E/O Challenge: Toothbrush

Spoilers/Setting: Pre-season Wee!Chester

A/N1: I wrote this in under 5 minutes, on my phone, while standing in my kitchen making dinner. Easy peasy. It's taken me almost a week to come up with a name for it, and I'm still not happy with it.

A/N2: I believe there was a second challenge associated with this word; to share the title/author of our favorite fan fiction story. Trying to come up with just one is so difficult. There are so many great authors in the community, and they produce so many incredible stories. I could never pick just one. Since this is a Wee!Chester, I decided to stick with this category. I love everything she's written, but Marianna Morgan writes the cutest Wee!Chester stories. Her Pizza Pie 'verse is just adorable. Seriously; take a cute Sammy and an awesome Bobby, add a new puppy Rumsfield, and serve with pizza. Delicious.

Summary: Sammy knows exactly what he wants and why he wants it; and really, it should be obvious to everyone.


The Dynamic Duo

John shakes his head when he sees what Sammy has picked out. With all the things on display in the aisle of the little mom & pop store—cars, puzzles, coloring books and crayons—and John's promise that the boys can each pick out whatever one thing they want, Sammy has chosen this?

"You sure, Tiger?" he asks the three-year old?

Sammy nods his head.

"Why d'ya want that?" Dean asks.

Sammy pops his thumb out of his mouth and declares as though it really should be obvious, "Goes wiff yours."

John laughs. "Okay, Sammy. The Robin toothbrush it is."