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Day after our victory (yeah, that fucking son of a bitch is dead already) we made something like a party, to celebrate it. It was just a small family party in our apartment, but we had a lot of fun and I finally felt that feeling of being happy and free with my own family.

It was evening, and I took Rocky out on a dinner, while Alice was taking care of lil Emily. Actually, she wanted to take care of her by herself, I didn´t even ask her for it, she suggested it. So I took the chance and went out on a dinner with Rocky.

And I´m telling you, it was a very pretty and romantic dinner, I kept telling Rocky compliments all the time and I meant them, because I finally could think only about her and not about some crazy shit like mafia and stuff. She, of course, liked it and was blushing madly by each one of my words.

After dinner, we went to the beach. It was a beautiful night and we were all alone on the beach, walking past the ocean, hand in hand, watching the tide and talking. Stars were shining brightly, just like Rocky in front of my eyes.

And I knew, that this was the perfect moment for proposal.

So I stopped walking, took a deep breath and a LOT of courage. Rocky was looking confused at me, because I was pretty nervous. Yeah, I know, that I am going to propose a girl that I know since I am 4, I know that she is in love with me, I know I AM in love with her, but...

Well, when you´re going to propose, I guess everybody is nervous. It is a BIG thing and I prayed, that I wont say something stupid during my speach, but most importantly, that she will say „yes".

„What is it, Cece?", she asked me and stroked my cheek softly, I smiled, when I saw her soft expression, it made me feel more relaxed, so I sighed and started speaking. It was now or never.

„Rocky, I´ve loved you since we were kids. I love everything about you, how pretty, how smart, how talented, how kind you are. Everytime I look into your eyes, it´s like I am looking into heaven. When you smile, it makes me so happy everytime, even more when I am the reason you smile. And even when you left me for a few years, you came back to my life and you saved me. I can´t be more happy, than I am right now, because you are the love of my life and you are here with me now.", I said and she was blushing madly by listening to my honest words, but she was still a bit confused.

„You are the love of my life too, Cece, and I love to be here with you, but why are you telling me all these stuff right now?", she asked me and I smirked and kneeled down on my right knee.

I took the box with the ring out of my pocket and finally let out those simple words:

„Raquel Blue, will you marry me?", I asked her, looking into her surprised wonderful eyes, waiting for her reply.

She covered her mouth with her hands in shock and then I saw few tears running down her face, it made me worried, but then she finally spoke.

„Of course I will.", she said in a higher voice and that was all I needed to hear. I took the ring and I slowly put it on her finger.

YES YES YES YES YES YES (sorry for my HUGE happiness, but the love of my life just said she will marry me).

It was the most magical moment in my life. You should´ve seen those sparks in her eyes, sparks of love. I think I had them in my eyes too.

Rocky wrapped both of her arms around my neck and placed a soft and passionate kiss on my lips, I kissed her back with all I had, my hands were placed on her hips.

When she pulled away, she rested her forehead on mine and then she started giggling.

„What is it?", I asked her curiously, and she shooked her head.

„I just can´t believe you proposed me, Cece.", she whispered and I smirked, stroking her hip and looking right into her deep eyes.

„And I can´t believe you said yes, and we are going to get married.", I whispered back and then we both sat up on the sand, watching the ocean quietly, holding each other.

„I love you.", I whispered into her ear and I kissed her cheek, then I slowly moved to her chin, neck and she let out a small giggle.

„Mmm, we should wait with these stuff until the wedding night, don´t you think?", she joked and looked at me seductively.

After my smirk, she slowly sat up on my lap, she wrapped her hands around my neck and kissed me on my lips, I felt that passion she gave into it.

You would think Rocky is innocent all the time, and well yeah, she is, for most of the time. But when it comes to things like this...Let´s say, she can change from an angel to an animal. Not that I don´t like it. I do, VERY MUCH.

As she bite my bottom lip, giving me a lustful look, I slowly moved my hands to her butt and squeezed it softly, feeling that I was getting turned on pretty quickly.

She giggled and layed me on the soft sand, her body pressed against mine. She pecked on my lips and then she took a moment to look deeply into my eyes. Her face was shining in the moonlight, her eyes were full of pure love, lust and happiness. I never saw her so happy, like she was in that moment.

„You don´t even know, how happy you made me, Cece.", she whispered against my skin, as she kissed my neck, I felt her hands slowly stroking my stomach under my T-shirt.

„Mmm, you made the happiest girl alive and I can´t wait till the moment you will be officially mine.", I said and flipped us over, kissing her down her chest, while unbottoning her white shirt.

„I am only yours, you know that.", she replied, and it was more like a giggle, because I found her sweet spot on her neck.

„Yeah, but this will be official, my future wifey.", I said and she smiled sweetly.

Such a great imagine, that I will soon call her my wife. Yeah, she will be MY WIFE. My beautiful, inteligent, kind and sexy wife. Only mine. Officially, on the paper. And nobody can say a word about that, fuck yeah!

As I kissed her stomach, I saw how much she liked that, so I decided I will take a moment to tease her a bit. So what, she was doing it to me many times, and now it´s time for me to have some fun with her.

So I stopped moving down, I got back to her face and kissed her passionately on her lips, she already knew what I was doing.

„Cece, don´t you dare to tease me.", she warned me, but I just smirked.

Then I moved to her legs, I slowly took her shorts down and I started kissing her up her inner thighs, making her moan aloud. I loved how I made her feel so turned on. I was kissing and licking her smooth skin and she kept moaning louder each time I make a move up to her „area".

I looked up to her and when I saw her eyes full of lust, I smirked and took her panties down to her ankles. I licked my lips in delight and started licking her sweetness. Mmm, she tasted so good.

„Aaah, Cece!", she almost screamed from the pleasure and I just continued, enjoying it.

I saw that she was getting closer really quickly, so I pushed my tongue inside of her gently, she was dugging her nails into the sand from the way she felt, and after a few more minutes, she had such a loud orgasm, that the fishes in the ocean probably got scared and swam away.

After that, I layed down to her, wrapping my arms around her, pecking her lips softly.

„Did you like it?", I whispered into her ear and she looked at me, still breathing hardly and smiled.

„Oh God, this is another plus to be your fiancé.", she said and I smirked proudly.

This is gonna be a really good life, with Rocky. The best life I can even ask for.