Mercutio's Last thoughts

I see the flash of Tybalt's blade, the glint of his dark eyes, then a feeling of horrible pain.

I stumble backward onto Benvolio.
His eyes are steadfastly trained on Tybalt, so he does not notice my injury.

I shout that I am wounded and damn my enemies.

At once, Benvolio is at my side, helping me to stand.

I feel my side and look down at my hand as it comes away wet and black with blood.

I direct Benvolio to take me away that I may see to this wound.

Blackness seeps at the edges of my vision, but recedes as I lean upon my friend.

This simple slice to my side will not bring me down.

We walk up the stairs to the nearest house; numbness spreads from my toes to ankles.

I stumble. Damn Romeo! I could have taken that idiotic Prince of Cats!

We enter the house and I crash down onto a couch.

Benvolio's mouth moves, probably trying to reassure me, but I hear no sound. That sap.

I knew I shouldn't have started that fight with Tybalt, but someone needed to put that Capulet in his place, and who better than I?

Perhaps Romeo will, he would prevail. That I know.

I close my eyes and try to stay very still. Benvolio, looking alarmed, pokes me. He thinks me dead.

I grin at my own joke.

Cleary even on the edge of death I can still scare that man.

They darkness overcomes my eyesight, and the numbness spreads to my arms and upper back.

My eyes drift closed.

Two words drift from my mouth before I pass. Avenge Me.