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Brookstar's fur pricked slightly as the cold air formed little ice crystals on the fallen leaves below her paws. She shook her head in frustration, an early frost was no purring matter, and she could only hope the Sandyfur had collected enough herbs for this year's early leaf-bare. Slowly she padded over to Streamflower who was working on getting the day's patrol's orgainized.

"Streamflower, could you send Lionpaw and Sparklepaw to help Sandyfur and Boltpaw collect any herbs that survived this frost? Also, Fawnspeckle can help them too, she had a bit of experience before," Brookstar cut in.

Streamflower nodded her head. "Okay, Brookstar can you each lead a border patrol?"

The clan leader nodded her head.

"Then Emberstone, Blizzardfur, and Glacierrock, you can go on Brookstar's patrol." Streamflower announced. "Sweethoney, you will lead a hunting patrol, take with you Nighthawk, Bluemist, and Skunktail."

Quickly Brookstar rounded up her patrol and they used the tunnel that went right out to their territory. Brookstar lead the cats through the icy undergrowth until they reached the border and put down scent markers.

"Brookstar, may I run ahead?" Emberstone asked.

Brookstar nodded her head. All the sudden she heard the screech of fighting up ahead.

"Emberstone!?" she called out as she dashed through the undergrowth beside Blizzardfur and Glacierrock.

She started to leap toward one of the nearest attacking she-cats before a different cat bowled the she-cat right out of her reach.

"Rain, how many times do I have to tell you to not pick fights!?" the newest cat told the other.

Brookstar could tell from both of the she-cats scents that they were sisters, probably nearing their sixth moon, and that they were also loners.

"I'm sorry," the she-cat that had fought with Emberstone apologized.

The she-cat who had bowled her sister out of Brookstar's reach spoke, "Um… my name is Lily, and this is my sister, Rain. Our mother died… she was attacked by a dog."

Brookstar's eyes narrowed, "Well, Lilly and Rain, my name is Brookstar and I am the leader of SunClan. This is my mate, Emberstone," Brookstar flicked her tail at the cat Rain had just fought with and then pointed to Blizzardfur and Glacierrock; "This is my best-friend, Blizzardfur, and Blizzardfur's son, Glacierrock. We live in a Clan of cats."

Lilly's eyes narrowed in interest, "What does your 'Clan' do?"

"Well, we help catch food for the kits and their mothers, and for the old and the weak, plus if a cat gets sick we care for them and we train to fight and hunt," Brookstar explained.

"Can we join?" Lilly asked.

Brookstar narrowed her eyes in thought, "We do need more warriors, I can say that I can take you back to camp, but I can't guarantee that you will become a member."

Lilly nodded her head, "Rain?"

"Ok," Rain replied.

The rest of the patrol surrounded the two loner kits while Brookstar led them back to camp.

"Rain, you will be known as Rainbowpaw until you receive your warrior name. Blizzardfur, you have shone bravery and kindness, you will be Rainbowpaw's mentor!" Brookstar announced.

Earlier in the day Brookstar had gathered her senior warriors and they had decided that the two loners should join the clan.

"Lilly, you shall be known as Lillypaw until you receive your warrior name. Nighthawk, you have shone great strength and you are ready to become a mentor, you will mentor Lillypaw!" Brookstar yowled.

"Rainbowpaw, Lillypaw, Rainbowpaw, Lillypaw!" the clan cheered.

The clan started to leave but Brookstar called them back, "There are also three other kits that are six moons old! Pumpkinkit, Skykit, and Sunnykit, step forward."

Brookstar felt pride curse through her pelt as she listened to her clanmates cheering. The clan would survive.

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