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Twenty-one years in the future…

Jasper's P.O.V.

The happily ever after – finale.

I waited for my mate with some trepidation; she was late, which was so unlike Bella. I pulled the cowl of my cloak up and over my head, adjusting the clasp and then surveyed my reflection in the aged and heavily ornate mirror before me.

A slow smile of pure satisfaction spread across my face as I saw the object of my desire.

She was so lovely so made me swallow a lump in my throat which, I put down to hunger, rather than the emotion I knew had caused it. She was dressed simply in a long black slip dress, the low neckline revealing a huge amount of her wonderfully curvy figure. Tall black stilettos graced her feet, her uncoordinated human years way behind her. Long vibrant mahogany hair waved and curled around her body in sensual tangles that made my cock stir. She was just so fucking lovely to look at.

She ghosted up to me and placed her angelic face on my shoulder as she grinned at me in the mirror, slender arms wrapping themselves around my waist. Although her newborn strength was long gone, she was still one of strongest immortals I knew with the exception of Emmett…and maybe my father in law. The power of her deceptively small hands pleased me as they traced my stomach and the heavily belt buckle I wore teasingly.

"Are you ready, my love?" she asked, her voice sounding like an angel purring.

I nodded, meeting her ruby eyes in the looking glass evenly. "Yes. Shall we go? Before Rose tears off my head for being late."

A giggle escaped my mates perfectly pouted lips at the apt description of Rosalie's reaction should be late to her daughter's coming of age ceremony.

Lana was finally becoming immortal. Aro had fallen under her spell as she had grown older and granted her no limit on her human life, provided that she become immortal at some point, before losing her beauty. She was now twenty-five years old and eager to take her place as a Volturi guard member. She had proven to be a strange human, lovely to look at and bloodthirsty. Although growing up surrounded by vampires might have had something to do with that. Also having Emmett as a father figure had proven to be a bonus; Lana had a great sense of humor and wonderful fighting skills to take with her into her immortal existence,

She loved her mother dearly, giving Rosalie many years of joy as her mother and friend. Lana was also fiercely loyal to the Volturi, as she considered herself a true member of the family. Aro reinforced this calling her his human daughter.

Bella, Charlotte and Jane had taken her under their wings, so that she never lacked for companionship. Bella had battled the most in the beginning to control her blood lust while around the human girl, but after a bit of practice it had become easier.

I took my mates hand and we walked at vampire pace towards the ballroom, which would be used for the occasion.

Never before had anyone survived within the Volturi stronghold for twenty –one years without being eaten, so for outsiders the turning of a human 'pet' was a ceremony not to miss. The castle was flooded with strange vampires as well as old friends. A sense of excitement permeated the air as we reached the massive doors, which opened magically at our approach.

Bella was grasped in a bone-crunching hug at once by our coven mate, the irrepressible Charlotte. They kissed before Charlotte grabbed me in an embrace, pressing a small kiss onto my mouth too. I returned the embrace and took her hand when she offered it, continuing into the ballroom flanked on either side by beauty.

Peter smirked at me as we appeared into the center of the circle in which he stood. He saluted me somewhat mockingly, as usual making a game out of his flagrant lack of respect for my lofty title. I returned the smile and nodded at him as I stood with both my women molded to each of my sides.

"Ah, my beloved granddaughter! You decided to grace us with your presence!" Aro beamed, the sarcasm in his voice plain as he kissed both of Bella's cheeks nonetheless lovingly.

She returned the embrace and grinned at me over her shoulder. "It was my fault grandfather, Jasper was in danger of disciplining me for my tardiness." A small wink at me had me grinning widely; she was just so amazingly wonderful. My Isabella.

"Mmmm, and we all know where that discipline would have led. I am only thankful that the Major restrained himself!" Aro joked as he walked away, his eyes filled with mirth, hands clasped before him in glee as he spotted another favorite arriving. His comment brought many smirks and giggles from all around, good-natured fun at our expense. Bella rolled her eyes and laughed, the sound like tinkering angels bells.

She leaned in and pressed a slow kiss onto my mouth her eyes wide open and staring into mine mischief making their dark red depth gisten.

"Later." She promised, flicking her tongue against my lower lip provocatively.

"Can I come?" Charlotte joked, gazing at us lovingly.

Bella pulled away and whisper; "Maybe." As she went to greet her father and his mate who were talking to Aro.

Aro's milky red eyes gleamed with suppressed lust as he surveyed the lovely vampiress attached to Charlie swan's arm.

"Dad." Bella said as she hugged her father and then his mate. "Esme."

Charlie hugged her fiercely, "Hey Bells."

"Hi Bella dear." Esme said sweetly as she stroked Bella's hair with motherly love. I saw as well as felt Bella's disgust, although she hid it well.

Aro eyed them fondly, before his covetous eyes rested on Esme once again.

"So, how are you managing with Felix, Demetri and Renata?" He asked of Charlie.

"Fine, Aro, we had a few disagreements once I took over the leadership of the Volturi guards, but now I think they have come around to my way of thinking." Charlie chuckled at a memory and shook his head. "Jane helps me, she is such a dear."

Aro looked bemused, the same way he always looked when someone referred to Jane as anything other than deadly.

After it had become apparent that Charlie was a gifted immortal, gifted with the same gifts as his daughter, no less, Aro had offered him the placement of leading the Volturi guard, knowing of his law enforcing background, he had thought it would be prudent and very advantageous to the Volturi as a whole.

I had trained him myself, settling the long-standing dislike between us after a particularly long and viscous battle which ended with me on fire and Charlie pinned to the wall, headless. Needless to say we came to a proper truce after that, for Bella's sake more than our own.

But I had come to respect my father in law. He was a good man and a just one. Besides the fact that he loved my mate truly, she was his main concern, always. I couldn't begrudge him when he cared so deeply for the one person I couldn't exist without.

Aro had been right and he had been wrong. Charlie leading the guard had been advantageous to the defense of the city as well as completely disruptive within our walls. The opposition to the smooth take over had been Felix, Demetri and Renata, none of whom liked the idea of change, let alone Bella's father leading them. It had been a rocky few decades, but Charlie had seen the aggression as a challenge not a set back, meaning that his talent for fire starting had been put to the test as he tried to control the urge to set them all alight.

Jane had come to his aid, surprisingly, simply because she liked him. Her friendship with his daughter may or may not have had anything to do with it. Charlie had been glad of the help. The small blond girl was as deadly as she was sweet to him.

Renata had been the hardest to break, she kept on trying to influence certain ties between Aro, Caius and Marcus and Charlie, in the hopes of getting rid of the interloper. It didn't work, simply because Bella shielded her father almost constantly due to her mistrust of the guard's elite. Charlie's shield worked differently to his daughters, only being able to shield those other than himself, leaving himself open to attack. Bella had been working on it with Charlie, hoping to expand his shield until he could shield himself. It hadn't worked so far, so Bella continued to shield him, refusing to stop.

Renata didn't like Bella, to put it mildly. She detested the close bond between Aro and Bella, when before the Swan's had invaded the city she had been favorite. Now, not so much.

A sudden hush fell over the assembled vampires as the royal trio ascended the dais along with Rosalie, Emmett and Lana.

Lana threw a playful smirk at them as she passed, dressed in ceremonial white from head to toe. Her long black hair, which fell to her knees, framed her lovely heart shaped face to perfection.

Her dark blue eyes sparkling with good humor and nerves.

I sent her a wave of calm as she stepped onto the dais its self, she swung around and sent me gratitude, a soft smile on her lips.

Bella came back to my side and rested her face against my chest as she once again slung her arms around my waist. I felt content when she was close. Our bond was such that we were both restless as soon as we were apart. It was almost physically painful.

My Bella was my reason for being and I was happy with that.

"We are gathered here today to welcome dear Lana into our midst, properly and truly as a member of our guard." Aro intoned suddenly breaking the silence as he gestured to the demure girl on his right.

He surveyed the trio before him before grinning at his brother's, they bother appeared perennially bored, as usual, a broad contrast to his childlike delight in any drama whatsoever.

He ignored them and gestured for Rosalie to come forward. "As you promised, you will be the one to change her, your daughter, Are you ready dear one?"

Rosalie nodded and solemnly went to Lana's side, where she was now stretched out on a narrow bed covered in black sheets.

"Are you ready, sweetheart?" Rose asked softly.

Lana grinned and swallowed the lump of nerves in her throat. "I'm ready Mom. Do it."

Rosalie bent over her daughter and bit into the side of her slender white neck, the scent of pure human blood could be smelt by us all. All eyes turned dark as onyx, mine included as hunger threatened to overcome us.

Rosalie didn't hesitate as she pushed venom into the now writhing body beneath her.

Finished, she sealed the single bite mark and pulled back, concern darkening her eyes to pitch. Lana didn't cry out but we could all hear her pounding heart as well as her wildly veering pulses.

I sensed her anguish and pain, strongly tinged with happiness and eagerness.

Aro tilted his head sideways as a soft genuine smile touched his white lips. "It is done, the young one will be with us shortly. Let us dine – I am sure we are all famished."

He gestured for us all to follow him to the throne room with the conveniently sloped floor and drain hole. Dinner would be served forthwith. Helen appeared, her striking body sheathed in black vinyl and studs, her spectacular figure on full display.

She stopped to talk with Bella and Char, asking after Jane whom had been sent away on assignment. It was well known that Helen preferred only women, although Demetri had on several occasions told us that he had had her. I knew it to be a false story.

We all gathered together in the cavernous throne room, I could sense my mate's urgency as hunger enveloped her. I loved to watch her feed; it was a source of great enjoyment to me. She was lethal, beautiful and deadly and she was all mine.

She and Char often played with their food, which peter and I loved to watch, what could I say? I am a man as well as a vampire.

Helen was followed by the usual confused looking tourists, they were all curious as well as terrified to find themselves surrounded by pale faced strangers. Some strangely dressed in long black cloaks, as they drew closer still their eye widened in shock when confronted with numerous red eyes fixed on them with ravenous hunger.

I tasted their emotions and found it soothing; I enjoyed the hunt more than most immortals. Sensing their fear was a balm to my inner rage, which, Bella had quelled but not extinguished. I felt a smirk twist my lips as particularly beauteous youth stared at me with shock and more than a little interest.

It was time to dine.

Bella released my hands as she playfully grabbed Charlotte's hand; they glanced at each other with glee before sashaying towards another handsome boy who eyed them with longing.

Helen had caught a wonderfully diverse haul of humans today, one to satisfy every palate. There were approximately three hundred vampires' in the room and only about one hundred humans; Helen would have to hunt again.

I saw that Charlie and Esme had left the room, they both preferred to eat alone. I understood; the blood bath that was about to commence was not for everyone.

My coven and I enjoyed it however.

Once the screams began, it only took a few minutes for them all to cease, one by one, as all the humans were bled dry. Bella and Char shared their kill, not overly hungry due to having been hunting only the previous night. I savored my youth; each pull of hot, sweet blood down my throat was delicious and warming. My cold dead body almost felt alive. Peter watched me, his eyes filled with lust, he also got turned on watching the ones he loved feeding. Must be a family trait.

After we were done we dispersed, ready to convene once again once the change was complete within Lana's body. Helen was sent out many times before all appetites were sated.

I gazed at my Bella a feeling of joy deep within me as we joined hands once again and we smiled at each other simultaneously.

"Let us go and be alone." I said, she and I eyed the door before making a run for it and disappearing into the pre dawn light, laughing easily.

We walked along the upper story turrets, balancing on the narrow wall as easily as practiced ballet dancers.

My booted feet as graceful as Bella's stiletto shod ones. Our clothes were slightly the worse for wear, as they always were after a feed. A small drop of blood sat on her cheek and I reached out softly to take it on my fingertip. An amazed expression touched her face as she stared at me, "Do you realize, that we have everything we always wanted, Jasper." She said.

I knew my face was expressionless as I leaned down and placed a kiss upon her generous lips.

"No." I replied. "We have everything I never realized I wanted, until you."

A laugh fell from her lips as she encircled my neck with her slender arms, her wonderful unique Bella scent enveloping me.

"Mmmm, did I change your life, my darling Jasper?" She giggled.

I pretended to glare at her, my heart full of love and wonder. "You, darling Bella, changed ME forever." I kissed her again. " And yet I cannot find the energy to discipline you – right now. Maybe later." I smirked.

Bella smiled then, full of love and happiness, her bright white teeth glinting in the rising sun, her skin sparkling with a subtle luminescence. I thought then that I had never seen a more beautiful sight.

Exactly two days later we were all told that Lana had awoken, the change having left her happy and stunning to behold. We rushed to her side and grinned at the happy picture that she and her parents painted.

Rose was beaming with joy and Emmett looked shaken for the first time ever. He couldn't seem to grasp that they finally had all they had wanted; a daughter to share their lives with.

I watched as Bella hugged Rose and whispered to her; "Are you happy, Rose?"

She whispered back; "Thank you, Bella. You are my true sister. I couldn't have asked for a better one."

I felt Bella's satisfaction and felt well pleased myself too.

We left the room, giving them some privacy. We were joined by Peter and Charlotte almost immiadiately. We strode through the corridors together, silent until Bella asked; "So, what now?" I grinned as I squeezed her fingers lovingly.

"What ever you wish, Bella my sweet."

"How about we go back to America and do some ranching." Charlotte asked innocently.

Peter chuckled, "What would we be farming, Char?"

"Why, cows of course!" She laughed, while linking arms with Bella.

Bella snorted in disgust. "Cows?"

I raised my brows in surprise. "What would you rather do?"

She shrugged. "Keep the peace, catch some stragglers, maybe some vegetarians, travel the world with my favorite people? Maybe go to all the places I have longed to go. Brazil? Carnival anyone?" she giggled. Peter groaned and then laughed at her naughty expression.

"Just the usual huh?" he asked.

"Yes." I grinned. 'Just the usual."

"Lets go." Bella said tugging on our joined hands eagerly.

I followed her, just as I always would.

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