So if you read 'Hooked' you will follow, mind you this shouldn't be too challenging, it is all fluffy duffy! Look Romance & Romance is the genre!

This is 'Caught' the squeal to 'Hooked' - IF you think Hooked ended perfectly don't feel the need to read. I was torn, as I always had plans for 'Caught'. BUT you don't want to mess with something that is perfectly done.

Literally this is only 5 Chapters and each chapter there will be a different event taking place. Chapter 2 is done and I know what is going on in 3-5

This chapter is short because TA DA all of them have names *cause I have turned cool like that I guess* Really it is just a round up of Chapter 45 Hooked.

So this is Bella's happily ever after…

Off we go!

Chapter 1

'A Year Later'

Saturday 10th May 2014

Bella walks next to Alice as they carry the cakes for Lenore's 1st birthday tomorrow. "I can carry both" Bella offers.

"I've got it" Just because she is 36 weeks pregnant she can still carry a cake in a box and rock heels like no one else.

Bella smiles as she looks at the cake Alice is holding settled on top of her large belly. She wants Alice in the wedding, standing next to Rose. She didn't change her mind on the wedding date, because Alice is ready to pop come June. Her mind changed when she spent last summer with Edward and his family in Forks for a week and it was amazing. The weather was perfect the flowers, the wild flowers growing around the Cullen home – stunning. That is what she dreamed of when she thinks of a wedding. There are May flowers but in Forks…they are August flowers. She doesn't want anything showy or crazy, just simple, elegant, beautiful. But if Alice has her way well…she has seen sketches in Alice's boutique. Alice did good.

"So I was thinking of a few more things about the wedding"

"Ugh Alice" Bella groans. "This is going to be small, of course it is" Bella answers quickly. She doesn't know many people; any guests will be from Edward's side.

"Calm your tits" Alice scolds. "You only get married once" She turns her head and winks at her dear friend.

Bella smiles. "Or twice if we are your parents"

Alice laughs walking through the door first.

"Ms. Swan, Mrs. Whitlock" Felix stands. "Do you ladies need a hand going up?"

"No Felix, thank you" Bella smiles and knocks the number to the elevator with her elbow.

"Rest them here; I'll get Edward to help me carry them to your parents tomorrow for the party"

"Cool" Alice opens the fridge and peeks around. "Pie, Bella, you have pie in here?"

Looking over her shoulder as she sneaks another peek at the two cakes for Lenore…Alice had a handle on this birthday. So stunning. "Yeah, I made it yesterday"

Alice takes the pie out, her eyes like saucers.

Bella frowns and watches Alice cut a huge slice. "Um Alice?"

"What?" She licks her finger of the cool whip she dropped on top.

"Nothing" Bella laughs.

Edward walks along the halls of the hospital…his hospital. He loves this role; he was born to do this. Everyday there is something new and exciting. Something life saving and heartbreaking, going to work each day is pure joy. Coming home each evening to Bella, that is perfection right there. It has just gone a year since he was made Chief and life hasn't stopped.

Bella graduated with her GED in January, and currently she is undecided with what she wants to do. She is enrolled in Seattle Community College for this fall completely nervous and unsure…totally Bella. So he knows she will figure it all out. He is happy she is doing what she wants.

The wedding is in a few months and the girls just got back from New York it was a full on shopping trip. He laughs at the late night phone calls he got from Bella the week they were away finding dresses and planning. He did feel slightly sorry for her with both Alice and Rose. But he knows she wouldn't have it any other way. She fits so perfectly into his life, their life.

Bella lies in on the couch, her feet ache. Lifting her head she smiles and drops the book to her chest. "Hey you"

"Wife, hello"

"Not yet" Bella grins when he walks around and kisses her nose lightly.

"Soon" He smiles sitting on the coffee table next to the couch. She is stretched out and beautiful, relaxed laying there. "What do you have there?" He looks at the book on her chest.

"I am trying to pick classes, I don't want to wait" She is in the college, but needed times sorting and finalizing her class schedule for September. With the wedding and honeymoon that Edward is planning. She doesn't want the classes she really wants to fill up.

"What do you like?"

"I'm thinking English lit, Art History, Psychology" She looks at him.

"I got you in with Dr. Meyer, she is great, and you can rack up some hours with her at the women's center" Edward says. Bella really wants to help women, young women that don't really have anything. Nothing but the world on their shoulders, he knows Bella is fully aware of what that is like.

"Thank you" She says softly.

His thumb brushes over her warm cheek. "You are so beautiful" He whispers.

Smiling she turns into his warm hand. "I love you so much" She whispers turning to kiss his palm.

"Have you eaten?"

"Yeah, I made some pork stir-fry, I can heat something up for you" She takes his hand in hers and holds the book in the other as she sits up. She kisses his fingers. "Let me heat dinner for you" Standing she rests the book on the couch still warm from her body.

Edward holds her hips as she stands between his legs and the couch. His hands rub her hips gently. "I can't wait to marry you" She takes such good care of him, and he hopes that he does the same for her. He has said to her, they take care of each other and since then, that is exactly what they have been doing.

Bella strokes his ears and scratches his skin at his neck lightly. "I know the feeling Edward"

He pulls her close and wraps his arms around her tiny body; his head rests on her front, against her breasts. "I love you"

Her eyes fall shut as she stands in his warm and loving embrace. He is wonderful, perfect so perfect for her.

Sunday 11th May 2014

Lenore is 1 year old and Rose is crying.

Lenore is a stunning child and very well loved. Bella and Edward have enjoyed watching her from time to time to give Rose and Emmett some time alone. Everyone is smitten with the youngest Cullen.

Esme has her granddaughter on her hip carrying her around. Lenore can walk but you would never know it. She is in everyone's arms constantly.

Bella smiles sticking candle on the cake. There are a few women from Rose and Lenore's playgroup out there enjoying the party Alice has thrown.

Rose didn't go back to working at Emmett's shop; she took the whole year off. No one is really sure what Rose's plans on. Everyone is thinking she is ready to have another.

"Hey" He circles her waist and kisses the back of her neck.

"Are they ready for the Happy Birthday?"

"Hmm" Edward moans into her soft sweet smelling skin. "If Lenore's birthday is like this, I am scared to see what Alice's baby's birthday will be like"

"My guess is it will be completely over the top" Bella smiles looking at the cake. She can't get over how fantastic it is. Everything the Cullen's do is with love yet completely fabulous.

"Totally" Edward agrees with a smile. "With Alice around our child, Lenore and hers will be spoilt rotten"

Her stomach clenches with joy and nerves. "Help me" She says, he needs to carry a cake out for her as there are two. She still isn't sure why two, but Lenore is one lucky little girl, she is a lucky girl as well.

"So I'm taking another year off" Rose announces as they all sit around, the party is over, the guests and other 1 year olds have gone. Lenore is upstairs napping in the room Esme made for her at the house.

"That's great, you can help me with this little one" Alice rubs her stomach. "It will be fun!"

"Yeah" Rose smiles. "Now we just need Bella to get knocked up"

Bella's eyes widen. She wants it. Last year she couldn't understand why it hadn't happened. Partly she was glad it didn't because so much got done. This year is the wedding and she finished her GED so still she is glad. But she thought it would have happened. So the idea of a baby is wanted very much but the timing wasn't right last year. She reckons that's why it didn't, it hasn't happened for them yet. Maybe the timing just needs to be right. She looks forward to when that happens.

"Not before the wedding Bella and Edward don't you get any ideas, that dress fits her like a glove" Alice stares at her brother.

He smiles and glances at Bella as she sits on his lap in the chair of the living room. "I am merely just there for her enjoyment, any baby that comes is all Bella's doing"

Bella knocks his chest with her elbow.

"Ouch" He frowns with a smirk.

Pulling the gown over her head she looks at him. The shower stung her skin in a good way, she is pink all over. "Do you think I will be a good mother?"

"What?" He rubs his stomach and looks at her standing. She looks so young; he forgets how young she really is sometimes. But when she is like this, fresh faced, hair loose and long, in a white sleep gown, he remembers. "Come here" He commands softly.

Bella walks barefoot towards him; he is standing at the foot of their bed.

His hands go to her hips. "Why are you asking that ridiculous question?" He bends his neck down to look at her down cast eyes.

"My own mother, I won't be like her will I?"

"No, no, of course not" He kisses her forehead making her look up at him. "You will be the greatest mother" He smiles. "The most loving, caring, attentive, nurturing"

Bella smiles and runs her hands over his bare shoulders. She pushes into him and hides her face in his neck as she is on her toes. "Thank you"

He sweeps her up and places her on the bed joining instantly. "You are not your mother Bella; you haven't had the same experiences as her, you could never do what she did"

Nodding she feels the tears fall. As much as she has accepted everything, it still hurts to think about. As large as strides she and Charlie have made together thinking about what brought her to Edward hurts. She is happy, but going through that hurt so very much.

He holds her tightly. Edward knows she struggles with moving forward as much as she has already done. And she has done so damn amazing. He is very proud of her, when she passes that picture she drew that Renee scrunched up, now framed and smooth in the hallway, he knows she remembers. He doesn't want her to forget, he just wants it not to weigh heavy on her. The wedding, Lenore growing up, them having a marriage, a child, a life, that will all bring what she went through, her own experiences to the surface. But he doesn't want that to tear at her. He will do his best to make sure that doesn't happen.

Bella sinks against his warm body as he brings the covers up around her and him. "Edward I love you so much"

Smiling he kisses her forehead. "I love hearing that, and I love you too"

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