Chapter 5: Taking Over Domino

"Many were injured in the battle."

"The war is getting worse."

"The prince is still missing."

"The princess is in a bad condition to fight."

"The Winx, minus Princess Bloom, are fighting for their friends."

"No one knows how much longer the war will last."

These thoughts continued rushing through Bloom's mind as she sat in her room, thinking. Her parents were off at a war meeting, as were her friends. She was ordered by her father to stay in her room until her mother came.

"Yes, lock me in my room while the world outside really needs me. You did this Valtor. You." She whispered. She then stood up and looked out the window.

"Sky, I will find you. I promise." She said.

"We should make our own armies and defend our own borders." King Radius said.

"I agree with Radius." King Erendor said nodding.

"Each of us fighting alone? We will be defeated. We must unite." King Teredor argued. Then every king started to argue with one another.

"Please, your Majesties!" Flora said banging on the table. Everyone stopped and stared.

"We need to come up with a plan to defeat Valtor and get Sky back." Tecna said.

"I don't think you will need to do all that." A voice said. Each person in the room sharply turned to the door.

"Sky! My son." Erendor ran and hugged his son, as did Queen Samara.

"We have missed you so much. Are you alright? No wounds?" She asked checking him over.

"I'm fine mother, really." He said. "Where's Bloom?" Sky asked.

"In her room resting." King Oritel said. Just then...


They all heard a scream. Then, this:

"Valtor! What are you doing here!?" Bloom screamed.

"Taking over the castle, isn't it obvious?" He replied in a yell.

"Ugh! Fire Blade!" She yelled. They all heard a crash.

"You will pay for that my queen!" They heard Valtor sneer.

"My queen?!" They heard Bloom yell.

"My queen?" The Winx yelled.

"My queen?" Bloom's parents yelled.

"Yes. I will take over the planet and you will rule by my side as queen. Then I will destroy or conquer all the rest of the magical dimension!" He yelled and laughed maniacally. "And you aren't in the best condition to fight now are you?" He sneered. They heard nothing from Bloom.


"Black Flames!" They heard Valtor yell. They heard a scream, then silence.