Voramik watched the monitor as V'Las carried the little Vorta girl back to sickbay. It seemed like she and her mother stayed there every day, taking a break from that foolish weakling Gelnon. Her bright purple eyes made him feel weak at the knees, and he wondered what it would be like to take a firm grip on her ear and caress that flared wing of cartilage. It seemed like it was rather stiff, but he could imagine himself running his thumb along every little ridge and crevice, staring lovingly into those bright little eyes...what a treasure she was, and it seemed V'Las was getting her all to himself!

He snorted in irritation and checked the other monitors, but his thoughts kept drifting back to that little girl. T'Lyn had been fearless before that scum had gotten a hold of her, but Jenhona...Jenhona would not break. She would maintain her clever wit and her elegant tongue. He could tell she was that sort of girl.

He bit back a moan of longing and got back to work, knowing his life would be over if S'Vec got back and caught him slacking.

T'Lyn's eyes opened. "I would have a shower if someone would aid me in sitting up." she said dryly, "I would also not turn down food and tea." She rolled her had over and grinned softly at Desiree.

Desirees stood, "Let's get you some food and drink before we get you cleaned up. Another hour before we make contact again." she stood and walked out to get food.

T'Lyn looked around the room sniffing slightly giving a small calming sigh, "Everyone looks very focused." she noted, "Shall we talk before we make contact? I remember you all speaking of a faked pregnancy. Do we have progress on that notion?"

Lucy nodded. "We're already simulating hormones for you," she said as she scanned her. "99% reduction in tissue damage. Very well done. We can erase it completely once we get back to our people, if you wish it. But that 1% will probably heal on its own. Do you want a pain reliever?"

She shook her head. "I'm all right."

Desiree handed her some tea and food, and everyone took a seat around T'Lyn.

"T'Sai, I know we have V'Las on our side, and possibly Gelnon," Lucy said, setting aside her tools. "But if I may ask, who took Tolaris' place? And what about the guards?"

"I do not know. Once I am back on my feet I intend on finding out." She said with a sigh, "I can only imagine what rabid sehlat has replaced him. It seems for every one taken down there are five ready to take their place." She sipped her tea, "Letant is my cure for the guards. You will be...wierded out by how much Letant looks like S'Vec. If I dress him as S'Vec they will not know the difference. He is a good man, and has no love for her father, any more than V'Las does. He will be essential to our escape. "

"How do we do away with S'Vec?" Desiree asked, "Without you dying from the bond break?"

"I have not come up with that plan yet?" She sighed, "Perhaps that is something Oratt and the group can aid us in. There are many ways to break a bond, all of them dangerous. I cannot do it myself, and I cannot teach Yuris the skill in the brief time we have."

V'Las entered and smiled, "Foremother, it is good to see you awake, and eating."

"So what's our plan?" Lucy insisted, smiling at the sight of V'Las holding Jenny as if she were his own flesh and blood. "We have a decoy, but we don't have a way off this station without being detected. It worked the last time because V'Las stayed behind. I'm not putting another Hudon through heartbreak."

V'Las raised an eyebrow, but Lucy didn't catch his eye. "So what is our plan? How are we getting off the station, and how are we going to break this bond without getting you killed? And how are we going to keep ourselves safe in the meantime? Our children? This place is filled with the filthiest of creatures."

Jenny clung to V'Las like a lifeline. She had seen these filthy creatures that Lucy was talking about, and most seemed to size her up as if fast-forwarding her body a few more years when she would be the appropriate age to be a wife or something worse.

"We will take S'Vec's ship," T'Lyn said simply. "With Letant as our S'Vec we will be able to take his ship. We will have to disable the long range communications to assure that there is no telling communication if S'Vec lives. We can keep up the charade to the crew that nothing has happened and nothing has changed. We can construct a rendezvous point with our people."

Desiree smiled, "Do you think it will work? I mean how will we keep hidden from those who are still here if they figure out the ruse?"

T'Lyn smiled, "Romulan technology has very good cloaking technology. S'Vec is consummately paranoid, his ship will have the best of the best of these. He worries about people turning against him. I'm sure with that, and Letant's knowledge of Romulan things...we will be fine. Much safer than any of us are here."

"So do we know S'Vec's ultimate plan?" Rebecca asked. "I mean, why did he need Gelnon?"

"Because I have skills in cloning, and he needed the knowledge. He's making clones. Clones of all of us. Just ask V'Las, he knows," Gelnon said, stepping into the circle.

"Have you come to your senses?" Rebecca asked, staring him down. Jenny looked pensive. "It's only a matter of time before he doesn't need you anymore, and your daughter can be sold off to the highest bidder for a new toy. And maybe me as well. And what about all these other women, hm? Is that what you want?"

"No," he said firmly. "I want a family. I want what you Vulcans seem to have so much of."

Jenny smiled at her father and slid from V'Las' arms. "You're serious, daddy?"

Gelnon looked as if he could have choked with joy. "Yes, my daughter. You and your mother are my life. If that means living elsewhere, then so be it."

T'Lyn leaned over, whispering to Strom and Lucy, "I have a suspicion. There is a war going on between the Q. I believe everything has to do with genetics. Q set it up so that there would be freckles of human genetics in the vulcan populous, and there are vulcan freckles in some humans. I believe that both sides are creating a life boat of sorts. Their war is spilling over into our universe, and it threatens life as we know it. If something horrid happens, there would need to be enough people to populate again, both purely Vulcans, purely humans, and meshes like me, like the children you have, that would be able to breed with either side, strengthening the genetic line of either species. There are right now half Vulcan, half Vorta...half human, half Vorta...Do you understand what I am saying?"

Strom's eyes went wide and he nodded, "I have...recently found, that Lucy has a freckle of vulcan DNA. It has made our breeding easier."

Yuris who had turned his attention from the beautiful and personal story unfolding on the other side of the bed nodded, "I have seen this phenomena as well."

"Which means ladies, that most of you are distantly related in some fashion. You have Vulcan in common among you all, perhaps a couple. " T'Lyn added, "But if it is true, then S'Vec has taken the genetics of each of us, so that when the time comes he can create the universe in his own image. So to speak. He can brain wash, and train those he has created, setting himself up as...the Surak of the devastation."

V'Las, Gelnon, Rebecca and Desiree sat in a quiet corner of the genetics lab, huddled over a portable comm PADD. Oratt, Sevos and Nirak were on the other end, apparently holding position in their ship above the Forge. They relayed the plan, letting Desiree tell Oratt in French, just in case someone was listening. She spoke in soft tones, ecstatic to see her husband again.

"Soval has returned to us," Oratt said, still using Desiree's choice of language. "And he and Genie have renewed their bond."

V'Las nodded. "Tell him that pleases me."

Desiree relayed it, and Rebecca punched her arm. Footsteps were clanging on the deck plating, and they quickly cut the comm link and relaxed into the corner.

"Hope they buy this," Rebecca murmured.

Voramik turned the corner and saw the two humans and Gelnon and V'Las, all huddled together as if in clandestine council.

"What are you doing?" he said, narrowing his eyes. V'Las simply raised an eyebrow and pulled Desiree to her feet.

"I was making arrangements for Jenhona, Gelnon's child. He's concerned about her education, and since Desiree," he patted her on the back, "has teaching experience, we were having a conversation."

"In this corner?"

"Now really, Voramik, S'Vec might think you're scheming. By the way, when is my father due to return."

"Imminently. He expects us at the airlock."

V'Las nodded. "Shall I fetch his wife?"

Voramik grinned wickedly. "She has also been summoned." His eyes fell on Desiree. "Getting a little greedy, aren't you?"

"I would hardly call it greed, Voramik. I am after all S'Vec's son and it is my right to have what I choose to have as mine. Just as my father has." He said with a haughty air. He threw his robe over his arm and pointed, "To the air lock." he grumbled, waiting for Voramik to turn he winked discreetly at the group.

"Who would you have Voramik?" He asked in a benign way, as they approached the airlock.

Voramik turned and fell silent. V'Las turned and saw T'Lyn approaching, her eyes steady on Voramik with a look he had not seen before. Voramik grinned wickedly at her and she held up her hand, "One word to me Voramik and I will have you destroyed, no...I will see to it myself."

He approached her and she placed a solitary finger on his face,"If I press and concentrate your brains will ooze from your skull. Make no mistake of my intent, Voramik, and I will be watching you."

V'Las gaped at the scene and Voramik stood down as the airlock opened.

S'Vec sauntered out of the airlock, his disgraceful son at his side. T'Lyn came right to his side as soon as the lock was rolled away, and she held up her fingers for him to touch. He grinned and stroked down her fingers, over her palm to her wrist. Letant glared at V'Las, but his son simply raised an eyebrow at his half-brother and turned to S'Vec for orders.

"How is Gelnon proceeding with his work?"

"He has done as you asked, and a little more," V'Las replied. "Everything is as you left it, master."

S'Vec nodded in satisfaction. "Voramik, show our new guest to his quarters."

"Uncle Letant," T'Lyn said with a slight smile. "It is very agreeable to see you again."

Letant gave her a cheeky grin. "Quite a move, pulling me from negotiations to come live with you." He let go quickly, and S'Vec gave him a warning look. "I'm sure we'll get along swimmingly."

"Not too far from mine, Voramik. He's to be my new personal guard." She raised her eyebrow and pursed her lips.

He bowed, "As you wish, T'sai."

V'Las walked along side T'Lyn and S'Vec, "I thought you should know, master, the doctors have given T'Lyn a clean bill of health. And Dr. Hardister and Dr. Strom have developed a series of shots that should aid in your reproductive efforts." he said it as if he was proud to be able to bear such good news to his father.

"It is true, S'Vec. As you can see I am in fine shape now." T'Lyn said neutrally, "I trust your efforts in seeing to the future were a sucess?"

S'Vec grinned, "This is all good to hear. We have been away from each other so long no, T'Lyn, I say we get right on making you full with my child." he pulled her in and rubbed his gloved hand over her flat stomach. "V'Las see to Letant's needs will you...he can meet with T'Lyn tomorrow."

V'Las made to leave and T'Lyn held up her hand, "There is no need, I sent Desiree to attend to him."

S'Vec's eyes widened, "Really? My dear I am impressed you are slowly but surely coming around to my ways..." He pulled her up and kissed her deeply, waving V'Las off without further orders.


Desiree waited for Voramik to leave Letant's room and then under the pretense of taking him a tray of food entered. She could not help but gasp when he turned. It *was* as T'Lyn said, he was the spitting image of S'Vec. When he smiled at her she relaxed, "Letant, I am Desiree, T'Lyn's friend. I've brought you food but I was given this..." she pulled a data crystal from her cleavage, "to give to you. You will find the way to read it hidden among the food. It will help you to understand why you are here...and I was told to stay away from S'Vec's chambers tonight. I will stay here with you, to give the pretense you have taken me for a lover." she sat down the food tray, grateful that Turatt was with Strom and Lucy, her little man was a good many things but secret keeper was not among his strengths yet.

Letant burst into raucous laughter. "Well then, my dear, have a seat and at least eat with me. Tell me, are you married?"

"Yes," she said. "To Oratt of Shi'Kahr. He was stuck on this station not too long ago, but he escaped with several others. I have a son with him, Turatt. He's staying at his Aunt Lucy's tonight."

"Tell me more about your son," the Romulan said, leaning back with a glass of blue liquid. "Would you like some kali-val, Ms. Desiree? Or I guess it would be Mrs. Oratt."

"Ms. Desiree will do. If anyone with keen hearing passes, we'd want to make this at least a little more convincing," she said, rolling her eyes. "I appreciate the offer, but I don't drink."

"Mm," he said. "Your loss. So we were talking about your son."

She smiled broadly. "Oh, you should have seen him a month ago. He stood up to S'Vec and gave him this lecture on propriety and Surak's teachings. I thought he was going to die, or worse," she continued, sobering.

Desiree sat down across from him and pulled the cover from the food. There were two plates and tea, "I had tea made for me, but please pick whatever you want to eat. We don't have to eat vulcan food as you see, real meat..." She could tell by the way he was looking at her that he did not trust her. She didn't blame him, after all she could be a ruse sent by S'Vec to see if he was going to be loyal or not. "If you want me to taste test all this I will...I'm sure you are disoriented, and might not trust me...or really anyone. Please, ask me any questions you want. I'll answer them. My son is...what keeps me going and hopeful that we'll escape. T'Lyn told me you love children and are a good man. What do I need to do to earn your trust?"

Letant chuckled. "But of course, I'll have to test you," he agreed, letting his voice get silken. "Would you like something in your tea?"

She shrugged. "Whatever you want to put in there, go right ahead. Cream, sugar, skies the limit. You know, within reason. No hot sauce or cabbage or anything."

He grinned. "My, you humans do have an odd sense of humor. How does cream and sugar sound?"

"Lovely," she said, smiling kindly at him. She was so open, so trusting. He would see if she were truly that naive or a very good actress. He wasn't often fooled, and he knew just the thing to do.

"My, it seems you neglected the cream. Let me fetch some from the replicator, granted my father hasn't corrupted them all to dispense aphrodisiacs and illegal hallucinogens."

She snorted in laughter. "He's...out there, but not that out there. At least I don't think. I've done my share of misjudging characters before." He glanced over his shoulder at her, and she looked pensive.

"Now, now, there's no need to get down in the dumps, my dear! You are, after all, to entertain me."

He turned back to his work and slipped a small dose of truth serum into the cream after dosing a little into his cup. "There we go," he said, pouring the spiked liquid into her tea cup. "Now let us drink together and entertain each other, shall we?"

She took the tea from him and he offered a clink of his glass against hers, "To new friends." he said smoothly.

Desiree nodded, "To new friends." She took several big sips of her tea and she nodded, "Wow, that's good, you can fix my tea for me any time. It's not too sweet and not too...anything it's just good." She waited for him to pick up his plate and then took hers, "It's been hell around here, and it's nice to be able to have dinner with you. Now, there is going to be a price for this tomorrow I'm sure. T'Lyn is likely going to be a little banged up, but she is buying us time to get you up to speed and making it so she can fake her pregnancy." She sipped the tea again and moaned slightly, "This is so good. I feel a little pigish I just finished my whole tea cup in just a few swallows. I don't know how you managed it but it is super good."

She set her tea cup aside and poured some more, "So, Letant, or should I call you senator? What is it you would like to know?"

He grinned ever so slightly. The truth serum was working quite well. "It is good my little T'Lyn will not have to carry that...kllhe's child. But tell me...when did you meet your husband?"

"Oh, that was years ago. Let's see, Turatt is nearly seven, so seven or eight years ago. I've spent nearly four without him." A tear trickled down her cheek, and she wiped it away absentmindedly. "I hate S'Vec for taking my Oratt away from me. And it seems every single day, the guards look at my son like they want to convert him to some sort of...psycho. I hate it here..."

"Understandable," he purred. "It's not a very pleasant place, now is it?"

"No," she said, taking a bite of food. She chewed and swallowed. "I miss Oratt. I miss sex. I should have more kids than just Turatt...I want more kids."

He grinned. "You have, it seems, an almost Romulan appetite for your mate. Interesting. How did you meet T'Lyn?"

"She was on the station when I came, or I guess when I was captured. I suppose I was punishment for Oratt leading the others to escape..." She sighed. "T'Lyn is my son's foremother...so me and V'Las are related...you and me are related!"

Letant raised an eyebrow, there was much he had missed out on information wise taking off from the Forge after S'Vec had stripped T'Lyn of her child. He grinned, "So we are. Why is it that you think T'Lyn would have me brought here?" he purred picking up a cut of meat and dropping it into his mouth.

"Oh that's easy to answer, she explained her thinking to us because none of us understood. When we escape S'Vec is going to be incapacitated or maybe even dead. So she's going to dress you in his clothes, pretend you are him, and we'll be able to get past the guards. We'll be taking a Romulan flag ship so you're the only one that probably knows how to manage that." she sat up, "but, you know T'Lyn might be dead too...I don't know all about that plan but I heard someone mention that T'Lyn is going to need someone to carry her katra. So doesn't that mean she'd be dead?"

"Not necessarily. Her essence will be gone, but that doesn't mean she'll be dead. However, if she does intend on killing my father, she would do best to kill herself. Any attempt to kill him would be painful for her."

He leaned forward. "What I don't understand is where T'Lyn intends for us to put her katra once she's dead. I admire her bravery, but what use is she to us dead?"

Desiree grinned. "V'Las and Gelnon say S'Vec is making clones...clones of everyone." She sobered. "I guess I shouldn't be too happy about that...but if we could steal her clone and find a way to kill all the others...or something like that...I don't know. But T'Lyn's clone will probably be involved."

Desiree frowned slightly, "S'vec is brutal, Letant, T'Lyn's already been in like 4 surgeries, the last one nearly killed her. I think she'd be fine with S'Vec trying to kill her at least she'd know there would be an end to the pain. Right now the only time there is any peace is when she is in the medical bay." She looked at Letant who it seemed had paled a bit, "I know this sucks, Letant. It sucks for everyone. S'Vec has surrounded himself with the most wicked assholes ever. There was a guy named Tolaris running around forcing women to meld with him, giving them all pa'nar . Now there is a Voramik guy who I don't know what if anything we know about him." (Letant would remember Voramik btw) "And we all have children that we are trying to keep safe. Strom and Lucy have T'Ral and want to have another child. Rebecca and Gelnon have Jenny...I have Turatt..." tears sprang to her eyes, "I don't know what I'd do if someone hurt my baby. I'd probably get us all killed trying to avenge him."

"I can understand your worries," he said, then paused. He remembered Voramik. He remembered the bastard well. A spineless sheep to S'Vec's shepherd, Voramik had aided in T'Lyn's abuse, had kept silent for fear of his own life. And now, Letant knew the man probably had perverse appetites of his own.

"T'Lyn will probably notice if any of the guards are looking at your children the wrong way, especially T'Ral and Jenny. If my half-brother is of any use, he will have replaced the guards at all those locations with ones who are loyal to him. And if someone does harm your son, leave the revenge part to me. Romulans are notorious for silent, stealthy killings that are hard to trace. I could suspend my mercy and give any potential predators a very painful death. I remember when T'Lyn was a girl...I know that pain well, Ms. Desiree."

Desiree's jaw dropped slightly, "I didn't know T'Lyn was abused as a child. " She looked down at her hands, "I'm grateful you are here, Letant. T'Lyn has spoken highly of you to me. She said you were her favorite person growing up. I think, she is thinks the only way to get out of here is with your help, then it is probably so."

A communication beeped in Letant's room. The screen flashed on and it scrolled down a feed of information. The ship that Letant had been on and the base he had been negotiating in had been destroyed by the Klingon armada. The next feed stated that the Romulans had destroyed New Berlin, to 100% loss, the fleet was engaged with Star Fleet at this time.

Desiree gasped, "This must be what S'Vec said about furthering the future."

"Yes," he said soberly. "My people believe war to be glorious, a noble work for the Empire, but it's all death and destruction. T'Lyn was right...if we do not learn peace, we will all come to ruin. It seems I was right to come here after all. Earth is losing, Vulcan is blessedly neutral at the moment. Other Federation worlds are coming under attack from both the Romulan fleet and the Klingons...and my people and the Klingons have long wanted a chance to destroy the other. Any alliances we try to make are quickly forgotten. T'Lyn was right...this isn't the answer, and we cannot see the terrible end we will drive ourselves to."

He turned and saw that Desiree was hanging her head. "I had friends in New Berlin. Granted, that was a long long time ago, but still...their children and grandchildren..."

"War will make corpses of us all," he said darkly, picking up his kali-val. "So tell me about your friends. Your son's Aunt Lucy, the other Vulcans...tell me more about them."

"Lucy and Strom come from my time, Lucy was mind raped by some mirror universe vulcan, and Strom helped her. Yuris is his brother, chosen brother I think, and his mate Eponine comes from France. I don't know what time frame, but I know Yuris said he found her near death in the Forge and she was not of this time or even my time. Yuris was considered a criminal and outcast in his time. He is a melder, but from what I've learned that's all changed and all vulcans can meld. He is a sweetie, a real carebear. Strom is stern looking but he adores Lucy, and he's a good doctor. My husband, was their boss back in the day. He spoke highly of them both, the best doctors he knew. V'Las...well he and I have had a touch and go relationship. Apparently, he was under orders by S'Vec to imprison Oratt. Which, he did, and his wife told him to try to find a solution to his impending fever. At the time, it was creepy, but understanding what was going on behind the scenes...I understand. S'Vec was keeping his wife from him, he was getting desperate. I don't know that I totally trust him yet, but Jenny loves him, and Turratt tells me he is trust worthy, and that kid seems to know stuff. How I don't know. T'Lyn said it isn't uncommon for hybrid children to have more intense telepathy, so that could be it."

"You certainly do have an interesting group of people here. It would be an honor to meet my cousin." Desiree looked confused. "Your son. You say he has intense telepathic ability. T'Lyn did at a young age. And you say he's from T'Lyn's line?"

She nodded, taking a bite of food.

"Well, my dear, that is all I'll need to know for now. I'd like to meet Turatt and Jenny, and T'Ral if I may. T'Lyn was right when she said I am fond of children. I had several with my wife before she died, and they have all grown up and moved on. I find myself wanting to be grandfather now," he said with a chuckle.

Desiree's eyes softened, "That is so sweet." she said with a grin, "I have no doubt you'll be grandpa to a lot of kids, Letant. Everyone is either pregnant or had children, perhaps having more. Plus, you never know, you might find a lady once we get out of here." She reached out and placed her hand on his, patting it, "Then you can be dad and grandpa all over again. I don't think your dad..." she rolled her eyes, "he isn't your dad...S'Vec, is going to win this, at least not with us. Let him have the second rate clones if he must but we are going to get out of here." she grinned, "So, what kind of women do you like?" she asked thinking of trying to match make for him, "Vulcan women? Romulan? Human? Anyone you have your eye on now?"

He burst out into laughter. "That inextinguishable human compassion...if I need a wife, I will find one. I think I would like a human, but we have more pressing concerns than a companion for me."

He grinned like a wolf. "Unless you want to obey S'Vec's orders and keep me company tonight."

She rolled her eyes. "No offense, but I've got my honey bun and that's all I need."

He laughed again. "Good girl. Your loyalty is inspiring. Now, if you would be a dear, fetch my witless half-brother and tell him to come here. I want to talk to him."

Desiree nodded, "I sure will, Letant." She got up and started to walk away, then she turned around and hugged him around the neck, "I'm really grateful you are here, Letant, it feels just like T'Lyn said it would, comforting." she kissed his cheek and then turned to fetch V'Las.

V'Las entered with Desiree behind him. He had his lips pursed, having only met his half brother twice before, logic only knew what he wanted. "Desiree said you wanted to see me?"

Desiree grinned, "He was in his room a couple doors down, and from the looks of the robes he was doing jammy time."

Letant grinned. "I am not sure what that means, but I hope it was not profane."

V'Las snickered and rolled his eyes. "You wanted to speak to me?"

"Indeed. Tell me about Voramik."

His half-brother scowled. "He's a despicable character. I see him lurking around Rebecca's quarters, and I think I might have seen him staring a little too long at Lucy and T'Ral. I don't trust him."

Letant nodded, "Replace the guards around them and all the children with one's loyal to you."

V'Las nodded, "I have done around all the children. T'Lyn has threatened him as well. How she knew he was treacherous I do not know, but I am keeping a weather eye on him as best I can. Tolaris is slated for execution within the next couple days it is disagreeable that we couldn't make it a double."

Desiree's eyes widened, "They are going to kill him?"

V'Las nodded, "Yes, he is considered to be a traitor and wasting resources. That said, his clone will be activated and retrained. " he looked at Letant, "That is part of the problem for every one who might die, there are more to replace them...as them. S'Vec even has clones of the original founders of logic. Surak, T'Hya, T'Klaas...and he searches for katras . I have not been able to discover who but there is a betrayer among the ranks of P'Jem, Seleya, and Gol's temples, who is what is the human term? Black market's katras to him. He has experimentation in manipulating the katra while it is disembodied. He is using trill symbiots, I have been told, but do not know where..." he sighed, "So that he can implant and take the katra of not only vulcan's and romulans, but any race. There are Klingon clones, human, betazoid, vorta, andorians, and races I have not even heard of." He looked at his brother, "This is beyond what most can fathom."