"Gentlemen and maybe Ladies our auction tonight will please you greatly." The man started with a smile, his fat round belly wobbled as he looked smug "I've waited for years to put his pretty up for you respectable bidders." He chuckled as he turned back to an equally fat boy who pulled a skinner boy up to the stage, the teen looked drugged as he stood swaying on the stage, "This one is so pure and has the most beautiful green eyes ever seen." He said as he held the boy's head to make him look at the horny men "Let's start the bid for 25000!" he said and it starts hands are going up and the bid got higher and then someone said

"I will bid for him, muggle." This stopped the fat man in his tracks as he looked at the tall well dressed man, the blonde man gave him a looked that said I know who you are and I can and will destroy you

"Sold, to the blonde with the cain." He yelled, the blonde moved around to the stage and looked at the teen, he could see the boy was recognised him

"Oh come one this is unfair!" Someone shouted as the blonde picked up the boy, he turned to the fat man and smiled

"Wait until the magical world hears about you selling the gold boy." He the fat man froze

"I…I'll tell them you took him." He said

"Oh please do but by the time they know I've got him it would already be too late for them and you." Walking away, leaving Vernon a very scared man.

Luicus Malfoy smiled smugly as he apparited to riddle manor, walked though the hall carrying the unconscious heir to the Dark Lord's throne, he walked into the hall and walked up to the Dark Lord himself and gave a short bow "Luicus how come you have Harry?" he asked looking at him as his he ran his fingers though his black hair

"I followed his fat uncle tonight where he was putting the boy up for sell, I took Harry off him, the boy has been drugged with some kind of muggle drug I can't undo it, we just have to wait for it to leave his body, he passed out about an hour ago, Voldemort stood up and took Harry into his arms and laid him close to him and kissed him on the forehead

"My poor prince." He whispered "He's going to be scared out of his mind when he wakes up."

"Of course, he has no idea that you want to make him your heir." Luicus say, the red eye man looks up at the blonde, he hadn't thought about that, he has been invading Harry's dreams for the last year slowly getting the boy to love him but after the 5th year when Bellatrix killed Harry's god father the shit it the fan all his hard work gone in one second thanks to that crazy bitch,

"Your right he will not be happy." He said he looked down at the sleeping boy that was nuzzled into his chest, looking back up and looked at Luicus "Get the wolf that he is so fond of." He said standing up and carried the teen up to a spare room.

He placed Harry on the bed and looked at him, the more he looked at the boy the more he felt himself get hard, would like nothing more to lock the door and pound into the sweet boy that now lays there so defenceless and so pure, looking back at the door he waved his wand and the sound of the clock clicking shut, looking down at Harry he case as spell that made the boy all into a deeper sleep one where only sun light could wake him and as it was 11 o'clock at night there was no sun light for hours. Harry already wearing nothing making it easier for Voldemort to run his hand over the teen's body getting a shiver out of him, licking his lips Voldemort undressed and let his clothes fall to the floor as moved onto the bed and in between the boy's legs, again he pointed his wand at the boy's entrance.

Harry gasp and moaned in his sleep as he Voldemort kissed and licked the pale skin he could fine, he took in a deep breath of Harry's scent making him drool, skating his hands down the creaming thighs he pulls the leg's part wide, he pushed his cock into the teen's hole, Harry open his mouth a let out whine, using their connection Voldemort broke into Harry's mind and let him feel everything he's feeling as he started to rock his hips into him, letting his hand travel to Harry's cock he started to pump he the teen's cock as he rocked back and forth moaning Harry's name as Harry still whimpers a moans.

Voldemort leans down and kisses Harry's neck and sucks and kisses the skin letting his teeth bite down, he moves his hips faster and faster as he pounds into the teen still pumping Harry's cock, there was a whine and feeling of the youths muscle tighten around the Dark Lord's cock making him moans in heaven as he bite down on the boy's neck letting his snake like teeth sink into the skin as he spilt his seed into the teen, with a shudder Voldemort pulls way and looks down at him and then kisses hips before he stood up and cleans himself and then Harry before he puts him under the covered in a pair of black silk PJ's and he leaves the room.

Snape stood outside the door and met the Dark Lord in the hallway "Don't look at me like that." He said

"Like what Tom, you just raped an unconscious kidnapped teen you hates you with every fibber of his being." He smiles

"I won't know a thing when he wakes up." Tom said looking at Snape

"Really are you sure?"

"The was drugged by his muggle family and I'm sure." He growled "Just make some healing potions and some nutrition potions as well." He growled at him again as he walks away, the dark hair potions master smirked as he walked away.

When Harry woke up and sat up and winced, his body ached as he looked around the room, he looks to the side of the bed and pats around and finds his glasses, there was a knock at the door and Harry looked at it as the door opens, in walks in Snape "P…Professor? Where am I?" he asked looking at him as he watched the man bring a tray of small potion to him, he stands by the bed and looks at the boy who looks younger than he should

"You're at Riddle manor."


"I'm not going to repeat myself, here drink this it will help with any pains." He said "And then drink this you look like you haven't eaten in you left Hogwarts." He said Harry frowned at him

"I haven't…well not much." He said taking the potions without any questions

"I am sure they have been treating you like a prince." He sneered, Harry looks at him again

"I'm sure that is what Dumbledore told you." he whispered "Is Tom going to kill me?" he asked snapping out of his thoughts about what the boy just said and what he heard from Luicus, he looks at the boy

"No he's not." He said getting up and walking out the room.