*5 months later*

Tony didn't know how he managed to get through it all without having a full-blown heart attack with how nervous he was and with how much media attention they were getting. Logan was also surprised she hadn't had a panic attack yet, but with Pepper Potts organizing your wedding to a man she's known for longer than ten years, she knew she was in good hands and nothing was going to go wrong.

Tony had gotten through meeting Logan's mother and brother with ease since he prepped for a week before it, and they seemed to like him and it changed their opinions of him they had previously from the news and the whole Iron Man drama. Logan wasn't very close with her family since she moved to the city to be more independent and take care of herself, but this was her wedding, they had to be there and know the man she was going to spend the rest of her life with.

''One week,'' Logan shook her head with disbelief. ''One whole week, and then we're getting married.''

''Don't weddings take like a year to plan or something like that?'' Tony asked as they looked out of the mansion, standing on the balcony as the sea breeze blew through.

''They do,'' Pepper walked in with a clip board. ''But you were so adamant to have this wedding as soon as possible, and when Tony Stark asks, Tony Stark gets I suppose.''

''And now all the press thinks I'm 5 months pregnant with triplets.'' Logan rolled her eyes.

Tony's eyes widened. ''Yeah, well they're gonna get a shock because you're not. Right?''

''Oh yeah I am, I forgot to tell you, sorry.'' she hit him in the arm as she passed and walked into the kitchen.

''That wasn't really an answer, I don't work well with sarcasm in serious situations!'' he called out.

''Don't you think she would be a bit bigger if she was Tony?'' Pepper chuckled with Logan as she came back with a bottle of water. ''Anyway, the final things will be fixed up tomorrow when the actual planner gets here for the last time. Is there anything else?''

Tony sighed and looked up at Pepper. ''That will be all Ms. Potts, and thanks for doing this.''

Pepper gave them both a soft smile. ''You're lucky I like weddings.''

Days later, Tony was sitting in his living room with Rhodey working on his speech he was supposed to give at the wedding. All his life everyone had known him as a notorious playboy, a womanizer who couldn't hold a steady relationship, and he wanted to say something that would change that. He wanted them to know why Logan was so special and why it was her he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, and since Rhodey was his best man, he was called on for advice.

''I don't know man...say what you feel.'' Rhodey suggested.

Tony looked up at him with an angry glare.

''Is that all you got? 'Say what you feel'?'' Tony scoffed.

''Hey I'm the best man here, not a script writer.'' he defended himself. ''I can't help you with this, you have to say what you feel.''

''This is too difficult.'' Tony ran his hands through his hair.

''You're getting married man, it's not supposed to be easy.''

''But this isn't like something I can program, I have to actually write this and say this stuff, I don't wanna get it wrong. She deserves that day to be perfect, and I know if anyone's gonna screw it up, it's gonna be me.''

Rhodey had never seen his friends so worked up, so stressed out and he had seen him in some pretty difficult situations. He wished there was something he could do to let Tony know that he didn't need to be so worked up to show how much he loved her, that he could tell just by the way he looked when he saw her or thought about her, but Tony was too worked up.

Meanwhile Logan was having the same troubles as she sat at a cafe with her closest girl friend Laura. They'd known each other since they were children but Laura never had the chance to come to the city to see Logan until Tony heard that Logan wanted her to be her maid of honor, then he made sure Laura got to L.A and put her in one of the most luxurious hotel suites. He was doing anything and everything to make sure the day was perfect for Logan, and having her best friend there was a big deal.

''It's so weird you're marrying Tony Stark,'' Laura shook her head. ''I mean it's not weird, but I see him on T.V all the time...yeah it's weird.''

Logan chuckled. ''God, I've missed you.''

''I've missed you too,'' Laura smiled. ''I am so happy to be there when you finally get married. I've been waiting for this day since we were kids.''


''Uh, yeah! Hello, I'm a designer, I have pictured your dress since we were twelve years old.''

Logan smiled. ''Well, it is a nice dress, thanks for helping me with that.''

''I've got your back,'' Laura laughed. ''Now let's get all of this sorted, you've got two days 'til the wedding and I'm not letting you forget anything.''

''Between you and Pepper, I don't think I'll forget anything.''

Five months of planning and freaking out, the day had finally arrived. Tony and Logan were getting married today, and they were both in their own state of nervous, anxious shock that the day had come so fast. As per tradition, and Pepper's orders, Logan and Tony were in their own locations to get prepared, not seeing one another until the time of walking down the aisle and standing at the altar.

They were getting married at a small outdoor venue for their close friends and family to attend, and there was going to be a reception at one of the biggest centers in town where Stark Industries held their charities. To avoid all the media madness, they had to invite certain members of the press and even allowed Drew to write a story about the wedding, but Logan had to proof read it before he could run it.

''Are you sure it's not going to rain?'' Logan asked nervously as she had her makeup applied.

''Honey, it's a beautiful sunny day outside, alright? It's not going to rain.'' Laura assured her.

Logan took a few deep breaths as her dress was fitted around her. It was a strapless gown that clung to her from her chest to her waist and fell out elegantly until it swept the floor as she walked. Laura had picked it out, knowing Logan's taste, and her mother had made sure she had all the traditional fixings of something blue, something borrowed and so on. Logan's dark brown hair was pulled back into a bun with sections of her hair falling out in a classy style, and she couldn't have been happier with the way she looked, but what she really wanted was to go see Tony and marry him already.

Tony was also getting suited up, except this time it was a tux and not a metal suit of armor. Rhodey stood with him in the room as he went over his speech and did his best to calm down.

''Man, just breathe.'' Rhodey encouraged. ''It's gonna be fine.''

''Yeah, yeah it's gonna be fine.'' Tony nodded. ''It's not gonna be like those movies where the bride doesn't show up or anything like that, it's gonna be fine.''

Rhodey chuckled at his friends nerves before standing up and pouring him a small glass of scotch.

''As your best man, I'm permitting you one glass to calm you down, and then no more until the reception, and maybe not even then unless you want to get blind drunk on your wedding day.''

''I wouldn't,'' Tony shook his head, swallowing the amber liquid fast. ''That's it, that's all I'm having.''

''You're gonna be fine man,'' Rhodey patted him on the back. ''By the end of the day you'll be married to the woman you love, just focus on that.''

Tony looked into the mirror and nodded his head. That's all he had to focus on, Logan, and everything would be okay.

Tony had never been so nervous in his life. Of everything that ever happened to him, standing at the alter waiting for Logan was the most nerve wracking thing he had ever had to do.

''You're shaking,'' Rhodey whispered to him.

''Scotch is wearing off.'' Tony told him with a shaky voice.

Logan had arrived in the limo driven by Happy moments later, and her mother and Laura had already made their way into the wedding as she waited. Her brother was walking her down the aisle since her dad passed away when she was younger, and he did his best to calm her down.

''Just hold onto my arm, and think of Tony.'' Harry told her.

Logan nodded her head. ''I just don't wanna...you know, pass out or something.''

''Well, keep breathing and you won't.''

''Easy for you to say.'' Logan huffed.

''You ready?'' Harry asked, seeing Pepper's signal.


Logan began walking with her brother down the beautiful path that had been set up, making her way to the aisle where everyone was standing up and acknowledging the bride coming through. She almost freaked out with the amount of people looking at her until she saw Tony, handsome in his tux, waiting at the alter staring at her with his mouth almost hanging open. He hadn't seen the dress until just now, and it was safe to say he liked it.

Tony always saw Logan as a beautiful woman in everything she wore whether it was an expensive skirt or a cardboard box, but right now, in a wedding dress, Tony had never seen someone so beautiful before. She looked like she was shining, like light was radiating off her and she had descended from heaven. With the music playing, Logan had to hold back her emotions or she would ruin her makeup, and she wanted to save crying until at least the reception when she got to talk to everyone.

''Wow...'' he breathed out loudly, making the guests who heard him chuckle.

Logan kept walking until Harry gave her away with a kiss on the cheek, and then she was on her own for the last couple of steps to Tony, and then everyone else turned invisible. All she saw was Tony, and all he saw was Logan.

''You look...'' he gulped. ''I actually have no words.''

Logan chuckled. ''You too.''

As the ceremony began, Logan and Tony couldn't hear who was talking to them at first, lost in each other's eyes. This was the day they would remember for the rest of their lives. He wanted to spend every minute with her and he wanted to travel the world with her, and she just wanted to be with him wherever, doing whatever. Iron Man was still in the equation, but Logan wouldn't let him give it up after how hard he fought for the privilege and she supported him more than anyone after everything they'd been through.

Everything that needed to be said was said before they even knew it, and he only thing left was the important part, and when that part came, their faces lit up with a beaming smile.

''Anthony Stark, do you take this woman to be your wife?''

Tony smiled and paused for a moment teasingly until Logan nudged her and everyone laughed.

''I do.'' he chuckled. ''I do, I do, I do.''

''And do you, Logan Walker, take Anthony Stark to be your husband?''

''Hmm,'' Logan thought out loud, making everyone laugh once again at their playfulness. ''I guess so, yeah, I do.''

Before anything else could be said, Tony put his hands around her waist and pulled her to him, pressing his lips to hers as she threw her hands around his neck, and just like on the night he asked her to marry him, he lifted her up off the ground as the guests stood up and cheered as he twirled her around, making her feel like she was actually in a movie as she giggled, making him smile more than he ever had before. She had just made him the happiest guy in the world, and he knew that from now on everything was always going to be okay with her by his side.

The reception was bigger than Logan thought it would be. Since Tony was so famous, media were bound to swoop in and ruin their day and it was advised they just invited some so they wouldn't intrude, and cameras flashed as Tony and Logan walked into the huge ballroom full of people. Logan didn't know most of the people but she stood by Tony, grasping his hand, as each person came up and congratulated them. Most of the guests had known Tony for a long time and never expected him to get married, so to be there on his wedding day was a real privilege.

''So Mrs. Stark,'' Tony smiled as they danced in the middle of the room with everyone else, all of their eyes on the couple although they barely noticed. ''How's it feel to be married to me?''

Logan chuckled at his happiness. ''Better than I've ever felt before.'' she kissed him softly. ''How does it feel to be married to me?''

''Surreal.'' he nodded his head. ''Don't know how I ever persuaded you.''

''I am not one to be persuaded, Mr. Stark.'' she raised her eyebrows at him. ''You forget I'm immune to your charm.'' she joked.

''Oh that's right, because you were the one who left me in bed the next morning when you ran out on me.'' he laughed. ''I can remember that perfectly, Mrs. Stark. Hair all messy, shoes barely pulled on and that dress you wore that I loved so much.''

Logan remembered back to their first night and how it started with her hating him.

''Oh right, that night you pulled that scam to get me to come to that Stark Industries private benefit.'' she nodded her head. ''Smooth.''

''It all worked out though, didn't it? Knew what I was doing.''

''I'm sure you weren't thinking we'd end up here, married.'' she chuckled. ''You probably thought you'd never see me again.''

''True, I thought you hated me.''

''Oh I did.'' she nodded. ''But...well, I guess I'm not entirely immune to your charm.''

''Well good, because you're the only one I'll ever use it on.''

Logan smiled at his words and leaned in to his lips, and just as they began kissing once again, Drew walked over with a camera in his hand, tapping Logan gently on the shoulder, breaking the moment.

''Drew!'' she smiled.

''Congratulations Logan.'' he gave her a hug. ''And you too, Mr. Stark.''

Logan laughed at Drew still addressing him like that, but then again, he was still in shock that Logan, his partner, was married to the billionaire. Logan guessed she owed him an apology for the time Drew accused her and Tony of having a thing, but she was very convincing of her hate toward him.

''Just Tony.'' he insisted, shaking his hand.

''Okay then Tony,'' Drew smiled, feeling privileged he was allowed to call him that now. ''Mind if I get a photo?'' he asked.

''Know how to work that thing?'' Logan asked playfully.

''Well I got a few tips from the pro,'' he nodded toward her.

Tony and Logan got close to one another and smiled for Drew's photo before Tony began kissing her cheek, making her giggle as Drew continued snapping photos. He captured just how happy they were, and no one could deny that they weren't in love.

It was later when the cake was cut when Logan pulled out her own camera and took photos of her smearing the cake all over Tony's face, laughing. She liked the professional photos of her wedding, but she liked the more intimate ones she could take of herself with others. Photography was her passion, after all, and she turned the camera around to her and everyone else standing around her, knowing one day she'd look back and remember this exact moment.

As usual, Tony was extravagant when picking their honeymoon too. They'd be spending a week on Tony's private yacht in exotic locations and romantic nights, and at the end, he was planning to take her back to Paris where they officially began their new life together. Tony never thought he'd see the day when he was married, and now he couldn't see a future without Logan in it, and he knew he was going to finally be happy with his life.

''Coming, Mr. Stark?'' Logan asked as she brought him out of his thoughts, pulling his arm toward the dance floor with their friends.

Tony smirked and grabbed her hand in his. ''Right behind you Mrs. Stark.''

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