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Aomine stared at Akashi in disbelief. Akashi just looked back at the darker male coolly and calculated.

The both of them were sitting on a sofa, opposite from each other and a small table separating them.

Aomine shifted his gaze to the pregnancy test that landed on his face elegantly a few minutes ago.

"What is… this?"

"You really don't know? Or are you playing dumb Daiki? " Akashi crossed his left leg onto his right leg while crossing his arms. Both of his heterochromatic eyes looked sharply at Aomine.

Aomine cringed. "N-no, I know it's a pregnancy test. But…" he let out a sighed. "…. I couldn't believe someone like you would make someone preg-"

"I'm the one who's pregnant Daiki…"


"Akashi, this isn't funny you know..."

"Haven't you heard about M-preg?"

Aomine raised one of his eyebrows.

"Oh. Congra…tulations then?-"

"You're the one that made me pregnant. You're responsible of it."

Akashi's words echoed in Aomine's head. The blue-head couldn't process what Akashi was saying a few seconds ago.

"….excuse me?"

"You heard it Daiki" Akashi was getting impatient of Aomine who was now, dumbfounded.

Aomine then ruffled his hair in frustration.

"What I mean is…" he sighed heavily, "Who wouldn't be shocked when a scissor out of nowhere almost injured me and the one who did it suddenly confess that he's pregnant and asked me to be responsible?"

Akashi already predicted that Aomine would say that and he sighed softly.

"Did you forget that you were the one who raped me yesterday night?"

"Akashi, this isn't funny at all" The ace pointed at the captain, "Even if I did raped someone, I would be dominating a woman with big boobs"

Akashi massaged his temples gently.

"You're the one that made me pregnant and now you're telling me to tell you what happened yesterday night"- a small sighed managed to escape the red-head's mouth.




"Otsukaresama deshita!"

Momoi gave the towels to the entire sweating members.

"Satsuki, where's my drink?"

"Eh? The medium white bottle over there"

Aomine grabbed 2 bottles that have the same characteristic as what Momoi said.

"The both of it are white."

Momoi was busy caring the other members, hadn't had the time to look at Aomine's direction.

"Careful! One of those bottles contains wine that Riko-chan ordered. It has some Aphrodisiac in it. "

Aomine sweat drop. Gosh, what kind of high school students would put Aphrodisiac in wine?

He is Ahomine, when did he care about others' businesses?

Aomine weighted both of the bottles with his hands and took the bottle with the most water in it. He then put the other bottle on the bench and began to drink the bottle with the most water in it.

Ah, thank goodness. It was tasteless, the taste of pure water.

Aomine putted the bottle back on the bench, beside the bottle that had wine in it.

After wiping off the sweat with his towel, Aomine said goodbye to the other members. He then got out of the gym and headed towards the locker room.



After changing his clothes, Aomine walked out of the locker room. He suddenly stopped in front of the gym's door. It looks like that seeing a stray basket ball made him want to play one more time just to make his day.

Aomine decided to play for awhile. He took off his jacket and started to dribble the ball. Truth is, it would be more fun playing one-on-one but everyone already went home, so Aomine had to play alone.

2 hours seemed short for Aomine but he was already tired. It's not weird actually. He just played basketball a few hours ago and here he was, playing basketball again.

Aomine took a bottle on the bench that he remembered slightly to be the bottle that he drank this morning.

Thank goodness Satsuki didn't throw it away yet.

Aomine drank it. He could feel a grape flavored liquid flowed into his throat.

How refreshing.

But also hot,

He didn't know why but his body felt hot.

That's right, it's summer. That's why it's hot.

He should lie down at least, just for awhile-






-Without anyone waking him up.

"Dai-chan! Let's go home!"

Aomine felt too lazy to get up.

"Oh no! Akashi-kun!" Momoi neared Aomine who was now sprawled on the gym's floor.

"Satsuki, don't tell me you gave him the wrong water bottle." Akashi took the already empty bottle that was lying beside Aomine. He could smell the wine that previously had been inside the water bottle.

"Kyaa! This is bad! It looks like Riko-chan got the wrong bottle!" Momoi pulled Akashi's sleeve in panic, "What should we do Akashi-kun!? I can't let Dai-chan stay at my house when he's like this! My mom will be angry!"

Akashi knew where this conversation was going. Since little, Aomine had stayed inside Momoi and her mother's house. Both of the ace's parents were long dead.

Akashi let out a sigh.

"Bring him to my apartment." He ordered.



End flashback




"Then?" Akashi snorted, "Do you really want me to tell you the whole story? Even on how you raped me yesterday night?"

"Yes- I mean NO!" Aomine growled in frustration.

"You have to be responsible" Akashi nearly snapped.

"Wait, you want.. to give birth?" Aomine spoke softly.

"What else?" Akashi leaned onto the sofa more, "Or do you want me to do an abortion?"

Aomine who felt guilty, bowed his head. Doing an abortion was like murdering a life but if the child grows… Aomine didn't even dreamed of him being a father and his wife was a man. Where would he put his face then? His record of 17 years of being single would be destroyed if the child was born. Moreover, the child will be born when the both of them weren't even engaged.

But what was more important was that the child will be born from a certain red-head male.

"Mo ii…"

Aomine lifted up his head only to find Akashi standing up.

"I don't need your answer." The red-head sighed softly and headed towards the exit.

"Wait Akashi-"



Aomine was frozen as he stared at the door. He didn't know why but he felt guilty.





What Akashi had said yesterday… he wasn't kidding at all.

The captain didn't come to school.

This made Aomine a little nervous.

Okay. He remembered- just a little about what happened 2 days ago.

Okay. He admitted that he's the culprit.

And OKAY! He should be the one responsible.

It looked like Akashi started to regret it and decided to skipped school.

Akashi isn't the type to skip school but remembering Akashi's condition right now; even Aomine would do the same thing if he was in the red-head's position.

At least, Akashi wouldn't do suicide.

"I don't have the will to practice if Aka-chin isn't the one ordering" Murasakibara said while munching on a potato chip.

"It's weird that Akashi didn't come to school." Momoi started to panic again.

"Momoicchi, Why don't we postponed today's practice-ssu?~" Kise whined.

Midorima pushed his glasses. "Momoi, control them-nanodayo."

The gym's atmosphere started to increase more erratic. This made Aomine upset and guilty.

"Argh!"- He tossed the basket ball he was holding onto the floor.

All eyes looked at the ace.


"Kuso…" Aomine cursed and headed out of the gym.



Aomine leaned on the school's gate. Ah… the wind felt so cold, so nice but it didn't calm his thoughts.

His thoughts started to wander on what had happened yesterday and the day before yesterday. A sorry wouldn't change anything, Aomine knew that.

Dou shiyou?


Murasakibara suddenly appeared from the gate.

Aomine just stared at him for awhile before he thoughts wandered again.

"Maybe it's just me that knew what happened between Aka-chin and Mine-chin.." The giant leaned on the gates near Aomine.
"Heeh, good for you. What do you want? Cursing me? Or do you want to get revenge for Akashi"

The giant just shook his head.

"Aka-chin gave this to me this morning. I know Aka-chin only wanted Mine-chin to know about this." Murasakibara gave the ace a letter.

At first Aomine hesitated but in the end he accepted it.

He then opened it.

I'm going. Don't look for me. Be back in 2 years.

Short but hold the deep meaning of it.

Ah.. Aomine felt like he wanted to die.


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