A/N: This is my newest project! I'm going to be writing a drabble each day (who would have guessed from the title) and I'd you to tell me what to write! Just leave me a review and tell what you'd like to see in the next drabble. Het, slash, femmeslash, a family or friendship fic, a character study.. I won't write (cous)incest or bestiality, but other than that, anything goes.

Here's the first one: Andromeda/Hermione, for Cheeky Slytherin Lass.

Her gaze lingered on the brunette sitting in the armchair by the fireplace. It was Molly's birthday and she had been buzzing around trying to help, despite everyone telling her to take some rest.

Eventually, Molly had forced her to sit down.

"Hey, is everything okay?" Andromeda asked softly. "You seem tired."

"Oh hi Andy," Hermione smiled. "Yeah, I suppose I am. Is it that visible?"

Hermione rubbed her neck. "I think I really should have been taking things easier, shouldn't I?"

"That's what we kept telling you."

"I should have listened. I just thought I could manage."

"What is it with you Weasley women that you won't allow yourself rest when you're pregnant? The world won't stop spinning if you sit down every once in a while. Here, allow me," Andromeda said. She placed her hands on Hermione's shoulders and started massaging them. Hermione let out a content sigh. "Merlin, that feels good." She leant in closer to the touch and her hair brushed Andromeda's face.

Andromeda blushed and was glad Hermione couldn't see it. She scolded herself. Don't be ridiculuous. She's married, eight months pregnant and younger than Dora. But Hermione Weasley was a very attractive woman and as Andromeda massaged the tight knots out of her neck and shoulders, she couldn't help regretting the fact that that was the closest she'd ever get with the brunette.