There is mentioned one-sided ShunUki in this chapter, but it's not a huge part of the fic at all and will only ever be referenced.

Jyuushiro stood awkwardly to the side, listening as Shunsui berated Ichigo for exposing his best friend to things he didn't need to see. He sighed and glanced over at the manga that had caused this, feeling a shy heat in his groin upon seeing one of the characters on the front cover tied up with a ball-gag in his mouth, the other character holding a few 'toys' in his arms.

Ukitake became so lost in his thoughts about this one picture he didn't even hear Shunsui talking to him. He snapped back to reality when a sword-calloused hand grabbed his shoulder, a deep blush coating his face as he shifted uneasily, trying to hide his arousal.

"I'm going back now, okay?" Shunsui's voice was gentle as he spoke, his eyes as soft as Jyuushiro was used to seeing them. "I'll be back to see you when I can."

"A-ah, okay." Jyuushiro smiled and reached out, hugging the brunet. "Goodbye, Shunsui."

"See you later." Shunsui left through the open window above Ichigo's bed within seconds, leaving Ichigo and Jyuushiro alone.

The two males stared at each other, one still in shock from a verbal lashing while the other felt as if he were going to die from embarrassment.

"I-ichigo-kun..." Jyuushiro blushed impossibly red as he tried to break the silence, finding it rather awkward. "...I, er... apologise for Shunsui..."

Ichigo blinked a few times, coming out of his stupor, before he replied. "I didn't think he'd be so angry about you seeing porn."

Jyuushiro chuckled nervously as he rubbed the back of his head. "Well... you see... I-I, uh... I don't really have much... experience, per say... with such things... Shunsui views it as... I don't know; innocence, perhaps, and... doesn't want me... tainted."

Jyuushiro couldn't help but smile inwardly as he thought about his best friend. Shunsui was always inviting him to porn sessions and the like, but for whatever reason, the brunet didn't see himself as someone ruining that innocent demeanour – it was everyone else who dared involve him with such things.

Ichigo's mind died at these words. Jyuushiro? Innocent? He licked his lips, knowing that he could have a lot of fun with someone like the Captain. The only problem was that he didn't want to scare Ukitake away if he weren't gay, so he would have to test the waters a bit before he made any advances.

"You can read it if you want, Ukitake-san." Ichigo shrugged nonchalantly, trying not to make his motives seem suspicious. He tilted his head towards the manga. "I have plenty more if you're interested."

Jyuushiro wasn't sure how to reply to this; sure, he wanted to have a look at the manga, but he didn't want to embarrass himself while doing so; his groin was throbbing and he really didn't want to give away how aroused he had become just by looking at the cover; what if he did something about his ache in front of Ichigo because he read the manga...?

"I, uh..." Jyuushiro forced a smile, shifting uncomfortably again, "...I'll be okay, Ichigo-kun."

Ichigo didn't know how to take that reply; it could be a sign that the pale Shinigami was straight, respectfully turning down the other, or he was just shy. Ichigo wanted to go for the shy route.

"Alright." Ichigo moved over to his desk and grabbed the book before he turned back to face Jyuushiro. "Are you feeling okay, Ukitake-san? You seem a little paler than usual."

Jyuushiro squeaked; what if his cover was blown? "Y-yes! Just... feeling a bit ill... Actually, I would like to take a bath. Is that okay with you, Ichigo-kun?"

Kurosaki nodded. "First door on the right."

Jyuushiro got the hell out of that bedroom like the hounds of hell were after him. He found the bathroom, panting slightly as the discomfort in his groin grew. He was hardly ever aroused, not having much of an interest in such things. On occasion, he would watch porn with Shunsui in the Eighth's offices and, if Shunsui was horny enough, he would take Jyuushiro then and there – which were the only experiences he had in sex.

Biting his lip to stifle a groan, Jyuushiro put his hand against his crotch, rubbing it through the thin material. He moved to the bath and poured the water, not wanting Ichigo to become suspicious if no sounds were heard from the room.

Now that that was taken care of, Ukitake moved back to the toilet and sat down on it, unbuttoning his pants with shaky hands. He reached down and pulled his hard member out into the open, picturing the front cover of the manga in his mind.

Jyuushiro closed his eyes as he pictured himself in that character's position, bound and gagged, his hand pumping faster as he felt himself grow even harder at this thought. He imagined Shunsui above him, the only person he had experience with, above him, teasingly rubbing his hard member against the white-haired male's mouth. The visual image of himself taking his best friend's leaking member into his mouth as he struggled within his bindings made him more aroused than he had ever been before, his climax ripping ferociously from his body as the thought of him and bondage made him more aroused than he could ever remember being.

Jyuushiro panted as he rode out the last of his orgasm, his hand weakly stroking himself a few more times before he looked down, wanting to make sure he hadn't made a mess of his host's bathroom. He was relieved to find that only a few drops of his seed had spilt, but it was easily cleanable; just a few sheets of toilet paper would wipe it off the toilet seat.

Wiping his slightly sweaty brow, Jyuushiro glanced over at the bath which was nearly full. He sighed and smiled at it, thankful for its presence; uncleanliness was never something on his list.

Ukitake undressed himself before he leant down and put his hand in the water, finding that it was the perfect temperature for his illness-stricken body; warm enough to keep his temperature up, but not too high. He raised his long, skinny leg and placed it in before he pulled the rest of his body into the tub, sighing in pleasure as the warm water washed over him.

The frail Captain washed his body with the bar of soap sitting on the corner, wishing that he had grabbed his shampoo and conditioner from his bag before he left. He frowned as he realised he would have to wait until tomorrow before he washed his hair, but soon pulled the plug, knowing that he was now happy with the results of this trip.

The white-haired male went to grab his towel before he realised he had left so quickly, he didn't even grab his clothing, let alone a towel. He blushed scarlet as he realised he was going to have to return back to Ichigo's room in the nude and risk being seen by the human's sisters, but what choice did he have? If he just sat in there, he would most likely be walked in upon.

"Ichigo-kun, don't be embarrassed..." Jyuushiro mumbled to himself, knowing that if anything, it would be he who would be embarrassed.

Jyuushiro found out that he was right as he walked slowly into Ichigo's room a few minutes later, blushing furiously as his hands covered his crotch while Ichigo looked at him curiously.

"I..." Jyuushiro was so embarrassed he almost couldn't speak, "...forgot my clothing..."

Ichigo couldn't help but laugh as he understood Jyuushiro's dilemma. He spun back around on his desk chair, his back facing the apparently-shy Captain in order to give the older privacy. He listened as Jyuushiro rummaged through the bag his two Third-Seats had brought over the previous day and, once he heard the sound of clothes rustling, he had to resist peeking; he wondered what the ill male's body would look like; whether or not it would be heavily muscled or very lean due to the illness.

"Ichigo-kun, I am dressed now."

Ichigo licked his lips at Jyuushiro's happy voice. He turned around and smiled at the older male, nodding in approval at Ukitake's clothing of choice. It was evening, so he wore a baggy black shirt with matching pants. He wondered subconsciously if the Captain wore them because he was skinny or just liked loose-fitting clothing in general.

"Ichigo-kun, I hope I am not imposing, but may I please eat something?" Jyuushiro's eyes shone with a gentleness the orange-haired male hadn't seen before. He had known that the Thirteenth Captain was kind and generous, but he was so much more than he had realised.

The teenager nodded. "You don't have to ask, Ukitake-san. Help yourself. You remember where the kitchen is, right?"

Jyuushiro clapped his hands together once as he smiled brightly. "Yes, Ichigo-kun. Thank you very much."

Ichigo just shrugged. "Don't mention it."

Jyuushiro made his way downstairs, eager to find something to ease the ache in his tummy; he ate a lot because of his illness, and he wasn't used to having his eating patterns disrupted. It would take a few days, but he would have to learn to not eat as much, wanting to respect Ichigo's family and leave them with their own food.

Not long later, once Jyuushiro had finished snacking on the ohagi he had been fortunate enough to find, he declared that he was going to sleep, having had a big day so soon after getting out of the Fourth.

Ichigo decided he would turn in for the night himself and climbed into bed. In the darkness, he laid thinking about his guest, wondering about whether or not he would ever get the older male to himself.

"Hey, Ukitake-san?" Ichigo called, hoping he hadn't disturbed the frail Shinigami.

"Yes, Ichigo-kun?" Jyuushiro didn't sound annoyed or anything of the like; he sounded like he always did; impossibly happy.

"...That manga you picked up..." Ichigo phrased his words carefully, not wanting to make Jyuushiro uncomfortable. "...What did you think of it?"

"...Oh..." Jyuushiro shifted on the futon that had been rolled out for him, not sure how to answer; it was true that he didn't like females in a sexual way, but he had also never been with anyone other than Shunsui. Homosexuals were frowned upon in Soul Society, so their 'activities' together were only discussed in private, but he was still unsure of whether or not he liked boys or Shunsui was just the exception because of how close they were, or... if he were gay, but was afraid of society's reaction. Another confusing thing was that the only way he could arouse himself was if he were imagining himself with Shunsui – but then again, he had never felt as comfortable with anyone as he did with the brunet. "...I don't know, Ichigo-kun. I... I-I'm not against people with same-sex partners, but... I have never really thought about my own orientation. I admit, I was caught off-guard by your manga, but I accept your orientation, Ichigo-kun. Please, do not feel ashamed or as if you have to hide who you are from me. I do not mind."

Ichigo smiled at these words; Jyuushiro was as kind as ever. He nodded, knowing that the other couldn't see it. "Thank you, Ukitake-san. You really are the gentlest Captain in the Soul Society."

Jyuushiro laughed. "And thank you, Ichigo-kun. Goodnight. Have a great rest."

"Yeah, you too."

Ichigo laid awake for a while longer, listening to the snores that eventually rose up from his bedroom floor. He smiled, taking Jyuushiro's speech as a good sign – at least the sick Captain wouldn't find him disgusting if he were to be himself.