E/O Challenge: Bra

Spoilers: Pre-series Teen!Chester. No spoilers. Sam is 16 and Dean is 20.

A/N1: Augh! Yet another Drabble I wrote weeks ago that has been sitting on my hard drive because I didn't know what to call it. I'm going to start naming them Untitled #1, Untitled #2, etc.

A/N2: Thanks to Kailene for letting me bounce ideas (read: whine) off her email at 12:30 AM and then again via text after text after text…

Summary: Sam has nightmares, and sometimes…they're pretty terrifying. Is it really any surprise? He's a sensitive kid, and he's seen some pretty terrifying things. Dean gets it; and even though he loves to tease his little brother from time to time, he's willing to let a little post-night terror clinginess slide. If that's what Sam needs him to do.


Grasping Normalcy


The cry speared through Dean's slumber like an air horn. He leapt out of bed as the lamp beside Sam's bed crashed to the floor. Dean hit the lights. Sam struggled frantically in a tangle of sheets.


The instant Dean reached him, Sam grabbed him; his breath ragged. Dean could only hold him while he shook and gasped.

Finally, Sam uttered, "This…w—where y'tell me…you're gettin' me a…trainin' bra?" He was still shaking but clearly needed the normalcy of Dean's ribbing.

Obligingly, Dean snorted. "Well, y'did hit a note no male should hit if he ain't named Gibb."