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The happily ever after – Part two.

Jasper's P.O.V

Peter had not returned from Forks a day later and I began to worry. This was a first for me. I had never felt worry about anyone before besides Bella. But I realized that I had sent Peter into an area filled with the Quileute shape shifters who fucking ate vampires. I called Peter's cell phone once again and grimaced when I heard the engaged signal once again.

I glance upwards to where Bella was sitting with Charlotte on top of the roof of our rented house in Carbo, Mexico. After sending the guard home, to Volterra, I had figured Bella would need a little time to recuperate. It was remote here and undisturbed, we could act like ourselves easily. The bright sunlight sent a myriad of sparkles shimmering off of their skin and shining long, flowing hair as it fluttered in the sea breeze, I found myself thinking that I had never seen such a beautiful sight in my very long existence. Bella and Charlotte would have dazzled a mere mortal; their iridescent skin sparkling brilliantly, their brightly red eyes and sweetly curved lips sinfully desirable. Their heads were bent towards each other, one golden and one bright mahogany, taking and giving comfort to each other. Their lips moved faster than it was possible for humans, their voices a hum as they talked at vampire speed, sharing confidences and comfort. Their hands were clasped tightly, fingers tightly intertwined – they sat beside each other barely an inch between them. No jealousy touched me at the obvious closeness between my women, I only wished I was between them and not looking for my second.

Even though as Vampire's we were for the most part unchanging, there were some thing's that could alter us completely. One being finding our soul mate, our true mate and the second being frightened and tortured at the hands of mad vampires. I could tell Bella was still reeling from David Burl's torture of her, her emotions veered wildly between a simmering anger and murderous rage frequently. The calm, loving emotions that used to emanate from my mate had all but disappeared. She was different now, dangerous even and I respected that and was strangely proud of her survival skills. It was not easy to put yourself back together. Her scars were thick and very obvious now, although I could fix that, I didn't think she was ready for what I must do to achieve it – yet. I found the scars strangely comforting; she matched me now, being as scarred as I was. A small smile touched my lips as I saw Bella look in my direction; she smiled back, a wide happy smile that didn't quite reach her lovely ruby eyes.

I turned my attention back to the useless cell phone in my hand. I dialed again only to get the out of range signal, why wasn't Peter answering his phone?

I crushed the useless fucking cell phone in my hand with satisfaction, a small pile of powder being all that remained when I opened my fingers a moment later.

I then jumped up and landed on the roof besides the two women.

"I can't get hold of him." I stated unnecessarily, for they would have heard my futile attempts to contact Peter, for themselves.

Charlotte turned worried eyes onto me and jumped up nimbly to balance on the edge of the roof, which was the top of our two-story condo; she stared out to sea wistfully and then smiled at me. "I will go and get him, Jasper." She said at last.

I knew she was capable but I shook my head. "No, Emmett and I will go as soon as they arrive from Italy; which should be in approximately an hour." I sat down next to Bella and wrapped my arm around her slender shoulders casually.

Charlotte nodded and sat down beside me, fulfilling my earlier wish to be between the two women. I kissed Bella's beautifully curved lips gently and then her forehead, pulling her against me eagerly. As always her scent enslaved me and calmed the beast within me. Her slender arms wrapped around my waist.

Charlotte slid her small hand onto my thigh and leaned into me from the other side, pressing a kiss to my mouth before cuddling into my side. She was a very loving creature when she wasn't riled. I realized I was very fond of Charlotte. I was content at that moment, besides the nagging thought in the back of my mind that Peter might have come to some nasty end. Although the other half of me knew that he was more than capable of looking after himself.

He was fucking deadly, second only to me.

I sighed with contentment as I scanned the horizon, my women pressed to each of my sides.

Exactly an hour later a heard their approach, on foot. And a second later Emmett and Rosalie burst into our midst. Another vampire followed slightly behind them.

I stiffened as her caramel hair and annoyingly innocent dimples came into view.


"What is she doing here?" Bella asked with not so much as a hello as she glared at her former mother figure.

Rosalie came forward first, embracing Bella tightly before turning to Esme.

"Give her a chance, please Bella. She has made mistakes, but she wants to right the wrongs - she wanted to come with to see if you were ok." The beautiful blond said softly staring meaningfully into Bella's now angry eyes.

Esme took a hesitant step towards Bella only to freeze again at her next words.

"A second chance?" Bella scoffed. "Didn't you know? We are Volturi, we don't give second chances." And with those words Bella fled, appearing a moment later in the beach below, her feet buried in the golden sand the waves crashing around her ankles.

"Give her time. She has been through a lot." Rose was telling Esme.

I snorted and quirked an eyebrow at my sister. "If you believe that Rose, I don't think you know Bella."

Charlotte embraced Rosalie and then Emmett, completely ignoring Esme; she then jumped off the roof gracefully and ran to Bella's side.

I too ignored Esme. But as I started to walk past her she reached out and laid a small hand on my arm. "Jasper, son…" She began pleadingly.

I glanced down scathingly at her hand on my sleeve and raised my eyes to hers. A humorless smirk twisted my lips as I none too gently lifted her hand off of me. "That was your first mistake, Esme – I never was your son."

I turned my back on the sorrowful vampire looked at Emmett; "We have to go and find Peter."

I gave him a short run down of what had happened. He nodded his head and kissed Rose swiftly before turning for me, eagerness coming off of him in huge waves, a grin splitting his face.

"Let's go brother!" He boomed.

I grinned at him; Emmett's enthusiasm was infectious. With a nod to Rosalie I turned to leave. I stepped off the edge of the roof and dropped onto the hot sand.

I then ran at vampire speed towards Bella and pulled her into a fierce hug, I pressed her entire body close to mine. A small sigh escaped her lips, contentment emanating from her as well as love. I lifted her sweet face up to mine as I gazed into the endless depths of her red eyes.

"See you soon, my love." I whispered, for the first time using an endearment that I had never been comfortable with until now.

Because it was true now, Bella was my everything, my reason for being.

A soft smile lifted Bella's delectable mouth and I felt her happiness at the words I had said. It made my own heart squeeze tight at the emotions rushing through her.

Her small hands slid across my cheeks and up into my hair, framing my face before she kissed me with a sweetness that had never existed between us until now, the passion was still there but it was now surrounded with a deep abiding love. It filled me with a deep-seated happiness and a determination to make our forever as perfect as I could for her.

I hugged and kissed Charlotte swiftly and left with Emmett. Not looking back. I knew she was safe with Rose and Charlotte. Besides the fact that with her powers back, Bella was a deadly adversary.

Bella's P.O.V

I watched as Jasper left with Emmett, a supernatural blur as they disappeared around the curved golden beach. For once I felt no desire to go with my mate, I was content to wait here and just be with my sister and Charlotte. I couldn't exactly classify her as a friend – she was more like a part of myself just as Jasper was. In fact she was second only to him.

I reached blindly for her as a deep sigh left my lungs, a deep sense of relief flooded me as her small fingers intertwined with mine.

"Are you okay, Bella?" Char asked as she pulled me around to face her fully.

I nodded and gestured towards the condo. "I just don't feel like seeing her."

Char nodded in agreement as she pulled me further down the beach as human speed.

"I know." She said softly, "But maybe she does really want to make amends. Could you forgive her?"

I shook my head immediately. "No." I said firmly. "She must have known what Alice and Edward were doing to me and what Carlisle had planned with Edward and yet she stood by and did nothing."

"Maybe she didn't know." Charlotte replied.

I shook my head in denial. "Impossible." I scoffed.

"Or maybe she is just that naive." Charlotte snickered. "She doesn't strike me as the bold type."

I had to giggle then at the disgusted tone in Char's voice. Feminine helplessness was one of her pet hates.

The wind picked up and tossed out long hair all around our heads wildly, Char shrieked playfully and pulled me into a run at vampire speed. Our fingers still joined as we ran laughing into a hidden cove that was half filled with crystal clear seawater as the tide rose.

I pulled her into a hug suddenly, needing love and closeness from her. My heart squeezed tightly as my body missed Jasper and Peter. "I miss them." I said against her face, my nose skimming her cheek.

Charlotte released my hand and traced a pathway along my face until her hand reached my lips. She lifted my chin upwards so that she could see my eyes. "I miss them too, I miss my mate, my Peter. But I know he is okay. I would know if he had come to trouble." She pressed a soft kiss onto my mouth and then whispered against my skin; "You are one of my mates too, Bella."

I looked at her in shock but the words resonated deep in my soul and I knew them to be true. Charlotte was one of my mates. How had I not noticed the ach her absence brought to me?

I felt as if I was betraying Jasper.

Charlotte accurately read my expression, as usual she knew me so well. "Its not a betrayal, Bella. What you have with Jasper is a bond that runs deep; he is your true mate. Just as Peter is mine. But within a coven there can be other relationships based on love. And I love you – I have since I met you."

I nodded slowly as the truth of her words took hold. I clutched her beautiful face between my hands then and kissed her deeply, letting all the love I felt for her swamp me, our tongues softly tasting and exploring passionately. A soft whimpering moan escaped her mouth as my lips left hers to trail a path of fire down her satin smooth neck.

We held onto each other, bodies pressed closely together. Her sweetly curved lips kissed down the side of my neck and over the most prominent of my scars; which wound its way around my neck. I cringed slightly, knowing how ugly it must be. I had loved the fact that as a vampire I was finally perfect, no longer an imperfect human. Now I was permanently scarred.

"Bella." Char whispered, forcing me to look at her.

Our eyes locked and I saw a smile in her ruby depths. "You are so beautiful and the scars only make you more so. They show you survived. Your are brave and beautiful and god help me if that doesn't just make me want you more."

I grinned back at her and kissed her again roughly holding her head still with both my hands thrust into the tumbled mass of shimmering golden waves that spilled over her shoulders and to her buttocks,

"Thank you Char." I said as I pressed one last kiss onto her sexy mouth.

"Oh, its my pleasure sweetheart." She joked.

A sound alerted me to another presence. And I turned slowly and languidly towards the intruder. Rosalie leant against the wall near us examining her perfect fingernails, her expression playful.

"My, my – does Jasper know how much fun you are having while he is gone, Bella?" Rosalie smirked as she entered our little cave, her stunning face completely at ease.

I giggle burst out of me and then Charlotte and I were laughing loudly.

"Rose, we have just as much fun when he is around. I promise we will make it up to him when he gets back." Charlotte teased as she pulled me out of our small hiding place. The three of us fell into step with each other easily. Rose wound an arm around my shoulder and she laughed with us.

"How's Lana?" I asked.

Rosalie's eyes softened noticeably at the mention of her human daughter.

"Wonderful." She said. "Its difficult keeping her out of the way, she is so full of life. But I will do what I have to until she is grown enough to be one of us."

I couldn't help asking; "Who has her now?"

Rose laughed, "You wont believe who the child has made a friend and protector our of –"

Char and I both shook our heads.

"Jane." Rosalie answered and we both looked stunned.

"Jane?" We coursed in shock.

"Yes. The little witch has grown really attached to Lana and they are inseparable. Trust me no one would cross Jane to get to the child." Rose said confidently.

We laughed at the mental picture of the serious Jane babysitting the human child.

"Well as you say she will be completely safe with Jane." I said shivering slightly at the thought of what Jane was capable of.

"Are you happy, Rose?" I asked, although the answer was plain to see.

"Yes, Bella! I am! And it's all thanks to you, my sister." Rose said as she grabbed me in a bear hug that rivaled Emmett's. I used my newborn strength to squeeze her back causing her to wheeze slightly.

"Geez Bella!" She complained. "You have messed my hair up."

I laughed and put an arm around each of my companions as we made our way back up to the condo.

I was beginning top feel as though I might actually be able to put the horror of David Burl behind me – with the help of my mates and my family. The knowledge gave me a freedom and that filled me with happiness.

Jasper's P.O.V

We arrived in Forks and made our way towards the Swan's residence cautiously. Unaware of what we would find.

Peter's scent was strong; he had been here moments before. The knowledge gave me hope. Bella's old home looked neglected, the scents of the human's that had lived here previously had long since faded. Bella's scent could still be picked up, but very faint.

Emmett glanced at me in confusion, where was Charlie?

I shrugged as we ghosted through the dense forest towards Forks again. We followed the Peter's scent closely and I hesitated only for a moment as Peter's scent disappeared onto the Quileute reservation, before I plunged onto their land fearlessly. I would find my coven mate, shape shifters be damned.

"Game on, brother." Emmett chuckled as we ran through the huge and ancient trees covered with moss and endless green.

I heard them before I smelt them. Woodsy and richly repellant their scent overwhelmed me and I hissed in disgust. Their giant hearts could be heard as they surrounded us. Emmett and I came to a sudden and abrupt halt. The early evening mist swirled around us seemingly filled with native magic. It swirled harmlessly around our cloaked figures, clinging to our black cloaks and boots. Emmett and I stood back to back as the shape shifters appeared, teeth bared, small snarls escaping their huge gaping mouths.

"We need your help, Jacob." I said boldly, staring at the huge russet wolf that was at the center of the pack.

There was a shimmering and the very air seemed to dissipate around his wolf form before a man emerged, naked and impressively built, it was Jacob.

"Hey bloodsucker." Jacob said the usual snarky grin stretching his face. "What the fuck are you doing on our land?"

"We need your help, for Bella." I said stepping forward easily.

"Bella?" the chief asked a tender note entering his voice without him realizing it, I was sure. The slight light grey wolf besides him snapped at him and he looked shamefaced.

"She is fine." I said answering the unspoken question. "But she wants to see her father one last time before we go back to Volterra. This may be her last chance. But we cannot find Chief Swan, where is he?" I asked.

Jacob snorted, "If Bella was so concerned about her father, she shouldn't have run off with not even a note."

I cocked a brow at him and waited.

"He is in the hospital, Leech. He had a heart attack the day he found Bella missing. He went into a coma and hasn't woken since." Jacob continued, sadness lacing his words.

I realized that Bella was going to take this news very badly. But I nodded and continued; "I also seem to be missing my second in command, I sent him on a reconnaissance mission on Bella's behalf and he simply vanished."

Jacob smirked. "Maybe I can help you with that."

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