I opened my eyes.

It was Thursday morning, and I was feeling really terrible. I heard some noise from the other room – it was probably Flynn playing with that nerd Henry.

I wasn´t in a good mode, but I had to do my best for it.

My life sucked from the moment, when I finally realized that I was in love with my best friend. Yeah, I, CeCe Jones am in love with Rocky Blue.

Funny, isn´t it?

Everyday is like a hell for me. I must get up everyday with a fake smile on my face and pretend that everything is just all right.

No one had notice that there is something wrong with me, even Rocky, but I am happy for that.

If she will find out, what will happen?

She will probably hate me and stop being a best friend with me. And what will I do then? Without her?

She is the only thing in this world that makes me happy...and sad at once.

I can´t lose her. I must just keep pretending and maybe one day I will tell her...or maybe not.

„Hey hey hey! You are still in bed?", I heard from doorway .

There she was. Beautiful like always, with big smile on her face and little confusion.

„Hey Rocks"

Rocky sat on my bed and looked at me, her face worried.

„Are you okay? Your eyes are bloodshot", she said.


„Oh, I haven´t sleep well tonight.", I said and rub my eyes.

Well, I wasn´t lying. I was a mess since I found out I had those feeling for her, but I was hiding it well, till today.

Then she climbed to me and huged me tight.

God. Why are you doing this to me?

It was such an amazing feeling, being in her arms, feeling warm of her body, smelling her hair...

Yeah, my life was a HELL!

„Did something happend?", she ask , still holding me.

„No, not really.", I respond .

Rocky was looking at me with those big eyes , which were saying that she haven´t believe me.

„Are you sure? You know you can tell me everything."

I really can´t tell you everything, because you will hate me then and stop hanging out with me and that will be the end of Cece Jones.

„Yep, I am sure. Let´s go, I need to get dressed, we can´t be late for school.", I said and jump of my bed.

„Wow Cece, you are worried that you will be late for school? Really? Is that even you?", she laugh a little and I smirk.

But after that I turn around to hide my face.

If you only know, Rocky...

Yeah Cece, this is your hell.