"The Dedication of a Soldier"

Rated T

Disclaimer: I finally did get to realizing to myself after doing "The Portrait of a Fatman" and "The Ballad of a Geek" that I decided that I'm gonna write some poetry featuring my favorite characters from the Total Drama series. This is my third poetry so far and it includes Brick. So enjoy! Oh, and I do not own Total Drama.

Built with a flattop and amounts of pure military experience

Comes a man with amounts of grit and ounce of competitive sense

Born from the McArthur family with bloodlines of a hardened soldier of war

With a salute in hand, his mission will make the slightest eagle soar

He can take what's coming to him, he's ready for just about anything

Even if it's from a smelly toe-rotting boot to a evil rabie-carrying beaver that can't sing

He may be all man, but he's a sissy who cant roll with the flow

Somewhere around him is a jockette with the same grit and determination named Jo

Brick always receives the brunt of her jokes, you know he wouldn't deny

Names like Sir Leaks-A-Lot and Captain Jockstrap makes his stories a tell-tale lie

Nevertheless, words like that would never keep him down for so long

He'll keep coming back for more just like every movie starring King Kong

He's a proud cadet, the kind of soldier that wouldn't leave you behind

He's by the name of Brick McArthur, so here comes a grenade, get ready to hide!

Wow. First, there was Owen. Second, there was Cody. And now, there was Brick! Good ol' Brick McArthur!

Hmmmm, what kind of character will I do next for my line-up of poetry? Whoever it is, it's gonna be a good one!

Until then, read and review!