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Chapter One

Demons and their Seals

"Can I kill this brat?" Naruto telepathically asked Hinata as his right eye twitched in annoyance.

"No. This IS, after all, an escort and bodyguard mission." Hinata reminded him with a mental sigh.

"How about afterwards?" Naruto pointed out.

"No love, you can't." Hinata said firmly.

"Are you two even listening to me?" Shion, priestess of the Land of Demons, demanded.

"Hm?" Naruto tilted his head, giving her a mocking look. "Oh, I'm sorry, did you say something? I was so utterly terrified by the prospect of my imminent death that I got lost in my thoughts… thinking of an epitaph and all that, ya' know?"

"I see you are not taking my words seriously at all." Shion scowled as her aide, Taruho, tried to placate her.

"Maybe it's because you don't seem to understand who you are talking to, child." Naruto said coldly as he fixed her with a firm look, freezing her in place. "I am not some mere guard whose line of work is keeping thugs and bandits at bay. I am not some advisor that bends backwards to your whims. I am a SHINOBI. The moment we put this Hitai-ate on, it's all but certain we at least halved out lifespan. Out of a generation, we're lucky if we can have one person die of old age, rather then get killed in battle. This is how shinobi work. Live, kill and die for our village. So whatever prediction of death you may have for me… it doesn't scare me a damn bit since I've been prepared to die before you could even talk properly. Is that perfectly understood?"

"Y-Yes." Shion whispered, looking at him in surprised fascination.

"Besides, it's not like some pathetic demon like Mōryō could kill me." Naruto snorted in an arrogant tone. "I've fought Biiju, Demon Lords, and either defeated them or obtained a draw. This guy is nothing on them." "Or me, for that matter." He added to himself as his teammates for this mission, Hinata, Lee and Karin shook their heads in amusement while the young priestess grew an annoyed tick mark at his attitude.

Flashback – after awakening from the coma induced by his transformation

"You gave us quite a scare there, Naruto." Tsunade admitted as she took a seat at the side of his bed, having arrived as soon as word of his awakening reached her. "I don't think I ever felt so helpless. Even when Dan died, at lest I knew that it wasn't that my skills that were too week, but his wounds to great. With you… we didn't even know what was really wrong with you. All we knew was that if was caused by that trice damned hunk of rock those fucking idiots from Hoshigakure have been practically worshipping."

"Sorry." Naruto muttered awkwardly. "I really didn't want to put you in that kind of position again. You didn't end up with any phobias again, did you?"

"Thankfully, no." Tsunade snorted before fixing him with a firm look. "How are you feeling, and I mean really feeling."

"Well…" Naruto considered things a bit. "On one hand, I don't feel any pain and don't seem to be on the verge of exploding."

"But…?" Tsunade pressed on.

"On the other hand, my control is shot to hell." Naruto attempted to raise his fist to rub his forehead, only to smack himself over the face. "Ack! See what I mean?"

"Ugh, muscle memory all but gone." Tsunade grimaced. "That will be a pain to recover. You'll have to relearn everything from walking to taijutsu. And I mean everything. You can barely control your facial muscles and tongue to talk properly, aren't you?"

"Yeah, not to mention that I'm pretty sure I'm physically stronger then before… I don't know why though, my muscles at least look the same." Naruto said thoughtfully.

"Hm, hold still a bit…" Tsunade made a couple of handsigns before pressing her green glowing hands on his thigh… before pulling away just as quickly. "Yeah, like I suspected. The quality and composition of your body changed, even if your appearance did not."

"To that of a demon, right?" Naruto asked rhetorically.

"You knew this would happen?" Tsunade asked.

"Of course." Naruto shrugged. "The transformation I went through was pretty much like the one Negi did, with a few key differences."

"What differences?" Tsunade demanded.

"Well, for starters, it was not triggered by me loosing control over my darkness, but by something else forcing my darkness to overwhelm me." Naruto began. "Fortunately, I had accounted for this possibility though I had Kyu-chan's youki in mind at the time. Secondly, unlike Negi I did not momentarily die and got reborn as a Shinso-like demon. This is something that took me a lot of time to achieve, since if I died…"

"The Shiki Fuin." Tsunade grimaced.

"Yep." Naruto nodded. "So I had to change that bit. Thankfully, with the Shinso vampire traits from Evangeline, Tengu traits from Setsuna and demonfolk traits from Mana, not to mention all the influence Kyubi's youki has had on my body, I was able to change the Death and Rebirth part to something akin to evolution. I think I'll call it Transcendence, since I've surpassed my human condition without discarding it through death, like demons are usually born."

"Interesting… the transformation part of our bloodline helped in this, I believe." Tsunade mussed.

"A lot. I had to use is as the means, with Eva and Kyubi's anatomy as the goal, but I think it worked rather well… with a small exception, of course." Naruto frowned as he opened his left eye revealing the demonic sight glowing maliciously.

"So what happened, exactly?" Tsunade leaned forward. "I'm no seal expect, but with the Hakke Fuin no longer on your body I have to guess you destroyed it?"

"Assimilated would be more appropriate." Naruto corrected. "Part of the ritual was an overpowered mix of the Εκμηδένιση των Ψυχών and an exorcism spell, which in a nutshell broke any and all personality within the contents of the seal before imprinting my own on it. The next part was adding all that power to my own, using those four huge crystals to create artificial energy cores, the ones for Mana and Ki merging with my own. This way, I can now naturally produce Mana, Ki, Youki and Reiryoku. The final part was adapting my body to take strain of such power, which ended up turning me into a demon from an anatomical standpoint."

"Interesting…" Tsunade pondered. "I'll have to give you a full examination later. For now, rest. About that eye though…"

"Removing it won't solve the issue, and healing it is out of the question since my body recognizes it as healthy." Naruto sighed. "I might be able to see with it if I use a lot of youki though it, but I'm not taking any chances right now. I'll place some seals on it to make sure it won't act up again."

Flashback End

The revelation that he had become a demon had been pretty much expected by the rest of the Fuhen, what with Eva and Negi's own experiences. And, it obviously did not bother them one bit, especially the five Biiju members of the Fuhen Clan.

What the revelation did do was give them another reason for celebration besides Naruto's return to health: him moving up in the world, as Kyubi had put it. And it was admittedly quite a leap. While he had been considered among the most powerful members of the clan, he had always admited that Kyubi could squash him were she to fight him at her full power, white Eva would do the same. Rather, before the transformation he considered himself on pretty much the same level as Negi, Sextum and Mana, with Anya somewhat weaker due to her inexperience.

Now, having fully assimilated more then nine tails worth of Youki, Reiryoku and bumping his Mana and Ki reserves to the same level he would be even stronger then Kyubi and Eva combined… when he managed to cast an Ardescat spell without it blowing up in his face.

In the end, he had had to have Jiraiya cover him from head to toe with Resistance seals, which impeded any and all movement to a great degree – in other words allowing him to function as a normal person even though a mere flick of his fingers could form craters.

Even as he toured the priestess's mansion with Taruho as guide, he could not help but be depressed, having been reminded by his condition… or rather the rehab that followed.

Evangeline had merely been turned into a Shinso vampire by the Lifemaker. Her power she had gained herself, from her massive mana reserves to her superhuman physical abilities. While she had been sealed at Mahora, the only reason why her physical prowess had been reduced to that of a ten year old human girl was because her superhuman strength relied directly on her Mana, which was almost completely sealed off, leaving her enough to live on.

In Negi's case, while normally the inhuman energy Evangeline had left behind in the Magia Erebea scroll would have either killed or turned a human into a mindless monster, his own ancestry had thumped most of the physical changes and merely granting him a slight increase in the quality of his body as well as the Shinso regeneration and energy reserves.

Naruto, however, already had too many demonic elements in himself for anything but a drastic change to occur. He had been changed inside and out to function on Youki, Reiryoku, Mana and Ki, to harness his full power without sustaining damage himself, something akin to a dream to Jinchuriki who were both being healed an harmed by their Biiju cloaks, the second form several times more then the first – the name Blood Shroud said enough about the price for using it.

Tsunade had had to throw out the window most of what she knew of biology when it came to him, literally starting off from scratch… and she started small, delegating a willing assistant to obtain the samples…


"Oi, anyone here?" Naruto called out as he entered Tsunade's cabinet within the compound, ruthlessly squashing his annoyance at having all his abilities unavailable at the moment. The loss of his sensory skills were what depressed him the most, as they were something he had honed practically his entire life in order to keep him safe from violent villagers and later enemy ninja.

"I'll be right there, Naruto-kun!" a voice called out, but with it being muffed by a closed door and with Naruto's enhanced hearing not fully in tune he could not recognize it, but assumed it was Tsunade. "Just undress and take a seat."

Shrugging, the blond stripped to his boxers and sat down on edge of the hospital issue bed.

A couple minutes later the office door opened and in came Kushina, wearing a white nurse outfit which hugged her bodies quite nicely, emphasizing her curves while the miniskirt showed enough of her thighs to entice him even without the neckline of her shirt being deep enough to give him a good look of their cleavage.

"36DD" Naruto mussed as he looked at Kushina before mentally shaking his head at such thoughts popping up. "I've been around Jiraiya for too long." "So… I take it Tsunade asked you to… do whatever she asked me here for?"

"Yes, she's a bit busy so she delegated me to take specific samples from you." Kushina smiled. "I think it might have something to do with her desk spontaneously combusting when she left to take a break a few days ago."

"Ah, Shizune finally gathered duplicates of all the documents she torched and is blackmailing her with a sake ban." Naruto nodded sagely.

It was fifth time since she took the hat.

"I'll start, if that's okay with you, by taking a chakra sample using a couple methods." Kushina suggested.

"Alright." Naruto nodded at her to go ahead.

"First off, I'll use this seal." Kushina said as she took a palm sized seal tag and placed it on his chest. "It will draw a small portion of your energy. Normally, that would mean chakra, but you now have Youki and Reiryoku permanently mixed with it so I won't be surprised if it draws on that as well." she informed him as she activated the seal, which lit up for a second before turning blue. "That's it." she took it and placed it in a plastic sample bag. "Next, I want you to try pushing your chakra in one of these." she said, giving him another identical seal tag.

Naruto placed a finger on the tagged and closed his eyes in concentration, trying to feel his chakra and chakra only. It was difficult, but after tracing both the Mana and the Ki back to their respective cores he was able to draw on those only, though a bit of Youki and Reiryoku got mixed into it on the way to the seal tag as well.

"That's it for the chakra samples. Blood samples next." Kushina informed him. "First off, we'll extract with a syringe." she grinned at the nervous twitch of his eye. "Still hate them, huh?"

"If I didn't have a healing factor, my ass would be full of holes from those things." Naruto muttered in annoyance.

Shaking her head, she tied his arm with a cord to stop the blood flow, found the vein, and quickly took the sample.

"Protocol says to disinfect it with alcohol so it heals quickly and healthy, but…" Kushina leaned in and slowly licked off the slight bit of blood that had pored out after removing the needle, leaving behind smooth skin "you obviously don't need it."

"Never did." Naruto grinned. "And it looks like you're beginning to like working with your element even more."

"Only with you, Naruto-kun, your blood is really tasty." Kushina teased. "Now, I will make a cut on your other arm and forcefully draw some blood with my powers. Try not to heal the wound too quickly." she instructed as she placed a vial next to his arm before making a deep cut with a scalpel and pressing her hand on the wound before pulling away along with a stream of blood which ended when the cut healed completely, leaving Kushina to deposit the blood in the vial. "That's it for the blood samples." she informed him.

"What's next?" Naruto inquired.

"First, a saliva sample. Open wide, and try not to choke." she told him before using the tampon on the very end of his tongue, having him have to suppress his gag reflex. "Good. Next, I need a hair…" she simply reached out and plucked a couple from his head and deposited them in a plastic bag.

"Anything else?" Naruto inquired only to pause as Kushina began to rub the strain on his boxers.

"Yes, a sperm sample." Kushina smirked at the widening of his eyes.

"Um…" Naruto looked at her a bit hesitantly.

"I'm not some shy little girl, Naruto-kun." Kushina rolled her eyes.

"Fine, if you really want to see me jack off the feel free to watch." Naruto rolled his eyes, as his member twitched.

"Sorry, Naruto-kun, you're not allowed to make effort, remember." Kushina said with an utterly false apologetic tone. "So I'll have to help you with that."

At this point Naruto distinctly remembered that before the mission to Hoshigakure he had pretty much been hiding from would-be rapists that were officially known as his fiancées. Clearly, they were not the only ones hunting him.

"You're enjoying this way too much." Naruto shook his head ruefully as Kushina pretty much ripped off his boxers.

"So will you, stud." Kushina smirked. "So, I gotta ask, how much is it turning you on, hm? Getting a handjob from your mother?"

"Not as much as a blowjob would." Naruto admitted, deciding to screw morals and decency and go with the flow.

"Naruto-kun, you pervert." Kushina bit her lip as she felt her body begin to react even more to the sight before her. "You're becoming quite shameless."

"You don't say." Naruto grunted as Kushina increased the pace of her strokes.

"Sadly, we need to get an uncontaminated sample… first." she muttered as he licked her lips, restraining herself from lowering her mouth on his engorge cock head.

"Well, I'm almost coming." Naruto warned her.

"Go ahead." she gave him the go-ahead as she positioned a wide vial in front of his cock head.

Naruto hissed in satisfaction when he finally released his load, spraying his cum in countless streams into the vial until it was on the verge of overflowing, as which point Kushina replaced it with her waiting mouth, her tongue stuck out in invitation. After a couple more bursts it was clear he was done so she quickly swallowed the bit if cum she had in her mouth before her mouth descended on his cock, giving the head a quick suck before backing off and eyeing his member for a bit.

"You know, I think you got a bit bigger. Tsunade said you were ten inches long before." Kushina pointed out. "You're… what? Eleven inches now?" she wondered after a critical glance.

"The benefits of evolution." Naruto grunted as she gave his entire length a long lick. "You know, Kushina, considering that we were at one point mother and son, this comes as quite a surprise to me, you know."

"Well, I've pretty much abandoned the idea of a mother-son relationship as soon as I finished looking through the memories you've allowed me to see. In all honestly, you're more mature then I am." She admitted. "But I still wanted to be close to you, I still care for you deeply… though not as a son… rather… well, ever since that time in the bath with Kyubi and Mikoto, I've been getting turned on more and more just by being around you. And after that incident with Ino… it was like a damn burst and all that was left of my restraint was washed away…" she paused in her ministrations to look him straight in the eye. "I think I love you, Naruto-kun… I'm not entirely sure, considering how my last relationship ended, but…" she bit her lip and looked down, only for her head to jerk up as Naruto's hand caressed her cheek.

"I'm a bit confused as well when it comes to emotions, but I'm attracted to you, Kushina-chan, quite a lot. I have been for a while now." Naruto spoke. "I think I love you as well… but let's leave that for later… right now, I want you." he whispered huskily.

Flashback End

That had been quite a wild afternoon, especially considering they never went beyond mutual oral sex, as they had no idea if the contraceptive jutsu were still effective on him. A few weeks of tests later confirmed that yes, his now demonically potent seed would have been mostly unaffected by the jutsu, which led Tsunade, Mana and the Biiju to promptly work together and develop more potent variants.

His rehabilitation in the physical arts had taken surprisingly little time; mostly due to the most amazing jutsu ninja-kind has created during its 600+ years of existence.

Seriously, he had actually made a small shrine for the scroll containing the Kage Bunshin no jutsu in the library. Even a brain dead monkey could use it if it had enough chakra and a poor understanding of the theory, especially when using the cross handsign. Sure, it wasted almost half of the chakra one put in the jutsu if they did not have enough control, but considering how large Naruto's reserves were the less he had left, the better he could control it.

Still, it had taken him approximately eleven years within the Diorama Sphere to gain full control over his body, a little over half a year in the outside world, enough to take off most of his physical restraints on regular days. However, while the 'shape', per say, of his body, his inner structure had changed quite a bit. From what Ku Fei and Eva had explained to him, the human body had three types of muscles: White Muscles, Red Muscles and Pink Muscles.

White Muscle is fast contraction muscle, used in fast exercises, for quick bursts of power but had low stamina.

Red Muscle is slow contraction muscle, used in exercise requiring long-time contractions, with great stamina but low overall power.

Pink Muscle is a combination of the two other muscles giving you explosive power and stamina, but existed in rather small quantity in the human body, though it could be built up after extensive workouts with a persons maxed out weight limit, though it was a slow and exhausting process.

The transformation via the Magia Erebea had had different effects on the users concerning their body structure. Evangeline had had almost all of her muscles converted into pink muscle through her transformation into a Shinso, however due to low muscle mass and age her physical power was dependent on her magical reserves, hence her severely weakened state during her time at Mahora. Negi had had far more muscle mass then Eva when his transformation had occurred, but only around 40% had been changed into pink muscle, mostly which had been red muscle as his fighting style was not based on outlasting his opponents – rather, he focused on quickly putting them down. Chao had been rather unfortunate with her transformation – it never truly occurred. Instead, while her soul had been attuned to the dark magic, her body had only slowly changed to match the upgrades she should have received, mostly through her own used of the Fuhen full transformation, after studying Eva's body as well as Nibi's who was more physically predisposed between the two early released Biiju.

In Naruto's case, however, not only had almost all his muscle been converted to the high quality pink muscle, but even that had been enhanced further by the spiritual and demonic energies that Eva and Negi had gained only after their transformation. Naruto, having them beforehand, had had them take part in his evolution, which had led to him not being able to hold a titanium spoon without making dents in it.

Still, the sad fact was that even after regaining his control, all his muscle memory in terms of taijutsu had been erased. Even worse, while he had relatively quickly relearned the Academy Taijutsu style, as well as Goken and several styles of the Chinese martial arts that he had used before, even learning all he had on Juken to the point of being near mastery, the simple fact was that it no longer fit his body. In the past, his muscle structure was mostly of red muscle with relatively small amounts of white and pink muscle, using speed enhancing techniques like Shundou to compensate for the lack of sudden explosive power. Now though, he no longer needed them on a general basis as they would merely waste his energy which, while enormous was not something he was willing to throw around like nothing in real battle.

Therefore, he had taken up the task of creating his own style, much like Gai Maito had created the Goken. Of course, just like Gai had used the Senju style as inspiration, Naruto used large parts of the Goken, Juken, Kawazu Kumite, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Jujitsu, Aikido as well as Kanka enhanced Iaiken to develop what he decided to call Konton Ryū-Ryū Ryū AKA Chaos Dragon Flow Style, for multiple reasons, from his fast unpredictable movements that seemed to flow like a maelstrom, to his demonic form being of the draconic kind, similar to Negi's, which tuned his Kanka aura to easily compress around his limbs in dragon-like claws as well as enveloping his white feathered wing and his black scaled one in a dragon-shaped aura as well, with multiple tails depending on how much Youki or Reiryoku he was using to enhance the technique.

In terms of ninjutsu and magic, he was still fighting an uphill battle. He was relatively up to the same level he had been when he had undergone the transformation, true, but rather then considering it an achievement, it was actually quite the disappointment to him. After all, with all the hard work he had put up in mastering his inner energies ever since he had began to train seriously around the age of six, after all the sacrifices he had made, to be reduced to the position of sealing off almost 80% of one's power simply because he could not truly control that much was quite a blow to his ego. Hundreds of thousands of Kage Bunshin under Chishio Bunshin continued to work at all times in various Diorama Spheres to gain greater control over his energies. In almost three years of continuous work he had only managed to reduced the amount of power sealed off from 85% to 80%, only by 5%, and while he knew exactly what was holding him back from going further, he also knew he was not ready to face that challenge.

He was not ready to face his True Self as Yugito had when the Hachibi Jinchuriki, Killer B, had taken her to a place called Waterfall of Truth on a secret island under Kumogakure's jurisdiction. Not necessarily because he was afraid of what his 'dark side' looked like, but because the fragments of the Great Grand Master's Key that he held within himself had used the link of the Pactio cards once the seal had collapsed to draw the Fragments that had been under Ichibi, Nibi, Sextum and Anya's care, merging with his own to create a 60% complete Key… before being absorbed by his 'dark side'… along with his chakra imprint and soul fragment.



That was all he knew at the moment.

Endless excruciating pain as his body tore itself apart from inside-out and then reset itself in a healthy form before it began to destroy itself again.

He did not understand how it was happening. He did not care how it was happening. All he knew was that it was that god damned hunk of rock's fault, and all he wanted was to make the pain end.

Not through death, no. No, that would damn not only him, but his friends and loved ones as well. What he needed was to detach his mind from the pain. Let it rip his body apart a million times for all he cared. His Shinso regeneration could handle it. After all, it only required energy which was provided richly not only by his own chakra reserves, but the Youki in the Hakke Fuin and the continuous supply of Reiryoku from nature that his body was now always drawing upon.

What he needed to do was submerge himself in the depths of his mind and put a lid on the pain, so he can focus on fixing the problem… or at the very least seal it away until he could fix it.

After all, as much as he was confident that he had quite a bit of experience and knowledge in just about every field, either directly or due to the memories he had assimilated from Orochimaru, Kisame and Zetsu, he had to admit that he was in no condition to risk fixing the problem when he didn't even partially understand it.

Slowly, oh so slowly, he called upon his lightning element manipulation before engulfing it in darkness element and… and shocking to hell his spine and nervous system as a whole. It was even more painful for a few moments, but afterwards everything momentarily faded to a dull ache.

He took that opportunity to center himself and dived into his inner world, appearing in his mindscape… or what he assumed was his mindscape, at least. After all, as far as he remembered – and he was pretty sure whatever had happened to him had yet to alter his memories to any significant extent or at all – his mindscape was NOT supposed to be a rainbow colored swirl in the process of being engulfed by a big ugly moon-sided glowing red eye with three black concentric rings each bearing three tomoe while the pupil was a black abyss to which everything seemed to be heading… including himself.

"Fuck!" Naruto swore before golden chains erupted from his back, anchoring him to what was… probably… the ground… only to shatter into particles after a few moments.

Naruto starred in shock at the sight. Those chakra chains were identical to the ones that Kushina had used to hold down Kyubi while she was rampaging. To simply dismiss them like this…

"No… it's not physically possible. And this isn't the physical world." Naruto grunted before closing his eyes and calming himself. A few moments later, just as he began being sucked towards the Eye at a faster pace, his eyes snapped open to reveal near copies of the one above only with a pitch black sclera bearing countless pinpricks of white light shining randomly. "Now then…" he spoke coldly and the world froze as he established his will upon the mindscape.

The Eye seemed to turn to glare at him, slamming what would be considered an ungodly killing intent upon him as the suction appeared to increase in power hundredfold… to no effect whatsoever.

"I don't know who you are… I can only assume your identity…" Naruto began as the colors began to settle into the landscape he had as his inner world, the castle bearing his memories taking form first followed by the surrounding grassy plain, the forest, sea, and the other locations he had willed into existence. "I don't CARE who you are right now. All that I care about is that you are invading my body, my mindscape. Do you actually believe mere pain will be enough to make me completely lose control, fool?" Naruto growled as his eyes flashed and glowed angrily "This is MY WORLD!" he roared to the heaves as millions upon millions of black stakes materialized around the Eye before instantly darting at it, turning it into a pin cushion, yet only receiving a minor feeling of discomfort… which changed as silver chains connected to each and every stake earning a soundless howl of agony reverberating through the entire mindscape. "FALL!" Naruto roared as he willed the action, causing the Moon-sided Eye to begin its descent towards him, at the same time shrinking and shriveling up until it was the size of his fist as it landed before him, forming a relatively enormous crater… before darting at him, only to be repelled by a silvery barrier created by silver chains and then enveloped by countless other silvery chains which then melded into a full silver shell of glowing exorcizing power… which then began to shake wildly as soon as Naruto's focus slipped, only to stops as the blond returned his intent to restraining it. "Tsk, I guess I can't leave it be. Need to seal It." he mumbled in annoyance as he tried to think of a solution.

His eyes darted around the mindscape, occasionally returning to the silver orb as he considered his options.

"Tsk, a simple object won't hold for long. Something more… substantial would be required to contain it." he decided before releasing a dark chuckle. "A Jinchuriki within a Jinchuriki, huh? Why not, it's not like it would be the fist time. After all, while Negi and the others were separated from Kyubi upon being sealed in me, they were within the Juubi…" he paused and narrowed his eyes as the Sphere began to emit a malicious red glow "when it was sealed within the Rikudo Sennin."

With that in mind, he quickly created a Kage Bunshin and had it go to the castle, from where it returned with a few items.

The fragment of the Great Grand Master Key retrieved from Nagato.

A beach ball sized Stone of Gelel.

Two unraveled Hakke Fuin seal formulas on separate scrolls as well as their respective Keys and backups.

A few dozen charka crystals.

The backup Key for the Hakke Fuin imprinted upon his own body.

And last, but far from least, a massive scroll containing an advanced seal Naruto had developed for the past few months.

"Fūinjutsu: Nanatsu Kusari Genso Fūin… to think I would be forced to use this so soon..." Naruto scowled at the situation he was being put into.

Clearing his head, he quickly formed a few Kage Bunshin and made the few but critical arrangements necessary for what he had in mind.

"First chain it down to the first vessel…" Naruto muttered as silvery chains connected the silver sphere glowing malevolently red and the Gelel stone "then reinforce and actualize the concept of imprisonment…" the sphere and the chains were engulfed by a massive amount of chakra, crystallizing them to a solid form and diminishing the red glow to almost nothing. Smirking in satisfaction, Naruto placed the Gelel Stone on the first Hakke Fuin scroll "Seal!" he called out and a moment later the silvery orb was draw within the Gelel stone it was connected to through the solid silver chains, leaving only eight silver links half submerged in the bluish green surface in an octagon shape.

That done, he quickly connected the eight links to new silvery chains with the Great Grand Master Key fragment before crystallizing these as well and repeating the sealing with the second Hakke Fuin scroll… before destroying the primary Keys and backups of the seals he had made.

"Now for the hard part…" Naruto muttered as he took the chakra crystals and began using his will to turn them into concepts and implanting them in the Nanatsu Kusari Genso Fūin scroll in a certain pattern. With that achieved, he hurried with the large scroll and the Great Grand Master Key fragment to the one place in his mindscape he did NOT want to be at currently, but unfortunately needed to.

The mental manifestation of the seal that had until a few months ago held Kyubi: the enormous golden cage held shut by a sheet of paper bearing the kanji for SEAL… and the lock beneath it.

Removing the paper would have normally doubled the youki flow through his chakra network, while still holding the seal in place. While usually dangerous for Jinchuriki, for him it would have been an annoyance at best even without his friendship to Kyubi from a young age allowing her to regulate the flow to avoid hurting him. As an Uzumaki, his natural reserves would have diluted the youki to almost nothing while any damage would have healed shortly.

Now though, the mass of youki was resonating with the Eye even as it was behind two high level seals, filling the contents of the cage with malice, hatred and madness. In other words, exactly what he did NOT want to experience at the moment, considering what waited for him in the physical world. He had not illusions that there would be no aftereffects on his body from this incident.

But, as much as he wanted to avoid it, he had no choice. There was a limit to how many complex seals a single human body may hold, and he was already at the limit. That was one of the reasons why he had had to combine the Temporal Relocation spell as well as Environmental Reiryoku Absorption Array with the Magia Erebea spell pattern rather then go with the safer and less complex route of adding them separately.

"This is gonna suck." Naruto said deadpanned as he reached out and began removing the paper seal… only for someone to grasp his wrist as soon as he had peeled it off even slightly. "Shinra Tensei!" Naruto's eyes flashed and everything within a meter radius around him was blasted away by a wave of gravity. Turning around, he was one part surprised, nine parts disgusted and ninety parts enraged by the sight of an older blond man bearing a striking resemblance to himself. "Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze." he spoke coldly.

"Now, now, is that how you greet your father?" Minato began with a smile.

"I believe 'sperm donor' is a more fitting description of the part you played in my life. You never got around doing the father part. You were too busy sacrificing me in order to give Konoha a malleable weapon." Antarctica itself would have shivered from the coldness in Naruto's voice.

"Now son…" Minato began, proving that he was either deaf, an imbecile, did not care what had just been said, or any combination of the three "I know you're a bit upset…"

"A BIT?!" Naruto's eye twitched and only the reminder that loosing his temper would endanger not only his but the lives of his loved ones stopped him from going Kyubi on the former Hokage's ass.

"…but I did what I had to do. Konoha was far too weakened from the Kyubi no Yoko's rampage, it needed a trump card. And as much as it hurt me, my life was a necessary sacrifice to make sure the amount of power you had was enough for Konoha to suppress at need." Minato declared firmly.

Truly, he was an idiot.

"I don't remember volunteering to be Konoha's weapon minutes after I was born, Namikaze." Naruto hissed. "And most certainly not its Jinchuriki. While things turned out alright with Kyubi, had she taken offense to having a chunk of her power ripped away things would have turned ugly fast."

"Yes, I've seen of your relationship with It." Minato said with a frown. "You shouldn't have let her out; she might hurt Konoha's citizens. But this gives you the opportunity to create another Jinchuriki. Not only it, but the other Biiju you have gathered as well. Think about it! If you plan it right, you could create hundreds of pseudo-Jinchuriki! An entire battalion of Konoha ninja wielding the power of the Biiju! None of the other Shinobi Nations would dare challenge Konoha!" he said enthusiastically.

"I have a better idea." Naruto smiled. "How about you go fuck yourself while I fix this mess and then go celebrate by ripping apart a few Konoha civilians."

"Like I thought, that thing has corrupted you too much." Minato frowned, a cold look settling in his eyes. "If you refuse to serve Konoha with everything you have, then you are a threat to the village. I'm sorry, but I have to eliminate you. With your death, most of that dangerous clan of yours as well as the Kyubi will die as well, and Konoha will still be left with the Nibi and Yonbi Jinchuriki, as well as the Ichibi, Nibi, Sanbi and Yonbi which can be sealed once more."

A moment later, he had appeared on Naruto's side with a three-bladed kunai poised to strike at the Jinchuriki's neck, only to barely dodge when a long blade erupted from Naruto's shoulder aimed at his heart.

"Foolish worm, you dare challenge me in my own realm?" Naruto hissed in anger. "This is my world, Namikaze. Here, I am GOD." He declared and without further ado he faded from view as several Naruto's appeared around and above Minato, each emitting a dark red Ensis Exsequens from both hands, the blades of pure energy impaling Minato like a pin cushion as he hesitated.

Still, his wounds did not kill him instantly, allowing him to collapse in a pool of blood as they dispelled.

"H-How…?" he choked on his blood.

"How did I prevented you from using the Hiraishin?" Naruto smirked. "Fool, have you heard nothing of what I said? I am god here. If I will you to be completely powerless, then powerless you are."

"Grk!" the former Kage coughed more blood.

"Now be good little shitstain and shut up. I have better things right now to do then play with trash like you." Naruto said as he turned to the matter at hand and ripped off the paper seal, revealing a spiral shaped lock. Without another word he pressed his palm on the lock as a seal script appeared on his right arm from palm to shoulder. Not bothering to physically twist it, he willed the lock to unravel and moments later the golden gates slammed open before breaking apart into particles of light which upon a mental command from Naruto remained floating in the air.

Darkness. Malice. Anger. Hate. Fear. Desperation. Loneliness. Malevolence.

All of them and more washed over him as an ocean of red Youki flooded his surroundings, momentarily making him loose his composure.

"Are these Kyubi-chan's feelings?" Naruto wondered before getting a better grasp of the energy "No… this power is no longer hers… it no longer reflects her… it has been colored by my psyche and mine alone for months, years actually with the help of the Diorama Spheres. These are MY emotions, my inner darkness…" he smiled grimly "Well… I never denied that I'm a twisted person. I guess at least hypocrisy won't be on my list of defects…"

With that conclusion he willed the power to stop and converge, to compress a distance from him… only he did not expect a shadow to suddenly envelop the mass of youki and compress it even further into a dark humanoid form, a black mist-like aura enveloping its full form.

"We finally meet, heh?" It spoke in a demonic voice.

"Who…?" Naruto took a step back in shock, quickly glancing back at the still barely alive Minato Namikaze after catching sight of sunny blond hair on the figure's head.

"Me? Why, I'm you, of course! The REAL you!" the figure cackled psychotically.

"The real me?" Naruto grunted as several pieces of information came to the forefront of his mind. "Tsk, my darker half, you mean. I guess the Encroachment has already advanced to this stage? Though it's not complete considering you're not a mindless animal. I think I'll call you Yin."

"So be it… Yang." The figure allowed, a brief flash of its cheek revealing the three whisker-like marks that Naruto had once had, only thicker, darker, more animalistic.

"Well, I would love to stay and chat, but I have bigger things to worry about." Naruto began.

"No, you don't, and we both know it." Naruto could practically feel the smirk in Yin's voice. "After all, you know you cannot defeat me…"

Before it could finish the sentence it had to dodge the Great Grand Master Key fragment that had been tossed at it.

"Are you crazy, you…?" Yin began in slight shock only for the bloodied form of Minato Namikaze to slam into it. "Wha…?"

A moment later the crystal walls that had once held the Ala Alba converged around the figure and forced it to become part of it.

"I don't need to beat you right now; I just have to get you out of the way." Naruto growled as the large scroll containing the sealing script of his design unrolled and wrapped around what was now a huge floating crystal orb containing the still unclear Yin, Minato Namikaze and the fragment of the Great Grand Master Key… no, it contained several fragments, some of which should not have even been in his mindscape but were nonetheless… and under his shocked eyes they merged into a rather big piece of the greatest of the Keys before he snapped out of it and finished the job.

"Nanatsu Kusari Genso Fūin!" he declared "Seal!" he called out as six crystalline energy chains, of Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light and Shadow wrapped around the orb while the seventh, of Darkness, connected the orb to his chest forming a pitch black spiral both there and on the orb before power and darkness coursed from inside the orb, from Yin, into Naruto, causing him roar in agony as his body overloaded with power. He barely willed the Hakke Fuin to close once more taking the form of Tori Gates around he orb before another layer as a red wooden cage which locked like before, and then swore as the spell pattern of the Magia Erebea went in overdrive an the Encroachment enveloped him.

Making his decision, he left the mindscape and barely managed to utter the appropriate instructions to Karin before his world became agony, which lasted for days, until his stabilization ritual was performed and he was reborn as a demon.

Flashback End

His inner musings were instantly dismissed as soon as a group of four ninja, with apparently rather twisted chakras at that, entered his sensory range.

"Karin." Naruto spoke up cutting off Taruho as he was explaining the preparations the village guards were making.

"Kagura Shingan." Karin spoke as she closed her eyes for further focus. "Four of them, chunin to jounin level, three male and one female. All four have mid chunin chakra levels of their own, but they seem to have… worms? No, snakes of sorts in their bodies that act as additional chakra reserves, as well as… granting them elemental affinities that they may not naturally have. One of the males has a huge amount of snakes in him, but does not appear to be drawing on the chakra, unlike the others. Even if it's distorted, his chakra seems like that of a medic-nin so he's probably providing the other there with the snakes… or recharge the ones they have if necessary. The female has a very strong Katon affinity currently, while the males have Futon and Doton." she gave the brief report on the enemy nin.

"What…?" the priestess began in shock and confusion.

"Unyouthful enemies have arrived!" Lee pumped his fist, looking fired up and ready to fight.

"Settle down Lee, we're not fighting them here." Naruto ordered in a laidback manner.

"What do you mean?" Taruho demanded before bowing as Naruto's gaze moved to him, his icy blue right eye looking at him questionably while his useless by highly creepy dark left one remained motionless. "I mean no disrespect, but are you not here to protect Shion-sama?"

"We are. But I suppose you wouldn't mind of most of the village survives as well, do you?" Naruto commented.

"I do not understand." Taruho looked at him uncomfortably.

"Those guys have a lot of power. We could kill them no problem, but if we fight here most of the village will be wrecked." Karin said.

"They're already assaulting the gates… and went passed." Hinata commented. "Nine injured and three dead. They pretty much ran past the guards."

"Wait… then hime-sama must flee!" Taruho got up and hurried towards Shion who was staring at Naruto with a frown. "Come, Shion-sama, we must get you…"

"Don't even think about it." Naruto said casually. "There's no safer place for her right now then under our watch."

"B-But…!" the servant began flustered but the young priestess interrupted.

"If you're not going to fight here, nor flee, what will you do?" Shion inquired puzzled.

"Ask them to leave." Naruto smiled.

Hinata and Karin looked away to hide their amused smirks while Lee mentally translated Naruto's words into what he really meant to say and winced slightly.

"A-Absurd!" Taruho exclaimed. "You want to reason with…"

"I can be very persuasive." Naruto smiled pleasantly a she pointed his open right hand at a 60° angle towards the end of the room directly opposite from where their charge was sitting. "Which one is the medic-nin?"

"The one in the back." Hinata informed him, not even bothering to turn to look as her Gokei Byakugan was active.

"Tsk. I guess it's never that easy, huh?" Naruto asked rhetorically as his Rinnegan flared to life "Oh well. Shinra Tensei." he called out just as wicked cackle was heard from the exat direction his palm was facing… and a moment later everything in that direction was blasted away.

"W-Wh-Wha?" Shion was gaping at the now missing 36% of the room, seeing the evening sky clearly through the hole in the roof.

"I think I got them." Naruto commented blandly as he lowered his hand, his right eye once again blue.

"They haven't landed yet. They'll probably land around a mile and a half away; give it a few dozen feet." Hinata informed him before sipping from the tea they had been served.

"They won't come back for a while. It will take some time for that damage to heal, even if he's on Tsunade's level." Karin added.

"What was that?" Shion demanded, loosing her patience.

"That's what he calls persuasion." Lee hung his head, disappointed at the lack of action. "How unyouthful."

"There's no better kill then overkill." Naruto chuckled. "Still, while didn't kill them, they won't be after us for a while yet. More then enough time to put some distance between them and Shion."

"I see. I will hurry and assemble the escort." Taruho quickly got up from where he had fallen on his ass in shock.

"Yeah, hurry." Naruto nodded while telling Karin otherwise.

As soon as Taruho had ran past the group, he dropped flat with a senbon sticking out of his ass.

"What have you done to him?" Shion demanded angrily as she quickly got on her feet.

"Do you really want him tagging around, slowing us down further?" Naruto inquired.

"Well, no, but…"

"He's just asleep for a couple days, nothing more." Karin rolled her eyes as she retrieved her poisoned senbon.

"I see… let's go then." the blonde priestess decided.

"I like her; she seems to be thinking straight." Naruto smiled before adding "Besides that 'you're gonna die pierced through your chest' part, of course."

"Yeah, silly girl." Hinata chuckled. "It'll take more then that to kill Naruto-kun."

"Huh?" Shion was looking between them, not sure whether to feel complimented, angry or disorientated.

"Don't mind them; even in Konoha their clan is rather odd." Lee told Shion.

The poor girl was less then appeased considering who was attempting to settle her worries.

"Well, let's go." Naruto decided and swooped Shion off her feet, carrying her bridal style.

"H-Hey! What do you think you're doing?" Shion demanded.

"You didn't expect to walk to the Shrine where Mōryō's body is, do you?" Karin asked incredulously. "That would take… like, weeks!"

"As much as we would like to walk around and have fun, we have a little thing like the End of the World to worry about right now. Maybe on the way back." Hinata told her.

"Until then, one of us will carry you, hime-sama!" Lee declared with fire in his eyes as he considered the journey.

"And unless you want to be squished on my back I'll be carrying you this way unless we get in a fight." Naruto finished.

"F-Fine. Just keep your hand to yourself." Shion looked away with a huff and a slight blush from the proximity.

"Shion-san, as pretty as you are I'm married…" Naruto began.

"I didn't mean to imply…" Shion hurried to explain her words.

"… to over a dozen women." that ended any attempt of Shion's to excuse a possible affront to his morals. "I won't endanger a mission just to cope a feel from you or get laid. I get enough of that at home already."

"What about that time with Koyuki-hime in the Land of Snow a year ago?" Karin gave him a smirk.

"I had to be in an Icha Icha movie with her. What would you have expected? That was pretty much my mission." Naruto rolled his eyes.

"We're not upset." Hinata assured him.

"I know. The invitation you gave her when you thought I wasn't looking said that and more." Naruto deadpanned.

"So youthful!" Lee was crying tears of joy in his forearm at his friend's fortune.

"You were Mishi?" Shion in a small voice.

That brought her under the curious gazes of the entire team.

"So much for the innocence of shrine maidens." Naruto smirked as Shion blushed, her eyes bright in horror as she realized she had spoken out loud. "Don't worry, confidentiality is part of the mission, we won't spread the word across the Elemental Countries or anything."

"That don't mean we won't tease you a bit." Karin's smile was far too wide for Shion's comfort. "So, do you enjoy watching my husband naked?"

"Wait… you're…?" Shion looked at her in shock.

"I as well." Hinata's smile was just as wide.

"Time to go." Naruto said loudly. "Grab on."

"Wha…?" Shion began only to squeak as they group sank into shadows only to appear somewhere in the wilderness.

"Teleportation. I've never been to the Sealing Shrine so I can't take us there directly." Naruto explained. "Hinata, take point. I'll be behind you. Lee next and Karin last. Move out."

Without a complaint the team moved out according to their leader's instructions and after a few hours of monotonous and (mostly) silent run Shion had to admit that while it was nowhere near as comfortable as the carriages she usually moved about in when outside her village, it was still much better then being carried as a backpack on one of their backs.

Still, by the time it was just passed midnight, she could not hold back her complaints much regarding her comfort and, more importantly, hunger. She was rather surprised when Naruto seemed to pull a rich warm meal for them all out of nowhere, but her potential comments were permanently delayed as they all dug in, the three kinds of sensory techniques in use making sure they could relax for a short while.

The decision to camp there for the night was only a formality afterwards, with Lee taking first watch followed by Hinata, Karin and Naruto. The night was quiet; no disturbances… with the single exception of Shion waking rather abruptly soon after Naruto's shift had started. It did not take her long to wander off in his direction, finding him watching the pre-dawn sky at the edge of the cliff.

"Good morning, Shion." Naruto greeted her, without bothering to turn towards her.

"You are addressing me with far too much familiarity." the light blonde priestess remarked a bit coldly.

"Yeah, well, apparently I'm going to die soon so any complaints you'll make won't affect me." Naruto smirked.

"You still do not believe me, do you?" Shion sighed in annoyance as she took a seat next to him on a boulder. "I've made hundreds of predictions regarding people's deaths, and all of them, every last one, came true."

"Sigh… Look, this is getting on my nerves so let's make things a bit clear." Naruto muttered. "Do you see my funeral, or people carrying my corpse?"

"No, my visions don't work like that." Shion shook her head. "I only see how one dies, a few seconds before and a few after."

"And you say me pierced through the chest by… what exactly?" Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"I… don't know for sure what it is." Shion said with a bit of embarrassment. "It looks like a dark purple tentacle of sorts."

"I see…" Naruto mussed and then nodded to himself after a few seconds of though before pulling out a kunai, startling Shion.

"What are you doing?" she demanded only for her eyes to widen in shock and horror as the blond teenager next to her ran through his left hand with the kunai in his right. "Are you out of your mind?!" she shrieked.

"Be silent and watch." Naruto said firmly as he pulled out the kunai and her the hand with a hole big enough to see the other side for her to see clearly.

Under the priestess's shocked gaze the wound quickly closed up leaving behind unblemished skin, which was just as clean as before once Naruto created a bit of water to wash off the blood.

"H-How?" Shion asked in shock.

"I'm demon." Naruto shrugged.

Shion stared.

"I'm serious. I was born human, but I soon became the Jinchuriki of the Kyubi no Yoko and due to other influences and circumstances I became a demon as well a few years ago." Naruto explained.

"You… don't look like a demon to me?" Shion asked unsurely.

"I'm not that kind of demon. Demons come in all shapes and sizes. Since I was human to start with and had a lot of power, I was able to manipulate my transformation so that I remained pretty much the same, only… well superior to humans." Naruto shrugged.

"Demons are not superior to humans." Shion snapped at him.

"Not all of them, true, and it depends on what they're superior in." Naruto amended.

"…so you had no choice then become a demon?" Shion asked after a while.

"Well… it was not something planned, but I was aiming to achieve similar results, what with gaining several abilities of demonic origin." Naruto mussed. "I don't regret it, nor do I dislike my current form… to be honest, it's less about being a demon and more about NOT being human that I particularly enjoy."

"What do you mean?" Shion inquired.

"Do you know how most Jinchuriki are treated?" Naruto inquired, only to receive a shake of the head. "Most Biiju only got sealed in humans after bloody battles, where countless ninja got killed, whether it was a battle to capture the Biiju or if the Biiju escaped its former host. How do you think the people containing them are treated, when thousands hate the Biiju because they lost friends and family to them?"

"…Hate?" Shion inquired after some consideration.

"And then some." Naruto looked in the distance with a grim look. "I can't speak for all the Jinchuriki ever, but most of those I've know, myself included, were treated as lower then thrash, hated, rejected, with countless attempts at out lives. After all the suffering I went though because the didn't consider me 'human enough', can you really blame me for no longer wanting to even share the same race as them?"

"So… you hare all humans?" Shion asked softly, having quite a few unpleasant flashbacks of her own childhood, of her own loneliness and the rejection she suffered.

"No. I simply don't give a damn about humans in general. If it's someone I know is a decent person, friend of mine or not, I'm willing to lend a hand if need be. But for some ass who considers himself superior to others just because of who his parents were, or because he has some special ability he did not earn… well, the world is better off without them." Naruto's eyes were narrowed.

"So you hate me then… being born to be the priestess of Demon Country and…" Shion trailed off.

"Did you have a choice in the matter?" Naruto raised an eyebrow at her.

"Not really." Shion said with a shrug. "I mean, I was really happy when my mother was alive… but after that…" she sighed. "It started off small, not having as much freedom to move around. Then they limited what I was allowed to learn…"

"What do you mean?" Naruto looked at her with a frown.

"Oh, I can perform the Yashiro no Fūin without issues, don't worry about that." Shion waved him off, mistaking his concern. "In fact, that's the only technique I was allowed to learn."

"Odd…" Naruto mussed. "Tell me, what do you know about this Mōryō? Besides him being a demon and his sealing, I mean."

"Not much, I'm afraid. I was not allowed to look into it, but I remember something about the 'darkness of the human heart' being mentioned when referring to him." Shion thought carefully.

"Hm… not really surprising then." Naruto commented.

"What do you mean?" Shion looked at him questionably.

"My transformation into a demon involved the darkness inside me as well. It was based on it, actually." Naruto revealed. "I had to take measures to ensure I don't become some mindless monster when I changed."

"I guess Mōryō wasn't as lucky." Shion looked at him cautiously.

"Relax, everyone has darkness in their hearts." Naruto rolled his eyes. "That doesn't mean there isn't light as well." he said as he conjured a sphere of light in his palm. If you want to remember something, remember this: nothing is pure in this world. There is no absolute good an evil, no black and white. There are only shades of grey. Some darker and some lighter."

"What about you?" Shion inquired.

"Right at the middle. I don't care much for either side. They have no hold over me. I do what I want, and whether people call it good or evil matters little to me." Naruto shrugged. "In a world like ours, morality is quite subjective."

"If you say so…" Shion said unsurely.

"I mean, what's the point of being alive if I'm not actually living, you know?" Naruto sighed as he got up. "Come on, I'll prepare breakfast for you before the others wake up."

The next couple of days were rather monotonous, what with them traveling most of the time, but eventually that came crashing down when they were running along a river and a humongous water dragon rose to attack them.

"Hinata, freeze it!" Naruto ordered with narrowed eyes.

"Crystallitatio Tellustris!" the pale eyed girl called out moments after her pactio rings had appeared on her hands, causing the dragon to freeze solid with countless spikes erupting from it before it crashed down into the river. "Permission to deal with her?"

"Granted. Lee, back her up. Hinata, try to obtain some information. We don't need her alive." Naruto said quickly and the two were off.

Hinata moved so fast he form was blurred, with Lee right behind her. Before the orange haired water user could realize what was going on she had been blasted away from her bulky white haired companion by a Hakke Kūshō and a couple seconds later she was… being splashed all over the tree she had impacted, as her body became water.

Hinata, who had landed in front of the spot quickly looked away with a frown, searching for the real body, and barely managed to dodge to high pressure water blade that cut down a few dozen trees.

"You bitch! That hurt!" the orange haired girl screamed as the water gathered into a solid form once more.

"A Hozuki?" Hinata asked in surprise.

"Don't compare me to those fools! This is the power my lord granted me!" the orange haired girl said proudly as a huge orb of water gathered above her. "Behold…"

"Too slow." Hinata said quietly as she appeared behind the orange haired girl grabbing her head as he eyes turned into the purplish grey with black concentric circles of the Rinnegan. Without another word she grasped her opponent's soul and ripped it out before closing her eyes as she assimilated the near two decades of knowledge. "Ugh, I still haven't gotten the hang of it."

And the cause was not only due to her lack of talent in mind and soul jutsu, which was still not her worst field, but also due to how inexperienced she was with the jutsu used and the Rinnegan as a whole.

After Naruto had gained the Rinnegan, they discovered that even after transplanting it through blood like with the other bloodlines the Fuhen had amassed not everyone could use it… at least at first.

After Naruto and the other Fuhen Jinchuriki and the Biiju, the three other Magia Erebea users – Negi, Chao and Evangeline – had awakened it along with the three girls of Uzumaki descent – Kushina, Karin and Tayuya. The former Senju and Uchiha, Tsunade and Mikoto respectively, followed a few months after. It was almost a year and a half later that Hinata, a former Hyuga, awakened it as well, and the others followed a year later.

The theory they had decided that was the most correct was that the Rinnegan had awakened in those who had been most compatible first and then awakened later as it adapted fully to the genetic code of the others. Naruto, the Jinchuriki and the Biiju gaining it off the bat was due to the obvious reason that the Rikudo Sennin gained her due to her tenants influence, and the current Jinchuriki and Biiju already had the genetic and energy background, only requiring a final push. Those of Uzumaki descent also had the right genes and due to Naruto's connection to them they gained the right energy imprint soon enough that they awakened it as well. The Magia Erebea users were in the opposite corner, having the right energy and incomplete genes, but it was settled just as well.

The former Senju and Uchiha were in similar positions as the Uzumaki, only with a less compatible genetic code which took some time to fully adapt, and the same for the former Hyuga heiress, only a longer time due to the Byakugan being further down the evolutionary line then the Sharingan. The other Fuhen took longer to awaken it to their 'incubation period' being longer, but in the end all members of the Fuhen Clan possessed the legendary Rinnegan… though only Naruto was able to combine it with the other dojutsu.

Shaking her head out of memories, Hinata hurried after the currently fleeing Naruto and Karin, the priestess now being in Karin's arms… before deciding it was a better idea to go help Lee as she noticed Naruto's Rinnegan activating.

Her intuition was proved correct as not only did the forest behind the fleeing blond explode, but the taijutsu specialist was in no condition to move on his own, both due to injuries and being drunk… the later reason prompting Hinata to sneak behind him and knock him out as soon as she confirmed that his opponent was indeed dead.

She did NOT want to deal with a Drunken Fist Lee. Mōryō taking over the world seemed preferable in comparison.

Ten minutes later she had caught up with Naruto and Karin who was still carrying Shion, at which point Naruto took over carrying Lee allowing her to take point.

By nightfall, the group had once again stopped to rest a bit, only this time it was only for a short while as the enemy was still on their trail.

"So, those snakes providing them with chakra originally came from Mōryō's human host." Naruto mussed at the information Hinata had obtained from her opponent. "And like we suspected, those things really are capable of enhancing or granting elemental chakra."

"They seem to be a lot like the unyouthful Curse Seals I heard of Orochimaru of the Sannin making." Lee provided. "My opponent transform his body, growing extra heads and limbs. No to mention rock armor."

"Hm, not really surprising." Naruto mussed. "The Curse Seals draw on natural energy and used the bit of youki in it to trigger the transformation via the special enzyme… these snakes seem similar."

"So, what should we do?" Karin inquired. "We're getting close to the Shrine of Sealing. It would be best to get rid of our pursuers before we get there, else they may disrupt the sealing ritual."

"Hm, alright, here's the plan." Naruto nodded to himself after a moment of thought. "I'll take Shion straight to the Shrine to avoid delays while you three get rid of our remaining pursuers. Hinata, I want you to deal with the medic nin, but try to not damage his body too much. I want to take a look at those chakra snakes if possible. The other one might as well be turned to paste for all I care. After that, I want you thee to follow after me and keep guard around the shrine to ensure the enemy won't get in and interrupt. Hinata, you're in charge. Any questions?"

Seeing no complaints, he got up and pick up Shion from where she had been eavesdropping.

"Good. Move out!" he ordered as he dashed away at a fast pace, but slow enough to not cause Shion any great discomfort.

By the time he had arrived in the vicinity of the Shrine, his sensory abilities had already told him that he was a bit late.

"What's the hold-up?" Shion demanded anxiously.

"See those lumps of dirt all over the place?" Naruto asked.

"Yes…?" Shion looked at him questionably.

"Those are some of Mōryō's moving stone soldiers hidden underneath." Naruto told her. "If we just walk through we'll get squashed."

"Weren't you bragging about…" Shion began.

"I wasn't bragging." Naruto cur her off. "I CAN take care of them all on my own. But now I'm NOT on my own; I need to make sure you not only get passed unharmed, but also perform the sealing ritual."

"So I'm in the way?" Shion scowled.

"Sorta, though personally I'm blaming the idiots in your village. I can sense you have a lot of chakra… as well as quite a bit of spiritual energy, Reiryoku." Naruto told her. "Had they given you even a bit of combat training, you could have mowed through those soldiers on your own. After all, you can have all the power in the world if you can't use it."

"Eh… thanks." Shion muttered. "So… what now?"

"Well, if we can't walk through them we'll just have to jump over." Naruto shrugged.

"…what?" the pale blonde priestess looked at him as if her grew another head.

"I have a technique that allows me to jump over long distances." Naruto explained as he gently placed her on her own feet. "I need you on my back so I can make sure I can protect us if they throw something at us."

"Alright." Shion nodded and a few seconds later her hands were wrapped around his neck and her legs around his waist.

"Okay, let's go!" Naruto smirked and without another world disappeared with a Shundou appearing in mid air a few dozen feet away before creating a platform of Ki and pushing off performing a Koku Shundou several times bypassing a good number of the now emerging stone soldiers.

However, just as he was performing another Koku Shundou from beyond the edge of a cliff overlooking a river his blood run cold as he felt Shion letting go of him before he had completely moved. As soon as he arrived at his new location in the air he looked back in horror at the sight of Shion plummeting towards the sallow water beneath. Without as second of hesitation he used the Koku Shundou to appear just beneath her and grabbed her tightly just in time to break her fall.

Less then a minute later a soaked Shion as gently being placed against a tree by an equally wet Naruto whose back was dripping with blood.

"Well, I suppose a short break is in order." he said quietly as he removed his black trench coat as well as his black shirt causing Shion to stare at him with a blush for a few moments before her look turned to one of horror and guilt at the sight of blood dripping off his clothes. "Mind giving me a hand with something?"

"Anything." Shion said quickly. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean for you to get hurt."

"It's alright, I forgive you as long as you tell me why you thought killing yourself is a good idea… and help remove the rocks still embedded in my back." Naruto sighed.

"Okay." Shion said quietly and after flinch at his severely wounded back she began to remove the shards of stone.

"So?" Naruto demanded.

"I… If I die, then I won't make any more predictions… and those I made won't come true." Shion admited.

"Didn't we establish that a mere stab through the chest won't kill me?" Naruto groaned.

"All the visions I ever received were of people dying. All of them. I don't know what those tentacles are made of. Acid, poison, I don't know, but it WILL kill you if it happens." Shion snapped.

"You're not the only person who had had visions of death." Naruto finally said after a while during which Shion pulled out all the stone shards.

"Eh?" she looked at him in surprise.

"I've already seem the moment of my death." Naruto admited. "I can't say whether it's really going to happen, or when considering I can change my age at will, but it won't be by being stabbed by a tentacle. But even so, like all prophecies it's only a potential future, not THE future. If the conditions for it at fulfilled, it will happen. If not, it's merely an image of another potential timeline. Nothing more."

"Alternate timeline?" Shion inquired as she watched Naruto go back in the water to wash off the blood.

"I'm talking about parallel worlds." Naruto explained. "Space and time don't exist in a straight line. Rather, it's like a tree, branching off with each possibility. What if one was born looking more like his mother then his father? What if the Shodaime Hokage never built Konoha? What if your mother never sealed away Mōryō? What if…?"

"I think I understand." Shion mussed.

"However, if there is one thing certain that I know, it that MY future is something only I can decide. My life and death will be according to my terms. That is absolute." Naruto said firmly and Shion could only look on in awe at the aura of power he was emanating. "And what I decided is that I will survive this without you dying in my place."

After a few more minutes of rest, Naruto gave her the new plan.

"Since the stone soldiers are awake, I will have to distract them while you perform the sealing." Naruto told her. "I will get to the entrance, and then you're on your own for a little while. Think you can last that long without trying to kill yourself?"

"I think I can manage." she blushed in embarrassment at the reminder of her blunder.

With Shion once more on his back, it only took a few Koku Shundou to reach the entrance of the cave. Before Shion had even fully gotten off hid back, he was already unleashing his first spell "Ignis Tempestas Obscurans!" he called out and from his joined hands erupted a twister of fire and darkness carving a half a dozen meter wide lane through the army of stone soldiers. "`Go!" he urged her as he began forming a Rasengan in one hand.

"Good luck!" Shion called out over her shoulder as she dashed inside, and away from the bell-like screech origination from the sunny blond.

"Futon: Rasenshuriken!" Naruto called out as he tossed the large greenish white orb encased in a white disk of four spinning blades of wind taking out few dozen soldiers. "Tsk, there's no end to them." He growled as he noticed that more and more stone soldiers were approaching. "Let's try a wide-area attack them." He decided and after a quick mental chant he called out "Λυσσασμένος Γη!"

From the enormous magic circle that appeared from his fist a humongous torrent of lava erupted, washing over the entire are, swallowing up hundreds of the stone soldiers before Naruto's other fist was raised, a magic circle of equal size but different design and colour appeared as he called out the appropriate incantation.

"Άτλας Βάρος!" were the words uttered just before a hundred meter wide magic circle appeared above the reinforcements before they were crushed in an enormous crater under the extremely powerful gravity forced on them.

Leaving a few Kage Bunshin with decent enough chakra reserves to hold out a while Naruto dashed inside and as soon as he caught sight of Shion on her knees with tears leaking from her eyes he felt as if the floor had dropped from under him… which was exactly what happened to the stone floor Shion was on, throwing her in the darkness bellow just as dozens, maybe even hundreds of dark purple tentacles shrouded in darkness erupted from all over the place, several taking the appearance of dragon heads with glowing crimson eyes.

"Fuck!" Naruto summed things up as he jumped away from tentacles aimed to impale him and began hacking away at them with a pure white Ensis Exsequens from each hand.

Soon enough his Kage Bunshin were all over the place doing the same, and he was just about to blast away with a Shinra Tensei a few tentacles about to skewer him when they were disintegrated by a wave of light… originating from a very familiar safety bell embedded in his collar.

"When did…" Naruto began to mutter when he felt the previously powerful, if suppressed energy signature belonging to Shion begin to weaken as her power was being washed over the depths she had fallen in. "Shion, you idiot!" he cursed as he blasted away all the tentacles in a twenty meter radius before glowing silver chains erupted from his arms and were thrust into the hole Shion had fallen in, wrapped around the first solid thing that did not flinch away as if burned and the pulled back towards him, making a disheveled Shion hit Naruto's chest. "Breathe!" Naruto ordered, the power he was giving off alone keeping away further attacks as he remained levitating in the air. As Shion draw a deep breath he continued. "Do you really want to die that badly? Do you want it all to end, just like that? What did you accomplish in your life? Are you ready to let it all go just like that?" he demanded as both his eyes turned golden with black sclera with colored specs of light, the iris bearing three black circles with three black tomoe. "If you want to achieve something, you have to take the fist step, Shion! Tell me, do you want to live?"

"Yes! I want to live!" she yelled back in tears.

"Then this thing needs to die!" Naruto stated the obvious as he glared down at the emerging form of Mōryō. A pinkish-white light began to shine from the safety bell drawing Naruto's attention. "Well, this thing seems to have caused enough trouble as well." he decided as he took it in his hand. "Channel as much chakra you can in it. I'll take care of the rest." He told Shion who placed both hands above the bell which was soon enveloped in a large orb ob light. "Good enough." Naruto deemed as Shion removed her hands and he held it above himself he began adding his own power into the mix, making the orb almost five meters in diameter as it illuminated the entire cave with it's pinkish white glow. "Shinsei Senpō: Koton: Rasenjōkatsuki!" he called out as he threw the orb of light at Mōryō's core before using the Hiraishin marker he had left outside where he had saved Shion from the fall to escape, just as the entire mountain exploded, smoke, lava, stone and ash filling the air as the landscape changed.

As he watched the sight from a distance from Shion's side, he didn't know whether to smirk or wince at the damage. He was about to ask Shion if she was alright when he noticed how tightly she was holding his arm… and the look in her eyes as she gazed at him… and that blush.

"This seems oddly familiar." he inwardly gulped.

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Shinsei Senpō: Koton: Rasenjōkatsuki (Sacred Sage Art: Light Release: Spiralling Purifying Moon)

神聖仙法: 光遁: 螺旋浄化月

Λυσσασμένος Γη - Tearing Earth

Άτλας Βάρος (Burden of Atlas)

Ancient Greek: "Τό συμβόλαιον διακονητω μοί, Γαῖα και Οὐρανός! Έπιγενηθήτω, ατελείωτες βάρος, θεία τιμωρία! Ισιώστε όλη τη δημιουργία, την οργή σας απελευθερώσουν μετά τις ανόητες θνητούς! Άτλας Βάρος!"

Transliteration: "Tó symvólaion diakoni̱to̱ moí, Gaía kai Ouranós! Épigeni̱thí̱to̱, ateleío̱tes város, theía timo̱ría! Isió̱ste óli̱ ti̱ di̱miourgía, ti̱n orgí̱ sas apelef̱theró̱soun metá tis anói̱tes thni̱toús! Átlas Város!"

English: "Heed the contract and serve me, Gaia and Uranus! Come, endless weight, divine punishment! Flatten all Creation, unleash your rage upon the foolish mortals! Burden of Atlas!"