A few days had passed since Jyuushiro and Ichigo had first been intimate. Ichigo had coaxed the Captain into a relationship and now, Ukitake was beginning to experience what it was like having a boyfriend – needless to say, Ichigo was a rough lover, but the older male had no complaints.

Jyuushiro hummed softly as he dressed himself for the day, having just woken up. Ichigo was still asleep, but the Shinigami suspected he would wake up soon enough; Shunsui was coming to visit.

Maybe I should wake him up? Ukitake thought to himself. He nodded, deciding that he would, but he soon realised he wouldn't have to bother because Kon was crawling up onto the bed, whining about the way he had been locked in the closet for the past couple of days.

Jyuushiro smiled and sat down at the desk as he watched the scene play out. The mod soul was pulling at Ichigo's orange air, but it only provoked Ichigo into grabbing him by the face and throwing him against the wall opposite them.

"Shut up, Kon!" Ichigo growled, pulling the blankets back over his head. "It's too early!"

Ukitake wasn't worried for Kon, knowing that the stuffed lion was tougher than he seemed. He only laughed and stood up, moving to Ichigo's side. He kissed the younger's forehead, his hand resting on the boy's shoulder.

"Wake up, sleepy head," Jyuushiro said softly, his voice full of love. "It's seven o'clock."

Kurosaki groaned in displeasure before he pulled the covers down from his head. He looked up at his lover, his usual frown in place. "You're teaming up with Kon, aren't you? Waking me up so early."

Jyuushiro laughed merrily, shaking his head. "I'm afraid I'm just getting you prepared for when Shunsui makes his entrance. I can assure you, he won't do it quietly."

Ichigo groaned again before he sat up. "Lovely."

Jyuushiro smiled and placed his lips over Ichigo's. "Go take a shower, love."

Ichigo nodded, ignoring his mod soul that was yelling abuse at him again. He left the room, taking the older man's advice.

When Kurosaki walked back into his bedroom fifteen minutes later, he was surprised when strong arms wrapped around his shoulders, pulling him against a firm chest.

"Kurosaki-kun, I heard the news!"

Ichigo tried to pull away, identifying his attacker as Shunsui. The brunet didn't sound angry – in fact, he sounded very excited.

Shunsui just wrapped his arms tighter, preventing his captive from escaping. "Kurosaki-kun, you don't know how glad I am to hear that Jyuu-chan is finally opening up to others! I was afraid he'd never part from me!"

Ichigo didn't know what to say, and Ukitake was no help; he was sitting on the bed watching with a large smile on his face. However, a chill went down his spine when the oldest Captain's voice became gravelly with threat.

"But if you hurt him, Ichigo, I swear..."

"It's okay, Shun," Jyuushiro interjected, coming over to his best friend's side. "Ichigo-kun is good to me."

Shunsui's eyes were narrowed, but he didn't argue; he knew that Jyuushiro could take care of himself. He turned his attention back to Ichigo, mumbling something that neither Ukitake nor Kurosaki caught.

Jyuushiro, however, was distracted. The denreishinki he had been ordered to leave back in Soul Society was vibrating in his pocket, alerting him to the presence of a Hollow. Though most denreishinki did not have a silent option available, his had been modified in times of illness when he couldn't afford to be awoken because of it.

Ukitake longed to go after the Hollow, needing nothing more than to do his duties as a Captain. He faked a cough, gathering both males' attention as he 'staggered' back over to Ichigo's bed. "...I-ichigo-kun, I... I feel really bad... May I have a glass of water, please?"

Ichigo nodded, pushing Shunsui away so that he could leave the room. Shunsui followed the younger male, wanting to help fetch water for his dear friend – he couldn't let the new boyfriend of just a few days upstage their two-thousand-year-long best friendship after all.

When Jyuushiro was alone, he moved quickly off the bed and over to his bag tucked neatly in the corner. He pulled out his clothing until he got to the bottom of the bag, resurfacing with his gikongan – again having something he was supposed to have left behind.

The Thirteenth Captain was quick to leave the bedroom, knowing that he had to get away before Ichigo and Shunsui discovered what he was up to.

By the time the two males returned back to Kurosaki's bedroom, they were confused to find that Jyuushiro was gone. However, just one glance at the mess of clothing by his best friend's bag told Shunsui everything he needed to know – Jyuushiro was still acting as a Captain.

~~Later that day~~

By the time Jyuushiro had returned back to Ichigo's home, the Hollow taken care of, he was happier than he had been in a while, having finally done something normal to his routine. He hummed softly, already back in his gigai, too happy to even consider that Shunsui and Ichigo were most likely worried about him.

When he got back into the bedroom, Ukitake realised he was in trouble. Both of the other males had their arms folded across their chests, stern looks on their faces. Shunsui was the first to speak, his voice donning a slightly angry tone.

"You know you aren't supposed to be doing things like this." Shunsui stepped forward, wrapping his arms around his friend. He pulled him close to his body, a protective embrace. "Why would you take on that all by yourself? What if you got sick again? What if you got hurt?"

Jyuushiro sighed. He knew his friend was just worried. "I'm sorry, Shunsui. I just... I don't know how to not be a Captain. Besides, who are you to lecture me on things like this?"

"When it concerns you, Jyuu-chan, I will be a different person."

Ichigo stayed silent as he listened to the two Captains talk amongst themselves. Besides; he already had a punishment for Jyuushiro planned out in his head. He was silent until Shunsui was satisfied with his scolding, instead announcing that he had to leave before Nanao came after him.

Once the brunet was gone, leaving Ichigo alone with Ukitake, he allowed a smirk to cross his face. He raised his hand, gesturing for Jyuushiro to come closer to him, not saying a word as to what he was thinking.

"Yes, Ichigo-kun?" Jyuushiro arrived by the younger's side. He was unprepared for when Kurosaki grabbed his hips, pulling him down so that he was sprawled over the smaller lap. "I-ichigo-kun!"

Ichigo raised his hand and brought it down firmly on the taller male's backside. He swatted once before he spoke. "You were very naughty, Captain Ukitake. You went after a Hollow. I'll have to punish you."

Jyuushiro felt a shiver run through his spine, but it was a good kind of shiver. His groin stirred, awakening his desire. He moaned when his boyfriend smacked him again, feeling himself hardening rapidly; he had never experienced this before, and it aroused him immensely.

"I-ichigo-kun..." Jyuushiro moaned, feeling his erection straining against his pants. He grabbed the bed beneath him, trying to support himself as Ichigo's hand swatted against him again and again.

Ichigo, knowing that Ukitake was enjoying this, placed his hands on the hem of the older male's pants. He pulled them down, slipping them off long legs before he dumped them unceremoniously on the ground before them.

Jyuushiro's shaft sprung upwards, leaking pre-cum. He whimpered and squirmed as the skin-on-skin contact made the sensations so much better. He gasped, closing his eyes as he experienced a whole new level of arousal.

Ichigo's hand left behind red marks on the pale skin of Jyuushiro's ass, but it only made him want to leave more. He brought his hand down harder, the loud smacks resonating through the quiet room.

Jyuushiro grinded his hips against Ichigo's leg, leaving behind a sticky trail as he felt the coil in his stomach becoming ever tighter. He whimpered as the stinging of his boyfriend's smacks made him feel things he didn't think were possible – why was it so... so... so exciting being spanked?

Reaching his hand down between his legs, Jyuushiro grasped his member. He squeezed, tears of pleasure leaking down his cheeks, as he started moving his hand in a steady rhythm. He moaned loudly, knowing that he wouldn't last much longer.

"This is a punishment," Ichigo said, moving to pull the older man's hand away. "You can't touch yourself, Ukitake-san."

Jyuushiro moaned, his body starting to shake, knowing that he was mere seconds away from climaxing. The last smack from Ichigo did it; with a loud cry, Jyuushiro arched his back, spraying his seed over Ichigo's legs and onto the blankets beneath them.

Ichigo chuckled, reaching down to unbutton his own pants. He pulled his proud shaft out from his jeans, guiding Jyuushiro's head to it. He pushed down, telling the other what he wanted.

Jyuushiro didn't complain; he took the member into his mouth and sucked, tired from his own explosive ejaculation, but wanting to please Ichigo, too. He moaned softly, sending vibrations down the thick cock.

"U-ukitake-san...!" Ichigo shuddered as his hand gripped tightly at white hair, pulling the older man down further. He raised his hips, groaning as he thrust carefully into the paler male's mouth.

Ukitake breathed through his nose, hollowing his cheeks so that he could move faster. His tongue traced small patterns on the underside of the shaft, wanting to make the younger male feel as good as he possibly could.

"U-ukitake-san!" Ichigo bit his lip, grunting as he released inside of the Captain's mouth. He was vaguely aware of Jyuushiro sputtering, having been unable to swallow properly, but once he had come down from his high, he saw the strings of semen hanging down Jyuushiro's chin.

Jyuushiro's eyes widened and he moaned when a hot tongue lapped at his skin, removing Kurosaki's essence from his face. He moved closer, cuddling against Ichigo, just wanting to be in his arms.

Ichigo allowed the frail man to snuggle with him, wrapping his arms around him. He kissed his forehead, seeing the green orbs slowly disappear behind closing eyelids. He smiled to himself, just glad to have this Captain all to himself.