Title: Angels in a Centerfold
Authors: Erin (Erin Salvatore) and Katie (TheIrishShipperholic)
Disclaimer: Neither of us can take credit for anything but this story and any original character we created.
Show/Movie/Book: The Vampire Diaries
Pairings/Couples: Klaroline, Delena, and Mapril (other couples included: Stebekah, Kalijah, and Jenna, who is known separately as Jeremy/Anna)
Rating: Light to heavy mature, for the necessary chapters & foul language
Summary: April, Caroline and Elena are all college students, who model in their spare time to earn some extra cash. What happens when they all get new photographers – and slowly fall in love?
Authors' Notes: (Katie) This isn't the first collaboration I've done, but this is the first one I've done with someone who knows the ins and outs of Vampire Diaries, and I'm glad that Erin was in agreement to try a collaboration with me!

Chapter One

"APRIL!" April Young heard her name being called as she stood in front of the bulletin board outside the dormitory she lived in with two of her best friends, Caroline Forbes and Elena Gilbert, and turned to find Anna Vaughn Gilbert running towards her. Anna was also Elena's new sister in law, having gone and been swept off her feet by Jeremy, Elena's younger brother and the two of them had gotten married earlier this summer in a beautiful ceremony.

April smiled at Anna. "Oh, hey, Anna. How was the wedding?"

"Oh, it was great," she replied. "I couldn't have asked for a better day. Plus, it helped that my mom adores Jeremy." She cleared her throat. "I wasn't interrupting anything important, was I?"

April shook her head. "No, you weren't. I was just looking at the bulletin board. In fact, before you came, I had just found this flyer that was posted by this photographer who has a studio nearby. He and his partners are looking for models for their next shoot and I was going to tear off the slip with the number on it so that when I get back to the room, Elena, Caroline and I can give him a call."

"What's his name?"

April looked at the flyer. "It says his name is Matt Donovan. His partners are Damon Salvatore and Klaus Mikaelson."

"Wait, I think I know him," Anna said. "Jeremy and I hired him to do our wedding photos."

"He did?" April asked. "That's awesome."

"I know, right?" Anna said. "You couldn't have picked a better photographer. Also, I saw Damon and Klaus at the wedding, because, you know, they usually go to events and stuff together unless they have their own things to attend. Let me tell you, they're pretty hot."

"Really?" April asked. "Well, Elena and Caroline would love to hear that." Curiously, she added, "Which reminds me, does Elena know you're here?"

"No, I wanted to surprise her," Anna said. "Jeremy and I were sorting through the pictures and we found some that Elena and Caroline would like. Of course, we chucked the ones that they didn't exactly look the best in."

"Well, she'll definitely be surprised, no question about it," April said. "Say, did you want to come up with me?"

Anna nodded. "Sure. Lead the way." Before heading to the building where the girls lived together, April remembered to tear off the slip of paper from the flyer and followed along with Anna's quick, even strides as they headed toward the right building. As soon as the two girls were inside the building, where it was nice and toasty compared to the bitter cold outside, they began to divest themselves of their coats and hats, hanging them up on the coat rack in the downstairs lobby. April began jogging up the stairs in front of Anna, and they made it a race, eventually stopping when they saw the tie on the door.

"Oh, this is great! Lockwood is here, which means that we'll have to go back downstairs," April grumbled.

"I heard that!" the two girls heard from inside, before the door was all but wrenched open to reveal Caroline in nothing but her current boyfriend's shirt and his boxers, as well. Tyler Lockwood appeared behind her, a grin spotted instantly on his face.

His smile turned into a frown when he saw who April had brought up with her, not wanting to get into the middle of 'girl talk'. "Babe, I'm going to give you some time alone with the girls. I'll call you later," he said. She tried to grasp his hand to keep him from leaving her alone, but he moved back into the bedroom to get dressed. Caroline turned around and gave the other girls a red-eyed glare, and April returned it softly before moving past the blonde, with Anna following behind her.

Anna bit her lip, thinking that she had done something wrong by coming her today. "Caroline, I'm sorry. I didn't know Tyler was going to be here," she says to the blonde.

April, of course, wasn't the least bit sorry. She never liked Tyler to begin with, thinking that Caroline was going to get hurt if she continued to date him. In fact, she knew something about Tyler that Caroline didn't yet. The other day, she had seen him locking lips with Hayley Gardner. She wanted to confront the bastard right then and there, but opted to bite her tongue and keep it quiet. It was better that Caroline find out for herself anyway.

Caroline sighed and shook her head. "Don't worry about it, Anna. We were finishing up anyway," she says to the newlywed. She glanced at April and then back at Anna. "So, what brings you by here?"

"Jeremy and I found some wedding pictures that you and Elena might like," Anna said. "We threw the embarrassing ones out, of course."

"Thank you," Caroline said. "I was wondering when we were going to get them. Elena will be back from her Algebra class in an hour, and I'll show them to her."

April cleared her throat, deciding to change the subject before things got too weird. "Oh, and before I forget, I saw this flyer downstairs. You remember the photographer that was at Anna and Jeremy's wedding? Matt Donovan? Well, it turns out that he needs models for his next shoot. Well, he and his partners do. Anyway, I got the number and I thought we'd call later and find out what this entails."

Caroline blinked at that, the earlier scene forgotten. "When does this little session take place? I need to know so I can tell Elena," she tells April.

"That's why I got the number," April said. "We can call and find out."

"Well, you know I'm definitely in," Caroline said. "We haven't been to a decent shoot since the last one we did before the wedding."

"Maybe this one will be more than just decent," Anna said. "Matt and his partners do awesome work, as you'll see when you open the photo packet."

Caroline nodded. She was definitely curious, that was for sure. Hell, she was curious enough to overlook what happened earlier. Once Elena arrived home an hour later on the dot, the four girls sat down on the couch with four glasses of water in their hands, and giggles were soon heard from the outside and even going as loud as to be heard downstairs as they all looked through the pictures. Things like, "Oh my goodness, Anna, you look so beautiful!" and "He's covered in cake!" could be heard through the giggles, and once all the pictures had been looked through, Anna decided to head home to her husband and left the three girls to decide on whether or not to make the phone call now or in the morning.

April made the decision for the girls when she yawned rather loudly and finally hopped off to her room, immediately settling into her nice warm bed once her head was firmly planted into the pillows and falling asleep right away.

The Next Day

April went to her first class then took a chance and called the photographer she'd decided to 'assign' herself personally. She sat down on the bench that was outside her first class' building once she got out then held firmly onto the piece of paper in her hand so it didn't blow away while her shaky fingers began dialing the number on it.

Klaus Mikaelson heard the phone ring as he poured himself some tea. Not sure who might be calling, he checked the Caller ID and saw April's cell number on it. Deciding not to keep her waiting for someone to pick up, he picked up the phone and cleared his throat before placing the phone to his ear. "Donovan Photography Studio. How may I assist you, love?" he asked her.

April heard the proper British voice on the other end and tried to keep from literally melting as she said, "Hi. This is April Young. I'm actually looking for Matt Donovan. Is he there by any chance?"

Klaus heard the door opening and closing and looked to see Matt walking in. "Hold on, love, I just saw him walk in," he told April. He placed the phone down and said to the younger man, "Matt, this phone call is for you, mate."

Matt raised an eyebrow. "Who is it?"

"A girl by the name of April Young," Klaus said. "She's on hold. She sounds delightful."

Matt nodded at Klaus before heading over to the desk and picking up the phone. "Hello?" he asked.

"Hi, is this Matt? This is April Young. Your partner sounded very … proper," April said with a small, soft laugh.

Matt could feel himself getting hard just by her voice and the sound of her laughter through the phone. "Yeah, that's Klaus for you. He's British, so being proper goes with the territory," Matt said. "So, how can I help you, April?"

On her end, April bit down on her lip gently. "Well, your flyer said that you were looking for models for your next shoot," April said. "It just so happens that my friends and I are models and we'd like to volunteer. In fact, I wouldn't mind having you." Realizing what she had just said, she quickly added, "As my photographer, I mean."

Matt laughed slightly. "It's okay, I knew what you meant. Anyway, how about you and your friends come by the studio and we can work something out? Would 5:00 be good for you?"

"It's good for me, but I'll have to check with my friends to see what their schedules are, since theirs are different from mine," April said. "I look forward to seeing you, Matt."

"You too, April," Matt said. "Thanks for calling."

"Bye," April said huskily before she hung up and squealed, not giving a fuck if she got incredulous stares from the other students that walked by.