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The happily ever after – Part Three.

Jasper's P.O.V Continued…

I stared at Jacob tasting his emotions for deceit, he was giving off a strong sense of sadness, probably concerning Charlie's condition, but his emotions were otherwise pure.

"Where is he, dog?" I asked, my voice slightly harsher than necessary due to the fact that I was getting slightly impatient.

A smirk twisted his lips as he watched me. "Bloodsucker your second is here, but unlike the assumption you have obviously made – I haven't harmed him at all. Peter is at the reservation talking to the elders. Trying to gain permission to remove Charlie Swan from Forks, he knows that Bella's Dad is on excellent terms with my Dad and with most of the reservation, so he believed it was best to ask first and not cause unnecessary problems between us."

I nodded in understanding, so Peter was trying to remove Charlie Swan, I felt a glowing sense of gratitude towards my second. He was trying to please Bella and that pleased me no end. I also felt keen relief that he was indeed okay. I guessed that Peter was thinking of changing Charlie for Bella. I agreed with his idea, although I believed that it should be up to Bella and no one else.

"Take us to him." I said in a commanding tone.

Jacob laughed out loud at my tone and shifted before our eyes into the massive brown wolf. He raised his head once and howled skyward, obviously alerting the rest of the pack that he was bringing more vampires onto the reservation.

Emmett was strangely uncomfortable around the wolves; I glanced at him and found his normally smiling face for once somber, his eyes wary. "Come brother," I said. "Lets us go and get Peter."

Emmett nodded once and followed quickly as we ran through the dense forest towards the reservation its self. The wolves kept pace with us easily even though we were running almost at full speed. It was uncanny to watch. I guessed that the reason for Emmett's wariness was the fact that these magical shapeshifters could undoubtedly kill us with little trouble – if we gave them a chance. Facing your own possible death when you were immortal could be a nasty wake up call, I knew. Although I actually liked the Quileute's and found I didn't bear them any ill will, maybe my mate's feelings were coloring my own, I thought with a smirk. For her feeling for the shapeshifters were still strong.

We entered the Tribal meeting room silently, the shifters phasing seamlessly and leading us inside the long wooden building with no noise to signal our arrival. There stood Peter, tall, golden and lithe, proudly facing off against the angry members of the Tribes elders.

Silence hit them as soon as they caught sight of us. Peter smiled and then saluted me with a mocking edge he had always affected. It was nonchalant and unconcerned, designed to show me that although he respected my leadership, he was a smug bastard undeterred by my so-called greatness. I grinned as I nodded my head in acknowledgement.

"Major." Peter said without permeable. "We seem to be having a disagreement about whether or not we have the right to remove the Chief Swan from Forks and into his daughters care."

"I see." I relied solemnly, pretending to consider their 'claim'. Although I already knew that with or without their permission, Charlie would be leaving with us. Emmett remained silent also, standing beside me like a great hulking bodyguard.

Billy Black glared at his son, "Why did you bring more demons onto our land, Jacob?"

Jacob growled the sound deep and menacing. "Dad with all due respect, I am the Alpha and I will do as I please. This 'demon' granted me pardon once and I owed him. He is Bella's mate and therefore family to me, so, like it or not Jasper is here to discuss Charlie Swan."

"Family?" Leah scoffed, angrily facing her mate. " You still consider Bella family after she has been turned into a rock?"

"Shut it Leah." Jacob ordered, silencing her with one glance.

"So who would speak now?" old Quil asked, clearing his throat dramatically to gain the attention of the room.

"I would." I replied, striding into the center of the room, all eyes following my approach with wildly mixed emotions. They veered between pride and fear.

"I say Bella has the right to remove her father from Forks, we will care for him and heal him." I sated firmly.

"Heal him?" Leah sneered, her angry dark brown eyes perversely reminding me of Bella's human eyes. "You mean you want to change him into another blood sucking monster like his daughter? Leave him alone to die naturally and in peace! You have done enough leech!" She spat, her voice shaking with her emotions.

I grinned at her and felt a small surge of attraction mixed with my admiration for this dusky beauty. She was so full of fire and so vehement in her beliefs I found I could only respect her passion. She bore a startling resemblance to my Bella, and that endeared her to me.

I felt her astonishment as she gazed at my absurd reaction to her anger. She had clearly expected wrath, instead she got a smile full of condescending humor. A small growl escaped her lips and my smile widened still further. I tested her emotions and found a small dose of answering attraction and a lot of confusion.

"Shut up Leah!" Jacob ordered again, as he reached out to grab her arm. She yanked her arm away and fled, phasing as soon as she turned. The sleek light grey wolf glanced back at me and growled, its ivory fangs bared, before it pushed its way through the small doorway and ran.

The wolf disappeared between the trees, running at lightning speed into the depths of the forest.

Jacob cursed beneath his breath and then ignored the fleeing girl, his confusion apparent.

"As the girl pointed out, " I continued as if nothing had happened. "We will have to change him if he is to survive. We will need your permission, if we want to keep our treaty intact." I looked at Jacob directly, placing the responsibility on his shoulders and ignoring the elders pointedly.

"I…" Jacob began before he was cut short by old Quil.

"Do you mean to bypass the tribal laws, vampire?" He demanded angrily, pointing at me with a long bony finger.

I scowled at the old man and said; "I have no use for tribal law, old man. The 'protectors' are due the respect they deserve and as your champions they should be leading the tribe, not you."

I felt the old man seethe with rage at my words. He began to say something more but Jacob raised his hand in a gesture that demanded immediate silence.

Jacob turned to his father who had remained silent during the discussion. "I will make this decision." He said, brooking no refusal. Billy nodded sagely, his arms folded across his chest.

"Do as you see fit, son." He said, while old Quil spluttered and the others looked on with apparent disgust.

"I agree with your plan, Jasper. You can take Charlie to Bella. Its what she would want."

I nodded my thanks before turning to Peter, "Captain, fetch Charlie and meet me here." He didn't answer; he simply vanished before our eyes.

"Bloodsucker – tell Bella – tell her that I send my love." Jacob said as I turned to leave. I stopped for a second and met his eyes evenly.

"I will pass on the message, dog." I replied with a smirk before running from the room with Emmett at my heels. We stopped only once we were in the same clearing where we had met the wolves.

"Thank god that's over." Emmett said as soon as we stopped. "Let's get back to the ladies, man." He said clapping me on the back heavily.

Peter appeared moments later, carrying the limp form of Charlie Swan draped across his arms. His heartbeat was weak, I could hear each one and I knew that he wouldn't last long off the machines that had kept him stable for months.

"Let's go." I said at once.

We ran as fast as we could towards Mexico, a sense of urgency pushing us faster than ever. The land blurred past us, becoming undistinguished, featureless land. I found time almost stood still as I measured each footfall against the heartbeats in Charlie's chest. I didn't wish to present my mate with the dead body of her beloved father. That was a pain I had no wish to inflict on her.

We arrived within the hour, but Charlie's heartbeats were fainter than before and I knew the end was very near.

Bella and Charlotte appeared suddenly at our side and I heard the gasp that left Bella's mouth at the sight of her human father. Her small hand clutched at me and I felt her pain as though it were my own.

"Bella…" I began. "He needs help – now. We can't wait; we need your decision right now. Can I change him?" I asked gazing into her ruby does eye which were filled with pain.

Her emotions were uncertain. "Would he want this, Jasper?" she asked.

"I don't know him like you do, Bella. Would he prefer death to an eternity with you?" She shook her head as if to clear it.

"I don't know, Jasper. But I don't want to lose him again." and then a great determination filled her.

"Yes, Jasper. Save him." She said firmly as she reached upwards to clutch her throat in obvious pain. The scent of pure human blood was very tempting and she was still a newborn.

"Is this my fault?" She asked after a second. "Did I do this to him? Jasper, tell me."

"He had a heart attack, Bella." I hesitated. "After you left with me."

She nodded and turned away as I took her fathers body into my arms. I took him to our bedroom and placed him on the bed, working swiftly, I bit into his frail skin several times – over his pulse point in his neck and again on each wrist. His body bent upwards at an unnatural angle almost at once and I knew the change had begun. His racing heart gave testament to that. No sound escaped his mouth and I presumed he had been struck mute due to his heart failure.

I wiped my mouth on the back of my hand, the taste of his blood still strong in my mouth as I rose up and left the room.

Bella was waiting outside.

"It is done, Bella my love." I said as I pulled her frozen form into my arms lovingly and with a great deal of relief. Her absence always made me uncomfortable, as though I were missing a part of myself. Her arms wrapped around my waist and I growled in response to the lust flooding my body as her simple touch. It was too long since I had been with my mate.

"I only hope he doesn't hate me, Jasper." She said, her words muffled against my chest. "I hope he doesn't hate us for giving him a life so different to his last one."

"He was a law man so I don't doubt he will find his place among us, for we are after all the law in our world." I said.

A barely discernable sound reached our ears; the sound of thrashing and a garbled moan. Bella flinched and I tugged her away, not willing for her to suffer along with her father. "Come let us go and have a reunion with our coven." I said. "It will provide a distraction."

Bella nodded and allowed me to pull her along with me towards the room that Charlotte and Peter had claimed for themselves upon our arrival. I slung my arm around her slim waist and kissed her temple as we walked, the sweet scent that filled her hair made me want her more than ever.

As soon as we entered the room I saw Peter's impish expression and almost groaned out loud. I knew him so well I didn't have to ask what was on his mind.

He stalked towards me and after kissing Bella passionately on the lips he pulled me towards him and proceeded to piss me just as passionately. I sensed Bella's curiosity and lust strongly.

It was as good a way as any I decided, to distract Bella, if only for a few hours. I kept hold of Bella's waist but grabbed the back of Peter's head at the same time, thrusting my tongue deeply into his eager mouth. His taste was so different to Bella's and yet just as delicious in its own way. I growled as we separated, biting his lower lip hard as I stepped backwards.

Bella gazed up at me with untold longing. Her hands slid into my hair on either side of my face as she reached up to kiss me too. Peter stroked her hair back from her face as he watched my mate lick my lips before sliding her small tongue into my mouth. Peter then began kissing Bella's neck while sliding her short, chic jacket off her shoulders. Her top was spaghetti strapped and silky, its diaphanous material concealing none of her small pert breast, which were braless. I watched as Peter's large hands cupped Bella's breasts, pinching the nipples sensuously. Bella gasped and then moaned into my mouth as he eyes opened too, to fixate on mine.

"Do you want to do this now, Bella?" I asked her as soon as she released my mouth.

I saw her look for Charlotte, whom was sitting casually on the windowsill, her face just as mischievous as her mates. Her hair a wild golden tangle around her angelic face. Her plump pink lips parted in a smile of pure wantonness.

"Charlie?" Bella muttered worriedly as Peter continued to play with her breasts. Her voice was almost slurred with lust, her beautiful red eyes filled with desire.

"He will be ok, my love." I said. I looked over at Charlotte and asked; "Please go and ask Rose if she will watch him."

Charlotte was gone in a flash and back a moment later, still grinning. She grabbed Bella's hand and pulled her away from us playfulness written all over her face.

"Come on and give us a show, boys." She purred, wrapping an arm around my mate's waist and resting her chin on Bella's shoulder, while her fingers reached upwards to roll a single silk encased nipple between those talented fingers. Bella moaned and threw her head backwards to rest on Char's shoulder as she slid her hands into Charlottes golden blond hair. They were so beautiful together, my cock hardened still further, threatening to burst out of my jeans.

Peter turned to me and untied my cloak, which then slithered to the floor with a sigh. His nimble fingers then undid each button on my long sleeved black shirt, one by one, taking his time. Smug bastard.

Finally his hands slid onto my chest, stroking my skin firmly, down my stomach until he reached denim. With a wicked grin at our women, he dropped to his knees and undid my jeans. My cock sprung free and I watched in fascination as Peter leaned forward and licked the tip. I groaned and looked up to catch my women watching us with rapt attention. I shrugged out of my shirt and placed a hand on Peter's head, guiding his mouth onto my cock eagerly. It had been too fucking long since we had been together like this and I intended to maximize on the experience to the fullest. The lust swirling around the room threatened to choke me as I happily allowed it to pull me under. It was all consuming.

I thrust my hips slightly, fucking Peter's mouth. It felt fucking amazing as well as watching the glazed over, lustful expression that was pasted on both the women's faces. Charlotte looked at me and said, huskily; "Shall we move this to the bed, gentlemen?" And we did.

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