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Jasper's P.O.V.

When Maria and I had joined with the Volturi over a centaury ago, she had been unhappy with handing over control of her armies to the royal trio. It had angered her to answer to anyone.

As her former first in command she had thought I would follow her lead when she chose to leave Volterra without hesitation.

She had been mistaken.

I was happy within the Volturi stronghold and had grown within myself until Maria and her armies meant nothing to me. Here, at Volterra I answered to Aro, Caius and Marcus – I respected them, where as I had only contempt for the Mexican beauty who had created me. She was my sire and yet I loathed her with every fiber of my unchanging body. She had over the years we had been together, threatened me, punished me with unimaginable torture and used sex to control me.

Yes, I hated Maria.

When she asked me to leave Volterra with her and fight against the Volturi – I had refused and then reported her proposed defection to Aro himself. Caius had been so angry upon hearing of her planned betrayal that he had ordered her quartered. Each piece was placed in a box in a different basement around Volterra, under guard no less.

Maria has screamed her hatred for me loudly while I supervised the quartering of her limbs. She had told me that one day she would have revenge on me and mine. At the time I had know that there was nothing she could hurt me with. Now I knew different.

Bella. My Bella.

She was my weakness and my strength.

And Maria now held her. I shuddered at the thought because I knew of the great cruelty and malice she was capable of.

I did however have David Burl, whom we now carried back to Volterra. The emotions coming off him were still untroubled and smug. I hated him with a ferocious passion that stunned me. I knew he was simply following orders but the thought of his hands touching Bella, hurting her, breaking her into pieces made me hate him with such intensity I feared for my self control for the first time ever.

We went straight to the throne room where we explained at vampire speed to the royal trio what had happened to Bella. All of the royal guard hissed and some snarled as we described what we had found. Bella was after all Aro's granddaughter and she was a respected member of the Volturi guard, she was their sister and comrade in arms.

And yet David Burl still remained untroubled. I was dying to rip him apart. My inner beast demanded death and torture for our mate; I promised him that when the time was right he would have his desire. A grim smile twisted my lips as I pushed my hair out of my face impatiently, Aro nodded to me and I bodily lifted the traitor and carried him towards my leader and father. Aro was filled with anger; I could feel the emotions saturating his core, although his face remained impassive as usual. David burl struggled for the first time as he was dragged towards the Volturi King.

I gave him no chance to escape my hold, although he wouldn't have gotten a foot before one of the forty vampires in the room caught him. All eyes were fixed on him. Jane's small pristine face showed hatred, she wished to see him burn and writhe in pain; her tiny body shook with her emotions her face almost expressionless. Charlotte stood stiffly, unmoving, her eyes fixed on the far wall. Her hands were clasped before her demurely. Only I could feel the depth of her pain. She was in shock and struggling with the grief she felt for Bella's disappearance. Her loneliness ate at my cold heart and made me wince. It was that all consuming. Since they had met, Bella and Charlotte had been inseparable, spending every moment they could together. Their bond ran deep and they loved each other with a single-minded devotion that closely resembled a mating bond. I knew how much she missed my mate and I pitied her.

Upon reaching Aro I held David Burl while Aro casually reached out and placed a hand atop his head. The vampire knew nothing of Aro's gift, although I was sure Maria had a rudimentary knowledge of the Volturi arsenal.

Aro sighed in satisfaction as he began to receive the flow of thoughts and memories from David's mind.

After a few seconds Aro released him and looked at me with a smirk touching his thin lips a touch of kindness in his red eyes.

´She is still alive, although dismembered." He said.

I felt relief flood me at those words. I had almost feared that Maria had burnt her.

David Burl looked between us confused.

I grabbed his hair and pulled his face towards mine, an evil smirk on my lips. "He can read every thought you have ever had at a single touch. Your secrets are not your own anymore, dog." I snarled at him.

Aro interrupted me then; "Jasper, I would talk to you alone."

I nodded once and handed the vampire over to Peter, who left the room quickly his cargo in tow.

I turned to my Kings and waited as Aro uncharacteristically cleared his throat unnecessarily.

"Jasper, there are a few things I thought I should fill you in on in privacy. For one, the vampire David Burl is insane." I stared at him in shock.

"Is such a thing even possible with our unchanging bodies, Aro?" I asked perplexed.

"No, you mistake me my son." Aro said, stepping down to walk with me a little way across the throne room. "He was insane before his change, Jasper. Maria changed him deliberately knowing he was somewhat unstable, simply because he was said to possess a certain gift even as a human… he had an ability to coerce people to do his bidding – a type of hypnosis if you will. Maria was hoping that he would bring some of that ability into this life. But unfortunately her expectations were exceeded. David Burl is what we call a Nul. He for all intents and purposes nullifies other vampire's gifts. The only reason he didn't do that to me just now was that he was unaware of my gift, but I will not be able to read him again now that he knows what I am."

I stared at Aro in shock my brain doing all sorts of calculations. He had nullified Bella's powers…at least the mystery of how he had captured my very talented mate was now solved. I was shocked that this vampire had been insane before his change; I had always thought that vampire venom could heal and fix anything, never once thinking that because the mind is non physical that venom could not heal what was broken there. The physical body could be healed completely as long as the human's heart was beating to spread the noxious fluid through the veins, but the mind was not a tangible entity therefore it could not be healed.

I had never encountered an insane vampire before.

It was a first to be exact and I didn't like it.

"Who was he as a human?" I asked.

"He was a murderer awaiting death in the early nineteenth centaury. He was to be hanged for his crimes, but Maria released him and changed him."

I was curious.

"Whom did he kill?" I asked.

"His wife and children to name a few." Aro said stiffly. I knew he was thinking of Bella.

"They have Bella kept, headless, in Maria's constant presence, she wished for you to go to her with Peter and Charlotte." Aro continued

I shuddered at the thought of my mate headless. Her beautiful head detached from the slender alabaster column of her neck. The pain she was in was tremendous. I had suffered beheading several times and I didn't wish it on my mate."

"Leave at once, my son. Take all of the guard. Leave only Renata for our protection. They all wish to go and rescue their sister. Maria will not be able to stand against you, however David Burl needs to be encaserated before he realizes what our intensions are. I suggest a burning – immediately."

I nodded grimly.

It was time to get my mate back.

Charlotte and the rest of the guard looked pleased, now that they knew Bella was alive if not unharmed. I sensed an extreme happiness emanating from Charlotte.

"Lets go." I said.

We all left the throne room as one entity, our movements smooth and practiced. Our silent feet made no audible sound on the cold stone floors. Our black cloaks billowing out behind us as if a dark cloud.

Myself with Charlotte beside me, Felix and Demetri bringing up the rear and Jane and Alec at our center.

We found Peter holding David Burl in the dungeons, which were sound proof due to the royal trio not wanting the cries of the damned to disturb their lives above. I was glad that as usual Peter and I shared a like mind, because down here the vampire would not have heard my conversation with Aro.

As I rounded the corner the insane vampire began to laugh. I ignored him and nodded to Peter to bring him forward.

"You will not find her as easily as you might imagine, Major." He sneered through his laughter.

I continued to ignore him although the urge to take his head off was a burning desire in my gut. He really was insane, dangerously so.

Suddenly I felt as if I was in a closed, airtight room alone, all emotion was closed off to me. The hum of a thousand different emotional signatures disappeared in an instant and I stared at David Burl accusingly, although a smile touched my lips.

"Do you really think that taking my power away, even for a lifetime, would stop me killing you?" I sneered as I grabbed him by the throat, my hand vice like and unrelenting.

I crushed his stone throat until the sound of crumbling could be heard throughout the room.

He grinned at me like the lunatic he is as his neck gave way and detached from his body. It crumpled onto the floor and I nodded to Peter who quickly dismembered the offending vampire, we piled the limbs for burning, fast even for vampires. We all just wanted to be on our way to fetch our Bella.

I watched as Peter lit the pile of vampire parts and felt a deep sense of loss as I remembered Bella and her beautiful burning orange irises. I wanted my mate back.

As soon as David burl was on fire, my gift returned and I felt a deep relief, just as a human would after being submerged under water and then coming up for life giving air. The relief was acute.

We left as soon as there was only a pile of ash where the vampire had been. I sensed satisfaction from our whole group, strongest from Charlotte and Peter. They were glad David Burl was gone.

We traveled quickly, leaving the European continent and flying in the Volturi's private jet towards America.

Normally we would have swum, but it was simply a matter of choice to us, each was as easy as the other to us.

We traveled by foot to Mexico, which is where Aro told us Maria could be found. Through several small towns until we reached the desert. We then went slowly until we came to the base camp type establishment, which was Maria's stronghold.

We observed from the surrounding hills the usual training and fighting which goes with any large gathering of vampires. Maria was nowhere to be seen although I could sense her strongly.

We advanced slowly taking our time to examine each weak point and advantage we could gain. Soon, like ghosts, we slipped into the main building unnoticed and undisturbed.

Maria was sitting on a chair; which was a sad imitation of a throne, handmade and unpainted, it was pitiful. I walked boldly up to her chair and bowed mockingly a sneer fixed on my lips.

She was still beautiful, obviously, our kind being as unchanging as time its self. Her long dark hair had been cut off and replaced with a sleek ear length bob, asymmetrical, it was stark and suited her perfectly. Her heart shaped face was alabaster perfection, her cupids bow lips an invitation to all but me. I knew the poisonous and devious mind that lay behind the perfection. Her dark red eyes observed me without surprise. Not one flicker of her lashes betrayed her fear and yet she felt it keenly.

I rose from my mockery of a bow and stood before her, my stance full of authority, a far cry from the fearful boy I had used to be.

"You know why I am here, Maria and its not for a reunion. Where is my mate?" I said softly, my tone belying my rage.

"Well, if it isn't my lost troops!" She said ignoring my demand.

Charlotte and Peter ignored her completely staring at me alone, awaiting commands.

"Cut the fucking bullshit!" I snarled. "Where is Bella?"

Maria grinned at me, enjoying my anguish.

"Sorry, Jasper, you just missed her I'm afraid. She was burnt not an hour ago."

I felt rage and hurt explode in my chest and it threatened to pull me down under its suffocating, cloying blackness. Before it could reach me completely I reached out and grabbed the bitch before me, ready to end her.

A voice I trusted and longed for broke through the red haze before my eyes and I turned in shock to face the figure at the door. I saw then that her arrival was unexpected because all the vampires in the room froze simultaneously. Joy exploded in my still, dead heart and I smiled. Charlotte squealed and flung herself at the still vampire in the doorway.

"Don't kill her yet, Jasper. That is my job." Bella said softly.

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