disfigured you vain bitch!" Irina laughed. She hesitated in her glee when she saw the look of pure rage on Rosalie's face. Venom leaked from the scratches and trickled down her cheek. Her lovely face contorted with anger and then with a vicious snarl Rose jumped into the air and landed elegantly on her knees on the other side of Denali vampire, she didn't even turn to see Irina's head topple to the ground as her body sagged and hit the ground with a thud. She simply rose to her feet in one fluid motion and dusted off her hands. Emmett eyed her worriedly. "Are you okay, Rose?" he asked as she walked past him searching out another adversary.

"I'm fine, Em. Don't sweat it." She said ignoring the scratches and patting him on the arm lovingly. She looked for Kate and Tanya only to find that they had been taken care of by Demetri, Jane and Alec – although Kate had given as good as she got. She had gone down fighting.

I saw that the battle was nearly over; our army had decimated their smallish army. Demetri had captured Carlisle and Esme, they didn't struggle. Felix still held Leah captive and he looked very disgruntled because he had all but missed the entire battle.

Jasper had once again found Edward, he held him in a vice like hold by the scruff of his neck. He frog marched him towards where I stood, near the royal trio. Jacob had woken up in his human form, stark naked. Jane simply looked at him and followed her quickly. He had obviously seen what she was capable of.

"You once again have failed to take what is mine, Edward. When will you learn from your failure and give up. Ask her! Ask her if she wishes to be with you!" Jasper pushed Edward towards me then, only vampire senses kept him from falling onto me. I stepped backwards involuntarily. I didn't want him to touch me.

"I don't want her now!" Edward ground out through his clenched teeth, anger making his red eyes spit hatred at Jasper "You have taken her human life and with it her blood! Why would I want her now? She is simply another vampire now, with probably no talents to boast of, except the beauty of her face! She didn't even fight today! What kind of vampire would not fight besides her mate! She is a sorry excuse for a vampire! Want her?! I don't want her! I want revenge on you for what you have taken from me!" I gasped at his words. It was a relief to hear all my suspicions confirmed at last.

Jasper snarled at Edward, the sound coming out of his mouth was the single most terrifying sound I had ever heard in my life.

"You bastard! Bella is more of a vampire than you could ever hope to be!" Jasper spat into Edwards face. "She is my mate and you will have one hell of a surprise when you discover just how talented she is! But that is for just now. Right now I wish to know why you became a human drinker. Carlisle was told to abandon your families' unnatural way of life by us – but you had no such order. So why?" My mate demanded.

I saw Edwards face stretch into a mirthless grin. "You took my singer, my Alice, my brother and my sister and you ask why?"

Edward began to laugh then. I wondered for a moment if he was crazy. Could vampires be crazy?

"You forced my father and my mother to abandon their way of life; I saw no reason to continue with something that was never my idea to begin with. It also gave me more strength to fight you! I had to try!" he groaned then. But my army has fallen – again! One of your warriors is very gifted – a shield I take it? So, we never stood a chance anyway."

Jasper smirked at me then. "Yes, we have a very talented vampire among us. One who has made us invincible and indestructible. The Volturi will never be the same again because of her." I felt a huge dose of Jasper's pride then, it floated through me along with his love for me.

Wait – love?

I gasped and my gaze flew to his dark red eyes eagerly. He had never before shown me his love for me, although I had been sure he did love me, it had never been spoken. I saw him smile at me with a quelling glance, not now his look told me. Later.

"Her?!" Edward asked, shock clear on his face.

"Yes", Jasper said his eyes fixing back onto his victim. "Bella."

Jasper walked around where Edward stood, he stretched his wounded arm experimentally as he went, it was long healed and in working order. Venom

"Bella made all the difference today, Edward. That's why she wasn't fighting; Charlotte was protecting her so that she could concentrate on protecting our army while we did battle. But she is a fantastic fighter – if you wish to discover just how good she is I am sure she will be more than willing to oblige you. Alice came to heated end at her hands." I saw Jasper smirk sadistically.

"Bella is a shield?" Edward asked stupidly. "Is that why I could never read her mind when she was human?"

"Yes, she is a shield, Edward." Jasper said in a tone one would use to a moron. "And since u has made it your life's work to control and dictate to Bella, I think it is only fitting that she be your end too. Bella?" Jasper asked casually.

I didn't think then, I only obeyed the voice of my mate. I felt the burn in my eyes become an inferno and I focused on Edwards legs. Without warning they burst into flames. He screamed in pain as then flames began to devour him. I watched with unemotional detachment as his entire body was engulfed in flames, his eyes watched me in horror and anger. He took several steps towards me, one hand out stretched as if to grab me. I moved backwards at vampire speed and found Jaspers arms around me, comforting and reassuring. The hissing grew louder then as the flames consumed the venom in his body. Within seconds there was only a pile of ash left where Edward had stood. Without meaning to a sob of relief escaped my lips.

It was over.


Jacob watched me with a detached expression, he stood naked before us but he didn't cower, act afraid or ashamed. Leah looked at him longingly from across the clearing, where Felix still held her captive.

'So, you are finally are a blood sucking demon, Bella. Are you happy?" Jacob asked his voice sneering at me in Jaspers arms. A hiss sounded out of my mate's chest, the sound vibrating against my ear.

"Be careful dog! Lest I destroy you now!" Jasper said harshly.

"I never have been afraid of vampires, blood sucker." Jacob replied, a smirk on his face.

"I am going to grant you a pardon, Jacob Black. I will also grant your girlfriend pardon, if you swear to never move against me or mine ever again. Do you so swear?" Jasper asked his voice almost kind. I glanced up at him, wondering at his reasons for wanting to pardon these two particularly.

"Why would you do that, blood sucker?" Jacob asked his voice sarcastic.

"Because you matter to her and she matters to me." Jasper replied. I realized that I had been dreading Jacobs death, I wanted no part in it at all. Of course Jasper knew this. He would sense my emotions as clearly as if I had spoken my desires out loud.

Jacob appeared to have no answer to this. The sneer disappeared off his face momentarily.

"We accept." Jacob answered solemnly.

Suddenly there was a flurry of confusion as I heard Rosalie scream a warning at us.

"You missed one!" She shouted.

I turned to see a young vampire I didn't recognize bearing down on us. I stared as he fell to the ground in pain. Jane had struck again.