*knock knock knock* "Penny!"
*knock knock knock* "Penny!"
*knock knock knock* "Penny!"

The blonde rushed to the door and flung it open.
"What do you want Dr. Wackadoodle?" she yelped poising her hands on her hips. It was way before 11 AM and the waitress was in no mood for games. Sheldon looked down at his feet and then clutched his stomach.
"My belly hurts!" he whined as if he were a five year old saying it. "Sing soft kitty!" Penny rolled her eyes at the exasperating man.
"Sweetie, you're probably not even sick."
Sheldon scoffed as he stood upright and glared down at the shorter woman.
"I assure you that I am most definitely not in a normal state. I believe the accepted protocol is to sing me soft kitty when I am not when I'm not well."
Penny couldn't help but smile at the big man baby and motioned him to come inside the apartment.
"Get in here, Sheldor." she smirked as she led him to the couch. Sheldon sat down and Penny sat beside him.
"Alright, let's get this over with." she sighed clearing her throat. She began to sing until Sheldon interrupted her.
"Penny, can I have a glass of warm milk?" he coaxed. Penny was about to rant to him about how obnoxious it was to interrupt people, but she couldn't say no to those huge, blue puppy dog eyes.
"Sure, sweetie. It's 8 AM though. It's not like you're going to bed." Sheldon shrugged and placed his hands on his lap.
"It just comforts me," he said bluntly. Penny sighed and pulled out a pot for the milk. Sheldon was cute, but man was he a handful. She had always expected that she'd not like him when she first met him. But it was like they grew onto each other and it was a nice feeling.
"Okay, here you go, honey," Penny said as she handed the glass of milk to the physicist. Sheldon nodded gratefully and took a sip of the soothing beverage.
"Alright, now sing." he ordered taking another drink from his cup. Penny rolled her eyes and pulled a blanket over her on the couch.
"Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of...um-"
"No, start over." Sheldon smirked as he watched the blonde's face turn a cherry red. He didn't know why, but Sheldon really loved pushing Penny's buttons. Penny returned the smirk, sarcastically.
"Two can play at this game, Shelly." she giggled as she playfully punched his arm. Sheldon frowned and crossed his arms.
"Continue..." he coaxed, motioning with his hands.
"But, I'm so TIRED!" Penny whined, dramatically with a hint of sarcasm in her voice.
"Penny…" Sheldon frowned.
"Fine," Penny grinned. "Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur, happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr. How was that?"
"Lovely," Sheldon smiled. It wasn't a creepy "Joker" grin either. It was...authentic.
"Thanks, moon pie," she beamed resting her head on his shoulder.
"Penny, nobody calls me moon pie but mee-maw!" Sheldon yelped as he brushed the waitress off of him.
"Whatever, sweetie."