In the three month's that Harry has been living in Riddle manor, Tom has tried to talk to the boy, at first Harry would walk away, Tom would get so mad that sometimes he wanted to corner the boy and made him see how much he loved him, but that would like putting hot water in a chocolate tea pot. One afternoon Tom was sat in his offices looking over some plans to take over the Ministry before he took over the school and with Harry with him Dumbledore wouldn't be able to do much.

There was a knock at the door, which made Tom look up before he called out "Come in." The door open and the dark hair teen walked in; the Dark Lord sat up and out his pen down and looked at the 16 year old in his room "Harry." He said slightly shocked to see the boy anywhere near him, he notice the boy was a little woozy on his feet as he walked "Please take a seat would you like a drink?" he asked, Harry nodded

"Some ginger tea please." He asked, Tom nodded and called for a house elf that popped out and back within 10 minutes.

They sat there in silence drinking tea, Harry stilled look a little peaky "Are you okay Harry you look unwell, shall I call the Healers?" he asked, the teen looked up at him green eyes bright

"No no, will go to the Healers soon but there is something I have to tell you, Remus thought I should have told you sooner but I wanted to wait." He said, he looked at Tom, the dark hair man looked at the teen and tilted his head at him

"What is wrong?" he asks

"Luicus said you been in love with me since the grave yard in my 4th year, and I can often feel love through our link, but you leave me unsure because I know you can be cruel and heartless when you want to be, and if I were to fall for you I know you would hurt me." Tom looked at him before getting off his feet and ran over to him and knelt in front of him, he took the teen's hands and held them in his own

"Harry I don't want to hurt you, I'm sorry I that I do, but having spilt my soul so many times it's left a nasty mark on myself." Harry looked into the pleading eyes of the man and sighed closing his eyes as he felt tears burn and prick behind them

"Tom, I want to believe you, not because I feel that you are sorry but because what you did without knowing." The Dark Lord looked at him feeling confused "I'm…I'm pregnant."

Tom looked at him his mouth open like a fish as he stared at Harry "Pregnant are you sure?" he asked, Harry nodded and took a sip out of his tea, the ginger helping settle his stomach

"Of cause I am, Remus conform it after two weeks of him being here and since hitting three months I have been sick very morning, you're lucky he hasn't killed you." he said Voldemort looked at him still like he has been hit with a stunning spell

"Are you going to keep it?" Harry's had whipped up and looked at him in dead in the eyes

"Of course I am, I am not going to kill it!" Harry yelled, he could feel his hormones getting the better of him as he started to cry,

"Okay okay I was asking, what do you want to do?" The Dark Lord asked trying to comfort the teen

"Us to take it slow, I don't want this child to have no one like I had." Harry said

"But it wouldn't have it would have you?" Tom said, Harry groaned and rubbed his eyes and looked at him

"Never mind." Harry said

"Take it slow." Tom said, Harry nodded

"Yes like date." He said "Well within reason." He said knowing he can't leave the manor, Tom nodded and stood up and sat next to him,

"I will do whatever you want Harry, I just want to make you Happy." He said Harry gave him a small smile and got up

"I need to go, Luicus is giving me some lessons." He said walking out the room

"Wait what lessons?" Tom asked looking at him

"Well if you're not letting me go back to Hogwarts, I need to pass my NEWTS and OWLS somehow." Harry told him as he left, leaving Voldemort to think about what's happening, Harry is pregnant with his child, he couldn't help but feel happy about it, a smiled spread across is lips as he called a house elf and got a drink of fire whisky "I think it's time to bring down Dumbledore." He said to himself as he finished his drink, he couldn't let that old man take his lover and child away.