A/N: Hey all, long time no write. Here I am with another story. I've recently finished Elfen Lied, and of course, I cried my eyes out at the ending. But still, I thought the story and the characters were all unique and well-made, and it left quite an impact on me. And then, I got a weird idea of doing a Naruto/Elfen Lied crossover with two of the characters I liked best from both series. And here's the result. It's a multi-chapter ficlet, so hopefully (since I'm ill at the moment), I'll be continuing it soon.

P.S. Foul language and mildly sexual content are included to match the characterization and do the relationship I imagined these two would have more justice. I could be wrong applying them, though, so you're free to point out anything you find inappropriate. I hope you'll enjoy reading, on which behalf I wish to thank you in advance! c:

1. The Outsider

A dark shadow appeared on the horizon, terrifyingly blocking the pale moonlight. Darkness that was never seen before spilled out a woman, who instantly fell to the ground. And then, like nothing ever happened, the giant dark sphere swallowed itself, and disappeared into the void.


Brushing her fiery hair off of her face, she stood up and checked her whereabouts, eyes shifting and stare blank.

"Where…Am I?" Lucy questioned out loud. But no known place came to mind. She was in a forest, and it was quite dark.

"This isn't Kamakura."

A wolf howled in the distance, creating a cool and spooky atmosphere. Concluding that standing around will do her no good, Lucy decided to go and explore a bit. This was not the world she was used to. The very air was different from the one she had home. It phased her, but there was no way she'd remember how she got here. Though, that didn't matter much. There were humans surely, and her purpose being to slaughter them, this was the perfect opportunity for that. And truth be told, Kamakura was way too small to satisfy her everlasting intent to kill.

Now she had a whole world, and by the looks of it, there was nobody to get in her way. Perfect.

Wandering about for almost an hour, Lucy got tired, feeling like walking a road to nowhere. No towns or villages were in sight, and that slowly began to irritate her.

"Where could they be?" she kept asking herself, but the answer seemed far. And just when she wanted to give it up and find a place to sleep for the night, she felt a presence from nearby. Some weird energy could be sensed from the same direction. Lucy had never felt anything similar. She got closer to the presence, and suddenly, a figure leaped out from the bushes, screaming something unknown to Lucy, and it wielded a scythe. Quickly reacting, she used her vectors to swiftly block the attack. The figure jumped a few meters away, preparing for another strike.

"You got some moves there." It was a male, presumably in his twenties, and he had feisty magenta eyes. His hair was slicked back and the color of silver. He was also quite the looker, with a young, handsome face and a body covered in muscles.

"Who are you?" Lucy asked without hesitation. The man chuckled madly.

"That doesn't really matter, does it? You'll be dead soon anyway. Jashin-sama will be proud of me!" Hidan cried, before trying to land another hit to the female. But he stood no chance against her vectors, and after a few unsuccessful struggles of his, she disposed of his weapon and held him a meter off the ground, ready to rip him apart any second.

"Too bad," Lucy spoke, "It seems that your Jashin-sama won't be pleased."

The man's face curved into a furious expression.

"Shut the fuck up! What the fucking hell are you anyway?!" he shouted, and since the vectors were gripping him by the neck, he spitted some blood on Lucy.

"I am a Diclonius. I was created to destroy humanity. Die."

Her tone was calm and decisive. The vectors tightened their grips, and just when they started pulling Hidan's head up in an attempt to separate it from his body, Lucy's knees shook and she fell, burying her head in her palms.

"No…Not you...Not now…" she mumbled in protest, as herself faded away and was replaced by her other personality. And that happening, the vectors backed off, releasing the silver-haired man.

"What the hell? Weren't you gonna finish me? Hmph, idiot." He teased, and kicked Lucy in the head. Falling back, she innocently gazed at him, and then happily screamed: "Nyu!"

The Jashinist's magenta eyes flinched.

"Nyu, nyu!" Like an infant, the girl merrily repeated, and slowly got up.

"What the fucking hell is wrong with you? Are you retarded or something?" Hidan's manner was rude, as he rubbed the back of his head in confusion.

"Nyu!" Lucy replied, and before he knew it, she glomped him and they were both rolling on the ground.

"GET THE FUCK OFF ME, YOU MAD BITCH! YOU WERE GONNA KILL ME A FUCKING SECOND AGO! OFF, OFF I SAID!" Hidan shouted, as Lucy rapidly tried to choke him with her hugs.

"Argh, fuck off-" as he was about to slap her, the Jashinist noticed a big, snow-white pair of horns growing out of the female's head. Finally managing to push Lucy off, Hidan took a few moments to observe the weird abnormality.

"Are those…Real horns?" he asked, still in slight disbelief. He'd blankly point at her head.

"Nyu!" Lucy answered cheerfully, obviously not understanding him. He pulled his hair in anger, irritated to no extent.

"Idiot…You are retarded. One time you threaten to kill me, the other you're all 'nyu nyu' and you're hugging me like we're goddamn babies or something! Seriously…" The Jashinist whined, while Lucy pleasantly grinned at him. She was weird, like from another world, he knew it.

But still, he felt kind of close to her. She seemed so innocent, so fragile and childish, that he couldn't bear with himself if he left her all alone. But also, her current behavior was the complete opposite to the one from just a few minutes ago, where she used some Jashin-knows-which powers to kick his ass. And those weird horns…It all confused him, and he hated being confused.

Therefore, he made it his goal to find out more about her. He got up and picked up his scythe, and Lucy sprang after him as well.

"Fine, come with me. Can you tell me your name at least?" he asked, trying to sound annoyed and like he doesn't care at all.

"Nyu!" Lucy replied.

"Is that all you can say? Jashin…" Hidan groaned again, but he then added, "I'm Hidan. Get in my way and I'll sacrifice your little baby ass, okay?"

Another 'nyu!' came from the girl's side.

"Fuck you. Let's go, Pain's gonna be pissed."

Hidan remained silent for the rest of the trip. Lucy would often stop to smell some flowers or gaze at the night sky, and each time he had to go back and tell her to snap out of it so they could journey ahead. He wasn't that sure if bringing her with him was a good idea anymore, but what's done is done, she knows his face now, so she's gonna follow him everywhere.

"Fucking great…" he sighed.

Soon, they reached the Akatsuki Hideout, and Hidan quickly escorted Lucy in, praying that nobody walks into them and spots them together. He guided her to his room.

"Get in! Come on!" he whispered, worriedly looking about.

"Nyu!" Lucy smiled, standing in front of the open door like a statue.

"Oh good Lord, get the hell in!" roughly pushing her through, the Jashinist slammed the door shut upon hearing a voice calling for him from nearby.

"Hey, what up! Going for a late sacrifice in the moonlight, Hidan, yeah?" Deidara mocked, a big grin shining on his face.

"Tsk! That's none of your damn business, blondie! Now get outta my face before I sacrifice you!" Hidan hoped this threat would drive his fellow Akatsuki away, but-

"Heh, like you'd have the balls to do that! I am a valuable member of the Akatsuki, Pain would kick you out, yeah!" the blond youngster vouched, confidently crossing his arms. The Jashinist shrugged.

"Listen, I don't have time to deal with your stupid ass right now, I have some stuff to do. So please, fuck off." With that said, Hidan reached for the doorknob, and just as he wanted to turn it, Deidara laughed triumphantly.

"I see, you're scared! Scaredy cat!" The blond Akatsuki stuck his tongue out at the Jashinist, angering him even more.

"I'm not fucking scared, I just don't have time! I'll kick your ass tomorrow!" Hidan tried to enter his room once again, but that annoying laughter of Deidara's drove him nuts.

"Til tomorrow comes, you have enough time to make yourself scarce! Because you're a scaredy cat and you know that I can blow your immortal ass up, yeah!" Deidara kept teasing him, his navy-eyes sparkling and his body hungry for a battle. And for a moment, it seemed Hidan engaged the idea of battling his colleague.

"Why you-"

"Nyu, nyu!"

His stare quickly switched to the door, and he immediately forgot Deidara's attempts to make him go berserk.

"Hidan! Nyu, nyu!"

The Jashinist flinched.

"She…She…My name…" His jaw slightly dropped in surprise. Half of him was glad that Lucy, or how he named her 'Nyu', screamed his name, and the other half didn't give a rat's ass about that.

Remembering that Deidara was there too, he quickly gave him the finger and ran into his room, finding a rather "pleasant" surprise inside.