He's my boss. I realize that the feelings I have for him are probably never gonna be returned. You could call him abusive and hateful, but I believe that's just a clever ruse.

I'm constantly putting myself out there for him. I swear I'm not afraid to show him how I feel and sometimes he goes along with it. Our beds are always so close but he seems so far. It feels like I'm in heaven when he compliments my building skill. It makes me want to build for him more. I made him a castle you see. A castle for the two of us to hide.

We adventure down into the core of the planet together to find precious minerals to build our empire. He rushes forward as I light the way. All I can hear is his sweet voice proclaiming he's found a mother load of coal. I laugh because he's so silly and It's only a couple blocks worth.

I know that I shouldn't rush after him. I should never attach to him, but that would be going against everything I believe in. You see, friends or lovers, I love Sips more than he will ever know. Just being with him is enough to make me happy.


What is this? I don't even- *Shot* I have no regrets! I've been a fan of the Yogscast for over a year now and I've been watching a butt load of Sips and Sjin. Tell me that Sjips isn't cannon and say it seriously! I dare you! Ha, anyway, It's like five in the morning here and I've been itching to write a fic about these two, but this is all I could squeeze out at the moment. . Oh well, I'm satisfied for now. (I need to stop going to the Sjips tag on Tumblr). Thank you for reading!