This will be the last chapter for this story but that is not to say I won't write another story similar to this one. I have been thinking of writing a Bella/Renee story (Not one where they are related mind you but maybe something where she is Bella's teacher). Tell me what you think.

Bella and Alice are trying to adjust to being without Jessica's company. An unexpected visitor may help them move on.

Bella and Alice didn't hear from Jessica for more than 3 months, she was never online any more, they suspected the worst from this.

"All because she's jealous of some girl on the internet? Really?" Bella was telling Alice as they snuggled in for the evening in their lake house. Alice was lying on top of Bella as she lied on a recliner; they were looking out at the still water on the lake, it was a particularly calm.

"I've been thinking about that, Bells" Alice said as she stroked the other girl's hair, "She was really upset, maybe we need to make it up to her some how, show her we really care about her."

Bella looked in her sparkling eyes and smiled, "You're right. But, we don't even know where she is."

"I'm worried."

"Me too. But we can still hold out hope that one of these days she'll come through that door and into our arms. Until then we do have each other." They kissed each other gently only to interrupted by a knock at the door. Both looked at each other excitedly. Could it really be? They sprinted to the door, their hopes were high on who they would end up seeing on the other side.

"Esme?" Alice frowned. Esme was her foster mother, she had no idea why she would venture out to see her at this hour. Esme looked like she was ready for a night on the town, she had bright red lipstick on and perfume, along with a black jacket covering a tight red blouse and black pants.

"Hello, Alice. Bella" Esme gave Bella a look that said, "You're looking really good this evening" in a more than friendly way.

"It's good to see you, Esme, what brings you here this evening?" Alice asked surprised.

Esme stepped inside, inviting herself in, both girls realized she was carrying an overnight bag; she removed her jacket and looked around the house, "I love what you've girls done with the place. It's very kitsch."

"Thank you" said Bella, "The wallpaper was my idea."

"I'm guessing neither of you have heard from Jessica still", Esme began, facing both of them, "You all seemed so close."

"Well, yeah, we're best friends" Alice spoke innocently.

"You three have been close ever since that night you spent at Bella's. You started kind of a secret club haven't you?" They both pretended to be oblivious to what Esme was getting at but she could see right through them, "That's why I came over. I want in."

"Huh?" Alice exclaimed.

"That's right. I knew you three were up to, Alice is very easy to read. I want to leave Carlisle and shack up with you two. That is...if you'll have me..." She advanced toward Bella, putting her hands on her shoulders. Bella shuttered, she wasn't sure about this, she had to make a decision with Alice.

Out of ear shot from Esme they whispered their thoughts, "I'm not sure about this. I mean don't get me wrong, it would probably be really hot but we still have to think of our devotion to Jess."

"But, Bella" Alice whispered, "She's older, she like knows stuff", Bella looked back at Esme, patiently waiting, thinking that perhaps she had a point. But before Bella could tell Esme their decision, Esme made the first move.

"I've been waiting to do this!" Esme declared as she sprang and kissed Bella, not just a sweet simple kiss but a forceful, maniacal display of affection. Bella melted into the older woman's arms, she had never felt more excited. Alice's mouth was a gap, her jaw wide watching her motherly figure mack on her best friend/lover. Esme invited Alice in, they hugged and kissed. They were getting back into the motions that had started with Jessica, they certainly found a worthy replacement. The girls ripped Esme out of her blouse and exposed her large, supple breasts that both of them were eager to grope. Esme moaned and called out as her nipples were sucked and pinched.

They eventually made it to the master bedroom, leaving a trail of clothes behind them, "Oh, Esme!" Bella called out as she licked her wet pussy.

"Alice, give me a hand!" Esme commanded her. Both if them went to town, Bella threw her head back on the bed and savored the moment. This was much more intense than anything she did with Jessica by 1000%. Esme did teach them a lot that night, she opened them up to a whole new world. They passes out, Esme was in the middle of the bed with Bella and Alice on both sides, holding her tightly. In the morning, Esme was gone, both woke up to an empty bed; there was no way it could have been a dream. They ran downstairs, someone was at the kitchen table.

"Jess!" Alice shrieked. She ran over and hugged her, "Where have you been, why haven't you called?"

"I had to do some thinking", she looked at Bella, looking hungry, "Miss me?"

Bella nodded, "I'm sorry about..."

"Forget it. I don't give a shit about that, I'm just glad to be back with my girls", she opened up her arms to Bella, she whispered into her ear, "I know you fucked her. I did too."

Bella smiled, she was glad to have her crazy, psychotic, lover back, "I love you."

"I fucking love you too" and with that they both made up with a french kiss. Alice noticed Esme sneaking outside to her car, she saw her catching her and winked. Alice really hoped they would have another night together but was happy having Jessica back for good. Their love story was really only just beginning.

The End...Really.