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? ? ? - ? ? ? : ? ? ? : Fem!Haku

? ? ? - ? ? ? : ? ? ? : Hinata

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Naruko: The Kitsune's Kit

Chapter 2

The purple energy in Naruko's hand and took the shape of a long staff, before the light faded as the weapon finished its transformation. It was a scythe, it had a long black shaft with purple vine-like engravings. At the end of the staff was a long purple-silver blade that was curved, it was beautiful and the way it was curved made it look like a fox in a way. Where the blade met the shaft, there was a large section that looked similar to a slit eye as a large decoration that connected the blade to the metal shaft of the weapon

"Nice." Naruko grinned as she span the weapon for a bit, moving as if she was an expert with the weapon. With a normal scythe she was as bad as a novice, but this one was like an extension of her hands.

Sakura, however, backed away in fear as the weapon appeared in Naruko's hand while the others looked on impressed and, in some cases, jealous

"I'll call you Ripper." Naruko smiled as the scythe vanished

"Will Sauske Uchiha and Gaara of the Desert please come to the field." Genma called

Gaara used a Sand Sushin to teleport to the center of the arena. However, Sauske was not there

"Where's Sauske?" Ino asked

"He and Hatake will probably arrive late. And knowing how this village treats the brat they will suspend his match until he arrives, even if Gaara is standing there for hours, just so their 'prince' can fight." Naruko snorted as she picked up Hinata bridal-style and sat down, resting her new mate in her lap

Almost everyone nodded at that, except for Ino and Sakura. Ino wanted to argue for her love, but then thought and realized that it WAS something the city would do

'Even if he didn't want it.' Ino added mentally, sure that while Sauske will be mad at being late he would rather follow the rules.

As for Sakura...

"DON'T TALK ABOUT SAUSKE LIKE THAT!" she yelled as she pulled her fist back, ready to punch Naruko in the face

The half-demon just glared at her, her snow-flake tattoo glowing softly and Sakura found her arm frozen

"Don't even try it." Naruko growled

*Kage booth*

"Damn it Kakashi." The Hokage groaned as he resisted the urge to face-palm

"We should postpone the match, I am sure the audience is dieing to see my son battle the last Uchiha." The Kazekage suggested

"Yea, because that is TOTALLY not favoritism."a feminine voice said, catching both Kage's attention as they turned around to see the source of the voice. Sitting cross legged behind them was a woman in her early twenties eating a bowel of ramen hungrily. In fact, the way she was eating reminded Sarutobi of his honorary grandson... or granddaughter now

The woman had red haired tied up in a ponytail that reached halfway down her back, a pair of red fox ears atop her head instead of normal ones at the side of her head, a soft face with red eyes that held slitted pupils and bright orange lips with small sharp canniness poking out of her lips. She had D-Cup breasts and was wearing a black long sleeve shirt that looked like it was painted on, a skirt that reached just above her ankles with slits on both sides to allow her legs free range while also wearing a pair of dark blue bike shorts underneath, a set of formal black sandals with socks that reached her knees and finally a white silk jacket with clouds on it which, when done up, looks similar to a kimono from its design. Nine long red fox tails swung behind her, all connected at her tailbone. And finally she had the same mark that Naruko had put on Hinata on her neck as well

"Who are you?!" The descised Orochimaru growled

"Naruko's other mother." The woman said simply between large gulps from a seemingly endless raman bowel

"Your... the Nine Tails!" The Hokage gasped

"Ping pong." She replied simply as she paused her eating "Kiza Kurama-Uzumaki. Nice to meet you Old Man. And thanks for looking after my Kit all these years. And I am sorry for what I had done to your village. After Kushina died giving birth I just... lost it. I didn't know what I was doing, I only thought of anger and getting rid of said anger."

"You're welcome." Sarutobi said "I see Naruko as a part of my family."

"As does she with you." Kiza replied before he could say anything else

"Why are you here?" The Hokage asked instead of replying "How did you get out of your seal?"

"She let me out." Kiza replied simply "She needed a teacher so she let me out."

"And you won't attack Konoha?" He asked again

"As long as they don't try and attack my daughter I will not harm anyone." was the reply she gave

"Fine." The third Hokage sighed, knowing he was no match against the fox demon "Why are you against postponing Sasuke Uchiha and Gaara's match?"

"Simple. He has lost because he failed to show. What if he did not reach a given point for a mission on time during a war? Or missed a meeting for information because he was late, and that information would save the village from being destroyed? He would have failed and caused the deaths of who knows how many. By not arriving to a test on time he has proven that he is not ready to be promoted, in fact it puts his roll as a ninja up to question." Kiza explained simply before she went back to eating

"I do believe that makes sense." Sarutobi nodded before he stood up and called "Since Sasuke Uchiha has yet to arrive and we have already waited five minutes he is disqualified!" He called, making the residents if Konoha start booing him

'Damn it!' Orochimaru growled mentally 'I can't do the invasion like this! With the Nine Tails here as well as Uzumaki apparently being her child I do not have the resources to win! And with no Sauske there is no point!' He then used his disguised hands to signal Kabuto that the invasion was off


"HE CAN'T DO THAT!" Sakura screamed at the Hokage's announcement

"Yes he can Banshee." Naruko said with a roll of her eyes as Gaara returned to the stands "He is the Hokage and he gave his ruling."

"SHUT UP NARUTO!" Sakura screamed, making Hinata mumble in her unconscious state

"Shut up, you'll wake Hinata." Naruko glared at the pink haired girl

Sakura humphed and turned around, as if she thought she was a queen speaking to an ignorant peasant

"Can Shikamaru Nara and Temari of the Desert please take their positions on the field!" The announcer called

"Troublesome." The lazy Ninja muttered "Prospector! I forfi..." The Ninja was suddenly kicked down to the stadium floor

"Man up!" Naruko laughed

*Kage booth*

Sarutobi sweat-dropped at his honorary granddaughters actions

"A very... lively Ninja there." The disguised Orochimaru blinked

"Yes. She is." The Third Hokage nodded in agreement

Meanwhile Kiza was laughing her ass off, dropping her bowel of ramen "Oh that's my girl!" She then laughed harder and harder at what happened, before calming down "Oh I needed that."

"Kyubi?" Sarutobi asked

"Please, call me Kiza you old goat." The nine-tails waved him off

"Okay... Kiza... what was that weapon Naruko used against Neji? At the end, the one that knocked him out." The old shinobi asked as the fight started

"Oh, that old thing?" Kiza asked in shock "It is something called a gun, Kushina was working on it before she died. It was suppose to make the kunai and shuriken obsolete, as well as save ninja SO much money in the long run."

"And how would it do this?" The fake Kazakage asked in interest while also watching the fight his 'daughter' was participating in, which almost seemed like a chess match

"It is designed to shoot a small, concentrated blast of charka through a person. It shoots it at a much more powerful rate than a kunai can be thrown and is easier to aim which means the user can use it even further away." Kiza explained "And since the charka-burst goes THROUGH the target, while also being barely thicker than a pen in width, it makes it incredibly hard for anyone near the target to know which direction that attack even CAME from giving the shooter the opportunity to get far away before they even know which way the shot came from."

"Amazing." Sarutobi nodded "But then why isn't Neji dead?"

"Naruko used the barest minimum amount of charka the gun needs for that shot, and she even added a bit of electric charka into it so it became a stun shot." Kiza explained

"Impressive." the fake-Kazakage said with a nod "But how did she make it to all that?"

"Seals of course!" Kiza smiled

"Of course." Srutobi chuckled

"Unfortunately it is far from perfect. There where some flaws that, while my Kit has managed to lessen them she has been unable to remove them." Kiza admitted

"Such as?" the fake-Kazakage asked

"The shots use a large amount of charka and the gun gives off a loud 'bang' when fired, the stronger the blast the louder the bang." Kiza explained "At least Naruko got rid of the 'explodes after three shots' problem there was before Kushina died."

Both the real and fake kage's sweat-dropped at that apparent ex-'defect'


"And the winner is... Temari of the Desert!" The announcer called. Even though Shikamaru had the girl in the perfect position to end it he had ran out of charka "Can Shino Aburame and Kankuro of the Desert please come to the arena please?"

"Wow that was awesome." Naruko noted simply with a wide grin

"Yea." Ino nodded in agreement "But I can't believe the ass forfeited! He just didn't want to get promoted and have to do more work."

"Defiantly." Kiba chuckled

"Lay off guys." Naruko scowled "He did great. The goal wasn't to win, that is more of a side objective. Or a result of what you have to do. The goal is to be in CONTROL of the fight. To be the best, that doesn't always mean winning."

The others looked at Naruko, surprised at how smart she sounded... except for one Banshee if course

"Yea right Naruto you baka. As if you could understand a test, its a win and win thing obviously." Sakura said snootily making the others look at her as if she was mad

"Sakura. You're lucky Hinata is on my lap and still recovering from my marking... and why she was unconscious in the first place. Otherwise I'd hit you so hard you'd be half way to Sauna by now." Naruko said plainly as the unconscious Hinata snuggled into her grasp

"As if you baka." Sakura glaired in ignorance

"And the winner is Shino Aburame! Can Naruko Kurama-Uzumaki-Namakaze and Gaara of the Desert please report to the field!" The announcer called

"Show time." Naruko smirked as she set Hinita onto the chair, and kissed the girl's forehead softly "Good work Shino." She congratulated the masked body as he returned to the booth, the bug user nodding in return. Naruko then jumped out of the booth, flipping and twisting in the air several times before landing on the field in a crouch

Meanwhile Gaara appeared in a swirl of sand. "You shall prove my existence! Mother shall bathe in your blood!"

"Please. That little cross-dressing racoon you call a Mother has no chance against my Mother, and if I let you beat me she'd never let me forget it. I mean, loosing to the ONE tails?" Naruko said, being as sarcastic as possible

Gaara growled as he raised an arm back, sand surrounding it as the announcer prepared to start the fight.

Until a swirling wind filled with lots of leaves swirled in the middle of the field

"They took their time." Naruko said simply, basically deadpan, as Sasuke and Kakashi appeared

"Yo." Kakashi greeted, grinning

"Hmph. I see the Dobe didn't win." Sasuke said, sounding both high and mighty but also a bit disappointed before he spotted Naruko "And who are you?" No one noticed how his eyes traveled up and down her body

"Actually, he did win. And I am Naruto, Teme." Naruko said, a light glare in her eyes

"Huh?" Sasuke asked in shock, staring at Naruko "Dobe?"

"Yep. That's me." Naruko nodded "Always been a girl, I'm the half-daughter of the Kyuubi. I was always disguised by a Genjutus that was impossible to see through as it bled with my natural Charka and was made out Youkai instead of Charka."

Sasuke looked in shock however, before anything else could happen, Kakashi moved forwards and interrupted."Well, while that was interesting and everything. However, Sasuke is here for his fight."

"I am sorry but Sasuke was already disqualified." Genma explained

"WHAT!?" The last Uchiha yelled in shock and anger before he turned towards Kakashi "You bastard! You said that because I was an Uchiha they would delay my fight as long as they had to! And we where only late because YOU where two hours late!"

"Now now Sasuke." Kakashi said lazily, trying to calm down his 'student' 'This is bad! If Sasuke resents me for costing him a promotion so early in his carrier it might mean that I won't be getting praise for training one of the greatest ninja ever!' he internally panicked in greed, thinking of all the girls who may not throw themselves at him if his plan doesn't work. And he wouldn't get that bonus the Council promised him. He then added "Now come on Genma, surely you can allow an exception! This is Sasuke we are talking about! The village loves him and feel cheated at not seeing him fight!"

"He is disqualified." Genma said simply with a glair

"It is not his fault though, Genma Sir." Naruko voiced out, shocking everyone "Listen, I believe I have a good compromise. Sasuke fights ME, and if he wins he can compete and I am out of the tournament. If I win he is out. Simple. What do you think?"

"I'm in." Sasuke said instantly, his eyes narrowed

"I don't know..." Genma muttered as he looked up to the Kage booth. The Hokage gave a small nod as Kiza waved a large sign saying 'Kick his ass Naruko!' in bright orange

"Oh man..." Naruko muttered as she face palmed, blushing brightly at her mothers actions while the others in the audience just looked at the random red head in the Kage booth in confusion and shock

"Okay then let's do this!" Kakashi grinned, happy to see the 'brat' put in his/her place, as he jumped back to a safe place

Sasuke just grinned at Naruko and got into his fighting position "Just give up dobe, you know you can't win."

"Say's you." Naruko grinned back in challenge before she turned to Gaara and gave a weak smile of apology "I am sorry Gaara but we musty postpone our fight for a little bit." The red head was silent and just walked away "Not much of a talker is he?" She asked Sasuke sarcastically as she shrugged and got into a rough boxing pose. It was not the fighting style she uses or was planning on using, but she didn't want to start showing off until AFTER she started kicking his ass

"RIP HIM APART YOU SEXY BEAST!" was yelled from the Jonnin stands by a certain woman with purple hair in a pineapple style

"Begin!" Genma yelled before running from the field

Instantly Sasuke charged, arrogantly thinking that the 'dobe' was no match for him.

It took him half a second to realize he had been thrown back from his charge by a wave of icy wind. He flipped in the air and skidded to slow himself down, quickly coming to a stop

Naruko had her right arm outstretched, her snowflake like tattoo glowing softly

"Nice try." Naruko said simply as the glow stopped and restarted, a soft glow appearing in her hand

*Kage booth*

"Oh! She's using IceFang! She must want to win really fast!" Kiza grinned as she peaked over the banister of the booth

"IceFang?" The third Hokage asked

"Yea." Kiza nodded, her ears falling flat against her head "Her first mate... and why she's being so serious."

This caught Orochimaru's interest. Maybe he could use this information to twist the half-demon under his control. He would need Kabuto to do some digging on this

*stands- Rookie's*

"Who do you think will win?" Ino asked, honestly unable to decide

"Naruko/ My darling Sasuke." was said at the same time by Shikamaru and Sakura

"TAKE IT BACK YOU LAZY BASTARD!" Sakura instantly screamed, making everyone flinch

"Sasuke's strengths are his speed, his Sharingan and his fire Jutsu." Shikamaru instantly stated "Naruko is faster, she is able to out run ANUB before she even graduated the academy. With that speed, plus the speed she showed in her match against Neji, she can easily outrun the eyesight of Sasuke's eyes. And if he cant see her, his Fire Jutsu is useless. And even then she has shown to have a stronger technique."

"SASUKE WILL WIN BECAUSE HE LOVES ME!" Sakura screamed, everyone just giving up at talking to her.

It was then that Hinata groaned as her eyes started to flicker open "Ow. W... What happened?"

"You fainted with a nosebleed." Shino said instantly, not looking away from the fight

"I... I did?" Hinata gasped, feeling embarrassed again and blushing

"Yes you did." Ino nodded as she went next to the girl "Are you okay?"

"Y... Yes." Hinata nodded shyly

"Good." Kiba grinned before he frowned "Because your mate is out there fighting the Uchiha."

"M... Mate?!" Hinata gasped, knowing what that word meant when coming from an Inuzuka "B... But I'm... I'm st... strai..." Hinata muttered, blushing brightly

"Apparently not." Choji muttered as he took another handful of his chips and began to much on them

"Naruko said that she could only mark someone she loves and who loves her." Shikamaru explained simply

'She... loves me?' Hinata thought simply in shock, her cheeks now as bright pink as cherry blossom petals. She then muttered one word as she felt her mind in a tumble of confusion "... Naruko...?" her lips instinctively twisted into a small


A white-blue blade made of ice appeared in Naruko's hand. The hilt was a snow-flake shape with an above average length handle so it could be held with two hands. The blade was several feet long, about three foot long, and was curved similar to a scimitar. The way the blade curved made the tip of it look like a fox's head

"What is that weapon?" Sauske growled, wanting it so he can kill Itachi

"IceFang." Naruko said darkly as she walked towards her rival "A memento, and power, from my first love." she then slashed, launching an ice wave which Sasuke dodged

"Why does that look familiar?" Kakashi thought as he stared at the blade, feeling a sense of deja vu from the weapon

"Your first love?" Sauske asked as he landed, activating his Sharingan to help protect himself

"I hated you for a while after Wave Sasuke." Naruko glared as she charged at Sasuke, her slash barely being dodged

Sasuke gritted his teeth as he back flipped away and reached into his kunai pouch before throwing several shuriken at Naruko.

Naruko jumped to the side, dodging the small knives "Covered in those needles... I thought you had accidentally made her do the one things she NEVER wanted to do. Kill." Naruko continued darkly

"Who the hell are you talking about dobe?!" yelled Sasuke.

"Haku." Naruko said simply, dashing forth and kicking Sasuke in the face

The force behind the kick made Sasuke bounced against the ground a few times before stopping.

"But I got over it. You are arrogant, but not a truly bad person." Naruko continued

Sasuke gritted his teeth as he pushed himself and wiped the blood from his lip. This couldn't be the same dobe. It had to be some trick.

"And now... she is DEAD!" Naruko yelled as she charged, weapon ready

Sasuke grinned and ducked the swing before jumping back as he began to go through familiar handsigns that Kurenai, Asuma and Guy noticed.

"What's he doing?" Naruko wondered aloud

"You should feel honored. I was saving this for Gaara, but now you can die!" he grinned as the sound of chirping birds could be heard as an orb of lighting began to form in his left hand.

Naruko was still... before her eyes began to glow with anger "You... DARE... use THAT move?!" She growped in pure rage

"Kakashi, did you really go and teach Sasuke that move?!" asked Kurenai who looked at the Jonin in disgust.

"It was my choice. He needed it." Kakashi scoffed

"CHIDORI!" roared Sasuke as he charged at Naruko with a cocky grin on his face.

Only to fall facefirst as his feet whee suddenly frozen to the floor

"BAHAHAHAHAHAH!" laughed Kiza who was rolling around the booth as she couldn't stop herself.

"... yes, that is a Naruko move." The Hokage nodded "At least she hasn't changed too much."

Naruko grinned as the Chidori died down and she walked over with a laid back attitude.

"Awwww... did Little Saskue fall down?" She asked in a 'baby voice'... before she stomped on the hand he used to use the lightning jutsu and, grinding her heel into it, broke every bone in said hand as she grinned overly-sweetly

"AAHHH!" cried out Sasuke.

"Now... surrender." She said sweetly "Or I will carve those pretty red eyes of your out of your skull with just my fingernails."

The tone in her voice showed that she was deadly serious.

"T... tch. Fine." He hissed

"Winner, Naruko Uzumaki!" called the announcer.

The audiance preformed a mix of cheers and boos, only those from the village booing for hef besides her friends

"Way to go Naruko!" cheered Kiba.

"Go Naruko!" Hinata clapped

"SHE CHEATED!" screeched Sakura.

"Oh yea? How?" Choji asked, not beliving her stupidity


"You mean she used her natural powers?" Shikamaru groaned "That is NOT cheating Sakura."

Sakura scoffed before sitting down as Naruko walked up the stairs to the stands.

"And now a short break before I kick Gaara's ass." She stretched

Naruko yawned as she fell into her chair again, notecong everyone staring at her "... what?"

"Did we ever know the real you?" Shino asked

"Well I still love ramen." she grinned.

She then looked over to Hinata, seeing her look blushing and looking away

"Aww, so cute." she smiled pulling Hinata in a hug.

"GAH!" Hinita squealed as she was pulled into Naruko's lap

"NARUTO-BAKA! ADMIT YOU CHEATED!" screeched Sakura like the banshee she was

"Do not speak about my daughter like that." Kiza snarled as she appeared behind Sakura

Sakura jumped back as Naruko smiled at seeing her mother.

"Mom!" She grinned

"Th... that's your mother?" Hinata stuttered

"Yup. Of course, every knows her as a big fox." chuckled Naruko before hugging her mom.

"It's good to see you." Kisa smiled, grouping Naruko's ass

"Wait, this is the Kyuubi?" asked Ino with a scared look on her face.

"Oh please, she's harmless." Naruko waved off... before she added "Well... unless you make her mad."

"Good to see another of my daughter's mates." smiled Kisa hugging Hinata.

"Er... another?" Hinata gulped

"Yup. My little kit is growing her own harem." she giggled.

"... WHAT?!" everyone gasped

"Sasuke deserves a harem more than this baka!" yelled Sakura.

"So you're saying you want to share Sasuke with 18 other girls?" Naruko said sarcastically

"No, I'll jut prove who's in charge." she replied with an arrogant tone.

"I wouldn't touch her." muttered Kiba to Shino.

"Oh yea? How?" Naruko scoffed

Before Sakura could open her mouth, Kisa muffled her by clamping her hand over her mouth while glaring at her.

"I'd be quiet if I where you." Kiza growled

"... am I the only one turned on right now?" Kiba muttered

"Yes." replied Shikamaru.

Kiba pouted, looking down, as his partner laughed

"How was I mom?" Naruko asksd

"You were wonderful." smiled Kisa with pride.

"Thanks." Naruko smiled "Hinata?"

"I...I also thought it amazing." smiled Hinata with a blush.

"Thanks. Be back soon." Naruko smiled, kissing Hknata softly on the lips

She pulled back as Hinata's blush could have put a tomato to shame.

"Oh... and I know about your 'Operation: Seduce Naruto' box." Naruko whispered into Hinata's ear

That was the final straw as Hinata fainted and fell back into Kisa's arms.

"Awww, and I didn't even get to tell her what I thought about the linger." Naruko pouted

"The next match between Gaara and Naruko will now take place!" called the announcer.

"Wish me luck." Naruko grinned

She jumped down to the arena as Gaara stood there with his usual expression.

"Ready Sand-Boy?" Naruko grinned

"Mother will taste your blood." he replied.

His reply made Naruko groan beforr she tried to explain "Gaara. Your 'mother' IS! A! DUDE! Seriously Uncle One-Tail, I can RESPECT that you want to be a woman but... wait until AFTER the sergy to be called 'mother'!"

The announcer brought his hand down as Naruko dashed at Gaara whose sand rose up.

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