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Solok looked into the star lit night. The house of Gol was full this evening, though it was missing his eldest daughter. He turned from her garden walking through her office and into the main house. He could still smell his daughter's scent as he passed through her living area, it disquieted his spirit.

Walking down the halls he could feel and smell the different people in his home. People who came from T'Lyn's line, he knew they did, they had been doing the research. Human's with half Vulcan children, people he did not know only from history books. It all seemed rather illogical and much bigger than he thought.

His mind went back to the moment in the Forge when his daughter, looking wan and upset told him none of it was very logical. He swallowed. He did not know how correct she was. Crazy Romulan men from the time of Surak, dead ambassadors, katras…his father somewhere in time, perhaps changing history, yes, none of it was logical.

His internal chronometer told him that he could get to bed. He was not tired, yet at the same time, he wished to lie down next to his adun'a.

He entered their bed chamber and he walked directly to the changing area. He removed his ambassadors robes and slipped into the white sleeping robes he was so fond. Moving closer to the bed he saw Roxanne had taken most of the bed. He placed his knee on the edge, and tried to move her carefully. He knew well what disposition she would have if he woke her.

Just as he decided to try to lay at the end of the bed she rolled and he dove for the bare space. She rolled back again smacking him in the face, but with care he was able to lift her hand from his nose without bothering her. His eyes were just closing when he heard the distinct cry of Rowan in the other room.

Solok threw his feet over the bed. He heard Roxanne stirring behind him, and he placed his hand on the center of her back, "Rest, my wife, I will see to our daughter."

Roxanne gave a grateful moan and rolled over throwing the sheets over her head.

Solok went directly to the kitchen and pulled the milk from the food preservation unit. He padded back down the hall toward his daughter's room. He stopped mid stride when he realized he no longer heard her mewling.

In a breath he ran toward Rowans room opening the door with a kick. He grimaced, suppressing a sudden and profound anger he had that in his hand was only milk, and no phaser.

He looked to the crib which was empty and then his mind processed that there was a glowing human form standing next to the window cradling a baby. He stopped breathing.

Sevos watched Solok enter the nursery. He wished to have a talk with him, but as he approached the door he began to hear a voice he did not recognize.

Cleo turned around, with Rowan in her arms, "It's fine, Solok. She is in no danger, I promise you. She isn't hungry," she said kindly pointing her head to the milk Solok was holding, and then looking down at Rowan who was now cooing contently, she spoke in baby talk, "We just needed our wittle diaty changed didn't we Row-row."

Solok stiffened, "Who or what are you?"

"You know who I am, Solok, honestly." Cleo returned rolling her eyes. "As to what, I am…" she took in a deep breath, "Both your dead wife, and…Q."

Solok wanted to say it was impossible, but as he looked at her something inside his katra knew differently. He walked over to the rocking chair and sat down. He carefully placed Rowan's milk on the changing table and put his fingers together. His mind was full of conflict, not knowing at all how to think on what he was seeing. "Why are you here?" he said finally.

"For the same reason, you have been pacing for the last three hours, Solok. I'm concerned for our daughter, and all that is going on around this family." She bounced little Rowan in her arms and smiled down at her, "She's beautiful, Solok, I'm so happy for you and Roxanne. It makes me miss my time as a human." She said with a sad sigh, "You truly don't know what you have until you don't have it anymore."

"You say you are a Q, but tell me you are concerned for our daughter. I was given to understand that Q were omnipresent. Are you telling me now that you either are not, or…"

"That T'Lyn is in a place where I cannot reach." She nodded, "Q told T'Lyn of the war going among the continuum, the other side has taken space, and we who are here cannot see this space." She gently sat the now sleeping baby in the crib, rubbing her little tummy she smiled, "She is there in that space where we cannot see." She turned to him and shrugged, "I'm like any mother, concerned for her child."

Solok stood and frowned, "Then why did you not keep her from the teacher when she was a child. Why did you not see to it that she was not taken back to the time of Surak or if you could not do that, why did you not see to it that Surak did not…" he ground his teeth, "Mate with another outside his bond with her." He approached her, his jaws flexing, "Why did you not…"

Cleo held up her hand, "Some of those things that you speak I had a direct hand in making happen. Her going back to the time of Surak, that was partially my doing. Surak mated with another because T'Lyn was inserted into the time, and had time played out the way it was supposed to, Surak would have married T'Sen. " She gave a sad smile, "Solok, there are things at work…"

"I know, that I do not understand. What I would be agreeable to understanding is why our daughter? Is she a Q?"

Cleo shook her head, "No, she is a half human half Vulcan. She has a greater potential in some fashions than others, because it was necessary."

Solok growled, "Necessary? For our daughter to be tortured?"

Cleo smiled softly at him, "The needs of the many, Solok."

He calmed slightly but was still glaring at her.

"In some universes T'Lyn does not even exist, Solok. In some universes you and Roxanne were never parted, and Rowan here was born, lived and died as any other being. I chose you for your family, for your genetics, for…"

Solok held up his hand but she continued, "Because I loved you, Solok." She smiled, "I still do, but I love you enough to be happy that you are with Roxanne. "

Solok looked away from her, "I am content with my Roxanne. Should I thank you for allowing her not to die?"

Cleo shrugged, "It only seemed to you that she died. Time is so, wibbly wobbly, what was a long time for you didn't really even happen."

Solok's jaws flexed again, "Tell that to T'Lyn, or Surak, or T'Sen or whoever else's lives your people have altered or potentially destroyed."

Cleo put her hands together before her, " Surak was as I was, Solok. He knew the risks when he took the form he had. S'Vec is of the other side. The yang to the ying. He and his people are exactly why the things that we have done needed to be done. "

"There are those who call me cold." He muttered. "So will you help us, get my daughter back? Will you help us with this mess you made?"

"We already have, Solok. If we interfere more than we have, then we they will too. Now, Solok, you can continue to rage here, or we can make the most of this brief time and you can ask questions that might help you."

Solok turned to her, "How am I supposed to lead these people? Some of them are older and have more experience than I do. I have read the works of Soval, V'Lar and even of Sarek. How am I supposed to guide people like this. Surak lives in Sarek's head, Cleo. Who is Solok to tell him what to do?"

Cleo smiled, "And yet you miss the obvious. Each of them are flawed men, just as you. This is your time Solok. You know things and people they do not. You and Roxanne are paired, you are dealing with an amalgam of not just Vulcans, but Vulcans and humans and hybrids. Each person in your family has skills, you were a captain before you were an ambassador, you utilized each of your people's skills accordingly. You need to do that here now. Give them common cause, goals, and start with your wife. There are scared human women here now with children, women who love Vulcans, who want to be a part of a family and feel as if they are contributing. Roxanne was a fine officer, and she is a good woman. The world is not on Solok's shoulders. "

"Where do I begin, Cleo? My daughter is gone. Do I search her out? There is a war. Do I do my Ambassador's duty? " He approached her. "I am a father again, and I don't want to make the mistakes I have before. How do I keep Rowan safe, from me?"

Cleo smiled, "That was then, Solok, you are surrounded by Vulcan/human parents now. Hybrid children you've raised three, you'll be fine. As far as what you do…Again I say to you. The world is not on your shoulders. How many Ambassadors do you have here? Ministers of the Government? Aides? Teachers? Admirals? Scientists? The ship, in the Forge…who do you think should go and retrieve it?"

Solok considered it, "Nirak, he spent a lot of time in the Forge. The ship is not something we have discovered in the modern time, so I would send Nirak. Sevos is current on technology, survival, and engineering. Dianne is an astrophysicist, and she would work well with Nirak. Though being human, in the Forge…No, Nirak would see to her needs, and we can prepare her. If Soval were here, he has been there before, he might be of use. But Sirak was a linguist, it would be helpful to translate the ship, or create a translator." His eyes went wide, "T'Sen and Sarek, too, he carries the Katra and she is also of that time."

Cleo smiled, "That's my handsome, smart, Solok. And while that goes on?"

"Roxanne can organize the women of our house, she is the matron."

Cleo nodded, "And you have V'Lar, and Sorak, and Orratt…"

Solok blinked, "It all seems simple now, how could I have been so foolish?"

"Because you were overwhelmed, Solok. Your daughter kissed you. For the first time since she was a small child, and told you she loved you. You became Solok of long ago, fearful to make the same mistake again. You won't sweetie."

"How will we break the bond between her and S'Vec without killing her?"

Cleo smirked, "You leave that to her, and her team. She isn't alone over there, Solok , that much I do know."

Solok nodded, and approached her. "Thank you."

Cleo shrugged, "Thank you, for giving me some of the best days of my life." She looked away, "I would love to hug you, to kiss you right now, but I know your bond. Just know, you have a friend in high places." She looked down at Rowan and smiled, "You've made many friends in this Universe, and may even need the help of a few former enemies. "

"How fares the war?"

Cleo looked at him with tears in her eyes, "How goes any war, Solok?" she grabbed him by the shoulders, "The plans you found in T'Lyn's blood, get to work on them soon. Everything we've done to you, to your family, to our daughter…The needs of the many my sweet and the sacrifices you and yours have made will be the difference."

"The difference in what?"

"I cannot tell you now, but there will come a time I am sad to say, when you will know. If that time comes," she let him go, "Go to bed, Solok, hold your wife, and tomorrow begin the journey."

She snapped her fingers vanishing from the room. Solok checked Rowan who was sleeping peacefully, and turned to do just what Cleo said.


Sevos heard Solok heading to the door of the nursery and sprinted quietly into the side hall. He pressed his back against the stone and held his breath. He heard Solok walking away from him and sighed. He pushed off from the wall headed to his room. He could not believe this family, it all seemed surreal to him. He had been in Star Fleet many, many years, and yet in the space of a few days his entire perspective on his home land and so many things had changed. He smirked as he made it to the door without anyone seeing him. His time in security must have paid him well in skill.

Entering his room he headed straight for his bed. The image of T'Lyn kissing S'Vec both as S'Vec the romulan betrayer, and then as him entered his mind like a hot poker. He balled up his fists into the sheets of his bed. He could not imagine why these things were so hard to contain. What was it about that woman? He had insulted her, been stupid enough to ask about her Pon Farr...openly...he had watched her break a man's bond who she apparently had some connection to. He shook his head, and a laid back. None of it made sense. They had spoken only a few times, there was no reason why he was so angry, and worse yet jeopardizing his career now by not going back.

"Her katra calls to you," Cleo said, perching herself on the end of his bed. "Why else would you be so attached to her?"

He sat up and stared at her, and she smiled at him. "Do you really think you could get away with eavesdropping on a Q?"

He bowed his head. "I wished to speak with Solok. It was wrong of me to linger."

"Perhaps," she said neutrally. "Would you like some proof that she loves you back? Or is at least attracted to you?"

Sevos sat up, carefully covering himself with his sheet for propriety's sake. His logical side begged him to say no, but the beast growled at him to take a chance. He looked up at the woman, "Yes. I have been alone all of my life Q and content to be so. I am disconcerted that I am not acting in the most logical fashion right now when I see no reason. Perhaps evidence is what I require." He looked at her closely. "I am profoundly confused. When I saw her..." his jaws flexed , "Being intimate with that man, I wanted to lirpa him to death. That is not me."

"It's in your very blood, Sevos," she said with a sympathetic smile. "It is who you are beneath the logic. Come."

She snapped her fingers, and in a flash they were observing Sevos and T'Lyn, both drunk, stumbling into the room with Rory and Roxanne.

T'Lyn saw Roxanne leave the room to get something else to drink, and Rory fell asleep on the couch. She looked at Sevos and giggled, liking the freedom the wine gave her and him. He was flirtatious and charming when drunk, and she giggled again as she reached for him.

"Come here," she slurred, rustling up his hair. "You look cute when you're all messed up..."

"Now, Reldai," he slurred intoxicated, "I find your logic flawed." he said coming closer to her on the bed, "You are intoxicated...and your eyes are blurry, which means mussing up my hair is actually straightening my hair up, so in fact." he leaned down tapping the tip of her nose softly, "I do my look good to you messed up, I look good to you when I am in order." He gave a half grin, "That my dear reldai is the logic of that. You on the other hand." picking up the beaded strings covering her bare stomach, "Simply look like a queen." he bent and buried his nose on her tummy making loud sniffing sounds for a few moments and then looking up at her, "And you smell like cinnamon chocolate chip cookies." he waggled his eyebrows at her.

She reared back her head and laughed out loud. "I find your logic doubly flawed!" she said. "But I...I don't want to think about that right now...I think you're cute, straight or messed up..."

Before she knew what she was doing, she was sealing her lips over his, sheathing her fingers into his hair. "You taste like wine," she moaned. "I like it...I like it a lot..."

Rory snuffled in his sleep, but T'Lyn ignored him, keeping her lips on Sevos. She started a slow and steady rhythm, caressing his chest with her free hand.

He pulled back and looked down at her, running his fingers through her hair, "I've wanted to do that all night." His head turned and he pushed her to the bed he turned off the one light that was still on and covered them both with a sheet. "Shhhh...Roxanne is coming." he said feathering kisses over her mouth. They both went still and stiff when they heard Roxanne pull Rory up.

"Come on ya old coot you'll break your neck if you sleep on there. There are two beds, it looks like the Vulcans already passed out and have one...We'll take this one."

Sevos peeked over the sheet and saw Rory laying, already snoring a few seconds later, Roxanne was snoring too.

He covered himself up again and looked down at her, "If I start this, I don't think I'll stop." he said in a slur of a purr, his hands rubbing over her stomach.

"Then don't," she said with a giggle. "Mm...Sevos..."

"We don't want to wake them," he slurred, covering her mouth with his, and she moaned into it. When he pulled away, she dove for his neck, nibbling over his flesh.

"They're too far gone to wake now. If we stay quiet, they'll never even know..."

He chuckled and rolled on top of her, straddling her and pinning her arms over her head. "You're so beautiful..."

"And you're handsome," she said with a giggle, leaning up to capture him in a kiss.

The sober Sevos's mouth fell open, "Do we?"

Cleo grinned, "Just watch, and for the record...that's my daughter you are slobbering on."

"I beg your..."

"Just shut up and watch Admiral Smooth."

Sevos watched as they kissed and played under the sheet, thinking he was scandalized as he saw his hands slide under her shirt and massage at her breasts, until he pulled from their kissing, his hands still squeezing her bosom and he spoke words he never would dream to utter sober.

"T'Lyn I need more." he moved his hips into hers, "let me take you, here and now."

She moaned into his mouth, bucking a little against the action of his hips. "Then take me, you damn fool," she said, smirking. She stroked his hair and make a fist with it. "You feel good..."

Her arms wrapped around him, and she started tugging at his uniform. She whined when it didn't come off right away, but he tugged down the zipper and shrugged it off, tossing it aside. She ripped off his shirt and threw it away as well, then latched her lips to his neck.

Sober Sevos's eyes widened he could hardly breathe. He watched himself moving taking his manhood in his hand. "Undress her you fool!" he called out to himself, but winced as he knew he would not listen.

Sevos let go of his manhood realizing he had not undressed her, he began pushing up the few robes he wore this night silently thanking the human woman for dressing her. He found finally found what he was looking for he moved to touch her and he felt her hand on his length. He felt himself explode, spilling his excitement all over her fingers.

Sober Sevos covered his eyes with his hand, "I don't want to see what happens next..."

"Too bad this is the funny part."

T'Lyn moaned as he exploded, but even as she tried to make him take her, he rolled off her and laid beside her, passing out. She laid beside him as well, stroking his still-erect length, until he spilled again. She giggled and snuggled up to him, burying her nose into his chest.

"Sevos, you smell so good," she whispered, apparently not realizing that he was out cold. Soon she was asleep, her arms wrapped tightly around him.

Cleo raised an eyebrow and snapped her fingers, and they were back at Solok's home. "Well, Admiral Smooth? Is that evidence enough for you?

Sevos was a sickly shade of green. His mind calculated that had he drank one and a half drinks less he probably would have not passed out. "Yes." he said trying to remain neutral but his hand at his face told the story. "I did not even remember that..."

"Not a good drinker, none of you vulcans are. On the bright side welcome to what human men do. One orgasm, fall asleep..." Cleo shook her head.

He looked up at her, "Does she remember?"

"No, she was blotto too, and trust me she would be just as mortified as you. But that is is why she was open to the bond when she thought it was you. Now, get some sleep, and wake up and save her and then declare the kali-fee..." She winked and snapped her fingers disappearing from the room.

Sevos fell back on the bed with a sigh.