Prologue: The Beginning of the End

During the Great War, the Eridian's greatest Champion, who was pure of heart and loyal to the Mother of Creation, sided with the Mother's powerful Children and aided them in sealing many of the monsters that the Corrupted Son had created, including the Warrior and the Destroyer, into The Vaults, fought the Eridians that served the Corrupted, and eventually aided in defeating the Corrupted himself. With The Champion's aid, the children sealed the Corrupted into one of the ancient Vaults, earning The Champion the trust of the Mother and her children before the children were turned into mortals by the Mother.

After the war with The Corrupted had ended, the once proud Eridian Race was driven to the brink of extinction, becoming vicious savages who would kill each other for territory and vital resources on the war torn planet of Pandora. Fearing that the Eridians would wreak havoc upon the Galaxy, The Mother gifted The Champion with the Vault Key and knowledge of the locations of the Vaults of Pandora to safeguard the Vaults from his brethren and to keep them from opening the ancient evils that existed inside. Knowing his brethren would do whatever it took to get the Vault Key, The Champion equipped himself with a formidable arsenal which was rumored to be powerful enough to rule the galaxy and wore an Advanced Nanite Suit powerful enough to withstand almost any assault. The Suit would forever remain grafted to his skin till the day he died, containing the knowledge of Pandora's Vaults and the secrets of his arsenal.

Over the decades, The Champion fulfilled his duty loyally and overtime aided his fellow brothers with rebuilding their once great society. For a time, it seemed that the Eridians would return to their old ways of peace and prosperity. This dream was then shattered when the old Eridian warlords who served the Corrupted amassed a powerful army to defeat The Champion and all those who followed him. So began the End War, The Eridians continued to kill and murder each other for decades, hoping to gain control of the Vault Key and open the Vaults of Pandora to harness their power and reclaim their dominance over the galaxy. In the end only one Eridian survived the End War, The Champion. Feeling that he failed his fellow brothers and seeing himself unfit to continue his duty of keeping the Vaults closed, The Champion placed his cache of weapons into a Vault located in the future Pandoran continent of Aegrus so no one could abuse their powers for their own personal gain. He then scattered the pieces of the Vault Key into the 4 corners of Pandora and created the Eridian Guardians using the corpses of his brethren to keep all future civilizations away from the Vaults of Pandora.

Fearing that one day that future civilizations would try to steal the secret of his legendary arsenal, the location of the other Pandoran vaults, and the location of the key due to the data inside of his Nanite Suit, The Champion encrypted the data of their locations deep within the files of his Suit and left Pandora where he would build a tomb for himself on the uncharted world of Hades, a planet where no race would ever dare to tread. After 2 decades of building, the tomb was finally complete. The Champion had filled the halls of his tomb with many traps and locks to keep trespassers away from his Nanite Suit. After the completion of his tomb, The Champion would then enter his eternal resting place, locking himself forever in the tomb. As The Champion looks at the sunrise one last time before the doors closed, he saw what was once a symbol of the beginning to his people, become the symbol of his end.

Centuries Later, Humans would expand all over the Galaxy, becoming the dominant species in the universe. One day in the world of Hades, Billionaire Mr. Holloway locates the lost tomb of The Champion, finding the legendary Nanite Suit inside. To the Billionaire, he saw the means to create a Super Soldier powerful enough to help him gain control of the planet Eden-5, but this discovery would set a chain of events into motion which would begin another adventure for the Vault Hunters of Pandora.

Birth of the Favorite Son

Years before The Vault Hunters ever set foot on Pandora, our story begins with a young Jason Murphy, a boy raised on the Planet Eden-5 which was at the time a crime infested cesspool. The People of his planet lived in constant fear as criminals ruled the streets of his planet; it seemed no one could stop the criminals from committing illegal actions, not even the government of Eden-5 which was dealing with other issues. At a young age, Murphy lost his parents in a horrific car accident, leaving him and his young sister Ann orphans. The pair were transferred into St. Joseph's Orphanage located in the slums of Eden-5, where most of the planet's criminal activities took place. Life was difficult for young Jason and Ann, crime had reached an all-time high on their world and criminal influences were everywhere to be seen. Jason could have easily succumbed to the criminal lifestyle of Eden-5 like the other boys in the orphanage if it wasn't for his sister. Ann was Jason's moral compass, keeping him on the straight and narrow while growing up. Jason loved his sister dearly and would have done anything to keep her safe.

One unfortunate day however, a Junkie looking for some quick cash for his next fix would rob the orphanage. During the robbery, the Junkie murdered Jason's younger sister and nearly killed Jason in the process; Jason was only 12 when this event occurred and it would forever change him. For the first time in his life, Jason was alone in this world, causing him to fall into a deep depression that he thought he would never dig himself out of. But in his darkest hour, Murphy promised himself that he would fight for those who couldn't fight for themselves and that he would never allow someone like himself to ever go through that kind of pain again.

Hoping to make a difference, Jason Murphy joined Eden-5's Police Force at the age of 21 and quickly rose up the ranks as one of the greatest officers to ever live. In his 10 year long career, Murphy put away Kingpins, Drug Lords, and all other forms of scum on Eden-5. He later joined Alpha Strike, an elite S.W.A.T unit outfitted to deal with all forms of criminal activity on his home world. Eden-5's crime rate dropped to record lows thanks to the efforts of Murphy and his teammates. Murphy was happy with his work until famous Billionaire Mr. Holloway bought out the police and turned it into his own personal hit squad. Murphy tried to stop Holloway and end the Billionaire's reign of terror but he ultimately failed. Betrayed by his former squad, Murphy was arrested and tried with treason for attempting to overthrow Eden-5's government, which was all possible thanks to Holloway who had bribed the jury into declaring Murphy guilty. Holloway then had Murphy transferred to Eden-5's Cybernetics Division where he would undergo heavy cybernetic augmentation and memory wipe. Murphy then had his skin grafted with the Champion's Nanite Suit, now retrofitted for human use, and kept under Holloway's control thanks to an Experimental AI created from the advanced tech from Eden-5 and the Eridian tech within the suit. The AI was named A.N.N (Advanced Neural Network) which was coincidentally the same name of his deceased sister. Murphy would become Holloway's lap dog, killing anything that opposed him for control over the planet.

Over his 5 years of servitude, Murphy and his AI companion A.N.N would form a type of brother/sister relationship which was similar to the relationship Murphy had with his little sister. After Holloway's Daughter Marcie was murdered by fellow student Gaige at the Eden-5 youth science fair, a bounty was placed on Gaige's head and Murphy was sent to find and kill the Mechromancer. But the minute Holloway showed the picture of Gaige to his cyborg assassin, Murphy's memories resurfaced due to the fact that Gaige reminded him of his deceased sister. In a blind rage, Murphy was ready to shoot down his former master but Holloway activated the failsafe in A.N.N's programming to kill the officer if he ever went AWOL. A.N.N defied her programming due to her relationship with Murphy, allowing her friend to end Holloway's life. Finally free of his years of enslavement, Murphy would wipe out the corrupt police force and destroy everything Holloway worked so hard to create, freeing his planet from tyranny. Murphy was hailed a hero by the civilians of Eden-5, but Murphy did not see himself in the same light. Murphy believed himself a murderer who killed so Holloway could take control of his beloved home world, Murphy no longer saw himself fit to serve as a police officer. A.N.N tried to comfort her old friend but whatever she said at first just fell at deaf ears, but something she said reminded Murphy of the promise he made long ago. Remembering the promise he made to himself, Murphy continued to aid the people of Eden-5 so that one day, his planet could return to its former glory.

Almost 2 years after Handsome Jack's demise on Pandora, Eden-5 became a symbol of peace and freedom in the galaxy thanks to Murphy, A.N.N, and the newly formed Police Force. One day, Murphy received a message from Gaige's parents asking Murphy to help them find their daughter on Pandora, the planet where they sent her to keep her from being executed by Holloway and his men. Feeling obligated by his sense of duty and also feeling like he owed the young Mechromancer for his new found freedom, Eden-5's favorite son heeded the call and traveled to the hellish planet. What was at first a quest of redemption for Murphy would become an adventure that would unlock the secrets of his Nanite Suit and one of the hidden Vaults of Pandora.