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Bella's P.O.V

I was lying completely sated in Jaspers arms, still feeling lustful but satisfied, when we heard Peter on the other side of the door. Without warning Jasper told him to enter, I was surprised that he didn't mind Peter seeing us like this – we were only wearing a very low slung sheet after all.

Peter came in talking – he soon stopped when he saw us. I have to admit that Peter is hot. He quite simply is so feline and just plain primal – he often caused me to have a bout of butterflies when he was around. His aquiline features accentuated by his very short blond hair. A pair of piercing eyes and sensuous mouth completed the picture. The look in his eyes now was enough to melt my insides, the lust which had been lazing around in the back of my mind, now came rushing to the surface.

Peter didn't speak, he simply stared at us and growled – actually growled and I was flooded suddenly with an extra dose of lust, coming from my mate no doubt.

I just knew that Jasper was waiting to see what we would do. I glanced up at Jasper and saw his dark red eyes focused on me intently, he reached towards me and pressed a loving kiss on my lips before withdrawing and nodding in Peters direction, a playful smirk on his very sensuous lips.

We didn't speak, words were not needed now.

No, not now when the passion between the three of us was a palpable thing, so thick and dark I could taste it on my tongue. As dark and decadent as my lust for blood now was. As decadent as longing for chocolate had been in my last life.

I rose slowly, somehow having no shame in this moment with the admiring eyes of my men on me. My mate and my coven member wanted me; even I could feel it and it made me bold.

As I rose to my knees the black silk sheet fell to the bed revealing my body in all its glory. I had to admit I was extremely proud of my body now. It was perfect and undoubtedly sexy, gently curving and as smooth as white marble. My breasts were firm and tip tilted, the nipples hard, my pussy was as bare as the day I was born. I preferred to keep it like that now. As a human I would never have been able to do this, I would have been too scared and embarrassed to display myself like this.

Now I felt a surge of pleasure flood me at the expression in my men's eyes. I gently tossed my very long dark hair over my shoulder, so that it flowed down my back to my buttocks, the ends tickled my hard, smooth skin tantalizingly. Peter moved towards me then after a loaded look at Jasper. Obviously gaining permission from his commanding officer.

I smirked at the thought of Jasper commanding this situation.

As my lips curved into the small smile I saw Peter's eyes darken to blackness as they focused on my mouth. Without permeable Peter reached out and pulled me a lot more roughly than I was used to towards him, my soft (compared to him.) curves were crushed against his denim jeans and black dress shirt, they were almost rough against my skin and I gasped at the contact. His very hard curved length was pressed against my stomach, the sensation was amazing and I felt my pussy get drenched within seconds. My arousal was plain to us all as my scent flooded the room. I gazed up at Peter and moaned loudly as his hard and demanding lips claimed mine. His tongue thrust its way into my mouth, exploring and tasting deeply, not leaving any crevice unexplored. I was drowning in sensation, my hands clutching Peter's shirt with desperate hands. I wanted more of him, he tasted absolutely wonderful. I felt Jasper rise behind me and shivered at the thought of my mate, my love seeing me like this – so desperately kissing someone else.

But I knew that he would never have allowed this if he didn't want it, I trusted him completely. It was a custom, I knew, among vampire covens – that all the members loved and initiated a new member into their ranks so to speak, if the new member wanted it. Peter and Charlotte had been waiting for me to be ready.

I was now.

I felt Jaspers hardness against my buttocks and shuddered as my desire skyrocketed to all new levels. I felt his large hands sweep my hair out of his way as he trailed kisses down my neck and onto my shoulder. His tongue snaked into my ear causing me to shiver uncontrollably.

Peter continued to kiss my mouth, literally assaulting me orally. I returned the kiss, sucking on his tongue and relishing the groan that escaped from his mouth. Peter's big, strong hands lifted to capture my face, holding it securely and he plundered my lips. I felt my mate's hands reach around to hold my breasts, pinching my nipples to an all-new sensitivity. I moaned again and thrust my hips against them both mindlessly. Their hard cocks pressed against me. I was so wet that there was a trickle running down my leg. I felt Peter's hands leave my face then, ghosting over my body, joining Jaspers hands for a few seconds on my breasts and then drifting lower until his long fingers were sliding into my wetness, collecting the trickle and spreading through my pussy lips before sliding his finger into me deeply. I was so overcome with sensations I could only feel. No conscious thoughts crossed my mind. My hands slid upwards to tangle in Peter's short hair, pulling on the short strands.

The door opened suddenly and closed just as quickly, the room was flooded with her musky and sweet scent. I opened my eyes, which had drifted closed, to find Char standing there. Her eyes were instantly black, startling in her pale alabaster face. Her angels lips, a perfect pout as she reached upwards towards the catch for her cloak. Her long golden blond hair spilled over her shoulders to her waist in careless abandon. I smiled at her then, while her mate kissed the side of my neck sucking the flesh into his mouth as his eyes watched her too. She returned my smile, while her eyes were fixed on my body hungrily.

"You are so beautiful, Bella." She whispered hoarsely.

Her cloak dropped to the floor, followed by her lacey top and black jeans. Her small pert breasts needed no support; she only wore a dark blue thong. It soon followed the other clothes onto the floor.

Charlotte was wrong – she was the beautiful one.

I swallowed hard as I gazed at her while my men continued to stroke and caress me.

Soon Char climbed up onto the bed, with human slowness, her eyes predatory and fixed on me. I felt a shiver of fear touch my stomach as I realized that my coven was hungry and that I was the main course. She crawled towards us, her hair a sexy tangle around her angelic face. She reached us then and knelt besides me, her small hands sliding onto my skin along with my men's. I trusted them so the fear subsided as suddenly as it had appeared and was immediately replaced with passion and a deep, dark desire.

Charlotte reached out and, her eyes wide open and focused on me, kissed me seductively, her tongue tracing my lips before diving into my mouth eagerly. I kissed her back with just as much fevour. My eyes slid shut only to open seconds later as she slid her soft body against my side. Peter stepped back and grinned at me and Char as he reached for the buttons on his shirt. Soon his chiseled chest was on display; he was taller and more slender than Jasper, although still muscular and amazingly defined. A small trail of golden hairs graced his stomach and disappeared under his dark jeans. I swallowed reflexively as I was swamped with need.

The need to taste him.

I felt Jasper push me forward suddenly, obviously feeling all my emotions, he knew what I wanted and was helping it all along in an amazingly sexy way. He didn't stop the pressure on the back of my neck until I was on all fours, my mate's hand holding me in place. My arousal grew painful it was so intense, excitement rushed through me making me breath heavily, even though I didn't need the air. I felt Char shift besides me until she was stroking my face, running her small, slim fingers over my cheeks and lips suggestively. I glanced up at her and saw a naughty smile gracing her sublimely beautiful face.

"Do you want to taste my mate, Bella?" She asked her voice a purr. "Because I want to taste you."

I shivered at the picture that painted in my mind.

"Would you like that, Bella?" Char asked again, as her index finger came to rest upon my lips once more. It pressed on my lower lip and I snaked out my tongue to lick at her delicate finger. The moan that left her lips was one of the sexiest sounds I had ever heard.

I was drenched now and as I felt Jasper's fingers invade my body spasmed into my first orgasm. My body clenched his fingers tightly as they pumped in and out of me.

I watched as Peter stripped off the last of his clothes, revealing a beautifully sculptured and muscular body, smooth skin and a huge erection. I licked my lips unconsciously as I saw him advance on me slowly and deliberately. Char disappeared behind me and soon I felt her delicate fingers replace Jasper's large ones, as they worked at my sensitive flesh, causing spasms to ripple through me repeatedly. Peter was right in front of me now, I searched for Jaspers eyes and held his gaze, making sure he was ok with this, which he undoubtedly was as his eyes gleamed at me dark and frighteningly aroused. The emotions he sent to me were so turned on I could only gasp with renewed desire, as his gift curled through me. I reached out and caught Peters cock in my hand, I licked the tip and smirked in satisfaction at the groan he made at the contact. Still watching Jasper, I sucked almost the entire length of Peter's cock into my mouth. I felt my body buckle as I was startled by the sudden attack of Char's mouth on my pussy. Deep sure strokes, lapping right through my other lips and thrusting into my wet depths, Charlotte was undoubtedly talented with her mouth. I sucked harder at Peter's cock as he began to thrust into my mouth softly at first and then harder, Jasper still held my neck as if holding me in place, although I knew he would release me if I so wished.

I felt Peter begin to tense and I doubled my efforts until I felt him come in my mouth, long spurts of venom shooting down my throat. It really was a good thing that vampires don't have a gag reflex. I giggled as I gave his cock one last long lick down its length. Char sucked my clit into her talented mouth and I came hard, my body shaking as my orgasm swept through me.

Suddenly Jasper flipped me over and started kissing me fiercely, his tongue going deeply into my mouth as though he was claiming me all over again. I responded eagerly, kissing my mate back with all I had, sliding my hands into his long golden hair to pull him closer to me. Jasper suddenly growled and tensed and I looked up to see Char kneeling besides him, her hands gripping his cock, her eyes locked with mine. I continued to kiss my mate as she stroked his impressively hard cock. Jasper reached out with one hand and grabbed Char, pulling her underneath him too. We were lying side by side under him. Jaspers deep red eyes gazed into mine, reaffirming the bond we shared and he turned slowly to kiss Char deeply. I watched with fascination as they kissed, watching their lips and tongues sliding against each other was a huge turn on and I moaned loudly at I thrust my hips against Jasper's body. Strangely I felt no jealousy. It all just felt amazingly brazen and bold – extremely sexual and deeply satisfying. I felt a hand slide along my thigh then and I looked up only to see Peter looming above me, his intense eyes focused on my face. I smirked at him and arched voluptuously into his touch. Jasper and Char were focused almost entirely on each other now, except for Jasper's hand, which reached for my hand and intertwined his fingers with my fingers lovingly. I watched as Peter's hands slid across the skin of my legs and met at the junction of my thighs, both hands touching and teasing my pussy at once. I whimpered and shook at the onslaught of sensations flooding me. My fingers squeezed my mates all the while. I saw Jasper slide into Char's welcoming depths and felt myself clench down on the fingers inside me, the sight of my mate with the beautiful golden temptress was such a turn on. They were sublimely beautiful together – two blond angels pleasuring each other - it was a visual feast.

Peter grabbed my hips and flipped me onto all fours and then I felt his hard length probe my wetness. I arched my back again and cried out as he slid into me filling me almost as much as Jasper did. He felt different, slimmer and less muscular than my mate. I saw Jasper's eyes fixed on my face, I knew by his expression that he was tasting my emotions and sharing my pleasure. He then sent me his emotions, looping it all so that we both felt each other completely. Peter leaned down then and kissed me. He was rough and demanding, forcing me to surrender, which I did gladly. It was a whole new experience for me to be quite this man handled. Jasper was rough on occasion but never with this complete ferocity.

Peter thrust into me, harder with each thrust, until I came my body shattering around his, milking his hardness until he came too. I watched Char straddle Jasper then, her lovely body on full display as she rode my mate sinuously. Her long blond hair fell down her back in wild abandon, the ends teasing the tops of Jasper's thighs.

My mate and I still held hands.

I saw Jasper tense just as Char threw her head back and moaned loudly. They came together, a lovely symphony, his deep voice a compliment to her high soprano. At that moment I saw Char lean across the space between us. A mischievous smile playing around her curved lips. She kissed me then, deep and lingeringly. I could smell Jasper's scent on her and somehow instead of repulsing me it made me feel fond of her on a much deeper level. All of our scents were intermingled now and it made me feel content – as if I truly belonged now.

The men shifted until we all fell into a heap on the large mattress, thoroughly sated and but not tired, of course. I snuggled into Jaspers arms and loved the feel of his arms around me, gripping me tightly. Char lay behind me; her softly curved body flush against my back. Peter lay on Jaspers other side, stroking his hair with almost reverent fingers. I watched with interest as Peter kissed Jasper, their kiss sensuous and deep. I realized then that I knew nothing about their history together. It was obviously a lot deeper and more complex than I had previously thought. I sighed as Char pressed a small kiss onto my temple. Her lips lid across my face and onto my neck, I tensed as I sensed she was about to do something other than kiss me.

I was right.

Her sharp venom coated teeth sliced into my neck, as easily as a hot knife would slice through butter. I moaned in pain as I felt her suck a few mouthfuls of my venom into her mouth and then she pushed her venom into me. It hurt like fuck, but strangely I felt no desire to move or break her hold on me – which I could easily have done. She was marking me as surely as Jasper had, only this was the mark of a coven, not of a mate. Then Peter was there too, on the other side of me, his sharp teeth marking me as surely as Char had. His venom burned as much as Char's had. I grimaced, but held still until they were done.

Then we moved until we lay with our mates. I was safely encased in Jasper's strong arms. It felt amazing as though I had come home. Nothing could compare to the depths of love I felt for my mate. The bond that held us together was as strong as a million steel cables – unbreakable.

"Are you okay?" Jasper asked quietly.

I turned my head to look at him and nodded happily.

"I'm fine." I replied softly as I stroked his beautiful face and sexy mouth with my hand.

"Major, we must go and interrogate the prisoners now." Peter said casually as if nothing had happened.

Jasper smirked. "Always something to do, right captain?" He said slightly mockingly.

"Its what we do." Peter shrugged.

I smiled at my mate widely. "Yes it is." I agreed.

Charlotte giggled. "Lets go!"

We got dressed and left at vampire speed. The Cullens – or rather what was left of them – needed to be questioned, to satisfy Aro's curiosity. I felt extremely satisfied as I took Jasper's hand and ran down the cold stone corridors towards the throne room.

My life was truly wonderful.