Little Man


Ava Brett


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Overall Summary

When Dean is hit with a de-aged spell Sam is frantic. He's determined to restore his brother back to his normal self but the more he sees Dean like this the more he wonders whether it's actually a blessing in disguise. He could finally give his brother the childhood he deserves, after all if anyone deserves it then its Dean. Time is running out and Sam has to make a decision but will he make the right one.

Chapter Summary

Time to get some much needed clothes shopping done...

Other notes

Be prepared for the cuteness that is Castiel and Sam looking after Dean… fair warning it's pretty damn cute!

Chapter Six

Colours Galore

Sam pulled the impala into the empty parking space, killing the engine and leaving them in silence. He leaned forward in his seat, peering through the window screen and raised an eyebrow at the sight which greeted him. The shopping mall which was situated a few miles out of the town they had just vacated was huge, stretching out into the distance as though it was a palace. Sam had no idea why the place had to be so big in the first place but he wasn't going to complain if it meant that they would be able to get everything they needed for Dean in one go.

The place was large enough that they should be able to get their business concluded without attracting any unwanted attention. If they were somehow spotted then at least one of them would be able to grab Dean and disappear into the large crowds Sam knew would be inside, leaving the other one to distract whatever Supernatural threat had managed to track them, eliminating them before they could escape to warn others of what they had discovered. If they were lucky then they would be able to finish it off before the other shoppers had even realised what had happened right beneath their noses.

Sam breathed out nervously, his hand tightening on the steering wheel for a moment before he forced him self to let go and unclip his seatbelt allowing him to twist around comfortably in the driver's seat so he could look into the back of the impala.

It had been agreed back in the motel room before they had checked out that Castiel would sit in the back rather then the passenger seat and hold Dean in his lap while Sam drove them to the mall, not only would Dean be safer in the event of a crash given the fact that Castiel had supernatural powers but more importantly Castiel would be able to transport Dean out of the car the moment there was any sign of trouble.

Sam's face softened into a smile when he caught sight of the happy look plastered on Dean's small face. He was standing up on Castiel's lap, one of the Angel's arms wrapped around the toddler's waist keeping his steady. One of Dean's hands was curled into the Angel's dark wavy hair, gripping at it tightly while the other one was pressed flat against the window pane, his face squished against it as he stared out of the window with wide eager eyes. Sam had no idea what could be so fascinating for the two year old in a car park but whatever it was had placed a large smile on Dean's face as he started to bounce up and down on Castiel's lap, little noises of excitement escaping his mouth.

Sam couldn't remember ever seeing his brother smile so much before. The vague memories he had of Dean back when they had both been young children was of a serious boy, with watchful eyes who rarely smiled at anyone. Dean had always looked as though he had the weight of the world placed on his small shoulders and was slowly buckling under the pressure. Sam hadn't understood why at the time, nor had he particularly cared as long as Dean had agreed to play with him and had kept him fed but now he was older he could see the sheer amount of pressure that their father had forced on Dean from the tender age of five, forcing him to accept responsibilities he hadn't been ready or prepared for.

Sam could remember listening, his ear pressed against the door in the motel they had been staying at, to their Dad speaking to Dean, telling him that it was his duty to protect Sam from any harm which might try and get him and that he was counting on Dean not to let him down. Their upbringings had been so different and yet he had never realised it before. Sam had been eight when he had finally started to learn how to fight and learn how to handle weapons, Dean had been five. While Sam had played games, done his homework and watched TV, Dean had been next to him writing out food menus in his childish handwriting trying to figure out how he was going to feed the pair of them on what his father had left them before the older man had disappeared on yet another hunt. Dean had been the one who had to figure out on a daily basis how to keep them safe and clothes and away from suspicious eyes both human and supernatural and yet Sam couldn't remember hearing Dean complain about it once. He merely got on with it, making sure that Sam had the childhood which he had .never been allowed to have

It hadn't been fair on his brother.

Sam swallowed, licking his lips as he forced the anger he was feeling back down, his eyes still fixed on Dean who had turned away from the window and thrown him self into Castiel's waiting arms for a hug.

Had Dean been this affectionate and loving before their mother had died? Had he been so carefree and happy, willing to hug anyone and be friends with the world or had things already been beginning to go wrong in his life? Sam had always gotten the impression from Dean's memories on the rare occasion he had spoken about life before the murder of their mother, that there had been some tension between their parents, their father staying away for long hours leaving their mother to raise Dean alone. The memories must have been strong to last well into Dean's adult hood. His brother had always been incredibly observant over everything he came into contact with. Was it a skill which he had been born with or one had had taught him self when he had grown into his role as Sam's protector.

Sam hoped it was the second one, seeing how innocent Dean was he was determined to preserve it, giving Dean a childhood of some kind. One which is brother should have been given as a matter of course.

Pushing the thought away Sam spoke making his voice sound carefree.

"Ready to go inside little man?" he asked. Dean turned away from Castiel at the sound of his voice, twisting around so he could see Sam's face as he nodded, his large green eyes sparkling happily at him.

"Yes" Dean stated firmly, the sound making Sam smile. Clearly Dean could speak the odd word here and there when he chose to but clearly stringing together a sentence was still slightly beyond him yet. Sam took the fact that Dean was speaking more and more as a sign that his brother was beginning to feel at ease with both himself and Castiel.

He was hoping that there was a book shop inside which would sell a parenting book. It would make all their lives easier if Sam knew exactly what he needed to do rather then guessing and hoping that it was what Dean needed.

"Well in that case let's head in" Sam answered, twisting back around and pushing the driver's door open. He climbed out, breathing in the cool fresh air as he waited for Castiel to exit the car with an excited Dean held securely in his arms before he locked the door. He glanced around him carefully, his eyes lingering on the people who were nearby packing their cars with their belongings but they all seemed more intent on finishing their task rather then paying any attention to them. There was nothing else about the area they were in which set off alarm bells in his head either. "Anything feel off to you?" he asked Castiel as he walked around the back of the car to join them.

"There is nothing hear apart from humans Sam. We are safe to proceed." Castiel answered him, adjusting Dean so the small boy was resting comfortable on Castiel's hip. For a moment Sam wondered whether the knowledge Castiel was displaying was his own or whether he was relying on Jimmy Novak's knowledge and memories to know what to do with Dean. Hell Sam wasn't even sure whether Jimmy was still alive and inside with Castiel or whether the vessel which Castiel had hitched a ride in so he could approach Dean was now his own.

The thought was strangely disturbing.

"You happy holding him or shall I take him from you for a bit?" Sam asked politely, his hands itching to take his brother from the Angel.

He was saved from an answer when Dean twisted in Castiel's grip and held his arms out towards Sam, an impatient look coming to his face making it clear that he didn't want to wait any longer for his hug. Sam couldn't help the slightly smug smile which came to his face when he bent down slightly and wrapped his arms around Dean's torso waiting until Castiel had released his hold on Dean before he straightened, smiling when Dean threw his arms around his neck, the sound of happy childish giggles filling his ear.

He knew he was being childish but there was a part of him deep down which was glad that Dean seemed to prefer him to Castiel. There had been so many times in the past few months when he had been forced to watch his brother and the Angel grow closer to each other. He knew that he had only him self to blame due to what had happened with Ruby but it had still hurt at the time to see Dean actually want to spend time with some other them him self.

Sam frowned, his mind going back to Ruby and the way she had used and betrayed him, making him turn against his own brother so she could fulfil her own sick plan of bringing Lucifer to their world, a plan which had worked. It was his own fault, he should have been able to see what had been happening from the start but she had used his own terrible grief against him and he had soon become addicted to her and her blood and everything which she was offering him. By the time Castiel had faced hell and dragged Dean's soul out, repairing his body and returning Sam's older brother to him, it had been far too late for him to turn back from the path he had been on. He could only go forward and hope that Dean would forgive him for what he had done the same way his brother had forgiven all his previous mistakes.

He still had a hell of a lot to make up for when it came to Dean. Taking care of his brother while he was in his current state and keeping him safe was the least Sam could do for him.

"Sam, I suggest we go indoors now, we're exposed out here to both the supernatural and to the elements." Castiel remarked coolly, his blue eyes moving around them carefully. Sam nodded his agreement, turning and weaving his way through the parked cars towards the entrance to the mall. He watched Dean's fascinated face, his brother's eyes fixed on all the cars they passed, little noises of happiness and excitement escaping his mouth as he bounced up and down in Sam's tight hold. Clearly Dean's love of cars hadn't changed when he had. Sam would have to find a toy shop inside and pick Dean up some toy cars for him to play with, if he loved the real things as much now as he did when he was an adult then he would love them.

They reached the entrance and entered through the automatic doors, a blast of cold hair hitting them, making Dean whine in discomfort as he buried his face into Sam's jacket, a shiver going through him. Sam reached up; rubbing Dean's back through the material of his shirt as he quickly moved them both away from the air conditioning unit. Castiel had managed to get Dean a small miniature version of his favourite outfit; dark blue jeans, a black t-shirt with the Metallica band logo on it and a blue and green check plaid shirt. He had even managed to get a pair of small tanned Timberland boots. Sam wondered whether Castiel had brought the clothes from a shop or had somehow shrunk Dean's own clothes so they would fit his new smaller frame.

"Right" Sam said, heading over to the map of the shopping mall aware of Castiel at his side. "So we're gonna need clothes, a car seat, nappies-" Sam's voice trailed away as he breathed out loudly, realising for the first time just how much stuff they were going to have to buy that day.

"It would be wise to get a push chair for Dean, food and something for him to pay with which will keep him entertained while we are researching how to reverse this" Castiel continued. Sam raised an eyebrow thankful for the first time that he had allowed Dean to talk him into getting a fake credit card. He was going to need it.

"Well there's no point putting the torture off any longer, let's start in that clothing shop over there since its close" Sam remarked, pointing towards the baby gap shop off to the left of them. Dean hated Gap with a passion but his brother would simply have to deal with it.

Sam headed towards the shop and entered it looking around him; the place was huge and crowded, without thinking Sam passed Dean over to Castiel. His eyes narrow as he moved further into the shop, his gaze lingering on each and every face, looking for anything which might have looked like a potential threat to them. It wouldn't have been the first time that he and Dean had been attacked in a shop by a hoard of demons when they had been forced to admit defeat and go shopping for new clothes due to their other ones being destroyed during their other hunts.

"Can I help you both with something?" Sam turned towards the woman's voice, automatically stepping in front of Castiel and Dean, his hand moving near to the waistband of his jeans where he had slipped Ruby's demon knife in case they needed it. She was a young woman in her early twenties with soft light brown hair and pale blue eyes set in a pleasant looking face.

"We need to get some clothes" Sam replied, keeping his voice friendly. The woman glanced at his face, her smile becoming warmer before she peered past him, her eyes landing on Dean. They widened for a moment before her smile widened and she waved at Dean who hesitantly waved back at her.

"What a beautiful little boy he is" she cooed "Is he yours?" she asked Sam curiously, her eyes moving between Sam and Castiel with a questioning look. Sam hesitated; they hadn't actually discussed what story they would tell people if people asked them that very question. He licked his lips nervously, opening his mouth to make something up when Castiel spoke calmly from behind him.

"He is my son and this is his Uncle" he indicated Sam with a wave of his hand. Sam glanced around, his eyes meeting Castiel's blank eyes with a warning look as he swallowed back his anger, turning to face the sale woman again with a forced smile. Her attention was fixed on Dean and Castiel with a look which placed Sam instantly on guard.

"Well your son is lovely" she commented. "You should consider child modelling for him, we're actually looking for young children to be the face of our new clothing line and your son would be perfect. You would get a free shopping trip for the effort of you'd agree, details are over there" she assured them waving her hand towards a large board asking for child models. Sam hesitated briefly for a moment, considering the offer. He knew that his brother would be furious if he found out about it but it would be handy to get all the clothes free.

"Thank you but no" Castiel answered her, a cold note coming to his voice which made the woman's smile falter slightly before she forced it back onto her face as she took a subtle step away from them both.

"Well if you change your mind then I'm sure our manager would be delighted to tell you more" she said before she turned to face Sam. "What exactly do you need today for your Nephew?" she asked him, clearly finding him more approachable to speak to then Castiel was. Sam glanced back at Dean but the young boy seemed content in Castiel's arm, glancing around him curiously, probably attracted by the array of bright colours the store seemed to stock.

"We need lots of clothes for him" Sam said, "We've just landed at the airport and they've managed to lose the suitcase which had all my Nephew's clothes in it. He's literally lost everything except what he was wearing on the flight so we need to stock up" The woman nodded her head, her pale blue eyes lighting up.

"We can do that" she said eagerly, reaching up and hooking some hair behind her ear. "How old is he exactly?" she asked.

"He is two years and three months" Castiel answered. The woman nodded, a thoughtful look coming to her face as her eyes lingered on Dean. Sam frowned, stepping further in front of Dean and blocking the small boy from view.

"He'll be wearing clothes between two and three then. Have you given any though about what sort of clothes you want him to wear? Are you talking about jumpers? Hoodies? Shirts? T-shirts? Jeans? Combats? What shoes does he need? Does he need a jacket since it's still fairly cold outside?" she asked, firing the questions at him, Sam stared at her helplessly, his expression causing her to laugh as she shook her head. "Don't tell me" she said her eyes flickering to Castiel "Your wife normally does the shopping for your son." She turned back to Sam. "How about I just bring you a selection of clothing and you can pick what you want from there. Does your nephew have a favourite colour at all?"

"Green" Sam blinked when he realised that it had been Dean to answer the woman's question, he moved back slightly so he could look at his brother with a look of surprise.

"You like Green sweetie?" the sales woman asked him, her voice gentle reflecting the smile on her face. Dean nodded his head, his arms tightening around Castiel's neck as he continued to look at the woman with large green eyes.

"Yes and Blue" Dean stated with a nod. Sam raised an eyebrow; it had been the longest strings of words he had heard the young boy use so far.

"Any other colours or just green and blue?" she remarked.

"He favours dark red as well" Castiel answered for him, looking away from Dean and fixing the woman with his cool stare.

"Ok I can do that, what is your name sweetie?" she asked leaning towards Dean. Dean blinked at her, tilting his head to look back at Castiel before he placed his hand on his own chest and spoke.

"Dean" he said before he pointed towards Sam. "Sammy" he turned back to Castiel, placing his hand against the Angel's chest. "Cas"

The woman raised an eyebrow at that, a small frown coming to her face.

"Cas?" she queried.

"He hasn't quite figured out how to say Daddy yet, instead he's picked up on the fact that we call my brother in law Cas" Sam lied with a laugh, running a hand through his hair. Trust his brother to choose now to start getting talkative. The woman nodded glancing back at Dean who smiled widely at her.

"I'm going to go and get you some clothes now Dean" she said, turning away from them and walking towards one of the display stand which had several different coloured t-shirts on them. The minute Sam was out of ear shot Sam turned on Castiel with a furious look.

"Why the hell did you tell her that you were Dean's Dad?" he demanded angrily, keeping his voice quiet so Dean wouldn't notice what was happening.

"It was logical. Any supernatural creature searching for Dean in this new state will be looking for two brothers; they will not yet be looking for a child out with his father and Uncle. It will buy us some breathing space Sam" he stated flatly. Sam stared at him for a moment, frowning in annoyance when he realised that Castiel's explanation made sense to him.

"Well don't do anything like that again without discussing it with me first" Sam snapped back before he sighed and leaned down so his face was on level with Dean's waiting until the small boy turned to look at him.

"Dean" he said quietly, reaching out and running his hand over Dean's soft blond hair. "I know all of this is confusing for you at the moment, hell its confusing for us all, but when we're out in public like this you must call Cas Daddy, can you do that for me?" he asked. Dean frowned before he nodded slowly, turning to look up at Castiel with a look of confusion. Sam hated added to Dean bewilderment but it had to be done to help keep him safe until they could get to Bobby's.

"Here we are" the woman said, approaching them with a colleague both of whom were holding a selection of different clothes in their hand. Sam noticed that the colour scheme was mainly made up of green, blue and dark red though the woman had added some other colours for variety. She placed them down on a small table and smiled at the man with her, waiting until he had gone before she picked up a small plaid shirt made up of different shades of blue. "So do you like this Dean?" she asked.

Dean stared at it for a moment, a smile lighting his face as he nodded, turning his head back to look at Castiel.

"Look blue Daddy Cas" he stated. Sam risked a glance at the woman thankful to see the suspicious look which had lingered in her eyes ease away at Dean's words.

"Yes it is blue Dean" Castiel answered, absently running his hand up and down Dean's back.

Sam breathed out quietly, closing his eyes for a moment as he listened to the woman speak to Castiel about the clothes she had picked and why she had picked them out for Dean.

There was a chance that they might just pull this out and get out of here without ending up with a fight with someone who might recognise who Sam was.

Somehow though he didn't believe they would be that lucky.

Author Note

Hope you enjoyed it!