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Bella's P.O.V…A New Life Continued….Part two.

As Peter left the room with Charlotte in tow, I looked up at Jasper and saw his red eyes glow with happiness. I felt the nerves settle into the pit of my stomach. I swallowed and glanced at the huge bed with the black silk sheets and I felt a strange kind of desire, to once more lie with Jasper while still human and breakable. I wanted him to let go of his careful attitude and just be with me, in anyway he wanted to. Nothing held back. I knew that he normally held himself in check because he was scared of killing me. But somehow I knew he would never actually kill me.

I wanted his roughness today; I wanted him to be completely free and unfettered with me one last time, while it still mattered. It was almost as if I wanted his roughness now while he could still be rough with me.

"Jasper." I whispered, shyly. "Please can you do something for me, before you change me?"

Jasper looked at me cautiously, probably because he could read my chaotic emotions.

"What do you need, Bella?" he asked, his voice deeper than normal.

I felt myself blushing furiously; "I want you to fuck me and hold nothing back just once before you change me…" I asked, not quite meeting his burning red eyes.

I didn't need to be an empath to feel his surprise and indecision. "Bella…"Jasper began and I cut him off, knowing he was about to refuse my request.

"No, please don't refuse me. I need this. Please….please…Jasper, my love." I begged forcing myself to look into his eyes, pushing my shyness away.

"Why?" He asked me - suspicious.

"Because I want all that you are, while I am still human, I want to know you completely before I am no longer breakable, I want to have every experience before I am no longer human…I know you hold so much back every time we…are together…I want to know that you showed me all of you… please Jasper, my mate." I slid closer to him then and kissed his ice-cold lips, my warm ones molding to his, clinging.

I touched my tongue to his lower lip and I heard him groan as I traced his mouth with my tongue. I didn't care how irrational my request was – it was what I wanted. My hands traced the planes of his chiseled face and I slid them into his golden hair and pulled his face more fully to mine. He allowed me to. I felt his desire and indecision as if they were my own and I realized that he was sending his emotions to me, so I could know what he was feeling.

His tongue suddenly joined mine, our mouths crashed together and we kissed fiercely, hard and passionately. I felt my mouth bruise under the onslaught, I didn't care, the pain was manna to me.

Jaspers hands grabbed me and roughly squeezed my breasts, the peaks ached for his lips and I cried out in relief when his lips followed his hands. He ripped my sweater and shirt out of the way; they gave way like tissue paper. I felt a painful arousal burn through me at his roughness. He lifted me then and held me easily on one hand while his mouth and teeth grazed my nipples, I moaned again and clutched his head closer to me. I wanted more. More, just more.

He sucked on my nipple roughly, his sweet, cold tongue washing over my skin causing goose bumps where ever it touch me. His teeth grazed my flesh as gently as he could without breaking the skin. I threw my head back and called out his name loudly. Suddenly he put me down and turned me around so my back was facing him. I was topless only wearing my jeans.

I felt the barely leashed power that was Jasper behind me, His rock hard cock pressed against my ass. I was so turned on I was literally drenched and shaking with my need for him. I was still getting large doses of his emotions, his desire for me which was deep, all consuming, dark and dangerous. Jasper pushed me forwards suddenly until my hands touched the bed. I felt the denim rip as he tore my jeans off of me. Soon I was wearing only my tiny panties, my long hair draped over my shoulder. I looked at Jasper over my shoulder and the sight that greeted me sent my heart into palpitations.

He truly looked like the God Of War now; his hair a wild golden halo around his handsome face, his expression fierce and hungry. His eyes, oh god, his eyes were a blazing, glowing red. Terrifying and so delicious that I felt a trickle of my wetness run down my thigh. I knew Jasper could smell my arousal and the thought made me even more turned on. I felt his hand on the nape of my neck pushing my face into the silk sheets and then I felt his hardness invade my warm depths so deeply I screamed. The sensations were mind blowing and I didn't care who heard. He fucked me then so hard I felt as though he might tear me in half, but I knew he wouldn't. His hands gripped my hips and pulled me back against him repeatedly, faster and faster until I came violently, exploding around his hard flesh. I shuddered as I felt him come too. The feeling was truly indescribable.

I crawled up onto the bed then and felt Jasper follow me. Soon we were lying together, me panting against his hard, cold chest. I traced his muscles with my fingers, loving the feel of every bump and ridge, I let my fingers wander downward over his stomach, following the thin trail of golden hairs there. His muscles tightened reflexively at my touch and he whispered my name while he lifted my face for a deeply explorative kiss. Our tongues touched and tasted, slowly building again.

"I love you, Jasper." I said softly, wanting to say out loud what I felt in my heart for once.

I looked into his intense red eyes and saw a deep happiness there.

I didn't expect an answer.

I knew he would tell me he loved me when he was ready to, whenever that would be. I knew that his devotion and pride in me were great and it was more than enough for me that this amazing man was mine. In fact nothing else mattered. I didn't need the flowery words and long-winded speeches. I belonged to him and that was enough.

There was a knock on the door then and I saw Jasper frown, because he had told Peter not to let anyone disturb us.

"Major. I'm sorry for the disturbance but you have visitors and Aro had requested your presence in the throne room. We would not have disturbed you if it hadn't been of the utmost importance." Peter said through the door, sounding very apologetic.

Jasper was a blur of action immediately, getting dressed in a split second and kissing me the next.

"Bella, I will be back shortly and we will carry on where we left off…you mean everything to me, my mate." He said his voice deep, his eyes penetrating. I smiled at him and nodded.

"See you as soon as you are done, Jasper."

And with that he was gone, faster than my eyes could make out.

I sighed and fell back against the pillows, settling in to wait for my mate to return. I smiled to myself happily as I thought about the expression in Jasper's eyes. Indeed there was no need for him to put into word what was clearly written in his eyes. I was so happy I felt as though I could burst. I would soon be a vampire and I would be with Jasper forever.

Jasper's P.O.V.

I was angry. I had been so focused on changing Bella and simply in being with her, that this disturbance had caught me off guard, something I never was. I frowned as I walked towards the heavy door that led to the throne room. I wondered what could possibly be important enough to make Aro summon me at this important time.

As I pushed the door open the sight that greeted me made me smile a very unpleasant smile. I felt my blood lust rise in my chest until I literally saw red. I swept into the room, my long black cloak flowing around me. I felt great pleasure at the look of horror on their faces at the sight of me wearing the garb of a Volturi warrior.

They had dared to come here.

I felt the monster within me rise up and snarl as I faced the fools before me.

Aro came towards me quickly, sensing my anger, I'm sure.

"Jasper, the Cullens have come here today making grave claims against you. I thought it best to summon you, so you can answer the slander directly." Aro reached me and gripped my shoulders, gazing into my eyes. The message in his eyes was that he would stand with me against them.

I looked at Carlisle and Edward standing in front of me and felt hatred rise until it almost smothered me.

"What do you want?" I asked my voice far more controlled than I actually was. My voice was quiet and deadly. They feared me; I felt their fear and it pleased me. Edward was hiding something. I read his deceit easily. I couldn't find its cause though. I forgot his emotions when I heard his words.

"I have come for what belongs to me." Edward said bravely. Stupid fucking prick, I thought.

"And what would that be exactly?" I asked and I knew my eyes flashed dangerously because even Aro looked concerned.

"My Bella, my mate." Edward said, foolishly.

I growled then – the sound vibrating through the large room. "Bella is not your mate, Eddie. She is my true mate. There is nothing of yours here."

Carlisle stepped forward then and tried to intercede.

"Jasper, be reasonable. Edward was with Bella and they were happy until you came between them. Bella would not want to be separated from Edward. Stop messing with her emotions and let her come here and speak for herself." He took a step towards me and I snarled in warning.

"Don't come any closer to me, Carlisle. Bella is in full control of her own emotions and she has no wish to be with your son." I said from between my teeth.

"Jasper you are my son. How can you do this?" Carlisle said.

"I was never your son. I am Jasper Whitlock of the Volturi. And Bella is my mate. Interfere at your own risk." I said staring at him. I felt his sadness and I found I didn't care.

"Is that your last word on the matter?" he asked me.

I laughed out loud at that. "Yes - indeed it is." I said sarcastically.

"Aro, we wish to lay charges of kidnapping against Jasper and…" Edward didn't get any further because Aro held up his hand and grinned at them evilly.

"I think perhaps you are under a delusion, old friend. Jasper is my son and I will not entertain any such charges against him. I myself have seen the truth of his statement. Isabella is his mate, truly, in name and in fact. She allowed me to read her mind and I have seen the devotion she bares my son. She bears more than a little dislike towards your son." Aro said calmly, obviously enjoying the shock on their faces immensely.

"Do you mean to say, Bella allowed you to read her mind – how?" Edward asked perplexed.

Aro grinned again, "She obviously desperately wanted me to see that her loyalty lies with Jasper and she took my hand and then I saw it all… every word spoken, each touch exchanged…everything. It wasn't a conscious decision, merely a reflex. She will be very talented once she is turned."

"Jasper, you bastard, I want my mate back! You will not change her!" Edward yelled at me. I simply smiled at him calmly. I walked slowly towards the royal trio and once there I turned and stood with them. Marcus and Caius silent and bored as always.

"For the last time – Bella IS my mate and she WILL BE with me for all eternity. If you challenge that, you challenge me and mine. Are you ready for that little boy?" I asked raising my eyebrows at Edward tauntingly. I felt a smugness about him and I wondered at its cause. I walked forward then and slowly circled them, my hands clasped behind my back.

I continued; "Bella is mine in everyway imaginable, I was the first to touch her, the first to fuck her and the first to taste her sweet blood on my tongue. Make no mistake – Bella IS MINE and I will never let her go."

I saw Edwards face turn a satisfying mask of utter rage, his eyes filled with such hatred towards me that I was hopeful of finally getting the change to take his head off. I had waited such a long time for this….the beast inside me growled and I set him free for the first time in six decades.

A snarl broke free from my lips and I leaned down into a crouch in front of Edward.

"Come on Eddie. I challenge you! Here and now. Let us fight for MY Bella…I promised you cannot win but I am more than happy for you to try!"

At that moment two small figures entered the room. The reactions from the near by vampires was incongruous, they stepped back as if scared of the two small vampires, allowing them a wide berth. I at once recognized Jane and Alec. I smiled at them in welcome from my offensive position, never once taking my eyes off Edward.

"Jasper, brother, it is good to have you back. We would have come sooner but we were on a mission for Aro. Can we help?" Jane said, her small, child like voice startling in its pure high soprano.

Alec grinned at me and nodded in the Cullens direction. "I hear you have a small problem here. As my sister said, we will be happy to help." He said looking happy at the thought of having something to help with. The twins were obviously bored.

"Thank you. But I don't think I need help today." I quirked an eyebrow at Edward.

I saw Carlisle and Edward look around them at the overwhelming odds stacked in my favour and I knew then that they were too cowardly to fight today. I was disappointed. The beast inside me was rattling his cage and calling for death.

"Go NOW. Don't come back. I will kill you if you do. I keep what is mine. Heed my warning." I said standing suddenly. I turned and walked towards the door fully intending to return to Bella, when the door in front of me was flung open and Char stood there looking scared – terrified even.

"Jasper! Come quickly! Its Bella….she's gone!" Char said at vampire speed.

"Gone? Gone where?!" I exclaimed, shock running through my body.

"We don't know where or how, but I could smell a vampires' scent in your quarters and Bella was gone – there was a struggle, the room is a mess and ….I smelt blood." Char whispered in anguish. " Bella's blood."

I turned and shot an accusing glare at The Cullens who were standing motionless in the middle of the room. I sensed Carlisle's surprise and Edward's smugness. I felt a terrible fear and then I was suddenly a blur of action as I ran at vampire speed to my rooms. The room was a mess, just as Char had said, the sheets that Bella had been lying on were pulled off the bed and thrown onto the floor. The tables and chair were over turned and I could smell the wonderfully sweet aroma of Bella's blood, it was slight, but there. There was another smell, which had my lips curling into a snarl of pure rage. The vampire's scent that Charlotte had mentioned – I knew it well…. Alice.

Never had the thought crossed my mind that they would dare to try and steal her away from me; directly from the middle of the Volturi strong hold. I had been arrogant in my assumption. I had been blind in my certainty of our might.

How wrong I had been.

Carlisle and Edward had simply been a distraction. I had not thought them capable of this. Now I knew the reason for Edwards's smugness.

Where was Bella, my mate?

I knew Alice was dangerous, the saying about a woman scorned came to my mind and felt a terrible anger towards Alice, she had stolen my mate.

I was frozen into immobility in a typical state of vampire panic. Char watched my reaction with wide eyes. Peter behind her.

"Major. What do we do?" He asked.

"It was the Cullens. FIND them! I want Alice and Edward brought to me alive. They will pay for what they have done to me and mine. I will collect what they owe me personally." I said, my voice emotionless.

"Captain. Fetch Jane, Alec, Demetri and Felix, we leave now." I said. My beast howled in anger. I would get what was mine back. Alice and Edward would pay with their lives…

I knew of course that Edward and Carlisle would no longer be in the throne room. They would have run at the first sign that Alice had accomplished what they had set out to do. I walked out of my rooms, I couldn't bear the sight of them anymore, they somehow seemed dark and empty without the light, which was Bella.

I would get her back.

The Cullens had just signed their own death warrants. If Alice had harmed a single hair on Bella's head I would make her death even more painful than I already intended to.