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P.S. In case somebody doesn't know, a kekkei genkai is a special ability shinobi either inherit from a certain bloodline (like the eye techniques, for example), and kinjutsu can be referred to as 'forbidden techniques'.

4. Squirming

"Y'know, I don't usually forgive my enemies and let them go. But…"

The ANBU's eyes shifted, as the Jashinist's smile crept up once again.

"I'm not gonna make an exception with you fuckers either!"

With that settled, Hidan charged forward at the ops, and they were more than prepared to counter him. He made his first strike on the leader, as a sign of pure confidence in victory.

"You seem to be quite the humorist, Akatsuki." The latter mused sarcastically. Crashing a blade onto the Jashinist's pike, the bird-mask retreated, letting his three companions attack instead. Hidan felt humiliated by this act.

"While you're a coward, ANBU scum." He spoke back angrily, successfully dodging the attacks, and even managing to cut down one of the ANBU precisely on the neck, making him fall back, instantly dead.

Hidan clenched his teeth.

"Normally, this isn't my true style; I'm to sacrifice these bastards to Jashin-sama. But Nyu…I have to hurry."

He blocked an incoming kunai.

"Your combat up to now was surely impressive, Akatsuki. Not the usual weapon, but effective nonetheless." The leader complimented, as his comrades stared fearfully at their fallen friend. Hidan chuckled.

"Don't you dare underestimate me! You'll meet your death in this fight! May the Lord justify your spirit, as your corpse hits the dirt and your soul is laid to waste! Pray for a quick, painless death, and the will of the merciful might grant your wishes!" Hidan's speech was so sermonizing, so certain and divine, yet spoken in a vengeful, venomous fashion, as if it was meant to scare more than preach. Each time his lips formed in a manner to speak out his Lord's name, the Jashinist's body shivered in satisfaction. It used to be the only thing that lit his way, the only thing he came to rely on. And here, he came to show the heathens the full impact of it once more.

"Nyu, I beg you, linger a little longer…I'll come for you, I promise."

The sky drifted to an ill shade of blue, as Hidan rushed at his foes, pike and fists ready.

"Nyu, nyu!"

"Argh, just shut up! What the hell is wrong with you anyway?"

The ANBU guard was getting annoyed by Lucy's constant pleas for freedom. He rubbed his head sorely.


Her eyes were now watery, and the op noticed. Hearing her cry would be the last thing he needed.

"Hey, look, just calm down." He took off his mask and stood up to face her. She was beautiful, yet there was something that was driving him away from her. Well, he somewhat knew what it was: the horns. What was up with that? He'd never seen anything alike before. It was strange even for an abnormality.

Was it, perhaps, a sign of an unknown kekkei genkai? Or a kinjutsu that cannot be deactivated? He didn't know, but he kept a two meter distance, kunai at the ready, just in case.

Nyu, on the other hand, observed his face curiously. His chestnut eyes were staring directly towards her. As usual, she didn't even try to cover herself, so he gave her a travel blanket to wear until his companions return. At least he hoped they'd return.

"That Akatsuki guy, he isn't ordinary. Then again, which one of them is? Still, I sincerely hope they can make it. Also…What was this girl doing with him? An organization like that would love to equip as many powerful members as it can." He smiled politely at the pink-haired girl, trying to hide the thoughts he was having.

"Nyu!" Lucy exclaimed suddenly, seeing something shine out of the ANBU's pocket. As he saw her pointing in the said direction, the man smiled and pulled it out. It was a small pocket-knife, the one you'd use for peeling a potato or such.

"A momento from my grandpa. He entrusted me with it, in hopes that I wouldn't make any use of it. He wanted me to become a strong, famous ninja, known and feared by all. Instead, I'm working under superiors, hiding in the shadows, counting down days to retirement." The ANBU spoke melancholically, gazing at the small knife with some sweet sorrow.

Nyu, as curious as she was, bounced it out of his hand, exploring each of its bits with care. It was quite old, and it seemed the blade would fall out of its hilt at any time.


Lucy made it happen. In a second, the rusty piece of steel met the ground with a soft clang, as Nyu stared back at the guard pleasantly, expecting a hug. But he seemed to be more than furious with her latest act.

"Y-You...What the...?"

The ANBU stared down in disbelief. And before Lucy could react, he punched her straight in the cheek, making them both fall.

"You insolent-"





Blood came down Nyu's forehead and painted her face and neck, mixing itself with her hair and eyebrows. She was crying, gazing back at the ANBU with fright. He breathed heavily but sturdily, as if he had just begun.

"How...How could you?"



His lips shook in anger at her wail.

"You dare call out after you've ruined the only part of grandpa I had left?! Why you-" He moved in for another glorious hit, but suddenly, his hand was stopped by something invisible. He looked up at it.

"What the-"

His other arm was lifted as well. He moved his head back at Lucy; innocence had now long left her eyes. She stared back, cold and dull, completely ignorant of the life-worth fluid that was spilling out of her head like water.

"I..." she spoke.

Within a few moments, the ANBU's head was departed from his body.

"...Blanked out again."

Meanwhile, Hidan assaulted the Konoha's elite. Apparently, the leader appeared to be a bit too arrogant and let his guard down frequently, so it wasn't much of a task to take him down. Must've been one of those smart-ass newbies who got in through an inner link, the Jashinist thought as he pierced his heart for the third time, dealing a final blow to the platoon leader.

He walked out of the holy symbol he drew with his own feisty blood. Taking a moment to mumble a prayer, he ran off, with a growing feeling of dread in his stomach.

"I hope she's okay. She must be okay." He kept assuring himself, "And even if they try to do something to her, well...She has those things to protect herself. Yeah..."

He wondered excitedly of the sight he'll witness when he finally reaches Nyu's location.

Lucy stood up slowly, brushing the hair off of her face and wiping the blood off her eyelids to regain sight. She ruthlessly kicked the dead ANBU's corpse away; his head rolled to a tree and stopped there, eyes still clear and almost alive, like a mannequin. She's throw the traveling blanket he gave her and cover his body with it, naked as a newborn yet again.

She rubbed her forehead. Sharp pain throbbed through her neck and head, as she silently breathed in and out. She felt as though her brain was dancing a tango inside of her skull, refusing to calm down and let her be. What had she been doing up to this point? What the devil happened?

Failing to remember, Lucy closed her eyes, letting her other senses be on their maximum.

She smelled; the light, fresh wind blew into her face. She focused on sounds; birds sang happily around her, small mammals and insects were passing by fluently.

She opened her eyes again. A squirrel was sitting by the corpse, examining the red liquid that came out of it and watered the once green grass.

Lucy glared at it. This squirrel reminded her of the people from her hometown, who often liked messing into other people's business and enjoyed correcting what they thought was wrong. It reminded her of the children who used to bully her while she was in school. That is, until she finally stood up for herself and killed every last one of them.

And then, there was Kouta...

She shivered, rubbing her head once more at the memory of a boy she held dear.

Footsteps could be heard from behind. She turned around, facing a silver-haired magenta-eyed man running toward her from a distance.

"Hey, Nyu! I'm coming! Are you okay?!"

She stared at him curiously. Her vectors wandered out, prepared, as she widened her fiery eyes in a dark manner.