Just then, Sirius came walking in,"Hey guys! Oh Remus, just for a warning, the full moon is out."

James got up and walked towards Sirius, "Hey Padfoot, did you know that Remus here has fantasies about me and you?" He smirked, kissing him while Remus just sat there and watch, shocked by what happened. He was slightly turned on again.

James smirked, "Yeah, he told me," He pulled Sirius into a kiss and chuckled, "What do you say, Rem? Still feeling horny?"

"Fuck yes" Remus smirked. Sirius laughed and raised his eyebrow, "So, who's the lucky lad who will get to feel this sexy stud up?" James just rolled his eyes and unbuttoned his shirt, "Just get down here, Padfoot." "Go on, Sirius, tease him, he loves it" Remus smirked.

Sirius nodded, "Yeah he does." He took off his clothes and smirked at James, "I see you're already having a special bond with Remus. I guess I'll be topping you. Remus, can you hold him down?"

James smirked, and laughed at him, "Padfoot, mate, I think Remus is the one you need to be holding down not me."

The two boys just laughed, but then Sirius glared at Remus, "Do it. He'll be begging for it when we're done with him." He winked to Remus and pulled James' prick out of Remus. "Nice, Prongs." He smirked as he stroked James a couple of times, making him moan, "Mmm Sirius" James moaned, kissing him hard, "Like this Remus?" Sirius smirked.

Remus nodded his head, "Yeah I do." He pouted, whimpering, "Can I get some attention too?" Sirius and James shared a look and then attacked the smaller teen with kisses and licks.
Sirius bit down hard on his collarbone and trailed his fingers teasingly near his abdomen, "How's this for attention, Wolfboy?" he smirked.

Remus moaned and gasped, when James started licking down to his ass. "Want it?" He asked, smirking. Remus started gasping and whimpering, "So bad"

James looked at Sirius, who nodded and lift Remus' legs. "Go ahead Prongs. I want to see you tongue fuck him, because that's exactly what you're getting in a minute."

Sirius looked at him,"Oh Remus, it's gonna get tough for you. " He smirked, while James tongue fucked Remus's brains out.

Remus was moaning and groaning and then Sirius bent closer and started sucking him off while James was still moving his tongue in and out of Remus.

"O-oh oh my god, Sirius, you fucking beast!" Remus moaned and started fucking sirius' mouth.

"James, hold him down." Sirius commanded and James pushed Remus' hips down. Sirius smirked at him and patted his head, "Moony, we do it the way I want. If you decide to stick your prick into my throat once again, James will stop playing with his tongue."

"Actually, Sirius, I think sticking my prick down your throat was your idea." Remus smirked.
James laughed while Sirius just smirked, "Oh really?" He went back to sucking Remus off, pushing his tongue into the slit while James went back to tongue fuck Remus.

"Nnnghh! Oh holy fucking Merlin, do that again, Sirius !" Remus moaned.
Sirius did it and smirked, "Feels good, aye? James taught me that." He smiled and ruffled James' hair, "Didn't you, pet?" James nodded eagerly and looked at the two of them. "Shall I prepare Remus so you can shag him?" Sirius looked at Remus and hummed, "I'm sure he can take me without any more probing. Can you, Wolfie?"

"Anything to have you shut up and get your fucking dick inside me" Remus moaned.

"Such a dirty mouth," Sirius smirked and pushed James out of his way. "Get on your hands and knees and suck James off while I fuck you so hard you can't sit down for the next few days."

"James, get over here. Give me your fucking prick. "Remus grinned and got on his hands and knees. Chuckling, James crawled over and lay down so his cock was in front of Remus, who only had to bend down. Sirius laughed and kissed James before ruffling his hair, "You think of everything. His ass will be even tighter when he's bending like that. Remember, that I owe you a treat." Sirius went behind Remus and smacked his butt a couple of times. "You like that, huh? Someone being the superior."

Remus started sucking James off, licking his shaft teasingly, swirling his tongue around it. Remus grit his teeth, "God yes," he breathed out

Sirius smirked and slapped Remus' ass until it was pink. "Mh, look at you. So cute and pink." He mumbled before kissing Remus' buttocks, spreading his legs and then getting up. "James, fuck his throat." James nodded and with a hard thrust, Sirius sheated himself in Remus.

"Look at you,you slut, you want more?" James smirked, fucking Remus' throat. "Don't you dare come, until we say so" Sirius said, slapping his ass.

Remus moaned and nodded. Sirius just laughed and started fucking Remus harder than James had ever done. He accioed something that Remus didn't see and then hit Remus' butt with a paddle. "Hurts like a son of a bitch, doesn't it?" Sirius whispered as he bent closer to Remus. "If you play your cards right and do what we tell you, maybe you can use it on James and make him come all over himself."

"Ohh fucking hell Sirius! I like it! I like it when you're rough and speak dirty to me! It turns me on so bad!" Remus moaned, moving his hand to touch himself.

"Hands off," Sirius growled and swatted Remus' hand away. "You don't get to touch yourself." He got James' tie from the floor and tied Remus' hands behind his back. "Now, James, you better fuck that lovely mouth of his." Sirius commanded and James started fucking Remus' mouth while Sirius slapped his ass a few times with the paddle, still pounding deep into him.

Remus loved the way James was fucking his mouth. He started whimpering "Oh god, Sirius, let me come! It hurts! Please!" Remus begged him.

"You'll come when I tell you you can," Sirius growled and cast a cock ring around Remus' prick, keeping him from coming. A few seconds later James moaned and let out a squeal as he shot his load down Remus' throat. "Did you see that?" Sirius asked Remus, then smirked. "As soon as I get to fill that pert bottom of yours, I'll make you come so bad that even the house elves won't be able to get the sheets clean again."

Seeing James come turned Remus on so much, "Fucking bastard," Remus muttered, "Better fuck me hard then!" Sirius saw Remus watching James as he came, "I bet you wish that was you, don't you? Coming hard down my throat" He teased.

"I intend to fuck you so hard," Sirius growled into his ear and pushed Remus down, spreading his legs as much as they could, "You better enjoy this," He said, pulling out all the way and then started fucking Remus so fast and so hard, the bed creaked and it was banging against the wall every time Sirius fucked him.

"You fucking whore, you better let me come hard soon!" Remus moaned, and pressed further down onto Sirius' dick. James just sat there watching, shocked at the angst between them.
Sirius pulled on his hair and growled, "What did you just call me, slut?" He hit Remus with the paddle, fucking him relentlessly. "I'm your superior, you're the only whore I can see here." Sirius pulled on his hair some more and hit Remus' prick with his bare hand, "So hard, aren't you?" He smirked towards James, "We should tie you up and not let you come at all, Moony, wouldn't you like that?"

"Oh shut up and fuck me, Padfoot, you wild animal." Remus smirked at him, laughing. Sirius threw away the paddle and fucked Remus as fast as he could, then spit on his fingers and pushed one of them into Remus, "Let's find that magic spot of yours, huh? Let's see how loud you can moan." Sirius beconed James over and James begun kissing Remus and whispering, "Don't worry. When Siri comes, you'll get the best orgasm of your life, I promise."

Remus whimpered helplessly into James' mouth, desperatley needing to come. After a few more thrusts, Sirius came with a loud howl and turned Remus around to face him. "And now. To the big finish." He smirked as he gently rolled off the cock ring and took Remus into his mouth, deepthroating him while James fingered Remus.

Remus came hard into Sirius' mouth, whimpering and moaning his name. Swallowing, Sirius smiled and kissed Remus. "How was it, Moony? Mindblowing enough for you?"

"If that happened every full moon, I don't think I'd mind," he smirked and laughed. James and Sirius joined in with the laughter after kissing Remus.

The next day Severus stopped Remus in the hallway. „Did the potion work?" He asked, smirking. „Were there any side effects?"

Remus blushed and nodded. „It worked well." Before he could say anything else, James and Sirius ran past him, slapping his butt and smirking. Flushing deeper red, Remus mumbled, „Work out those side effects."