The day was not ending. The clock wasn't moving and the sun wasn't setting, the day was just an ongoing, never-ending mess. The typing of co-workers quickly became irritating, their fingers tapping violently at the keys and the clicking of their pens forming a rhythm that was driving her inside.

''Walker,'' A man walked up to her desk, breaking her mindless state. ''Do you have that file ready for me?'' Logan moved across her small cubicle and grabbed the file of photographs, handing them to her boss, editor in chief, Mr. Collins. ''They're all there?'' he asked skeptically.

''Every last one.'' she told him in a bored, monotone voice.

''Good.'' he seemed pleased, holding the file under his arm as he leaned against the wall. ''You're out tomorrow.''

''Really?'' Logan suddenly came to life. ''What's the gig?''

Mr. Collins sighed. ''The 'gig' is to accompany Drew tomorrow, take some photos of the press conference he'll be covering.''

''No problem.'' she nodded confidently.

Mr. Collins stared at her expression for a moment before walking away back to his office, stopping at some other employees desks on the way. Logan stretched her arms out behind her back, moving around the cubicle on her chair. She was so tired of being cooped up in this office, she was glad that she got a day out tomorrow to do some actual work that didn't involve snapping a few shots of a community center or something equally as boring.

Logan dreamed of being a professional photographer, but as with all careers, she had to pay her dues and work her way up through the ranks, she was just lucky to have found a position at a newspaper agency where she could take photographs for stories and sometimes work behind other media outlets. It wasn't exactly her favorite job, but she was passionate about reaching her goal and if this was what it took, then she would do it. It paid her bills, anyway.

''So I hear you're with me tomorrow.'' Drew appeared next to her, a pen hanging from the corner of his mouth as he smiled at her mischievously.

''You heard right.'' Logan folded her arms.

''Think you can handle it?'' he asked. ''It's vicious in there.''

Logan raised an eyebrow. ''What are you talking about?''

''Tomorrow. Stark Industries press conference.'' he informed her as if she should have already known what he was referring to. ''You better have a firm grip on that camera of yours, 'cause the press will be like animals.''

Logan smirked. ''I think I can handle it.''

''If you think so.'' he shrugged. ''See you bright and early tomorrow morning.''

Logan waved him off and turned back to her desk. Drew was right, the press were going to be like a heard of animals at the conference. Anything that involved Stark Industries always got wild media attention, but she knew she could handle it. It's not like she was the one standing with a microphone and reporting, all she had to do was take a few photos. It was going to be a piece of cake.

Obadiah looked at his watch, making his frustration obvious, as Tony entered the room ten minutes before they were about to go out and address the press which had turned into a huge mob of cameras and microphones in a matter of one hour.

''You're late.''

Tony groaned. ''I'm actually ten minutes early, your watch might be wrong-''

''I said meet here an hour ago to go over the speech.''

''Speech? Obi, you know I don't follow those things. It's better if I just work on the spot.''

''Right.'' Obadiah sighed. ''Remember, they're gonna be hanging on every word you say, so don't screw it up.''


Exactly ten minutes later, Tony and Obadiah walked out in front of the crowd of reporters, waving politely and smiling as cameras flashed in their direction. There were people everywhere in the small room, all desperate to get a good view and standing point to ask questions. Tony positioned himself next to Obadiah, who began addressing the crowd happily.

Drew had his notepad out, ready to take key notes from either of them, and Logan had her camera strapped around her neck and hanging down onto her chest, waiting for her opportunity. Drew pushed through the crowd, tugging on Logan's hand in order to pull her through with him, but no one was budging for them.

''I'm going to get a better position, you go in.'' Logan told him, assuring him to go ahead without her.

Being in the middle of these things wasn't her favorite thing to do, in fact, she hated doing it, but it beat being in the office. She hated trying to get around all the people who were hanging on every word someone said, writing down everything and even conjuring up ways to twist the story. All Logan was doing was taking a few photos, but being with this crowd, she seemed just like the rest of them.

Logan rushed around the crowd, finding an open spot just behind the front row of reporters and began snapping photos of Obadiah Stane and Tony Stark standing in front of them. The feeling of capturing the shot she needed to gave her the adrenaline she loved about being a photographer. Capturing the right angle, with the perfect lighting, the perfect photo, it made her feel accomplished already.

''I'm going to hand over to Tony Stark now.'' Obadiah announced, and the reporters went wild.

Logan held her position well despite the constant pushing and shoving that was going on behind her, and she continued to take photos while Tony Stark spoke.

''As you all know, Stark Industries has been supplying the country's military with all the weaponry and resources they need.'' he spoke, silencing the crowd with his voice. He was an attractive man, there was no doubt about that, and cameras were going crazy for him, including Logan's who knew her boss would be impressed with the shots she was getting. ''And that demonstration will be taking place over the next few days in Afghanistan where our troops are currently operating. No need to bore you all with the details, but there has been some rumors that Stark Industries isn't pulling up our end of the deal, and I'm here to assure you, we are.''

The press conference went on for about another twenty minutes before both Obadiah and Tony left the room, disappearing behind one of the doors off the to right. The reporters all scuffled out of the room, and Logan went in search of Drew who was somewhere in the heard. Her camera was knotted around her neck, and she took her eyes off where she was walking for a few moments, but long enough to run into another person. The woman's files went to the ground, and Logan immediately went to grab them for her.

''Shit, I'm so sorry.'' she apologized, holding her camera.

''It's fine.'' The woman told her, accepting the files back. ''Thank you.'' The woman had strawberry blonde hair and was dressed rather professionally, carrying a file that Logan now noticed had Stark Industries written on it. ''All reporters use that door over there, if you were looking for it.'' she told Logan politely.

''Oh, uh thanks.'' she turned. ''Sorry again.''

Logan rushed off after the short conversation with the woman, hurrying out of the building in hopes to meet Drew back at the car. Outside in the street was just as messy as inside, people everywhere, rushing about to their cars to get back and have their stories printed first of their photos published straight to the net. Logan, however, was stuck with the dilemma of not being able to find Drew's car anywhere in the car park.

''You've got to be kidding me.'' she sighed, running her hand through her messy hair.

Minutes passed, and the crowd of people slowly disappeared, leaving Logan standing against the wall outside alone, wondering where the hell Drew was. She pulled out her cell phone, and there was a message from Drew. Collins rang and wanted me back with the story straight away, I got out before everyone else but I couldn't find you, sorry :( I'll pay the cab fare for you.

''Great. Just what I needed.'' she muttered under her breath, stepping out into the entrance of Stark Industries and almost being ran down by a black car exiting.

The horn blared and the car slammed it's break on, and Logan looked up expressionless out of shock before taking a step back. The car looked like it belonged to the F.B.I, and she stood back as it slowed down to pass her, stopping at the back window. The tinted glass rolled down and revealed Tony Stark himself sitting in the back seat, and she could have sworn the woman she ran into was sitting next to him.

''You know you're not supposed to step out onto roads without looking.'' he told her, his sunglasses shielding his eyes. ''Should probably watch where you're walking.''

The way he spoke to her made Logan bit down on her lip with frustration. She knew she was in the wrong here, but his tone was so arrogant. Logan simply nodded her head and put her hands on her hips, waiting for the car to move.

''You can go now.'' she told him, shrugging her shoulders.

''Hmm.'' he looked back at her.

The woman next to him tapped him on the shoulder. ''You're going to be late for-''

''Hold on Pepper.'' he waved her off, looking back to Logan. ''You know you could have been seriously injured.''

Logan nodded again, looking away from him. ''Won't happen again, bye now.''

Tony noticed that the woman wasn't asking him any questions or even looking at him, she had no interest in his presence at all, which he found quite strange since she was one of the reporters in the press conference, and those people would have camped outside his car in order to get a word from him like this. He was even surprised that she wasn't taking a photo or anything since she had a big camera strapped around her neck. The driver moved the car forward, but Tony's arm extended to tap on his shoulder.

''Hold on a sec, Happy.'' he told him. He looked over to Logan in confusion, his expression suggesting that he was trying to make something out, but he didn't know what it was.

Logan looked around awkwardly, wondering why he wasn't leaving. This was Tony Stark, billionaire weapons manufacturer and one of the most famous people in the world, and he was staring at her like she was from another planet. To be honest, Logan didn't know what to do with herself. She had been paid to take photos of this man at the conference, and now he was sitting in a car in front of her, but she didn't even care. There was something about confronting strangers that always made her shut up and become silent, not knowing what to say, and since this man happened to be who he was, she especially didn't know what to do.

''I'm not in your way anymore.'' she told him, looking around, wondering what he was staring at. ''You can go.''

''Uh huh.'' he nodded.

Logan was absolutely speechless. The whole situation wreaked of awkwardness, but she didn't know what to do since he kept looking at her. She decided to step aside and walk around the back of the car, but then Tony spoke up, stopping her.

''Don't you want to ask me something?''

Logan made a face. ''Er, why?''

''You don't seem to have a grasp on your job description.'' he shook his head mockingly. ''Other reporters would kill for an opportunity like this.''

Logan scoffed. ''Well then it's a good thing I'm not a reporter, because I'm not particularly interested.''

Tony's eyebrows lowered, finally grasping why she wasn't acting like one. No questions, no photos, nothing. He knew she was at the press conference though, she had a pass on her shirt. That still didn't explain why she wasn't talking to him. Reporter or not, everyone knew who he was.

Tony chuckled. ''Does that little act get you far?'' he asked, and she turned to him with a confused expression. ''You know, pretending not to be interested and trying to make me wonder why you're different from the rest, make you come off all mysterious and alluring, that act.''

Logan rolled her eyes. ''Don't you have somewhere to be, Mr. Stark?''

Finally, she had acknowledged who he was. ''Not particularly.''

''Huh, well I do. So if you'll excuse me.'' she walked away from the car.

It was silent as she walked along the path, and for a moment she thought that he had finally left until she heard him call out the window as he passed slowly by, reaching over Pepper in order to look out at her.

''Not buying it.'' he shook his head.

''Don't have to.'' she waved down a cab, trying to get away from the conversation.

Whatever it was he was trying to do, Logan didn't know, but it was strange and she didn't feel comfortable being targeted like that. He was one of the most famous people in the world, a billionaire, an absolute playboy and she had just walked away from him like he was nobody special. She didn't know what he wanted with her, but assumed he was just annoying her since she had walked out in front of his car. Either way, the whole situation was weird enough and she just wanted to get back to the office.

''Okay, don't yell, I said I was sorry-''

Logan held her hand up. ''Apologies not necessary.'' she shook her head. ''But here's my cab fare.''

Drew looked at the tiny piece of paper. ''What! It was only on the other side of town.''

''Oh yeah, my cab driver got a little lost so we had to go around in circles for a while.'' she shrugged. ''Anyway, I've got some photo-printing to do.''

Drew accepted the cab fare and then walked over to Logan's cubicle. ''Here's the story I'm running. I'll leave it to you to pick the right photograph to go with it.''

''No problem.'' she nodded, her eyes now locked on her computer screen.

For the entire afternoon at work, she had forgotten about what happened at Stark Industries when she was left abandoned outside. She forget that she, Logan Walker, had not only spoken to Tony Stark, but had walked away from him, ignoring his words and remarks, leaving him looking like the one who wanted attention. It wasn't until she had to pick a photograph for the story that she really remembered. Even after editing them all, they were just photos of Tony Stark, she saw them everyday in all the papers and on television, but now it was up to her to pick a photo of him to be shown all over California in the newspaper.

Stark Industries: Still In The Game was the title of Drew's piece which was front page news now since Collins decided it was bigger than an overseas meltdown, and just under the heading was a perfectly angled and edited photo of Tony Stark, looking right at the camera, gesturing a peace sign, it was perfect. However, the detail that took her attention the most was the small writing just beneath it. Photo by Logan Walker.

''Hey Walker,'' Drew stuck his head around the corner to her cubicle. ''Nice work. Collins wants you to come with me for a few more.''

Logan smiled happily. ''Okay.'' She loved getting out of the office.

''He said you handled yourself well at the Stark conference.'' he told her. ''Got a good position, got some good shots.''

''That's my job, right?'' she shrugged with a smile.

''Well you better get used to it, because you and me are covering all the Stark Industries press from now on.'' he told her.

''What?'' she asked, sitting forward. Sure, this time was a success, but the press was crazy and she hated it. Not to mention what happened after it.

''Yeah, Collins likes us as a team. Likes the piece I wrote and likes the photos you got. We're a dynamic now, Walker!'' Drew was ecstatic. He had been searching for a photographer to come with him to all the media happenings, he wanted a partner in it, and he found that in Logan. They worked well together and their work was perfect. ''We're gonna own this, I can feel it.''

Logan nodded happily, watching as he walked away. She sighed and rested her head back on the seat. ''Great.''