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Overall warnings: may be hints of Thorin/Bilbo, Dwalin/Ori, Dwalin/Nori, Bofur/Nori, but that depends on how you read them honestly. Most of them can be seen as strong friendships ( which is what they are intended to be in most chapters, but not all). Also there will be mentions of character death, blood, gore, violence, war, medical procedures etc.

"He never thought things could turn to worse so fast. One day the was happy in Erebor, the other his nephew was off to Mordor to destroy The Rings, his young cousins where captured by orcs and the Shadow was stretching its hand all the way to the Kingdom Under the Mountain. Part II/III"

Chapter II: In slumber I see you

The murmur of the Rauros waterfall soothes his nerves as if he was there, standing next to the river and not many hundreds of miles away, tucked in his bed and dreaming all that is coming to pass. Aragorn's voice rises in the air with a haunting quality, followed by the softer voice of Legolas who takes the second stanza of the song. On the river, a white elven boat carries the body of one who has fallen to defend his friends and comrades. Bilbo finds that he cannot condemn Boromir for falling under the Power of the Ring; hadn't he, a hobbit who was acquainted with the darkness of the Ring much better than anyone in the Company save, perhaps, the fallen Gandalf almost given in to its whispers and attacked Frodo? The Man of Gondor had died an honourable death trying to protect Bilbo's kin; it was more than enough to redeem himself.

In the beginning, when Bilbo's dreams first shifted and he found himself following the fates of his young Took and Brandybook cousins and not those of his adopted child, he was dismayed. In the beginning he thought he would see only flashes of the other members of the Company before the dreams turned back to Frodo. But it was not so; after Boromir's funeral the aim of his dreams was directed precisely towards Merry and Pippin.

Part of him, even in slumber, is raging against this fact, but the bigger part is relieved because in this way he will know whatever fate will befall them. Frodo is as safe as he can be and he has Sam with him; however Merry and Pippin are in the hands of orcs bearing the White Hand of Saruman, heading towards Isengard.

He hopes as he had never hoped before in his entire life... he hopes that they will not be maimed and tortured by orcs... he hopes that Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli will find them... he hopes that they will not fall in Saruman's hands who will surely kill them once he finds out they do not have what he seeks. He hopes and prays as he had never prayed before. And so days pass...

The sun and the morning hold no appeal for him anymore. He goes through each day with numbness in his soul, eagerly waiting for the darkness that brings him either more dread or an ounce of comfort. When at last horns sound in his dreams and the stomping of hooves takes the orcs by surprise, he finally allows himself to think they have a chance. Merry and Pippin had always made a formidable team that kept the entire Shire on the edge, so when they manage to outwit the orcs, Bilbo feels immensely proud of them.

However, the huge LIVING tree that captures them startles Bilbo so bad that he wakes up. Apparently the old Shire stories had an ounce of truth hidden in them.

Things get even more strange as the nights pass by; Gandalf turns out to be not only alive, but also the new Head of his Order, the ents march to war against Isengard and the men of Rohan appear on the steps of Isengard after having defeated Saruman's army. Bilbo is pleased to see that Aragorn and Legolas are alive and even gladder to see the deep friendship that blossomed between the son of Thranduil and Gimli.

Of course, Gloin is none too happy to hear of it...

However, Took curiosity had always been a downfall in their family and when Pippin steals the Seeing Stone from Gandalf the Great Eye does not press only in his young cousin's mind, but also in his. Sauron's presence is strong and unwavering, crushing his mind with its power and bringing back whispers that had been laid to rest when the Ring had been passed to Frodo. His fingers fidget under the covers and visions long forgotten flash before his closed eyelids. He sees more than he had even seen in his life, the past and the future, but when the presence disappears from his mind, so does the memory of the visions.

He wakes up, tears marring his cheeks and a sense of foreboding in his soul. The Shadow is coming and none can escape it...